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April 29, 9:01 AM ET
Chat with Scouts Inc.'s Antonio Williams

Lance (Fullerton, CA)

At the King James AAU Tournament, Lenzelle Smith Jr. had a good showing as a point-forward. Is this a good sign he can handle at least part time duty at the point for Ohio State in a couple of seasons?

  (2:04 PM)

Hey Lance, Smith certainly has the ball-skills and basketball I.Q. to initiate the offense in a pinch, but the Buckeyes are still looking at adding a point guard with names such as Phil Pressey still in the mix.

Kevin (NY, NY)

What did you think of UMass signing Terrell Vinson over some of the BCS schools? Seems like an immediate impact guy in the A-10.

  (2:08 PM)

What's up Kevin?? Lots of interest in Terrell Vinson and rightfully so, given his versatility and level of talent. Vinson chose a non-bcs school when he originally committed to Loyola Marymount and stuck with the same logic in his UMass choice. Expect big things from him in Amherst rather quickly.

Lee (Charlotte)

What is the latest with the John Wall saga and what is your gut feeling as to where he ends up?

  (2:12 PM)

How's it going Lee? Lots of interest and intrigue surrounding Wall and with a program-changer on the board this late, its not surprising. Wall's recruitment has been tough to handicap, but the ultimate closer, John Calipari, may be tough to be out at Kentucky.

Pete chapel hill

how good do you think reggie bullock will be once he gets to UNC

  (2:16 PM)

Pete, you will be happy to know that I love Bullock and his potential. He has great athleticism and can really create off the bounce. Most importantly, he always plays hard.

Jeff (Washington, DC)

Can you comment on 2010 NC State committ Ryan Harrow's game and where you think he'll land in the next ESPN100 reshuffle? Thanks!

  (2:20 PM)

Hey Jeff, Harrow has incredible athleticism and uses a nifty change of pace dribble to get to the bucket. He has explosive scoring abillity and when he learns to create more for teammates, watch out! Stay tuned as the 2010 ESPNU 100 will be coming very soon!

Mike (DC)

What are your thoughts on Jelan Kendrick?

  (2:24 PM)

What's going on Mike? Had the pleasure to watch Kendrick a couple of weeks ago and came away very impressed with his dynamite ability to score the basketball almost at will.

Joepa, Happy Valley

Any more recruits for my NIT winning NCAA bound Nittany LIons?

  (2:27 PM)

Coach, I am honored by your presence! The Nittany Lions got a pledge from superb combo guard Taran Buie (brother of Talor Battle) right after the NIT and look for that success to continue with players such as athletic forward Kyle Marshall considering Penn State.

Jeremy (Rochester, NY)

Any updates on Lance Stephenson? As a St. John's alum I'd really like to see him stay and play his college ball in NYC.

  (2:30 PM)

Thanks for the question Jeremy! Lance has kept his options close to the vest and returning the Johnnies to prominence resonates with him I'm sure. Lance may also feel the tug from teammate James Padgett and head to Maryland with Padgett. Stay tuned for this one.

Marc, Charlotte

Is it a lock that James McAdoo follows in his uncle's footsteps if UNC offers this fall?

  (2:33 PM)

Hey Marc, James has an immense amount of talent and even more upside. Competition will be fierce for him and it would be too early to call anyone a lock at this point, especially when so many top programs are involved.

Jim (santa cruz)

What's the rundown on the ND recruit Atkins?

  (2:35 PM)

My man Jim, Atkins gives the Irish a point guard that can create off the dribble and get into the teeth of the defense. He has good vision and should continue to use it to create offense for his mates.

Beth (Hartland, WI)

With 7 incoming recruits, just how good will Marquettes new class be?

  (2:41 PM)

Hi Beth! Marquette lost a good amount of talent from last year's squad, but help is on the way! Cadougan gives them an orchestrator to keep up the recent trend of good guard play. Maymon gives the Golden Eagles a physical, talented combo-forward. Erik Williams provides great athleticism and scoring from the wing and the most recent get, Mbao, will give Marquette a shot-blocking inside presence. This is a good collection of incoming talent.

Adam (Charleston, SC)

Any update on Roscoe Smith?

  (2:47 PM)

Hey Adam, Smith has the talent and the upisde that makes college coaches drool, therefore, this high flyer has a host of top-flight (pun intended) schools after him. At this point, he has a few too many to rule out anyone, but the usual suspects such as UNC, UConn, Texas and Florida are in the race!

Joe (WV)

How much of an impact do you think Dan Jennings will have next year?

  (2:50 PM)

What's going on Joe?? Jennings plays the rugged physical style that West Virginia needs to compete in the Big East, but more importantly, Jennings plays that way that makes him a perfect match for Coach Huggins. Jennings provides the Mountaineers with an intimidator that will control the paint and the boards, in addition to anchoring the pressure defense that Huggins wants to play.

Hurricane Jeff (Byesville, OH)

Hey Antonio, it's me, Hurricane. Who is the best non-BCS recruit with All-American potential?

  (2:53 PM)

The Hurricane is in the house!!! I think two Atlantic 10 recruits have a chance to do big things rather soon. Terrell Vinson at UMass and Aaric Murray at La Salle

  (2:57 PM)

What's up Clay? I think Tyler's decision will not immediately open the flood gates,as it takes a special individual in special circumstances to excel in that environment so early. However, I do believe, if he succeeds, it could lead to more of these happenings. Only time will tell.

Daniel (Las Vegas, NV)

Michigan St's deep run helping future recruiting yet? Sticking to in state recruits?

  (3:00 PM)

What's up Daniel, I think Coach Izzo has done an amazing job with recruiting and remember one thing, Michigan is very fertile recruiting grounds!

  (3:01 PM)

I'm out everyone. Enjoyed the chat and looking forward to doing it again next week!