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May 1, 2:04 PM ET
Chat with Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson

Matt Williamson
  (3:55 PM)

Hey everyone-MW here. Let's get this started a little bit early.

David (Richmond, VA)

Hi, Mr. Williamson -- The Redskins started minicamp today, with a few interesting names in the mix, including: Mike Williams, D.J. Hackett and Jeremy Bridges. Please give us your thoughts on the realistic chance for each to make the roster (as well as any other camp-invitees that catch your eye), and what impact these players might have. Thanks!

Matt Williamson
  (3:57 PM)

They are interesting names, esp Williams and Hackett. I was a big believer in Hackett during his time in Seattle. The guy just can't stay healthy though. He could be a find that they get on the cheap and is a bigger body that they need at WR, which is imperative for that O. Something just tells me that the Skins will be enamored with Williams-going back to him time at Texas. They do have some available OLine roster spots available as well.

Nick Houston TX

What do you think about the Texans draft picks? Was it the right moves?

Matt Williamson
  (4:00 PM)

I wasn't a big fan to be honest. To me, Cushing is not a huge difference maker. Good run player. Works hard and won't be a liability, but he is an average pass rusher and pass defender. OLB is such an easy position to find and they already had Diles-I would have been more aggressive and took a luxory pick like Harvin or traded back. Barwin is fine. A lot of upside, but still has a long way to go. Yet, I see him being an impact guy on throwing downs while allowing A Smith to move inside. I do think Caldwell could become the starting OC sooner than later.

Boomer (Birdsboro, PA)

Matty Ice! Really bummed about the Flyers but admittedly the best team won. I really think Jack Ikeguonu can really help the Eags this year but not too many are sold on him yet cause of his devasting knee injury. Howd you grade him coming out of college? Pros/cons?

Matt Williamson
  (4:01 PM)

A lot of ability there. Great size. I can't really comment on the knee or its status however. They have a slew of CBs though-even with S Brown potentially on the outs. But, my hunch is, that if they loved Ikeguonu, they prob would not have traded for Hobbs. Yeah, that is terrible about the Flyers. Broken hearted here.

Mike (Seattle, WA)

How high do you think Seattle's first round pick in 2010 that they received from Denver end up and what QB's might be available there?

Matt Williamson
  (4:03 PM)

I really don't know anything yet about the 2010 draft, but I do know that McCoy, Tebow and esp Bradford are the big named QBs off the top of my head. I expect Denver's pick that is going to Seattle to be quite high. Prob in the top 10. Good move by Seattle, as next year's draft surely will be better than this past one.

Marc ( City of Brotherly Love)

Do you think the Eagles should have pursued Boldin instead of drating Jeremy Maclin? I know he is a top ten talent that fell to them at pick 19. But this team seems built to win now and I cannot see how a rookie reciever can contibute much. Especially in Andy Reid's system. Thanks Matty Ice!!!

Matt Williamson
  (4:04 PM)

Good point and as much as I love the Maclin pick, surely Boldin would supply more immediate dividends. However, it seemed to me as though Boldin overvalued himself from a financial perspective and that if he were more realisitic about what he should be making, then he would have already left Zona.

Matt (Austin TX)

What kind of rookie season do you think Brian Orakpo will have?

Matt Williamson
  (4:06 PM)

He needs to learn to bring the intensity on every down, but even if he brings it in spurts, I expect him to be a succesful pass rusher in this league. Surely will benefit from Haynesworth and all the attention that he gets. Plus, Carter is a pretty good player as well on the opposite side. I see their pass rush as being quite strong this year and he should do well in that regard. I do think he can be a decent run player, but the Giants and Dallas' power attacks could really give him problems in year one.

John (Cincinnati)

Hey Matt...I've been meaning to catch one of your chats...How can you say the Browns will have the number one pick next year? They have a solid line a decent QB, got a little help at WR (and kept Edwards) and will be more disciplined on D. As well, they play the AFC West and NFC North...I don't know Matt...but what did you think of their draft? Thanks man!

Matt Williamson
  (4:09 PM)

Actually, I did change my mind and picked STL as the team to pick #1 overall. Don't get me wrong, it was a very tough project to project next year's draft order! Still, I am not sold that Edwards will be there on opening day. I do like their OL quite a bit, but you can't say that they have a decent QB yet either. Minimal weapons if Edwards isn't around. Plus, their pass rush probably will not be any better-which is a huge problem. I also see changing that losing culture as a giant uphill climb for a new coach. Good point about the schedule though and surely that will help.

Travis (Canada)

Matt Dub, Saints draft a mind blower or not, could have gotten that big back out of Liberty, instead they traded back into the fifth round and took a punter, what the hell is that?

Matt Williamson
  (4:11 PM)

Yeah, not real big on the Punter move...but you do have to have one! Still, I loved the Jenkins pick, but I really saw very little else out of this draft that I expect to bear fruit for NOrl. Still could get a RB like Edge or even M Bush from Oak. P Thomas isn't so terrible though.

Xander (Philly)

Is it me, or are people putting way to much emphasis on the left tackle position. The Bills have a stacked line (albeit young) with the LT being the excpetion, but Walker should prove to be suitable if they decide to move him over. What are your thoughts?

Matt Williamson
  (4:13 PM)

I disagree and do not see Buff as having a stacked OL. Their interior now should be very good-but those two rookies are well, rookies. I really don't like their OT situation at all. Walker is okay I suppose, but I really see him having a tough time dealing with blind side speed and quickness. Remember, every other AFC East team runs a 3-4 and those edge guys are awfully fast.

shawn ny

how good will the dolphins be

Matt Williamson
  (4:15 PM)

I very much respect that coaching staff and they get the most out of their talent, but can they turn the ball over as seldomly as last year? That was a huge key to their success. I still see them being a ways away and wasn't overly impressed with their draft or off season as a whole...yet, that staff (led by Parcells) certainly knows what they are doing. I will probably end up picking them or Buff last in that division.

Randy (Wyoming)

Hey Matt I don't know if I agree with all the negative Bronco hype. Lets not forget that Cutler was a villan more than a victim. DLine, NT are the hardest to transition to in the NFL not to mention it wasn't a very deep class. I think minus the Quinn pick it was very good draft! And I also feel our front 7 might not be as bad as you think

Matt Williamson
  (4:17 PM)

Well, needless to say, I do think Denver's front seven will be as bad as I think...obviously. The O might be fine. Still a lot of talent there if Marshall stays out of trouble. Still gotta think that the QB position will not be as strong. So, it really doesn't matter if Cutler is the villian or the victim, the QB situation took a step backwards. Can they win enough shootouts to get to the post season? I highly doubt it.

Ryan, Oakland

what's worse? Brad Johnson playing for the cowboys last year or the last 5 years of al davis

Matt Williamson
  (4:18 PM)

Wow. Tough call. Throw in the last few games of the 2008 season for the Browns and you have a perfect awful trifecta. See the horse reference as we lead into the weekend?

CC (Atlanta)

Falcons/Saints battle it out for the NFCS. What's the early over/under for those two games??? 70?

Matt Williamson
  (4:19 PM)

Good call. In domes. Big time QBs. O talent everywhere. I see those two as the best in the divsiion as well. Not sold on Carolina being able to keep up what they did last year.

Mike (San Diego)

M-Dub, any thoughts on the Packer's transition to the 3-4? Also, you're a chat warrior, and without a doubt the best one out there too.

Matt Williamson
  (4:22 PM)

Much appreciated. Gotta admit, working on minimal sleep right now and don't feel as though I have hit my stride in this chat. I need to step it up and bringing up the Pack and their awful decision to move to a 3-4 is just the right shot to kick start my adreniline. I also have to admit, that they are in much better shape than I expected after having Raji fall in their lap, but still they should have stuck with the old scheme, still picked Raji and let the players in place do what they do well to begin with. Instead, they are trying to be like all the other cool kids at school like the Ravens, Steelers and Patriots.


M-Dub, Jets and Bills ahead of Miami? Surely you kid!

Matt Williamson
  (4:24 PM)

Tough call with those three doubt about that. Impressed with Jets and I do think they could have a very 2008 Ravens like approach to winning-and have some success in the process. A LOT fo running and D. Win 10-9. For that 2010 Draft project with McShay, I did pick Buff as the 4th place team in the East.

Jeff, Mpls

What do you think about the Vikes drafting Harvin? FYI, he was a no show at camp today.

Matt Williamson
  (4:26 PM)

I did just hear that-any reason why? That is worrisome, but won't jump the gun until I know more. Still, obviously a high rick/reward selection. I have doubts as to how well that coaching staff will be from a creative standpoint in using his wide array of talents though-but he could really explode. So, all in all, I like the pick....but I also don't know the extremities of his off the field behavior and didn't they say that they were done taking chances on such players? Hmmm...sounds like Childress might be more than a bit worried about his job.

Marc ( City of Brotherly Love)

Now with reports the Favre has hired a personal trainer in Miss. How long will it be before he winds up a Viking? What I do not understand is he played some of his worst games in the Metrodome. Why would he want 8 games a year there? If he does go there can he break Testaverde's record of 35 picks in a season?

Matt Williamson
  (4:28 PM)

First off, Geez. Secondly, I would imagine that he would want to go to Minny because they are the only team that would want him right now. He was rather terrible last year. But...Minny is probably worried about their jobs and Favre very well could be better than anyone they now have behind center. Still-and this pains me with their acquisition of Rosenfels as well-that team DOES NOT need a gunslinger who makes a ton of mistakes! Hand the ball to Peterson. Play great D. Repeat.

Eric (Seattle, WA)

Hi, Matt I was wondering you opinions as to the Seahawks chances of going all the way next year, as well as the teams you feel have the best shot at winning the Super Bowl.

Matt Williamson
  (4:30 PM)

I have said several times that I think PGH and NEng are the class of the AFC and that NYG and Philly are the class of the NFC. Still, Seattle surely will be vastly improved this year. That team was killed by injuries a year ago and did add some fire power in Curry, Unger and esp Housh. They certainly could contend and it wouldn't blow me away if they won the West. I expect much more from the D. But-what if Hass' back doesn't up? Trouble. Also, are you sold that Mora Jr is a winning Head Coach? I am not.

Ryan, Oakland

Sage is a turnover machine or was the colts game an anamoly. I would love to see Favre on the Vikings.

Matt Williamson
  (4:30 PM)

Both are turnover machines.

Chris (Corpus Christi TX)

Hey i was lookin around at the cowboys roster and it has listed steven mcgee out of Texas A&M- kingsville... he's from College Station.. not Kingsville

Matt Williamson
  (4:31 PM)


Mike (San Diego)

M-Dub, where do you have the Iggles pickin' in the 2010 draft? All the mocks I've seen have the Iggles pickin' 31st. I need a drink just thinking about any Hennigans there?

Matt Williamson
  (4:31 PM)

I had them at 31...drink up

Adam (Philly)

Hey M-Dub, is Mike Williams, out of USC, trying out for the skins? If so, what kind of chance does he have of making their roster?

Matt Williamson
  (4:33 PM)

It is the other Mike Williams who was a huge early first round bust. The OT from Texas that went early to the Bills is now with the Skins.

Mike Leach (Texas Tech)

Not only that, but apparently the Cowboys like McGee better than his own college coaches did.

Matt Williamson
  (4:34 PM)

Heard that as well! But, I actually liked that pick and think he could be a very solid pro in time. I didn't like Dallas' draft in general, but that pick made sense to me. Kitna isn't a long term solution as the #2 QB.

Adam (Jersey)

Matt, I've *almost* convinced myself that Freeman wasn't a terrible pick. What do you think about him? Also, I really liked Roy Miller and Kyle Moore in the 3rd and 4th rounds -- Do you think they'll be solid NFL players?

Matt Williamson
  (4:36 PM)

Well, TBay is going towards bigger stouter DLinemen, so those two fit the bill. Don't expect a ton of big plays from them though. How many QBs does TBay need? I understand that you grab a potential franchise QB however. But, I also seeing Freeman as very much of a long term project. That works for me though as the new staff should have a bit of job security and will be able to bring him along slowly. I really worry about Freeman's decision making overall though.

Marc ( City of Brotherly Love)

A lighter question after I got the "geez" LOL. Who has the bigger man crush? John Madden on Brett Favre or Joe Buck on Troy Aikman? Also isn't Mike Williams from USC now big enough to play tackle?

Matt Williamson
  (4:37 PM)

It has to be Madden, right? Good point on Willams....they probably look identical nowadays.


Did the patriots do it again by getting Hoyer as an undrafted free agent? Seems to me he is the next QB to be groomed.

Matt Williamson
  (4:38 PM)

O'Connell surely will be next, but yes, getting Hoyer was a solid move. I know that Todd really liked him and I see why. Not a bad fit at all in NEng.

Steeler Guru (Mount Lebanon)

If the Steelers cut Foote arent you worried about depth at LB. If Timmons or Farrior got hurt-foote could fill in. If Harrison or Woodley got hurt-Timmons could fill in and Foote could take his spot inside. They should keep foote.

Matt Williamson
  (4:39 PM)

That does make them a little light and of course, PGH is a contender who needs to keep solid guys that they can count on. So yeah, I am with you. Don't want Fox starting in case of injury. However, B Davis might step up and be a solid #3 OLB this year who would replace Harrison or Woodley.

Matt, Houston

If I said I was "Marc (City of Brotherly Love)" would you answer my question?

Matt Williamson
  (4:40 PM)

LOL-Have I been answering a lot from him? Sometimes I don't even notice and just take the top question off the top of the I did with yours. However, I must say, that we are not getting a ton of questions for this chat. Maybe everyone is out of the office already on a nice spring day instead of glued to the internet.

matt (virginia)

will the redskins be able to smooth things over with Campbell? and will campbell be the permanent solution in dc

Matt Williamson
  (4:41 PM)

I have never thought that he fit Zorn's O well at all. He needs to be a drop back deep ball guy. Push the ball downfield instead of being a quick hitting rythm QB. Doesn't make sense to me.

Marie (San Francisco)

I know that next year's quarterbacks class is better than this years. So with that being said do you see the 49ers using one of their first round picks on a quarterback?

Matt Williamson
  (4:42 PM)

WAY too early to guess about such things. WAY too early. Who knows-maybe A Smith resurrects his career. A LOT of football to be played before next year's draft.

Ed Hochuli Chat ref

15 yard penalty on Matt from Houston for whining. There can only be one Marc ( City of Brotherly Love) That boy can cut and paste.

Matt Williamson
  (4:43 PM)

You're the boss Ed...but in my chat room, you are forever "Ed Hulkali".

James ( Avalon NJ )

Hello Matt! I've tried every chat today trying to answer a Brandon Gibson question.... I've never seen WR Brandon Gibson play. Do you think the Washington State product has a chance to make the Eagles roster? If so, what attributes does he bring to the table?

Matt Williamson
  (4:44 PM)

Long shot. They have plenty of WRs and I am not sold that he will be one of their best five or six to make the squad. Actuall quite similiar to Avant. Slower guy. Possession WR. Good size. Good hands. Could struggle to seperate.

Josh (Montana)

Hey Matt, I'm just wondering what do you think about knoshown moreno and what kind of a pro he will be

Matt Williamson
  (4:46 PM)

I don't dislike the player and he might end up having a very good year-no doubt. I do worry about his ability to be a 20+ carry guy at his size and with his aggressive running style...sorta like Cadillac Williams. Also, he really isn't all that fast. But, does everything well and fits the system well. I am just critical of the draft pick due to all of the major needs that Denver had along their front seven and now Moreno is like their 10th RB in the mix.

Steve (Rochester, NY)

I liked the Raiders selection of WR Louis Murphy in the fourth round. Would you be surprised if he was more productive than DHB in 2009?

Matt Williamson
  (4:47 PM)

Great call. It is very easy to critisize the Raiders-and I do it often. But, that was a pick that I did like a lot. I still see DHB as the better player, but Murphy could surprise in a big way.

Saylor (Montana)

Yo Matty! Huge Charger Fan here, and im just wondering if you agree with the chargers first round pick of Larry English and if he's any good?

Matt Williamson
  (4:49 PM)

He is a good player. Aggressive. Plays hard on every snap. A lot of natural pass rush skills and should transition well to OLB in the Chargers' 3-4. I was just shocked by it considering they have Merriman and Philips, but I suppose that English could be Philips' replacement and having an extra pass rusher is never such a terrible idea. Also, is it a red flag that Merriman is not healing well? That D was no where near what it was with a healthy Merriman last year when he was injured.

Jessie ( West Chester Pa.)

I really like the Giants idea of picking Ramses Barden... Even though his speed is a question I think he'll be a pretty good asset inside the redzone. I love to see underrated small school ballers blow it up!

Matt Williamson
  (4:50 PM)

I am with you in that he is easy to root for, but I really think he will struggle to gain seperation in the NFL and he doesn't play as big as his massive frame would indicate. I must say that picking Barden was one of my least fav selections for Big Blue.

Will (ND)

What do you think of the Bears draft,and did they make the right decision in taking Jarron Gilbert over Michael Johnson? Talk about a couple of ath;etic freaks!

Matt Williamson
  (4:51 PM)

Yeah they did and Marinelli should really coach them up. I liked what they did overall, including taking the WR from Oklahoma whose name I always mutilate the spelling of....he could be a contender for early playing time. I like the new DL depth as you alluded to.

Kyle (minneapolis)

Fyi Matt, it looks like Harvin had to be hospitalized in Atlanta for dehydration and thats why he's a no show, so nothing with ill intent.

Matt Williamson
  (4:52 PM)

Good to know. Hopefully he is doing well.

Anthony (NYC)

M-Dub with Brad Childress/Wade Phillips/Marvin Lewis all on the Hot Seat, which one of these guys would you say is pretty much on fire?

Matt Williamson
  (4:53 PM)

I give Marvin the best chance of sticking around. Cincy doesn't like to pay $$$ to people who are not fulfilling their contract. Firing coaches is a pricey move.

Josh (Montana)

Yes, i agree Matt, i live in hamilton montana and The University of Montana Grizzlies played Cal Poly (and won) and Barden is no where near physical enough to get off press coverage at this point in his career, will take some time, took way to early

Matt Williamson
  (4:54 PM)

Big time work in progress. Looking at the kid, it is easy to get excited about him, but I see a lot of early struggles.

Mad Mike (Houston)

Matt: So, I know we have had no camp and cannot take injuries into account yet. So, what order of finish do you have for the AFC South as it satnds today? Are you still drinking the Jags Kool-Aid? I got all four potantially over 500 again, in order....Texans, Titan, Colts and then Jags. Your thoughts, Thanks.......MM

Matt Williamson
  (4:55 PM)

Had a tough time with that division for sure. I think I went 1. Indy 2. Hous 3. Tenn (who I see coming back to Earth a bit) and then 4. Jax.


J. Campbell - Size to throw over line, college background in WCO, mobile, studious off the field, not a big risk taker (6 INT last year), and 62% completions last year. Doesn't that scream West Coast Offense?

Matt Williamson
  (4:56 PM)

One year in the WCO-much tougher compitition now obviously. Not a quick twitch athlete or decision maker. Somewhat elongated released. I still don't see it. As somewhat of a side note...he needs to learn to take more risks.

Derek (MO)

matt stay and talk forever! PleAse

Matt Williamson
  (4:58 PM)

No can do. About to wrap it up here. People coming over. Going to do some grilling. Plus, I must say, traffic is slow in here today. Not sure what next week's schedule is, but I might be back next Friday at 4PM....let's pick up the pace for that one! Of course I will be doing my noon chat on Wednesday as usual and that one has been rockin' of late.

Matt Williamson
  (4:59 PM)

Oaky everyone-I am out. Enjoy the weekend and get your game faces on for next week at this time. Take care.