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June 9, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with James Walker

Bob (Cincinnati)

With chads return how much will he take away from the young receivers recent development this summer.



brandon (euclid)

who would be the browns starting RB this year and which of the LB will the start in that 3-4 defense

Kristoph (Dallas, TX)

Other than Big Ben who is our least dispensable player? We have seen our defense have trouble w/out Aaron Smith or Troy...

Bryce (Niagara Falls, NY)

What WR do you think will step up this year for Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens? Everyone knows we need a Big time Wide out to pair with Flacco. Do you believe Mark CLayton or D.Williams finally have a break out season?

SteelerPete (So Cal)

Is it just me or does Mike Tomlin seem more focused then ever to get back to the Super Bowl. Is it because he definately sees a window of opportunity where this core team could make a run at a few more titles?

John (STL)

What are the Browns going to do with their running attack?

Thomas (Baltimore, MD)

Which team has a better chance at upsetting the Ravens this year? cleveland or cincinnatti?

CJ (Pittsburgh)

James, great work on the blog. Definitely everyday reading. My question is concerning the Steelers D-line. Do you think they did enough this offseason to address their depth issues?

Andy Prough (Kyle, TX)

Hi James, thanks for keeping me up to date on all the activities of my beloved Steelers! My favorite two new Steelers are Shipley and Frank the Tank. Think either one stands a chance of seeing playing time this season?

Bobby (Pittsburgh)

I read somewhere today (I think maybe the Insider) that Ed Reed may be having neck problems again. And if so he may consider retirement. believe they credited this rumor to him not speaking to the media until training camp. Have you heard anything like that??

Randy Duvall (Hampton, VA)

Why have the Steelers not completed a 3 - 5 year contract to TE Heath Miller?

Paul (Philadelphia, PA)

Hey James, thanks for the quality work you bring us. After breaking his leg in the '07 season, then being plagued with a nagging injury last season, are there some legitimate durability concerns with Willie Parker? If Rashard steps up, would the Steelers be willing to drop Parker and go with a Mendenhall/Moore backfield?

Mo (Herdon, VA)

If things don't start panning for Cinci this coming year, does Carson Palmer start thinking about asking for a trade?

Jorge (Fountain Valley)

Can you use your influences and ties to Cleveland to get some new uniforms? We play in a division where we lead the league in ugly uniforms (Bengals and Browns). "Please help"

Amr (Toms River, NJ)

We've heard lots about Ziggy, but have any of the others Steelers' rookies stood out so far?

Jim (Zanesville, OH)

Of the various weakness in the AFC North (Browns = pass rush; Steelers = OL; Bengals = running game; Ravens = WR), which team do you think shows the most potential to improve that area?

Billly (Virginia Beach)

Hey James loving the blog keep it up! My question is about Shaun Rogers, Is he still angry with Mangini or have they passed that to focus on the season? THANKS

Stephen (Keller TX) [via mobile]

Fantasy player here. Is Ray rice a good sleeper pick this year? Will he get first crack at the bulk of carries?

RavensMatt (Spain)

I will try and get this out free of spelling errors. James, when you mention you are skeptical of a big time season for a Ravens receiver, would you say you are more or less skeptical than you would have been if faced with the same question this time last year?

Desperate (Cleveland Ohio)

Is it possible for the Browns to contend for the AFC North title or a wildcard under Mangini. Although they looked horrible last year they still had a pretty good draft, please tell me theres a chance.

Jason (Ottawa, KS)

How is Dennis Dixon progressing this year? Any chance he could be the #2 this year?

J Ruyf (Ohio University)

With the Dominating Nose Tackles, Haloti Ngata, and Casey Hampton, in the AFC North, is it clear that Alex Mack was drafted with the intensions of handling this problem that has plauged the Browns for years? And more imporantly can he succeed and make the unit much better?

Miguel (Buena Park)

If you were to make a bold projection on how the teams in the AFC North were to finish, how would you stack them up?

Sahas (KY)

Do the Bengals have the potential to seriously compete with the Steelers and Ravens?

Brendan W (hudson OH)

What are the odds of the Cleveland Browns signing or trading for a legit pass rush threat sometime in the near future?

Tim (Tampa, Fl)

Hey, James whats the good word??? Have you gotten a sneak peak of the Steelers new bling or is that a big secret until tonites official ceremony???