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June 30, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Pierre LeBrun

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:01 PM)

Hey puck heads, greetings from my cottage in Ontario. There's a loon on my lake that's been staring at me for half an hour. Should I be worried?

John (NY)

What are the chances that rangers can unload their large contracts (Gomez,Redden,Druy,Rozival)

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:04 PM)

I think they might unload one or two of those and my guess would be Rozival and maybe Gomez.They were trying to get Ottawa to take Rozsival in a Heatley trade but to no avail over the weekend



Pierre LeBrun
  (3:05 PM)

Burkey, as you know, I never reported you would deal your 7th overall pick. If fact, I quoted you saying otherwise Friday morning :)

marlayna boulder city. nv [via mobile]

Who do you think has a good chance at the cup this year? and favorites?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:05 PM)

Let's talk in August. A lot of bodies will move over the next month that will influence that answer

begs. Michigan [via mobile]

what will it take for the wings to sign hossa

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:06 PM)

For Hossa to take a lot less than what he'll be offered tomorrow. Like $2 million less a year

greg n [via mobile]

Who are the kings looking at signing this offseason

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:09 PM)

They definitely want to be a big player this week. They're a team on the rise and GM Dean Lombardi feels adding a marqee piece is the right time to do so... If Hossa hits the market Wednesday, my guess is that LA will at least make a call. Likely same with Sedin twins or Gaborik as well.

jake(boston ma) [via mobile]

What moves do you think the bruins will have to make to work out their cap issues? thanks

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:10 PM)

Well I think trading Kessel is making more and more sense so they open up cap space to add a top-four blue-liner. Kessel is a great talent but the Bruins are loaded up front. They tried to move him Friday to Toronto for Kaberle, which would have been a great move, but as you may know things got bogged down when Burke wouldn't move his seventh overall pick as well

eric detroit michigan [via mobile]

Will the wings sign hossia

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:11 PM)

Got a text from Wings GM Ken Holland around noon ET saying it was status quo. We'll see who blinks first in final hours

Jason: hackettstown, nj [via mobile]

Does pittsburgh have to make any changes in the offseason or are they set with where they are to defend the cup next season?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:12 PM)

Pens GM Ray Shero told me Saturday in Montreal that he just wanted to try and keep the guys that helped him win the Cup. So far he's re-signed Guerin and Adams so he's off to a great start. I think Scuderi may hit the open market which might make Shero scour the market for a blue-liner

Anthony Derwood, MD [via mobile]

What do you realistically see the caps doing tommorrow? I'm in the pro-knuble crowd if possible if we can only get one player. There are tons of caps fans that seem to think we need a huge defensemen.

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:14 PM)

Tough to say Anthony, I spoke to GM George McPhee on the weekend but as you may know, he keeps his cards closer to his vest than most GMs. Obviously after losing Forderov, Kozlov and Brashear he'll want to sign at least one free-agent forward and yes I think in a perfect world he'd like to upgrade with one D. He inquired about Pronger on Friday but the price was way too high

Andrew (Apple Valley, MN)

If the Wild had there choice... Do you think they would re-sign Gaborik? Or do you think they are better off trying to sign another big name player?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:15 PM)

I think it's time for both sides to move on

John (NY)

Pierre, It came up during the chat yesterday that the Rangers are one of the few teams that could send a big contract like Redden to the minors and afford to eat the contract. Would Redden out of pride take a pay cut to stay in the pros and help the Rangers cap situation?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:16 PM)

John, glad you asked that question. Many fans seem confused by this but this current CBA does NOT allow for players to re-write their existing deals. So there's nothing Redden could do to make his deal cheaper

Andrew (New Jersey)

Hey Pierre, love your work with ESPN, keep it up!!!Life long Rangers fan here, do you see the Sather actually being able to shed some salary, if so, who's first on the list out the door? Thanks Pierre

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:17 PM)

Thanks Andrew. My guess is Rozsival most likely to move

Andrew (Apple Valley, MN)

Who are the MN Wild most likely to sign in free agency out of the big profile players? Thanks Pierre

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:18 PM)

I wouldn't be surprised if they took a hard run at the Sedins IF the twins dont' re-sign with Vancouver tonight or tomorrow first.... Cammalleri also an option

Nick (PA)

What do you think about the signing of Guerin and his paycut? Also do you think the Pens still have time to sign sykora, gill, scuderi, and fedotenko?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:20 PM)

I spoke with Guerin last night and it was clear there was no other option for him other than Pitt. He had a blast this spring, especially playing with Sid, and just because he could have made more elsewhere would not deter his enthusiasm to stay there. Smart decision.

Kevin (Chicago)

Pierre - what's the deal with the rest of Chicago's restricted free agents - most notably Versteeg and Barker. I haven't heard a peep on these deals, and the Hawks have to at least make a qualifying offer by tonight to prevent them from becoming UFA - correct?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:21 PM)

They've both been qualified. It's not something you really need to announce unless you did the opposite _ not qualify them ! They'll get them both signed. No hurry. They're not going anywhere. Right now, and I spoke with Hawks GM Dale Tallon this morning, he's more focused on his two UFAs of note _ Khabibulin and Havlat. The clock's ticking on those two

Ed ((PA))

Pens locked up Geurin and Adams, do you see them being able to keep Fedotenko and Scuderi around? If not, who's a mid-level guy out there, either a forward or Dman that they may be able to lure for the right price?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:23 PM)

I know as of Saturday they weren't real close with Fedotenko and I think it's been clear since the beginning that Scuderi would at least see what's out there in free agency (like Orpik last year) before deciding his fate

Rick (Charlotte)

Any chance Erik Cole leaves Carolina?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:24 PM)

yes Rick, in fact, about 45 min ago I spoke with Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford who said Cole and LaRose were both likely headed to market. That doesn't close the door on the Hurricanes but obvioulsy it's not a good sign

Brian (Toronto)

Salut Pierre. With all the free agents the Habs have, is Gainey a genius because he can make a massive overhaul in short order or is he a fool because he has so much uncertainty?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:26 PM)

Well, given how poorly the second half went and embarrassing playoff performance, I'd say he was a genius for not locking all those guys up. It's time for change, and I think you're about to see it

Mark (Minneapolis)

Thanks for taking our questions Pierre. Going into free agency tomorrow, what do you think we can realistically expect the Wild to do_

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:27 PM)

New GM Chuck Fletcher will leave no stone unturned in trying to upgrade his offense. He made that clear to me over the weekend. Pick a name and I think he'll be looking into it.

Matt (Boise)

San Jose seems to be in the market to bring in free agents this off season. What types of players do you think they will bring in? What names might be wearing the Teal next season?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:28 PM)

The more interesting thing will be who they will trade from their current roster. Changes are coming with this team as well. And I think a different player will be wearing the 'C' next year

Harrison (Philly)

With the addition of Pronger, are the Flyers instant contenders?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:28 PM)

If Emery can regain his 2007 form _ yes.

parm singh (ny )

big hockey fan, you think calgary will be able to sign j. bouwemester, or will he be going to edmonton, or toronto?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:29 PM)

Impossible to answer. I spoke with Bouwmeester's agent today and get the sense this can really go either way with Calgary.

Scottu (Texas)

With the Stars having new management and coaching, do you think they'll stay pat with who they had last season (since injuries did play a part in last seasons standings) or do you think they'll be aggressive during Free Agency?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:31 PM)

I don't think you'll see them spending like drunken sailors. I think Joe Nieuwendyk will be measured with his dollars

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:34 PM)

FYI everyone _ just received a statement from the agent of Mike Komisarek (Matt Keator) which said the star blue-liner was heading to free agency Wednesday. Here's the statement:''After much discussion and thought, Mike Komisarek has decided to enter theFree Agent market tomorrow at noon. Should they desire, we intend to keepMontreal involved in the process as they have treated Mike so well duringhis time in the organization. He remains interested in resigning with them."Matt Keator, Agent for Mike Komisarek

Paul (New Jersey)

Pierre, Big Canadiens fan. With all this cap space can the Habs lure a big name player to the Montreal. Also who do you think they sign from the 10 free agents they have now. Kovalev and Komisarek I hope? All these rumors and nothing ever happens. I love to see Vinny or the Sedin twins come to Montreal. This would be huge in attracting some other free agents. Your thoughts?Thank You

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:36 PM)

Paul, I take it you just saw the statement from the Komisarek camp.But I do think IF the Sedins are on the market, the Habs will be in there trying

Ryan (Crofton,MD)

Pierre, the word here is that the Capitals are going to stay pretty quiet during free agency. I really think they need to add a center to their second line and maybe a forward that can crash the net. I can't see Laich as a #2 center, and how much does Nylander really have left in the tank? Have you heard any rumblings of players they are looking at, or do you think they will try to make a trade before the season starts? Thanks

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:37 PM)

I think you hit most of it. I think you'll see a trade or two from them over the course of the summer Not every hole has to be filled July 1. Puck drop isn't until October

Steve (Drums, PA)

Hi Pierre,After the successful season the Blackhawks had, can they afford to stand pat? Not just with the other teams in the NHL, but with their fanbase? Since John McDonough took over as team president the Hawks have been a marketing steamroller. How do you tell the fans that your bringing back the same team you had last year? The one not good enough to win the cup? Do Toews, Kane, and Bolland get 25 more points nexct year because they are a year older?My point is, don't they need to do something (i.e. Heatley, Hossa) to take the next step?Thanks,Steve

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:38 PM)

Dude, that was a very young team that surprisingly reached the Cup finals last year. I don't think standing pat is a bad thing for a team loaded with talent that is growing and maturing

John (Calgary)

There have been rumors that Edmonton is offering Roli the Goalie a 1 year $3-$4 million deal. Based on the goalies available (Biron, Anderson, etc) once July 1 hits, do you think the Oilers are over paying? They would be able to get other goalie at a cheaper price and give themselves cap room for other moves.

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:39 PM)

Got a note from a source today that the Oilers believe Roloson is hitting the market. So they'll need to look at what's out there. Khabibulin, Biron, Anderson all options

Matt (Detroit)

If the Red Wings can't resign Hossa, should they resign some current UFAs from last year's team, or go after someone else in the free agent market?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:40 PM)

I would like them to re-sign Mikael Samuelsson if they can. He's a very useful player.

Matt (Germany)

Im a diehard Bruins, so honestly, what do the Bruins need to get over that hump, one more solid veteran or more youth on the wings???

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:41 PM)

They need another top-four blue-liner. Kaberle would have been a great fit.

Nick Nice (Harrisburg, Pa)

I know the Penguins are looking at re-signing Fedotenko and Scuderi, however i know they have cap issues...if they fail to sign both of them who do you think they will go after? would dennis seidenberg or zannon be good replacements for scuderi?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:42 PM)

Just got a note from a source that said Scuderi was headed to market Wednesday.Pens will be interested in whoever is cheap

D'Arcy Ellis (Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island)

Hey PierreDo you think the Canadiens have a good shot at landing the Sedin Twins if they don't re-sign in Vancouver?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:43 PM)

They've got a shot, but not sure how good. Toronto and Minnesota and maybe LA would also be in there

david (maryland)

What are the chances that dany heatley will be traded by july 1st free agency period?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:45 PM)

I know Sens GM Bryan Murray would love to get it done but he doesn't want to take pucks and sticks in return for a 50-goal scorer. He told me today around 12:30 p.m. ET that there was nothing new to report... I'll be checking again tonight

jd (los angeles)

hey pierre... do u think the L A kings will make the playoff next year if the sign one sniper such like hossa or gaborik? thanks

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:45 PM)

yes _ they are a team on the cusp

Josh (Grand Rapids)

Do you expect the Thrashers to make any major moves via free agent market?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:47 PM)

I would look for them to try and add a top-six forward

Joe S. (P.A.)

Hello Pierre.Do you think the Flyers gave up to much in getting a 34 year old Chris Pronger? I know Pronger is still great and gives us our Offensive Deffenseman, but.. it seems like we gave up a lot.

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:49 PM)

Yes I think they gave up too much, but if your team wins the Cup next year because of Pronger, will you care?

Jason (The Triangle, NC) [via mobile]

Do you think that as the free agency window looms closer things are looking more and more bleak with regards to the Canes resigning LaRose and Cole?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:50 PM)

You may have seen my post earlier but Rutherford told me around 2:30 p.m. ET that it appeared Cole and LaRose were headed to free agency

Tom (Bay Area)

Please tell me there is something in store for the Sharks. I can't take anymore of this best team in the league/worst team in the playoff talk from my friends!

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:53 PM)

I know from talking to other GMs that Doug Wilson was very aggressive, very busy at the entry draft in his conversations... He'll change this team by a few bodies I can assure you

Jay (Orlando)

So what's your take on the Devils re-signing Johnny Oduya today and the terms of the deal? How will this shape the rest of their offseason moves?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:54 PM)

I got the sense from talking to Devils GM Lou Lamoriello at the draft over the weekend that Oduya would indeed be his priority and he was. You try not to led 27-year-old defensemen walk out the door if you can avoid it

Chris (Grove City, PA)

Pierre, thanks for the time. Any word on the status of Scuderi and Fedetenko with the Penguins? If they don't return, who do you see the Pens going after?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:55 PM)

Got word about 30 min ago that Scuderi was likely headed to market

Cody Cembalisty (Denver, CO)

Who do you think the Avs will go after in free agency and do you think "The Monster" will sign with them?

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:56 PM)

If I'm Colorado, I blow it up and rebuild

Marian Hossa (Detroit, MI)

Pierre,I seem to have three choices to mull over in the next few hours. 1) Sign with Detroit at a hugely reduced number and combine my desires to win and have a long term contract 2) sign with a loser/bubble team for big money and long term which combines my desires for high salary and a long term contract 3) or sign with another contender for big money and short term which combines my desires to win and for a high salary. It seems that each option leaves out something I want, so which one should/will I choose?Thanks for your advice,Marian Hossa

Pierre LeBrun
  (3:57 PM)

Well Marian, you employ Ritch Winter as your agent so you should really be talking about this with him, not me. But since you asked, I would take Option A. Being happy is priceless.

Ernest (Montreal)

Hi Pierre have you heard if the Sedins have accepted the contract offers they received today? What about Kovalev and Komisarek? Thanks.

Pierre LeBrun
  (4:00 PM)

Just got a note from Sedins' agent in Stockholm who said things were ''status quo" as they continued to deliberate their options...You probably saw the note on Komisarek earlier _ he's going to market.OK cheers everyone, back to working the phones for me. Was a blast talking to you guys this season. We'll catch up again next season.Pierre