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July 27, 1:30 PM ET
Chat with Brad Daugherty

  (1:30 PM)

Brad Daugherty will be here soon!

SBOYD! (West Grove, PA)

Can it get any worse for the number 88 Team?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:33 PM)

I think that race car they had yesterday was the first car that his new crew chief built with his guys. It showed a lot of promise. It was fast in practice until it had engine problems yesterday. But he's still going to have to do his part, though I think it will get better for him.

Gennaro (Italy)

Montoya remembered on the radio that in Phoenix he got a penalty for speeding in pit lane and nascar made a mistake. They apologized for that. It shows me that nascar must change something. What do you think about that?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:35 PM)

Yesterday, he was caught electronically. It was indiputable. The monitor showed he was at over 60 and it's 55 limit. I think it would be good if NASCAR could show the numbers when you have these offenses. But Montoya knows that he was speeding. It's just really unfortunate because he would have won that race yesterday.

Phillip (Houston)

Well? Did JPM speed? Is there any kind of video replay in these situations? What are the odds that an incorrect penalty was applied?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:36 PM)

There will not be any type of replay opportunity. There is transcripts showing that he was speeding. But they do need to maybe look into that. The people that are there know that it is speeding. But they probably should look into showing video of it.

Duane (

Do you think NASCAR will give teams more room to modify the existing car?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:37 PM)

I'm hoping they do. For instance with my race car, that's the one thing we struggle with every week, trying to find more ways to get air on the front of the car. It's so difficult to pass on these cars. They're so aero tight. I'm hoping that changes. With the COT car coming to the Nationwide in the near future, we're going to have to be able to work on these cars to make the racing better.

Tom Wisniewski (Agawam, Ma)

Attendence? What was the official number of fans at this years Brickyard 400? Watching on TV it looked like this cathedral of auto racing was only half full. THANK YOU

Brad Daugherty
  (1:38 PM)

I think the number I heard was 125,000, which is tough there because it holds 350,000. We had a good crowd, but it wasn't just packed to the gills. It just looked poorly from the air. But it was over 100,000, which is good for NASCAR races.

Josh (Raleigh NC)

Do you think Martin will be able to hold his spot and make the Chase?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:39 PM)

Yes I do. He's running really well. He had a good finish yesterday. Yeah, once we get past Watkins Glen, he'll be a force to be reckoned with. He could win two more times this year.

Dale (Columbia SC)

Why was yesterdays race so boring??? No one, could pass anyone.

Brad Daugherty
  (1:40 PM)

The original COT race was not very good. Last year we had the tire fiasco. This year was the first real race we had, but it's hard to pass. It was hard to pass. The aerodynamics are just really prevalent on this race car.

chris (md)

how pleased are you with ambrose so far this year? and will he be bad to the bone at watkins glen?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:41 PM)

Yeah, I'm extremely pleased with what Marcos has done. He's done more than we expected. And he's going to win Watkins Glen. He's just not going to do well, he's going to win. I'm excited to get there.

Joshua Tucker (Ferguson, Ky)

Jimmie is starting to get hot like he does every season. If he wasn't before, after winning The Brickyard 400 he has the be the favorite for the championship?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:42 PM)

I just don't see how you bet against him. I like Tony's position right now, but how do you bet against Jimmie? I would say he and Tony are the two guys that are going to be battling it out.

Jeffy D (Feeding Hills)

The COT was made for safety and cost savings...keeping the adjustments in a tight box for competition equality sake is actually hurting the racy-ness of the car- Do you disagree with my take- and would it be a major expense to have more adjustability?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:44 PM)

It wouldn't be more expense. That's what it needs. We have engineers that all they do is look at different angles to make the car faster. It would be shaping a fender here or there. It's not expensive to do. When you have a new race car, especially in the first five years, you're looking to build things in that will cut costs in the long term. I love what they've done for safety. I was 100% behind it. I am a little disappointed with the racing so far like everyone else, but it's because you can't touch the daggum body on this race car.

Duane (

I know NASCAR has a diversity program. Have you seen any inroads in NASCAR? Do you know if it also involves minority engineers looking to get in the sport?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:45 PM)

Over the years, the program has kind of sputtered along at best. They do have a drive for diversity program which affords guys some opportunities. But thus far, nothing of significance has come from the program. Still waiting for things to come out of it. There are some Historically Black Colleges that have some NASCAR programs, but there's nothing of significance to speak of at this point, unfortunately.

Bill S. (High Point, NC)

I saw where your fellow alumni Tyler Hansbrough said he had never been to a race before. You think you could get him more into it?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:46 PM)

You know, I didn't get to see him yesterday at the race track. I don't know. Tyler is a focused young man. He loves his basketball. It might be hard to get him distracted long enough to come watch a race.

Adam (Galax)

With Kyle Busch out of the top 12 at the moment, will he miss the chase?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:47 PM)

I just don't know how this happens to him. He's so good. They seem to be in a funk. I don't think he misses the Chase. I think he gets hot at some point. He's just so capable. I just don't see him missing it. He's one of the most talented guys I've seen.

Devin (Johnson City TN)

Did Carl Edwards take the week of at Indy or what? Everyone considered him a favorite along with Smoke and Jimmie,but all Carl could muster was 15th. Just shows that no matter how good your car is (4th in practice) still doesnt mean youcan actually pass people.

Brad Daugherty
  (1:48 PM)

Yeah, we talked about him a little bit yesterday. Biffle had a decent run. He had a tough time. They were caught in the back with a poor qualifying effort. Outside of Jimmie, no one could pass. He got up as high as 13 or 14 a couple of times and I thought that he would make it to the top 10, but he never did. They just missed the set up and they ran poorly all day long.


Do you think Lance was very upset with Junior for blowing the engine since this was his first car he built and Junior had been running in the top 10 all day.

Brad Daugherty
  (1:49 PM)

Junior took a lot of credit for blowing the engine. I'm not sure what happened. Anything could have happened. He jumped on it to say it was his fault so quickly. But I don't think Lance is mad at him. I don't think it was his fault. It was kind of strange.

Alicia (SC)

So if Joey Logano hadn't been bumped to the back of the pack, do you think he would've had another top ten finish yesterday?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:50 PM)

Without question. He was really good yesterday. One of the cars that was really strong. I think he was on his way to a top 10. That little bump kind of slowed him down.

Matt (Tampa)

Brad, who do you see joining Tony Stewart as the 3rd car in 2010? Kasey Kahne? and could he bring Budweiser's sponsorship?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:51 PM)

I absolutely think he brings another car into the game. That's a good possibility. Kevin Harvick is another one that's been mentioned. Outside of that, I haven't heard much else. But I've heard he wants another driver and he wants a top tiered driver.

Evan Johnson (Salt Lake City )

Pocono next, same show we just saw? Meaning 48,42,5,14,16 in the top five?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:52 PM)

Yeah, no reason to think any differently. I'd be surprised if Carl Edwards isn't up there, but it's a similar style to last week. Not everyone is going to be good at all the turns in Pocono. I think we'll see good racing overall. Those guys will be factors.

Ralph D. (Cincinnati)

Do you think Kyle Busch's full time participation in the Nationwide series distracts him or his teams focus on the Cup Series?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:53 PM)

I don't think it hurts them at all. He does the testing in the Cup cars. He's there for every practice. He doesn't miss anything in the Cup car. I don't think it hurts him.

cody (wv)

i was suprised that the 77 was running as good as he was until his accident. Any chance he has a strong run a Pocono?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:54 PM)

Yeah, he ran really well at times yesterday. The guys that ran well yesterday will run well at Pocono. Sam could have a good day there. He's been building on things this year. He could be in the mix.

Ed (LA)

Looking forward to Pocono and then Watkins Glen, what drivers should we keep our eyes on?

Brad Daugherty
  (1:55 PM)

Pocono, Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart. I would keep my eyes on those three. When we go to Watkins Glen, Tony Stewart, Kahne, again, Montoya, of course, Ambrose and whatever road ringers show up there.

Brad Daugherty
  (1:56 PM)

Thanks for chatting with me. Thanks for keeping up with me. Everybody have a good day.