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August 7, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Scouts Inc.'s Craig Haubert

  (1:01 PM)

Hello recruiting fans! It is a big week with the release of the ESPNU 150 and our first class rankings. Already some good questions so lets get this party started!

Jim (Grand Junction, CO)

Craig: With recruiting so far advanced this early, will the best players still be available or have they already been taken up?

  (1:03 PM)

Well Jim there is certainly a trend towards prospects committing early, but that does not mean that recruiting in the fall does not matter.

  (1:04 PM)

look at the current top 10 in the 150 - 8 prospects are still uncommitted. So plenty of big time prospects still available. The only position that you really need to act quickly at is QB in my opinion as those top prospects tend to be locked up by mid-summer.

Sara (Boston, MA)

Where do you predict Jordan Hicks going? Are the Horns in the best position to get him?

  (1:06 PM)

The Horns are in a good position for Hicks, but will be tough to get him out of state. Buckeyes will be the Horns toughest competition i think.

Brody (Chicago)

Where is Pitt on your list? (if it was top 25)

  (1:09 PM)

If i had to project i think the Panthers could be in the top 25 as of right now somewhere in that 20-25 range. One 4 star and several highly ranked 3 stars - a good class thus far.

Chris (MLPS)

% chance that Seantrell Henderson signs with the Gophers over the bigger named schools.

  (1:11 PM)

good question - i am gonna wimp out here and not give a %, but will say it is a possibility that he signs with the Gophers and people should not be all that shocked if he does!

no doubt (imperial ca)

does ronald powell project as aline backer or defensive end in college

  (1:13 PM)

I have seen him on film and in person and in person i saw him at DE, LB, and TE and was very impressed with his versatility and he could play all 3 in college, but i really think his best fit is as a defensive end. Could be a good LB, but i think the position that would squeeze the most out of his abilities is DE.

nick (new jersey)

hey Craig what are the chances that Texas lands Jackson Jeffcoat Lache seastruck and Darius white does ok have the upper hand thanks

  (1:15 PM)

At this time i would say Jeffcoat is the best possibility of that group. I would rank Jeffcoat, Seastrunk, then White. I don't think any are a lock for the Longhorns, but would say Jeffcoat would be the best bet right now of them.

Steve (Fort Wayne)

How close were Dyjuan Lewis and Blake Lueders to making the Top 150? Have you heard who the frontrunner is for Lewis?

  (1:18 PM)

Both were heavily discussed. We spoke about two players on the ESPNU Recruiting Insider 150 release show that people should know about just outside the 150 and Lueders was one of them. So both were prospects who just missed the cut.

bamafan1million (Alabama)

so is alabama football recruiting amazing or what.

  (1:21 PM)

it seems you may be a little biased by your handle - but yes - since Saban rolled into town the Tide have recruited very well!

joe (chicago)

Other sites match fairly evenly on how they rate this year's group of prospects. why is espn's list so vastly different?

  (1:25 PM)

Been a lot of questions on this topic so i will address Joe's in hopes of answering all your questions in this area. I naturally can not speak to how others compile there rankings that would be a question for each respective party, but we have been very open about our process, all players that are ranked have a written evaluation on their page so you can see what we see or are thinking when a player gets a certain grade or ranking. We even allowed cameras into the war room this year and aired some of the process on the 150 show on ESPNU.

Pnuemann (Wilsonville)

What are Oregon's chances of landing Lattimore? Are there other big recruits who will land in Eugene?

  (1:29 PM)

The Ducks are in the running, but i would say a bit of a long shot at this point - Oregon has done a good job of drumming up interest in east coast kids, but have struggled to land them. The distance is a factor. So who knows - Lattimore is showing interest, but at this time i would be surprised if he landed there.

Joshua (Miami,Fl.)

Where do you see LB Jeff Luc ending up? Does The U have to win 9 games to continue their strong recruiting run?

  (1:30 PM)

I might not yet call it a lock, but i think the Gators seem to be in the best position to land Luc at this time.

Anthony (Norman, OK)

Hey Craig, how do you see the University of Oklahoma's team shaping up after this season? Do you think the recruiting has been solid enough to bring excitement after Bradford leaves?

  (1:34 PM)

Yes i do think that OU has recruited well enough to keep things rolling after Bradford leaves. Bradford has been an outstanding QB but i think Landry Jones has the tools to lead that team to W's and i think 2010 recruit Blake Bell has great upside.

Bryan (Concord, CA)

Cal seemed to get off to a hot recruiting start, but now they haven't had anyone commit in the past month (or so). Is this a troubling sign or are they waiting for a lot of players to make visits?

  (1:37 PM)

don't worry - Cal made some nice early pick-ups and have a strong class thus far. Still lots of time until signing day - so like you said see what the season brings once kids start taking officials. Things may have cooled a bit, but Cal is doing fine.

Derek (AL)

Will Alabama ever get an elite QB?

  (1:40 PM)

Are you not happy with Phillip Sims? No. 1 QB in this class. If not you may be setting the bar too high. Sims has great tools and throws an outstanding long ball. I also think AJ McCarron was a good pick-up. I have to disagree Derek i think Bama has done well at the QB spot in 2009 and 2010.

John (Lincoln)

How does Nebraska's recruiting look for this year. Is Bo Pelini competing for the types of players he needs to return the Huskers to prominence?

  (1:43 PM)

John the Huskers are doing Ok at this point. I think Nebraska is targeting good players, but they are not in a strong recruiting base and have to compete with Texas

  (1:45 PM)

right now i would say they are at least behind Texas, OU, OSU, A

AW (Bradenton, Fl)

How is Miami Fl doing so far? I heard they are continuing to address their needs and that is more important than rankings.

  (1:47 PM)

Several Miami questions - i think the Canes have a good early class especially on the defensive side of the ball. I think Miami recently is bringing in the talent to have a defense that matches the great Miami teams.

Bob (GA)

Is there no hope for Auburn any more with Saban around?

  (1:50 PM)

Well Bob, Saban has set the recruiting bar in that state high, but i don't think Tiger fans should hang their head. Chizik and his staff have done a nice job creating buzz on the recruiting trail and the class while not as strong as Bama's is good. So i certainly say there is hope.

Chad (Las Vegas)

Who is the best recruiter in the SEC? Miles, Kiffin, Meyer, Saban, Petrino, Spurrier? I mean who is the best recruiter as well not who gets the best players.

  (1:54 PM)

Well that is an impressive list Chad and a case could be made for many of those guys and i think you forgot add Richt into that mix (and if you didn't he belongs) -but right now i would have to say Meyer he has been a force since landing in Gainesville.

Matty Ice (The Burg, PA)

It seems like Penn State has been gettiing a nice recuriting class, is Joe PA's image enought or are Larry Johnson and Tom Bradley that good as recruiters?

  (1:56 PM)

The image and legend of Joe Pa does help (you could claim though his age hurts in recruiting also) but do not under estimate the job that the assistants do there like the two you mentioned. At all schools where they recruit well TRUST ME it is not just the head coach - little would get done without the assistants doing the leg work.

Tom (Jacksonville)

What are your thoughts on Wake Forests class? I know its not flashy, nor has it ever been. But Grobe always seems to find those diamnods in the rough.

  (2:01 PM)

Your right Tom - Grobe is very good at finding talent. Their class right not is not bad - One 4 star and a couple of highly rated 3 stars - i am telling you keep an eye on Zachary Allen out of Pahokee - he is slated for LB - but i saw him at the Nike 7on and he showed a lot of ability and would have to imagine they take a look at him at TE.

Jake (Charlotte, NC)

Speaking of Richt, what are your thoughts on the group of defensive lineman verbally committed to UGA? Do you have a sleeper or favorite amongst the group?

  (2:04 PM)

That DL group is strong. Also some versatility there with many of them to fit them into the scheme. I think Brandon Burrows is a guy to watch i like his style of play, but the sleeper of the group may be BJ Butler - he is a kid with some interesting upside.

  (2:04 PM)

Thanks for stopping by - i have to run - have a good and safe weekend - football season is almost here!