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September 14, 7:00 PM ET
Chat with Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons
  (7:02 PM)

All right, here we go...

Bill Simmons
  (7:03 PM)

Between the Pats wearing throwback uniforms, Brady's return and Jon Gruden's middle part, I am welling up with tears.

Bill Simmons
  (7:05 PM)

Here's the format for tonight: Send me thoughts and jokes about the Bills-Pats game, I will sprinkle in some of my own. And answer questions during the commercials. Everyone wins.

Bill Simmons
  (7:06 PM)

Also, I'm probably going to be distracted from time to time - especially every time someone crashes into Brady's legs. Just typing that made me feel sick.

Bill Simmons
  (7:06 PM)

My prediction for tonight: It unfolds like Saints-Lions - way over and lots of points. Something like Pats 45, Bills 20

ed (elgin,il)

bringing out my russ francis jersey for this one

Bill Simmons
  (7:08 PM)

Nice. I am wearing my red Tippett. Had to dig it out of the attic after seeing the Pats throwbacks. It smells like mold. Good God, Frank Gifford in HD! Can I get a warning next time???

John (Ferry)

On a scale of 1-10 how you exicted are you to tweet about T.O.'s first argument with Edwards

Bill Simmons
  (7:08 PM)

I'm a 40

Alex (Cambridge, MA)

I don't care if this is the worst football game ever, as long as I don't have to sit through another Jay Leno promo I will be satisfied.

jmanftw (boston)

has Hank Williams JT? aged in 15 years? or is just that he has been ewearing the same outfit since the Reagan presidency?

Bill Simmons
  (7:12 PM)

Yeah, he's like the Tony LaRussa of country singers. Laurence Maroney back to return the kickoff for the Pats... brought down at midfield by Lindell! And there he is... Mr. Tom Brady.

JoeMac3313 (Charleston SC via Brighton)

I thought I saw Tony Eason in the crowd with a video camera, but he ran back 10 yards and rolled into a ball before I could verify.

Bill Simmons
  (7:13 PM)

Jaws thinks Brady looks "skittish," plans on "watching his injured leg closely." He definitely looked jumpy on the 1st down play.

Josh (Philadelphia, PA)

As someone who grew up with Pat Patriot and never asked questions, I'm suddenly devastated that the Pats don't wear these jerseys every week.

Bill Simmons
  (7:15 PM)

Me too. These were just fantastic. We had to get rid of them because they brought so many bad memories. It was like knocking down a haunted house and putting up a McMansion in the same spot. Fresh start.

Bill Simmons
  (7:16 PM)

Belichick going for it on 4th and short... and getting stuffed. Gotta say, I didn't like the start. Brady has that SB 42 look on his face, like he just shook hands with Pat O'Brien.

Jordan (Dallas)

And except for the whole OJ thing the Bills Uniform is great!

Bill Simmons
  (7:16 PM)

Bills going with the no-huddle offense. Because... I couldn't possibly tell you.

Robert (Roanoke, VA)

After seeing these unis, I can't help but pine for the resurrection of the throwbacks for the other team of futility of my youth, the creamsicle orange bucs jersey.

Bill Simmons
  (7:17 PM)

I agree. Couldn't we just have a Throwback Season and see how it goes?

Bill Simmons
  (7:18 PM)

My buddy Bug just e-mailed me that there was a giant line to get into the stadium and him and his crew just got to their seats. Gillette Stadium everybody! Bills punter on field. We'll be seeing him a lot today.

Timmy O (Hingham, Mass)

If none of the offensive plays work, do you really need to huddle?

Finnegan (boston)

1 series. 0 passes at TO. Let the fun begin!!

Tiny (Charlotte)

I am trying to decide how to replace my Richard Seymour jersey now that he has been sent to our minor league affiliate in Oakland. Do I go with someone like a Welker or a Mayo jersey or do I make a custom jersey with my name and fav # so it always stay relevant. I dont want to keep buying jerseys since we turn over our roster faster then Usain Bolt runs the 100m. As for tonights game I am counting the minutes to the first F U touchdown by Brady to remaind everyone he is back

Bill Simmons
  (7:21 PM)

This is why you have to spend money on throwbacks and just buy replicas otherwise. A throwback guy can never get traded. By the way sorry for the delay on responses but we changed our chat engine setup and I am floundering on it.

Bill Simmons
  (7:22 PM)

Nice run by Maroney. He has reached "anything he does is a bonus" career status for Pats fans. Even if it's a 3-yard catch.

Bill Simmons
  (7:23 PM)

Tirico has already sold more Jon Gruden jokes than he did during three years of Kornheiser.

Forbin (LA)

Where can I order a throwback Walt Coleman orange zebra outfit?

Bill Simmons
  (7:24 PM)

Walt looks like he should be driving an ice cream truck. YES! Brady to Moss for 19. Phew. Bills CB playing 40 yards off Moss.

Ron (Brooklyn)

Scared every time Tommy drops back. Please don't hurt our Tommy.

Bill Simmons
  (7:25 PM)

Me too. Every time he goes back to pass, I feel like I'm watching my young son try to walk down a flight of stairs.

Bill Simmons
  (7:26 PM)

I am not going to pull a Joe Buck on what's happening with No. 39 on the Pats right now. But, um... I like it.

Chicago Mike (Pittsburgh)

Serena Williams is running with fury- first down!

Bill Simmons
  (7:27 PM)

She's still angry about the line judge.

Steven (Tallahassee, FL)

Have we gotten to the point where we just pretend the years in Oakland for Moss never happened because that franchise is so awful?

Bill Simmons
  (7:28 PM)

I think so. Now that people have fully realized what's up with the Hotel California as Lombardi calls it, I think everyone who tanked in Oakland gets a half-free pass. Still not totally defensible.

Bill Simmons
  (7:28 PM)

It's funny to see Fred Taylor in a throwback uniform ... kind of redundant.

ZZ Wrathchild (St Charles IL)

Oakland has eclipsed Vegas as the poor decision capital of the world.

Aaron (vermont)

(fingers crossed) Maybe Maroney was a running back with an excruciating shoulder injury last year

Bill Simmons
  (7:30 PM)

Can't say I love the playcalling tonight. Or the field goal kicking. Gostkowski just donked one. 0-0 still.

Steve (NJ)

Is "ESPNBoston" the most redundant invention in history?

Steve (Newark, DE)

Isn't ESPN Boston a little too much? People already have enough reasons to hate Boston. Why give them more?

Bill Simmons
  (7:32 PM)

Do people realize that the longterm plan is to do as many cities as possible? Dallas and LA are next. We're conquering all the major cities, then eventually, towns and neighborhoods, and eventually, every person will be launching his own ESPN website.

Bill Simmons
  (7:33 PM)

Jaws just said Trent Edwards was "wildly inconsistent" and has an "inexperienced line," raising the question of why he's also calling every play. I don't have answers.

Curtis (Nashua, NH)

Cant wait for ESPN charlestown with live shots of old store24

Bill Simmons
  (7:34 PM)

Now that's a local site that I would write columns for. ANDDDDDDD we thank you!

JIM (Hampshire, IL)

Let's not forget, ESPN Chicago came first. Seems most useful for out-of-towners who don't get the same kind of local coverage from other sources.

Bill Simmons
  (7:34 PM)

Very true. And it's been a hit. The best feature is the local SportsCenters. Also love that we got Mike Reiss for the Pats.

Adam (Atlanta)

I can see it now - ESPNAtlanta, where 40,000 people can simultaneously jump onto and off bandwagons at their leisure.

Rob (Fredericksburg, VA)

So ESPN is doing all the major cities yet New York isn't in the top 3? They decided that Chicago, Boston, LA, and Dallas are all more important and more of a major city than New York?

Bill Simmons
  (7:36 PM)

I would say NYC is a safe bet. I am rooting for the whole thing to succeed so the cities will get more and more obscure. Coming Monday: ESPN Hartford! With a live Geno Auriemma chat!

Jeff (Philly)

ESPN is ESPN New York, haven't you ever seen SportsCenter?

Mark (York, PA)

New York already has its own ESPN - the original. East Coast bias and all.

Bill Simmons
  (7:37 PM)

I guess that was too easy of a setup for you guys.

Zack t (Austin tx)

The pats O looks as jittery as Sally Draper's teacher calling Don.

Bill Simmons
  (7:37 PM)

Good one. I agree. Let's hope the Pats O doesn't end up on it's back like Sally Draper's teacher will be next episode.

Nick (San Diego, CA)

Bill, if Buffalo scores here will you immediately sign off to avoid the jinx? I mean after the Bruins game...

Bill Simmons
  (7:39 PM)

I am out at halftime if we're losing. Don't think that I forgot what happened last time (Bruins-Canes Game 7, Celts-Magic Game 5).

Bill Simmons
  (7:39 PM)

Bills 7, Patriots 0 ... and a shot of a happy Jim Kelly applauding. This chat could be aborted soon.

Steve (DC)

FYI - 4th set tiebreak at the US Open

Marc S (Minneapolis)

Hey Steve from DC: NO ONE CARES ABOUT TENNIS!!!!!!

Kevin Ryan (Philadelphia)

I can't wait for your chat during game 7 of Sox-Yanks this year!

Bill Simmons
  (7:41 PM)

This could be my last chat ever. It's becoming clearer and clearer that I am controlling the outcomes of these games just by logging into our chat system. By the way, can you order cigarettes online and have them deliver the cigs to your house? What about barf bags?

Dereck (Palm Desert, CA)

Is it just me or does every tennis player have the same haircut as Ralph Macchio from Karate Kid?

Bills Fans (Buffalo)

Don't worry we'll never win.

Andrew (Boston)

I hope Brady is thinking this: Im going to take this (expletive) ball and shove it down your (expletive) throat

Bill Simmons
  (7:43 PM)

Me too. Still waiting to see a little fire in TB's eyes. He looks like 2001 Brady. A little jumpy. I guess with reason. By the way, I am sobbing.

Scott (Haverhill,MA)

Time for a little 5WR action i think

Bill Simmons
  (7:45 PM)

I agree. Let's stop f***ing around. Release the hounds. They are playing 45 yards off Moss. Hire Drago's trainer to just scream that Russian command that means "Start beating the crap out of him!!!!!"

Ed Hochuli (Chat Ref)

Bill, that's a 10 yard penatly for crying in the chat. Repeat 1st down.

Kato (Nebraska)

Is there any way we can get a reverse-jinx chat for something? How would it work? just chat for all rangers games till the playoffs?

Bill Simmons
  (7:46 PM)

That's an interesting idea. Maybe I should start doing chats in another language. Like Spanish. Or Moses Malone. Wow, Brady just got sacked on 3rd down. I haven't had this much fun since I crashed my motor scooter.

kyle (oregon)

tom brady getting sacked in a throwback uniform makes me realize how cursed those jerseys really are

Bob (Boston)

Won't have warm and fuzzy thoughts if Mayo can't return.

Bill Simmons
  (7:47 PM)

Yeah, forgot to mention that it appears Mayo got injured. It's too bad ESPN doesn't have sideline reporters at tonight's game.

Steve the Doctor (New York)

Hey look, Bill, I'm a doctor. Surgeries, ACL related surgeries are performed all the time here. You're a fool if you were expecting anything close to 2007 Brady this year. He tore his ACL and MCL, that means some tissue is still soft. This is two-three year injury, not including age. Look at McNabb and Palmer their years after the ACL tear. Brady tore two cruciate ligaments.

Bill Simmons
  (7:48 PM)

I'm just going to start drinking. You guys don't mind, right? It will be like Jordan's Hall of Fame speech but better.

Sean (Louisville)

I'm listening to the Westwood One call. So much better. They just said Mayo is questionable to return...with a knee.

RutgersAL (NJ)

Top 5 excuses for the Pats tonight: 1. Old jerseys 2. Brady isn't 100% back 3. Rutgers 4. Simmons chatting 5. Missing Seymour

Bill Simmons
  (7:51 PM)

First down for the Bills. By the way, I think the 2009 Pats broke the team record for "most guys with Milli Vanilli hair"

Danny (Philly, PA)

FIFTH SET AT THE US OPEN.......HOLY CRAP! that definitely takes precedent right now over week 1 NFL....sorry, but it does.

Bill Simmons
  (7:51 PM)

I hope Danny's friends bust his chops. I like tennis and all, but, I mean...

Jim (Detroit)

Thank god I didn't draft Brady in fantasy football this year.

Bill Simmons
  (7:52 PM)

That raises an interesting question: At what point do people who drafted Brady in Round One just start freaking out like the girl from "Drag Me To Hell?"

Bill Simmons
  (7:54 PM)

Jaws just said that the Pats are double teaming Owens. No wonder they are running for 20 yards a carry.

Bill Simmons
  (7:55 PM)

ESPN says Mayo's return is questionable. "That hurts the Patriots," Gruden says. "That could be a problem." Glad he's here.

Bill Simmons
  (7:55 PM)

Owens just dropped an easy 3rd down catch. Why does everyone think this guy is still good?

Bill Simmons
  (7:56 PM)

I mean, he's GOOD obviously... but he's not "plan your whole defensive game plan around him" good. And I don't think he's "double team good" either.

Benti (Southboro, MA)

Ok, let's just pretend we were messing with them for the first quarter.

brian (boston)

TO consistently is among drops leaders. unfortunately, moss is too

Bill Simmons
  (7:57 PM)

Moss had a down year last year - for him. He botched at least 10 big plays that I can remember. Including the Bernard Pollard play. You know. That Play. Hold on, I'm gonna do another shot. Would anyone like a drink?



Bill Simmons
  (7:59 PM)

What would be considered a bigger upset - Buffalo beating the Pats or Federer losing the US Open Final to some dude with 3 names?

Keith (Oakland)

Time to trade Matt Light to Raiders for 2012 first round pick

Bill Simmons
  (8:01 PM)

I apologize - the guy playing Federer has FOUR names. He's up 2-0 fifth set. Stunner.

Matthew (Austin)

So what are all the tennis fans going to do when Gossip Girl comes on? Decisions, decisions...

Jobby (MA)

are you serious??? your watching tennis????

Bill Simmons
  (8:03 PM)

Had to put a second TV on. There have been a lot of surprises tonight. Yes! Brady completes a 3rd and 3. Jaws is worried about his timing and rhythm. I am laying off THAT joke. Thanks anyway.

Bill Simmons
  (8:04 PM)

Serious question: After Josh McDaniels resigned as offensive coordinator to be Denver's head coach... did we replace him? Are they still advertising the job?

BostonFrog (Katy, TX)

Ahhh............ol' Kevin Faulk - he has assumed Troy Brown's role of Mr. Reliable to a T the last couple of seasons.

Bill Simmons
  (8:06 PM)

Totally. Just converted a huge 3rd down. He's been around for so long that I think I retired the "nobody's more excited than his mother, Mother Faulk" joke in like 2003.

Josh (Cali)

The throwback unis gave me an idea. Why don't they do throwback gear day? No piece of equipment invented after 1975. We'll see how tough these guys really are. Pads, cleats, gloves, helmets, warming pouches, headphones, photo printers, etc. Now THAT would be fun to watch.

Bill Simmons
  (8:08 PM)

I would love this. Throwback baseball games would be unbelievable. Same for throwback tennis. Throwback hoops not as much fun.

Mother Faulk (NY)

I am so proud 2 first downs in a row from my boy!!

Bill Simmons
  (8:09 PM)

Welker tackled on the two! Here comes the Belichick "let's screw fantasy owners by throwing the TD to the eligible o-lineman" moment.

Bill Simmons
  (8:10 PM)

Nope... a Fred Taylor TD! We're tied at 7. I am waaaaaaaaaaay too happy about being tied at 7.

Brandon (Rochester)

Uh Uh Buffalo, looks like Brady has his timing back!

Bill Simmons
  (8:11 PM)

Brady looked much more comfortably that series. No question. Makes sense I guess ...

Rutkap (St. Louis)

are those images of great patriots from the past on the endzone wall? who do they have over there? Steve Grogan? Andre Tippett? Irving Fryar. It is not like the Hall is loaded with these guys.

Bill Simmons
  (8:12 PM)

They're announcing the 50 greatest Patriots at halftime. How did they get to 50? I have no idea. There's no way we had 50 great players. We had like 10 heading into this decade. There will be some reaches...

Eric (Indianapolis)

I'm pretty sure the guy in the GM commercial is a, I'm 100% sure.

Bill Simmons
  (8:13 PM)

I became fascinated by him over the weekend. Is he CGi'ed? There is something non-human about him, especially if you're looking at him on a 103-inch television (the big addition to Kimmel's house this year).

Maddog (Radio Nowhere)

Hey Sportsguy, how about trying to get Mike Francesa onto a podcast to talk Sox-Yanks?

Bill Simmons
  (8:15 PM)

Francesa doesn't have the guts to come on. He knows I will bust his chops and he doesn't like having his chops busted. He's like Elvis - he wants to be surrounded by Joe Espositos. I'd love to have him on. He'd never do it.

Alex (Newark DE)

Tennis, schmennis. 45 minutes until the return of the now-brunette Trish Stratus to RAW.

Daniel (Raleigh, NC)

Reports are Patrick Swayze just died. The wife will want a Ghost/Dirty Dancing double feature this weekend.

Bill Simmons
  (8:16 PM)

This is true. Just looked it up. RIP.

Forrest (Toledo, OH)

This has to be the biggest matchup of Fred's in anything, EVER, right?

Christian (Columbus, OH)

RIP Patrick Swayze...say what you want but Roadhouse was a classic. Some of the best one liners ever made were in that movie. "Pain don't hurt."

Bill Simmons
  (8:18 PM)

Totally agree. I think Swayze was wildly underrated. Really solid 10 year run of watchable movies from 1982-1991.

Hank (Morgantown, WV)

It's a sure thing that Edwards forces at least 2 or 3 passes to Owens this's a ticking time bomb. I loved Suzie Kolber's pregame interview with T.O. She asked him "so what's your favorite part about the City of Buffalo?" Terrell hesitated for an uncomfortable couple of seconds and you could just see him thinking "man, I really should have read a tour book or something. Can I answer THE AIRPORT?" before offering "The Buffalo Bills" as an answer

Bill Simmons
  (8:19 PM)

Nice hit by Leigh Bodden on a big 3rd down play to break up the Lee Evans catch. I am excited that we finally have cornerbacks who weigh more than 150 lbs this season.

Bill Simmons
  (8:20 PM)

Tom Brady now has as many T.A.I.N.T.'s as Delhomme. 14-7, Bills. Chat is on life support.

Mike (South Carolina)

So we may only have 3:29 left until this chat's over? Schobel, eh? Wow. Guess I'll actually have to pay attention to my kid then. Or put him to bed. Bill Simmon's chat everybody!

todd (waltham, ma)

Brady looks TOO calm and collected. Where's the fire? where's the headbutting, etc...

Bill Simmons
  (8:22 PM)

Solid point. That fiesty swagger went away as the 16-0 season kept going... I miss the head butts. Awesome play by Schobel.

Bill Simmons
  (8:23 PM)

By the way, I am officially concerned about the NE offensive line.

Eric (Nashville, TN)

In the old days, with 3 minutes in a half, Brady would march down and score with ease. will he now?

Sean (Louisville)

Speaking of calm and collected, how about this crowd? They should pass out some Red Bull or something.

Bill Simmons
  (8:24 PM)

Didn't you just describe every NFL crowd except for like 3 of them?

John (Boulder)

Fed just saved two match points. wow, no way he makes it all the way back.

Lee (Baltimore)

was it only an unofficial concern before, like you are unofficially concerned about your elderly neighbors falling on the ice?

Bill Simmons
  (8:24 PM)

Good point. I should say I am MORE concerned.

Bill Simmons
  (8:26 PM)

Shocking. Federer just lost. Enberg called it one of the great upsets in US Open history. I really really really hope this isn't "The Night of Upsets." Also in play: ESPN Buffalo doing more traffic than ESPN Boston.

jason (Ottawa,On)

Good job for ESPN to start up a Boston page. Where was this when the teams were good?

Bill Simmons
  (8:28 PM)

Yeah - why isn't ESPN Boston getting blamed for jinxing the Pats? Why do I get blamed?

Bill Simmons
  (8:28 PM)

Jaws said Joey Galloway has been "very quiet" in this first half. Very quiet? I didn't even know he was active. Joey Galloway is playing tonight?

Bill Simmons
  (8:29 PM)

Randy Moss everybody! 31 yards on a short cross that he broke down the sideline. Nice.

Bill Simmons
  (8:30 PM)

Who's sobbing more right now? The guy who just won the US Open, or everyone who teased the Pats and Chargers tonight?

Bill Simmons
  (8:32 PM)

If you want the chat to keep going, you should root for the Pats to score on this 3rd down play.

Daniel (Santa Maria, CA)

I think Del Potro sobbed more when he found out that his last name meant "a whale's vagina"

Brian (South Boston)

2007 Brady tucks and runs that play in, 2009 Brady throws it away. Tough to watch.

Bill Simmons
  (8:34 PM)

Wow. Even my dogs knew the draw play to Faulk was coming there. I absolutely hate the playcalling tonight. Turning into Agro Hopper. Might be a good idea that this chat ends soon. I don't want to end up as the subject of 4 Big Lead posts tomorrow.

Ben (Lawrence, KS)

Lame third down call. Am I watching the 2008 Eagles?

Tommy (New York)

"once again, good red zone defense by the Bills"Something that could ONLY be said in Week 1

Chad (Ontario)

A Few Good Men is starting on HDNet so you can flip to that while the Pats are sucking.

Patrick Swayze (Heaven)

You reference me and my movies in 85 percent of your career columns and all you can say for a tribute is RIP?

Bill Simmons
  (8:37 PM)

I'm still sorting out my thoughts. This might be the week to do the special Road House podcast with Dameshek though. I'd invite Carolla but the authorities are still looking for him after he blew up the Bristol bridge.

Jason (Ottawa)

Umm, so, is Belichick using the first half to setup the 2nd half? Like, now he was just laying there letting the dead lice fall of him, and in the 2nd, he'll be like Seabiscuit?

Larry Bird (1988-1989 Season)

Watching Tom reminds me of 1988-89. Jus saying.

Bill Simmons
  (8:38 PM)

OK, that one made me stop breathing.

Drew (Seattle)

speaking of Carolla, is it true you're no longer allowed on his podcast? How the might have fallen..

Bill Simmons
  (8:39 PM)

No. It's not true. It was never true.

John (Philly)

Did you even bother calling Carolla to yell at him, or was it like how you treat that one uncle who gets way to drunk at parties but nobody ever says anything to his face?

Bill Simmons
  (8:40 PM)

He has reached Manny Ramirez status. You just shrug your shoulders and say that it was "Adam being Adam." This is hard to explain to other people though. Especially people you work for.

Bill Simmons
  (8:41 PM)

My Dad just e-mailed me, "I wish that Tom Brady was playing this year."

Nick (Atlanta)

What the F*** man!?!?!?!? The Bills are giving Moss a huge cushion!!! Please dont pull a Charlie Weis Belicheck( this is coming from an ND fan btw). Throw the ball to MOSS!!!!

Bill Simmons
  (8:46 PM)

Couldn't agree more. I want to see them throw to Moss every down until someone isn't playing 10 yards off him.

Bill Simmons
  (8:47 PM)

Very excited to see Sam Cunningham again! And the Ben Coates! And Tippett!

Ryan (Everett, MA)

Sure could use Ben Caotes tonight. Draw from the 3 yard-line. Really?!

Bill Simmons
  (8:48 PM)

Totally agree, Most underrated Pat ever. Totally forgotten now. Completely unstoppable and even more so in video games. We geared the entire '94 offense around him.

Chris (Pocatello, Idaho)

Will they introduce Al Davis as part of the Patriots 50th Anniversary team?

matt (orlando)

There's absolutely no reason Bruschi can't suit up if Mayo can't go.

Bill Simmons
  (8:49 PM)

This would be incredible. I am sticking around 1 more quarter but fleeing if the Pats don't have the lead...

Bill Simmons
  (8:49 PM)

hate to ask again... but what's the benefit of going no-huddle all game again? To tire out your defense?

Bill Simmons
  (8:51 PM)

One of the worst calls ever. Wilfork's roughing the passer. Outrageous. I can't type.

Lous (Boston)

Best comment ever "i don't understand the rules anymore"

Bill Simmons
  (8:51 PM)

Agree. That's what Jaws said after. Perfect comment.

Rick (Pittsburgh)

"I don't understand the rules anymore." Art Shell is in the booth?

Chris (Charlotte, NC)

I hate the Patriots, but if that's a roughing-the-passer penalty, we might as well go to QBs wearing flag belts like a coed intramural game.

Scott (San Diego)

I just got home from work and tuned in to the see "roughing the passer" (in quotes on purpose) call. That's a call based on Brady's injury last year, right?

Bill Simmons
  (8:53 PM)

True. It's the alleged Brady Rule. Which covers hits on QB's knees. Unfortunately Wilfork tackled Edwards right on his hips.

mike (buffalo)

see the bills of the early 1990's to see why the no huddle works when you have the right players on the field i am excited we finally brought it back

Bill Simmons
  (8:53 PM)

This is a great point. But your players include Trent Edwards and Fred Jackson.

Ken Stabler (Oakland)

Of course it was a roughing the passer call !

Andrew (Nashville, TN)

Leodis McKelvin for the Troy O'Leary All-Stars and Leigh Bodden for the Lindsey Hunter All-Stars.

Kevin (New York)

What are your initial thoughts on Bernard Pollard being picked up by the Bills recently? Do you think Tom will be a little shaky glancing on the sidelines to see if he plays at all? Just kidding, the Bills don't have Pollard. Relax. But I hope you spent the last 5 minutes frantically checking the Bills recent transactions to see if this was true

Bill Simmons
  (8:56 PM)

That one got me for 2 lines. I did the "NO!" and everything.

Stan (New Orleans)

William, William, William....Please explain to me why Chris Tamburello's face isn't prominently displayed somewhere on the new page??? It's like starting a brand new Rocky website and not including a picture of Butkus!

Bill Simmons
  (8:57 PM)

Couldn't agree more. If it were up to me, CT would have a podcast and a video blog.

Bill Simmons
  (8:57 PM)

Pats went 5-WR on first down. Like it. Time to take the skirt off.

JRK (Boston, MA)

Where is the "Brady throws the ball 50 yards downfield" play?

Bill Simmons
  (8:58 PM)

I think they called it on the first play of the game but Brady froze on it and dumped it off. Jaws worried about his knee, they just did the "he's not the same montage." Damn it all.

Erock (Bridgeport, CT)

I can't take any more "brady isnt the same because of his knee" comments from Jaws

Bill Simmons
  (9:00 PM)

Quick pass to Moss for another 3rd down. Jaws liked the delivery.

Bill Simmons
  (9:02 PM)

Moss is tearing up the Bills. By the way, this could have also happened in the first half. Did we ever find out if Lance Harbor is the new NE offensive coordinator?

Bill Simmons
  (9:03 PM)

Brady and Moss in a groove. Feels like old times!

Daniel (Raleigh, NC)

Maybe Randy Moss has the Swine Flu and the Bills are terrified of him. That would explain their coverage.

Jeff (New York)

Did the Pats just remember that they have Randy Moss against the Bills secondary? Did it somehow slip their mind for 35 minutes?

Bill Simmons
  (9:03 PM)

Yes. Apparently it did.

Bill Simmons
  (9:04 PM)

Jaws set the record for "fastest flip flop on a player" in one drive. He's now ecstatic with Brady. "THAT'S TOM BRADY!" And of course... it led to a 3rd down incompletion.

Bill Simmons
  (9:05 PM)

Brady to Welker on 4th down... nope. Typical play, bad timing on the pass. Crap. Newsflash: I don't see the Pats covering -10.5.

Brendan (Boston)

Was that really the Bills defense or Welker and Brady not getting it done?

Bill Simmons
  (9:06 PM)

That was either a bad pass or the wrong route. Welker was open, pass was bad. Didn't seem like they were on the same page. Also, I am coughing up blood.

Ed (Cleveland, OH)

I know this is mostly a Pats-related chat, but I can't help but think that no matter how bad Jake Delhomme may be, the best thing that just happened to the Carolina Panthers by signing A.J. Feeley is that Heather Mitts may actually be at the games. This has to increase their walk up sales by at least 100 per game, right?

Bill Simmons
  (9:07 PM)

And another good part: They don't have to play Jake Delhomme. Don't forget that one.

Rob (Baltimore)

Dont fret yet, Ravens covered -13 when it was 24-24 with only a couple mins left in 4th quarter.

paul (albany ny)

i think u should demand that espn take off the homepage "just like old times"

Tim Donaghy (Tampa, FL)

Don't worry Bill, I have this under contol.

Nate (Des Moines, IA)

Woah, ESPN just played "Run This Town" out of the break, did CBS, NBC, and Fox take note? That song was released A WEEK AGO. Well done, ESPN.

Bill Simmons
  (9:11 PM)

Sack for the Pats! Do you think Richard Seymour is watching this game in the locker room and looking like Jennifer Aniston rooting against Angelina Jolie at the Oscars?

Bill Simmons
  (9:12 PM)

Field goal, Buffalo. 17-10. Officially have to end this chat after the 3rd quarter or I am going to get shanked the next time I return to Boston.

John L. (Lincoln, RI)

I realized that my Tom Brady jersey has the highest "'Times Worn', To 'Times Being Drunk While Wearing'" ratio of anything in my wardrobe. I really only wear it when the game is on, and I almost always drink heavily for football. It is not yet winning the coveted "Most Times Throwing Up While Wearing" because my college party robe wins that battle. By the way, is your daughter old enough to date yet?

Bill Simmons
  (9:13 PM)

Chat definitely needs to end soon.

Dave (Qatar)

Bill,Completely unrelated to the game, but when are you putting the stops/dates for your book tour on ESPN?

Bill Simmons
  (9:14 PM)

Definitely a midnight signing in DC on the night of the Oct. 26 MNF game. Then Philly, NYC and Boston that week. Hopefully Chicago, San Fran, Phoenix, San Diego and LA the next week. And Denver/Portland/Seattle in mid-Nov.

Bill Simmons
  (9:18 PM)

But seriously... maybe it wasnt a great idea to break out the old red uniforms.

Bill Simmons
  (9:19 PM)

Brady's run for the first down that just happened was like watching Forrest Gump run from the bullies. RUN TOMMY RUN!!!!!

kyle (albany, ny)

we are putting together a drive. PLEASE stop writing!!!!!

Bill Simmons
  (9:20 PM)

Good call. I'm wrapping it up. Sorry for submarining the Pats season and hope you enjoy Peace out.