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October 1, 6:00 PM ET
Chat with Jason Witten

  (5:55 PM)

Jason Witten will be here in a few minutes to take your questions!

  (6:34 PM)

Sorry everyone, we're working on tracking down Jason.

  (6:37 PM)

We've got Jason!

Hassan Boussy (Dearborn, MI)

How has the improved running game helped you develop into such a reliable weapon?

Jason Witten
  (6:38 PM)

I think any time you're able to establish that in the offense with the running game, it puts the defenses in tough situations. They have to put 7-8 guys in the box to defend it. They have to go zone and you find the soft spot in it.

Dallas (Denver, Co)

What's up Jason Witten. You're the toughest and my favorite tight end. I'm wondering what sports do you like watching besides football? We need more role models like you.

Jason Witten
  (6:39 PM)

I definitely enjoy watching golf. I'm a huge Tiger Woods fan and watching basketball, especially in the playoffs. Those are probably the two sports I enjoy the most.

Anthony (South Carolina)

What's it like playing for Jerry Jones?

Jason Witten
  (6:41 PM)

Woah. It's awesome. Any time as a player, from the player/owner relationship, it's awesome to know that the owner is so involved and active that he'll do anything to win. You respect him from that standpoint. Outside of that, being here seven years, getting to know him and what an awesome guy he is. He loves football and the people. I can't imagine an owner close to what he is.

Kenny (DFW, TX)

What Do you think the biggest challenge is going to be going into denver, offensive or defensive? What is your thought on how the injuryies are going to effect the team in the running game?

Jason Witten
  (6:42 PM)

I really can't speak for the defensive side that much. I know that Orton is a smart player who doesn't turn the ball over. When you look at it from our side, they're so comfortable on defense. Brian Dawkins is their leader. Elvis Dumerville does an unbelievable job of creating pressure. At home, they'll be good. They've only given up one TD in three games. WE definitely have to maximize our opportunities.

Bazzy (Knoxville, TN)

You're my wife's favorite player. She didn't follow football, but when she saw you running without a helmet she decided you were awesome and so now she roots for you. So, thanks for doing that as she's now a little more willing to watch football, which is nice.

Jason Witten
  (6:43 PM)

Anything for a Tennessee guy. I appreciate it. I like that I can get you some brownie points there.

Aaron (Arlington, TX)

Jason, it is obvious that the two tight end set has done wonders for the running game. Do you see this set turning into more pass opportunities for your and Bennett in the coming weeks?

Jason Witten
  (6:45 PM)

I think so. I think it just puts defenses in tough situations and you can do so many things in two TE sets. I think we need to build that package so that it's more involved in our offense and then in turn get us more opporutnities in the passing game.

Steven (NJ)

How does it feel to lead all the Cowboys' TEs in receptions?

Jason Witten
  (6:46 PM)

I think it's a huge honor. I've been humbled by that. There have been so many great TEs that have played here. There is just a great tradition in TEs. To lead that in receptions and yards. It's a huge honor because this organization has had so much success.

Brendan (Unfortunately in Giants Territory)

Has this team changed from a pass first offense to a run first offense?

Jason Witten
  (6:47 PM)

It seems that's how it's kinda been. I think the great thing about this offense and Jason Garrett and Tony and everybody, we take advantage of what's given us. We have three great RBs that provide a lot of opporutnities for you because they are so good.

David (Arizona)

Do you keep track of your fantasy stats at all? I was hoping to snag you but got Dallas Clark, but I am curious if players find time to keep up with any of that or if they just don't care

Jason Witten
  (6:48 PM)

I don't really keep up that much. But I do have a lot of friends that kind of tell me when I play good or bad. I think fantasy is good for the game and it brings fans into it. But I don't keep up.

Jared (Dallas)

Are you at all concerned with the WR's so far this year? You and the running backs are playing great, but it seems like the production at WR is lacking.

Jason Witten
  (6:49 PM)

No, I don't think any of us worry about that. They've done a great job. In the first game, we had three different WRs score TDs. We have a lot of weapons and the running game has been at the top of our list so far. I don't worry about them. They're all really good football players.

Wyatt Worrel (Corvallis OR)

Is there a noticeable difference in the attitude in the locker room between this year and last?

Jason Witten
  (6:50 PM)

I don't know. There were high expectations last year because we were 13-3 the year before. Everyone is really focused. Coach Wade Phillips has kept us focused and this team has done a great job so far.

Jason Witten
  (6:51 PM)

I appreciate all of the fans. It seems like every day there are more and more of you. We always appreciate that support.

  (6:51 PM)

Thanks for chatting Jason!