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October 15, 10:30 AM ET
ESPNDallas chats Texas-Oklahoma

michael (Florida)

Kirk, You mentioned that if Texas lost to OU that USC would pass them in the polls. I can't understand why, our one loss will have come to a ranked opponent, and USC will have a loss to an unranked opponent. I can't understand why this keeps happening to us, last year we watched Florida, and USC pass us in the polls after both were beat by unranked opponents, while our only loss was to a top 5 Texas Tech team. Why does this happen?

kirk herbstreit
  (10:20 AM)

hello everyone..great to be with you..cant wait for another saturday--especially looking forward to seeing this years version of ou/texmichael--great questions..i talked with kevin wilson (ou off coor) last nite about this very topic..i think the red zone problems are a real concerm..not having gresham and broyles last week obviously added to their woes...i think ull see them be more aggressive with their playcalling in the red zone this week...and yes having sam back helps this offense and its growth and continuity around him..but, if i am an ou fan..the million $ question this week...can that inexp oline give sam time to throw..if he gets time--game on!!!!!!!!!!

Ben (Norman)

How many sacks is Jeremy Beal going to have this weekend?

kirk herbstreit
  (10:24 AM)

ben--the entire front 4 for the sooners needs to have a great game..with as much 4 wr spread looks texas will give you, it's imperative for the lb's to match up with the underneath routes and for the front 4 to pressure colt and most importantly when he takes off, and he will take off, (last year killed ou on the scramble) the front must contain him and not allow colt to step up in the pocket and take off

Corey (D.C.)

I am a huge sports fan, and an even bigger football fan, which is why I lose more and more respect for college football as the years go by. Its the only sport where you are guaranteed to have a fake champion. Its never legit, the rankings are bias, and the entire system is a joke plain and simple. I long for the day when we finally see a real champion that is crowned on the field, not by the pen and paper of a bunch of spectators. Right now, college football is an utter failure.

kirk herbstreit
  (10:28 AM)

corey--we all feel ur pain bro..and maybe one day we'll get a plus 1 system that will seed the top 4 in the final bcs standings..but, i will say this..i much rather see the bcs then any other system we have EVER had in cfb..before the bcs, the big 10/pac 10 were not even involved with the rest of the country and many times we would get a split poll..and every week with this system matters which is alot of fun..sure it could be better system but to call cfb "an utter failure" i couldnt disagree anymore

Brent (Texas)

Kirk,Kirk,If OU is able to get past TX this weekend and win out in the Big 12...where would you see OU fitting into the bowl picture at the end of the season as the Big 12 Champ with 2 non-conference losses??

kirk herbstreit
  (10:31 AM)

hey, even with 2 losses to byu and miami, ou obviously can still get to the big 12 title fact if they win saturday in dallas ou will be in the big 12 title game with a great shot of beating nebraska and heading to the bcs and playing in the fiesta bowl

Matt (Houston)

With the Longhorns hitting the meat of the schedule now and the Heisman race for Colt McCoy starting to gain momentum could you see Jordan Shipley stealing some votes or does he get his own spot in the mix?

kirk herbstreit
  (10:34 AM)

hey matt---as much as i love ship, i'm afraid their is too much of a love affair with colt and deservingly so...he had such a monster yr last yr that the expectations are enormous this yeaar for 12...and if he goes out and plays well vs ou he will def vault himself to the top of the heisman discussion...ship will still get plenty of love tho

nick (clyde, oh)

kirk, if texas wins this game, is there anyone else that could give them trouble in the big 12? perhaps nebraska or is that a stretch?

kirk herbstreit
  (10:40 AM)

nick--if texas beats ou they still have alot of work to do to get to the national week at missouri won't be easy and the following week at oklahoma st is never easy for the horns...if they win their next 3 stating saturday, they will walk to the big 12 title game against neb or think all this national title talk has affected texas..i see a team, at times, TRYING to play the perfect game, TRYING to live up to the preseason expectations...thats a scary place to be..horns need to quit worrying about the polls, bcs, expectations, heiman, etc... and just PLAY BALL...anytime you press in sports it backfires on ya..let's see if they can turn it loose this week

Darin Cosby (Edmond, OK)

Will either team have success running the ball?

kirk herbstreit
  (10:45 AM)

darin--with both teams loving to spread out defenses and use their talented qb's to pick you apart thru the air, running the ball this week for both teams is very important..clear advantage to the ou rb's with brown and murray, but also big edge to texas with a much stronger, its actually very intriguing to see if either team will be able to run the ball just enough to slow down the other teams dline and pass rush..thats the thing you dont need big yards just be effective enough to make the opposing defense respect it

Cole (Cleveland)

Herbie, what do you think of Bob Stoops wanting to make this a home-home series rather than playing it at a neutral site?

kirk herbstreit
  (10:47 AM)

cole-- i have covered this game for quite a few years and i flat out love heading to dallas and watching the 2 fan bases fill up the cotton bowl with half the stadium in crimson and the other half in burnt orange...there isn't another scene like this in college football...

Rich (Plano tx)

I think Sergio Kindle has struggled a bit this year trying to replace Orakpo. Do you think he can get on track against this young O line?

kirk herbstreit
  (10:51 AM)

rich--great call...although i think sergio is playing better then most seem to give him credit (his numbers arent anywhere close to rack) he is getting alot of pressure on qb's and forcing alot of double teams which is opening things up for the rest of the dline...but, this week could be his coming out party..ou's oline has really struggled against athletic dlines that can pressure and you know texas will try to continur that trend by bringing the house..big week for 2

Scott (Dallas)

Kirk, why has the Heisman Trophy become a QB club award. If it is supposed to glorify college football's TOP player, why are the blinders on those who vote? If you look at the contenders this year, 90 percent of them are QBs. Seems like a joke to me.

kirk herbstreit
  (10:53 AM)

scott--with the continuing growth of the spread offense...qb's #'s and hype are growing each year...i hear ya tho...not only that, but it also always seems to go to a qb on a team that is either undefeated or has one loss

CS (Frisco TX)

Herbie, what's with the bowl games. They keep adding them. The 7th-best Big Ten team will play in new Dallas Football Classic? How are all these teams going to be bowl eligible?

kirk herbstreit
  (10:57 AM)

cs---i for one love bowl games..players actually get to have a good time, usually at a great city, and have a chance to go out a winner..i watch em all...but, i also hate to see the bowls get saturated...bowls are suppose to reward teams for having a successful season...i have a harde time with 6-6 teams getting rewarded

kirk herbstreit
  (10:57 AM)

can only answer few more guys...

Jacob K. (Sioux Falls, SD)

Kirk, I am a Horns fan and if the Horns only have Fozzy in the backfield, how much do you think this will effect the Longhorns chances of being able to run the ball?

kirk herbstreit
  (11:01 AM)

i have alot of confidence in fozzy (if he can stay healthy for the whole game)...the texas coaches would tell you that for that lst 2 seasons fozzy has been the guy they have anticipated becoming the guy and taking over for jamal charles...but, his health has prevented that from happening...i look for fozzy to play well and i think there is a chance that mcgee and newton may play if needed

Chuck (LA)

What headgear is Corso going to put on Saturday?

kirk herbstreit
  (11:02 AM)

chuck--im not sure what direction the scooter is goin this week

David (Texas)

It's 10:01 am CT and OU still sucks

kirk herbstreit
  (11:02 AM)

knew we couldn't get thru a chat without a post like this

Chris (Austin)

Kirk, what food(s) are you looking forward to having this weekend in Dallas?

kirk herbstreit
  (11:04 AM)

i like that big ol turkey leg!!!!not a big fried everything kind of guy....but, i will tear into some turkey legs...bam bam style

Rich Rod (Ann Arbor)

Kirk, people who don't capitalize their names need to get lives.

kirk herbstreit
  (11:05 AM)

sorry coach..just in a hurry..sorry being "that guy"

kirk herbstreit
  (11:07 AM)

alright's been fun...have a great time this weekend watching ou/tex and all the rest of the games...btw, boise ruined any shot at making a claim to being 1 of top 2 teams last night...broncos will be in the the bcs (and i wouldn't want to play em), but they will NOT be in the national title game...see ya guys

Richard Durrett
  (11:09 AM)

Thanks, Kirk. We'll see you on Saturday morning for Gameday. And I agree on Boise State. I'm sure there are plenty of folks around here that feel like TCU should be ahead of Boise if the Frogs can beat BYU on the road a week from Saturday.

SteveO (OKC)

Can you predict winner? If so... lets hear it!

Richard Durrett
  (11:11 AM)

Kirk will save his pick for Gameday, but I can give you mine. I think Texas wins this game by 7. It will be close in the fourth quarter, but OU's injuries hurt a little too much.I'll take the Longhorns, 28-21 (and that score means the defenses will have played well against these offenses).

Bobby (Dallas TX)

I am a big OU fan but I am surprised to see the spead so low for the game. What your thought on the spread this week?

Richard Durrett
  (11:13 AM)

I think that tells you two things: 1. The oddsmakers have a ton of respect for Sam Bradford. He looked perfectly fine on Saturday against Baylor (his receivers, however, didn't) and played very well in this game last year.2. Texas hasn't played anybody yet. No offense to Texas Tech, but the Longhorns really haven't been tested like they will be on Saturday.I think that's why it's just a 3 1/2-point spread right now.

Forrest (OK)

Can the Horn's OL hold up under the Sooners D line? This week it is tough to get any work done. Any guess on how much job productivity has dropped in Texas

Richard Durrett
  (11:14 AM)

That's one matchup to watch on Saturday, for sure. I can tell you from being down in Austin for Saturday's game and a few days after that, that the Texas OL (and offense as a whole) has a lot of respect for the OU front seven. They'll have to be at their best. It's one more reason that running the ball is important for Texas. They can't let OU think that Colt McCoy is going to stand back there and throw all the time.

David (Texas)

Given the chance does Mack Brown run it up like OU did in 2003

Richard Durrett
  (11:16 AM)

Doubt it. That's just not Mack Brown's style. (That was the same game that Brown apologized to Texas fans). And I really don't think there's any chance of a Longhorns blowout, either.

CS (Frisco TX)

Texas State Fair preference: Deep fried bacon or deep fried butter? With or without a defibrillator close by?

Richard Durrett
  (11:18 AM)

Having a defibrillator is a necessity. But you have to eat the fried stuff at the Fair. I'd go with the fried bacon. But, then again, I love bacon. Even tried it in a chocolate bar a few months back and loved it.I've heard the fried butter is good, though.

Cole (Cleveland)

If Texas wins this game convincingly, do you put them ahead of Alabama in next week's poll?

Richard Durrett
  (11:20 AM)

That's a tough one. In my opinion, Alabama is the better team based on the fact that they've beaten tougher opponents so far (Virginia Tech, Ole Miss). And they still have LSU too.So I think I'd stick with Alabama for now. But it won't matter. If Alabama and Florida play for the SEC Championship, the Horns would still be right there in national title game position (assuming they win out).

KingKev (TX)

I'd like to also add that rarely is the Heisman winner the best player in the nation. They have gotten it right a few times, but most of the time the winner isnt even the best player on his own team, let alone his own conference, and certainly let alone the entire nation. Can we just Ctrl-Alt-Delete the entire sport, reboot, and start all over?

Richard Durrett
  (11:22 AM)

I don't know about Ctrl-Alt-Deleting the entire sport. But you're right: Sometimes the Heisman doesn't go to the very best player.But that's how it works. Colt McCoy said this week that the Heisman is a team order, just like so many of the "individual" awards. Someone asked Kirk earlier about Shipley. Right now, that guy sure is playing like one of the best in the nation. But he won't get many votes.

Blake (Abilene, Tx)

Richard, I think everyone is noticing the great play of Jordan Shipley. Over the past 2 years his best games have been in the most important ones for Texas. The more success Colt has the more success Shipley has. So my question is. Could the emergence of Shipley into the Heisman race hurt Colts chance with split votes?

Richard Durrett
  (11:24 AM)

You read my mind, Blake. Was just talking about that.I think he'll get some votes. But how he does on Saturday may play a big part in that. If he has a game like he did last year (11 catches, over 100 yards receiving and that 96-yard kick return), he should make many voters think more about him.I'm not sure he'd split votes with Colt to where it hurts them both. But you never know.

Matt (Houston)

Kirk and Richard, I have a feeling my longhorns are going to be talking up OU since they are coming in down a little this year to boost up a possible win. What have you guys seen and does it really matter in the voters mind, or Harris voters since coaches don't really vote for themselves.

Richard Durrett
  (11:26 AM)

They have been talking up OU. But I thought it was a good sign of a competitive football team that UT players (several of them) said they were glad Sam Bradford was playing.Texas wants to win, but they want to play against the best too. I can't think it matters in voters' minds that much. Yes, OU has two losses. But both were by 1 point without Bradford. When OU runs on the field and Bradford is leading them, voters will have respect for them. If Texas wins, voters will consider that a win against a top team, which it would be.

David (Texas)

Does the Texas D-Line dominate the game Saturday and give Bradford too many quick decisions

Richard Durrett
  (11:28 AM)

Another matchup to watch. OU's offensive line has had some inconsistency this season. And they'll face a Texas D-line that loves to find the quarterback. But how many times have we seen big games make players step it up a level? That's especially true in this game. I bet the OU O-Line plays with a chip on its shoulder. But will that be enough? I don't know.

Benjamin (The Colony, TX)

There has been a lot of talk about Kevin Wilson's "conservative" play-calling against Miami and Baylor. Do you think he is justified, given the strength of our running backs and poor performance of the receivers (11 drops against Baylor, including 3 in the end zone, ouch!)? Will we see him try to stretch the field more against Texas now that Sam is back and at 100%? Thanks Kirk and Richard!

Richard Durrett
  (11:30 AM)

How could the playbook not get more "conservative" with a new QB in there and Bradford out? He'd be crazy to throw too much, too quickly in terms of the playbook with the injuries and changes. Now that Bradford has a game under his belt, look for Wilson to get creative and stretch the field. He'll call the game depending on how it's going, but I bet he's got plenty of wrinkles the Texas defense hasn't seen.

Boomer (Oklahoma City)

Does Bradford HAVE TO outperform Mccoy for Oklahoma to win?

Richard Durrett
  (11:32 AM)

I wouldn't say that. It depends on the run game. But since McCoy has more healthy options on offense at this point, he could almost do what he did last year -- play steady, lead his team and let others help. As for Bradford, he may need to be really great to make up for OU's injury situation. But that will also depend on the WRs playing better, which I think they will.

coachpeters (dallas)

hey rich, where will you be sitting on saturday? Ou's side or UT's?

Richard Durrett
  (11:32 AM)

Well, coach, I'll be in the press box. That should be on the home side, so technically that's UT.

Richard Durrett
  (11:33 AM)

Thanks for chatting, folks. We've got some more chats today, so be sure and join us for those. The game is almost here!