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October 19, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Brad Edwards

James P. (Tallahassee,FL)

If the Gators are to lose this late in the year...are their BCS title game chances pretty much shot??? thanks

Brad Edwards
  (3:04 PM)

I think Florida can lose a game, even this late in the year, and still reach the BCS title game ... if they're able to beat an undefeated Alabama team in the SEC Championship.

Curtis (Iowa)

Outside of Texas and one of either Florida/Alabama, is Iowa the next team in for the NC game?

Brad Edwards
  (3:09 PM)

To me, the most intriguing BCS scenario right now is what happens if Texas loses and USC and Iowa both win out. Will voters ultimately move the undefeated Big Ten champ ahead of the once-beaten Trojans? Or will USC's dominance of the Big Ten in recent Rose Bowls matter more to some voters than their loss at Washington? Would be very interesting to see which way that turns out.

Kevin (San Diego)

Brad, were you surprised that USC wasn't higher than #7? It seems like common sense that they should be higher than Iowa, Cinci and Boise St, especially when looking at the resume. Can/will the Trojans jump ahead of those teams if they remain undefeated?

Brad Edwards
  (3:15 PM)

I was surprised that USC wasn't No. 4, because I wasn't expecting the Trojans to fall in the BCS computers after beating a 4-1 Notre Dame. But two things contributed to it. Ohio State's loss to Purdue greatly weakened the quality of USC's best win this season, and another loss by Washington made USC's defeat look even worse. That said, the gap between USC at No. 7 and Boise State at No. 4 is so small that it could be overcome entirely with a win at Oregon in two weeks, if not following a win over Oregon State this week.Big Picture: USC needs Texas to lose, and if that happens, the only concern for the Trojans will be finishing ahead of Iowa.

Jason (Salem, OR)

If Oregon runs the table do they have a shot at the NC? Of course they'd need help, but it seems the only Pac 10 team being discussed for the NC is USC. Oregon seems to have the favorable schedule going forward.

Brad Edwards
  (3:19 PM)

Like USC, Oregon needs to run the table and hope for a Texas loss. The big problem Oregon has is the loss to Boise State. However high the Ducks climb in the polls, the Broncos are likely to be at least one spot higher because of the head-to-head result. Oregon probably needs Boise to lose a game, and that's not very likely, given the remaining schedule.

Clint Miller (NYC)

If both Iowa and Texas win out is there a way that Iowa could jump Texas?

Brad Edwards
  (3:21 PM)

I don't see it happening, regardless of how beatable Texas might look in the process of going undefeated. Not only is the Big 12 perceived to be a tougher conference than the Big Ten, but Iowa also has those narrow home wins over Northern Iowa and Arkansas State that could really hurt them when being compared to another unbeaten team.

Bruce (Atlanta)

If the Hurricanes win out what is the realistic chance they are in the National Championship game?

Brad Edwards
  (3:25 PM)

At least Miami seems to have the edge in the ACC Coastal tiebreaker right now, which means winning out should result in a conference championship. Aside from that, though, Miami surely needs Texas, Iowa and USC to lose, and may even need Cincinnati to lose, as well. I do think the Canes would jump Boise and TCU by winning out.

Monte (Columbus)

What is the SEC going to do now that OSU and Oklahoma aren't going to make it to the BCS title game? Will they have to beat someone good?

Brad Edwards
  (3:30 PM)

I'm guessing you'd feel really cheated if the SEC champ is playing Iowa for the title. Does Texas count as good?

Jennifer (Fort Worth, TX)

Why is Boise St ranked higher than TCU?

Brad Edwards
  (3:34 PM)

Because Oregon is better than Clemson and Virginia. And because TCU has yet to play BYU and Utah. If the Frogs go unbeaten, I think they have a good chance to jump Boise in the computers, which would leave it up to the polls to decide which team is ultimately higher ranked. TCU's PR staff would probably be working overtime to remind voters of their bowl win over an undefeated Boise team last season.


With the Notre Dame loss, what is their bowl possiblity??????

Brad Edwards
  (3:39 PM)

Even though the Irish aren't in the top 25 right now, I still think they finish top 14 and go to a BCS game if they can win out. But there does appear to be some voter backlash against Notre Dame right now, so it wouldn't be shocking to see them finish 10-2 and not be BCS eligible. No question, however, that one more loss knocks ND out of the BCS picture.

Andrew (Cincinnati)

What will it take for Cincinnati to go to the national championship.

Brad Edwards
  (3:45 PM)

Barring an unforeseen scenario (which has been known to happen in the BCS era), the SEC more than likely has one spot in the BCS title game locked up. That means Cincinnati is battling everyone else for the other spot. Texas obviously has to lose. No way UC finishes ahead of the Longhorns otherwise. And even though there might be some disagreement among the voters, I think Iowa would come out ahead of the Bearcats in both the polls and computers if it goes undefeated. Then there's USC. Even with one loss (a not-so-good loss), I believe the Trojans will overtake Cincinnati in the coming weeks of the BCS. So, I guess that means Cincinnati needs to win out and hope Texas, Iowa and USC all lose.

david (boise, Id)

Ok, so as an optimistic yet realistic boise state fan, how realistic could it be to see boise state play for the national chapionship? Even if they were to blow out every opponent from here on out would that help them get there?

Brad Edwards
  (3:48 PM)

It may seem unfair, but I think the narrow win over a Tulsa team that lost 45-0 to Oklahoma without Sam Bradford left too great of an impression on voters for them to consider moving Boise State into the top two. The only way that could change is if Iowa and Cincinnati lose, USC loses again, Texas is beaten twice, and Oregon runs the table. That's the only scenario I see that would give Boise State a chance.

Andy O (Houston)

How could USC possibly jump Iowa in the BCS with a loss to a 3-4 Washington team????

Brad Edwards
  (3:55 PM)

USC is already way ahead of Iowa in the polls. Despite what the BCS Standings might currently suggest, USC is actually in the stronger position, and Iowa is the team that would need to overcome USC. And I understand your point. It was a bad loss. Talk to the voters. They account for two-thirds of this formula.

Brian (Sac)

Honestly Brad, doesn't the majority of the college football world want USC vs FL/AL?

Brad Edwards
  (3:58 PM)

Don't associate Oklahoma's BCS failures with Texas, just because they both play in the Big 12 South. The Horns have been very good in the BCS, and they are the only team to win a BCS game against USC. I think most fans would love to see the SEC against USC, but an undefeated Texas against an undefeated SEC champ would be a blockbuster of a game.

Don (San Antonio, Texas)

Brad,How is it that Cincy has the inside track for the BCS on TCU. The MWC is just as good as the Big Least, and TCU has better Out of Conference wins ....

Brad Edwards
  (4:01 PM)

I'm not sure TCU's wins at Clemson and Virginia are better than Cincy's win at Oregon State. We'll have to see how the season plays out for those teams. And I have to admit that the Big East has been better than I expected it to be this season. The Mountain West, as strange as it may sound, took a hit from BYU getting demolished by a Florida State team that can't seem to beat anyone else. And, yes, I am aware that BYU also had a very big win over Oklahoma this season. The loss to FSU, unfortunately, did a lot to cancel that out.

Mike (Tampa)

True or False; The real national championship game will be played in Atlanta this year if Bama and UF win out?

Brad Edwards
  (4:07 PM)

False. Even if those teams are really the two best in the country, I could certainly see the winner of that game losing to Texas or USC in the BCS title game. When there's a month off between games, you never know what can happen. Bama or Florida wouldn't be a huge favorite in the BCS Championship Game against either of those teams.

Brad Edwards
  (4:09 PM)

Thanks for the questions. Check back next week for another chat.