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November 2, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Brad Edwards

Chris (New Jersey)

SEC Champ, Texas, Iowa, Cinci, TCU, Boise. All Go Undefeated. Where's everyone playing come December/January???

Brad Edwards
  (3:10 PM)

The worst-kept secret in sports is that we'd have an SEC vs Texas BCS title game. After that, Iowa slots into the Rose. Where the others would go, and whether the second non-AQ team would be invited, really depends on what other teams are available. The Sugar would probably replace the SEC champ with another SEC team, so the first key choice would be by the Fiesta to replace the spot vacated by the Big 12 champ. After that, the Orange would choose an opponent for the ACC champ. There are all sorts of variables in attempting to predict this, one being whether Notre Dame becomes BCS eligible.

Whit (Houston)

Is this the year we see two schools from non-AQ conferences earn BCS bowl bids? (i.e. TCU & Boise St.)

Brad Edwards
  (3:16 PM)

I think it's possible if Notre Dame doesn't become eligible (loses one more game). After Virginia Tech's loss last week, the ACC isn't likely to provide a second team. The Big East probably won't have another name with much national sizzle, and the Big 12 might not even have a second team eligible (top 14). It could come down to the second team from the Big Ten, the second team from the Pac-10 and either TCU or Boise State for the final two spots. In other words, there's a chance.

James (PA)

Will Penn State play in a BCS game?

Brad Edwards
  (3:17 PM)

I believe Penn State is a BCS lock if it can win out. A team with that kind of name value, an 11-1 record and an 8-game win streak just doesn't get passed over by BCS bowls.

Matt (PA)

Brad, what do you see as the formula that would have to take place for Iowa to reach the NC?

Brad Edwards
  (3:21 PM)

As I wrote for today, I think Iowa is in the best position among the second-tier teams. In other words, I think the Hawkeyes step in if they go unbeaten and Texas loses. (And I think the chances of Iowa winning at Ohio State are about five times greater than the chances of Texas losing a game.) The Hawkeyes are solid in the computers. They just need a little bit more love from the voters to be comfortably ahead of Cincinnati.

Kevin (Davenport, Iowa)

If LSU beats Alabama and beats Florida in the SEC Championship game, who goes to the National Championship? An undefeated Iowa or a one loss LSU?

Brad Edwards
  (3:25 PM)

This would be a tough one to call, and it might come down to whether LSU merely wins or looks dominant in at least one of those victories. Certainly, the SEC has built up a lot of favor with the voters by winning the last three BCS titles - two of them over a Big Ten team - but it's still tough to imagine an undefeated Big Ten champ being jumped in the polls by a one-loss SEC champion. If it happens, it'll be one more nudge to encourage the Big Ten presidents to give a little more consideration to a small-scale playoff or plus-one.

Lane (Iowa)

For people that actually watched the Iowa game, we saw the worst iowa team all year, but we also saw one of the best. Iowa haters need to give them a break. Your take.

Brad Edwards
  (3:30 PM)

I think people need to take a step back and remember that Iowa never announced itself as a national title contender, and Kirk Ferentz has yet to do anything that could be considered campaigning. This team is simply laying it on the line each week in an effort to win the Big Ten. I think conference champion is all Iowa ever wanted to have a chance to be, and people are treating them as if they've been claiming to be the premier team in the country. For that reason, people should give them a break. Iowa is a great story if you just look at what they've done within the scope of the Big Ten race.

Colin (Texas)

Do you see Alabama reclaiming the No. 2 spot prior to the SEC Championship?

Brad Edwards
  (3:32 PM)

Not that it matters what order Florida, Texas and Alabama are ranked in prior to the SEC Championship Game, but it wouldn't surprise me if Bama continues this game of leap frog with Texas. In the past couple of weeks, we saw Texas and then Florida respond when the critics got their loudest. Now all the criticism is focused on Alabama and its offense. We'll see if the Tide can answer the challenge on Saturday.

Phil (Chicago)

If Notre Dame wins out (with games against Navy, Pitt, UConn and Stanford) do you think they will move into the top 14 and play in a BCS game?

Brad Edwards
  (3:36 PM)

I do. A win at Pitt would be significant, no matter the margin, and a win over Stanford would also mean a lot if the Cardinal can knock off either Oregon or USC before that. I think the voters will respond favorably if the Irish put together a nice winning streak down the stretch.

Brian (Boise)

I don't think BSU will jump TCU in the polls, how likely will it be for BSU to not receive a BCS bowl and still be ranked as high as they are?

Brad Edwards
  (3:39 PM)

What makes this really intriguing is the possibility that Boise State could be ranked perhaps as high as No. 5 in the final BCS Standings without automatically getting a bid. If the Broncos finish that high and are the only team to have beaten Oregon at the end of the season, it would be a real injustice for them to get passed over. Certainly, it would put a lot of pressure on the bowls that have selections. Would it be enough pressure to make a BCS game select Boise State over Penn State, USC or Notre Dame? Maybe not.

Dustin (Portland, OR)

What does Oregon have to do to pass up Boise State in the BCS, or is it impossible if they win out?

Brad Edwards
  (3:41 PM)

I doubt Oregon will ever pass Boise in the polls, but the Ducks will be so much stronger than the Broncos in the computers if they win out, that I do believe it's possible for UO to leap them in the overall BCS. Oregon would probably just need to close to within one spot of Boise State in the polls to make that happen.

Sylvain (Calgary)

If LSU beats Bama and Florida in the SEC Champ game, is there a chance that Florida would still squeak into the BCS champ game since they split their 2 meetings, and Florida would have been ahead of the Tigers going into the SEC champ game?

Brad Edwards
  (3:44 PM)

Very doubtful. I see your point about splitting the meetings, but they'd both have the same record, and the advantage in that case would go to the team that won the more recent meeting. Plus, voters have shown great reluctance to prop up a team that failed to win its conference title.

Jim (Pittsburgh)

If Cincinnati goes undefeated and is one of 2 BCS conference teams that are unbeaten, do you think they have a shot at playing for a NC? In my opinion, if they do not play for one, then the whole system is even more broken than previously thought.

Brad Edwards
  (3:46 PM)

As I stated earlier, I think it's a lock that an undefeated SEC champ and an undefeated Texas would stay ahead of Cincinnati. And there's a pretty good chance that Iowa will keep that edge on the Bearcats by winning out. Therefore, I could see Cincy going unbeaten and finishing as low as fourth in the final BCS. If you're simply asking whether they could get jumped by a one-loss team (which you may be, now that I re-read the question), I could see that happening if the SEC champ has a loss.

Noah (Burbank, CA)

Which of the undefeateds could Oregon pass in the rankings and which teams need to lose to get Oregon into the NC game?

Brad Edwards
  (3:49 PM)

A look at the polls that count two-thirds of the BCS formula (coaches' and Harris) shows that they are hesitant to put the Ducks over any of the teams that are currently unbeaten. That's interesting, considering that the same voters thought USC was clearly fourth-best in the nation going into the Oregon game, but it is what it is. Based on this, I think we'd have to get down to no more than two undefeated teams for Oregon to have a legitimate chance of reaching the BCS title game.

Frank (Des Moines, IA)

Even if Iowa beats Ohio State...will they/can they get enough love from the pollsters to have a shot at the BCS Championship Game?

Brad Edwards
  (3:52 PM)

We'll see where they go in the polls if they beat Ohio State, but based on what I see right now, I feel safe in saying Iowa has no chance if Texas and the SEC champ are both unbeaten. The Hawkeyes would have to significantly close the gap on Texas in the polls to even have a prayer.

Liam (Pleasanton, California)

If USC loses again, is there any chance a 2nd Pac-10 team gets a BCS bowl?

Brad Edwards
  (3:53 PM)

I would say no, and this is exactly what Boise State and TCU are hoping for.

Robert (Austin)

Would Texas with one loss (possibly to A&M) still be invited to play in the title game if they win the Big 12 Championship? I know, there is a lot of possible scenarios....

Brad Edwards
  (3:59 PM)

If Texas loses that late in the season, even following up that loss with a Big 12 title, I can't see the Horns finishing ahead of unbeaten Iowa or Cincinnati. Maybe voters would put them ahead of TCU or Boise State, but I don't even think that's a given. A late loss to a mediocre team would be tough to overcome, especially since it's highly unlikely the Horns will have one great win to hang their collective hat on.

Brad Edwards
  (3:59 PM)

If Texas loses that late in the season, even following up that loss with a Big 12 title, I can't see the Horns finishing ahead of unbeaten Iowa or Cincinnati. Maybe voters would put them ahead of TCU or Boise State, but I don't even think that's a given. A late loss to a mediocre team would be tough to overcome, especially since it's highly unlikely the Horns will have one great win to hang their collective hat on.

Mike (Tuscaloosa, Al)

Although I dont think this will happen, what scenario would have to happen for Alabama to get to Pasadena with one loss? How likely would that be?

Brad Edwards
  (4:01 PM)

I think Bama would have to lose a close one this week to LSU, then the Tigers would have to lose another conference game to allow the Tide to win the West. If Alabama then beat an undefeated Florida team for the SEC Championship, it's possible. It really depends on who else is out there as an undefeated team. If all played out this way, I could see Iowa possibly being ahead of Bama, but maybe not the others. Tough call.

Brad Edwards
  (4:02 PM)

Thanks, everyone. If these top seven teams keep finding ways to win, I'll be answering the same questions each week, because nothing is really changing.