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November 13, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with MLG's SK

Jon K (IL)

In a long championship series, does fatigue ever become an issue? How do you deal with playing so many games for so long?

  (4:02 PM)

Well, the way we deal with fatigue is we work with our practices and have long LANs with that. We play 55 games over a weekend. That's how we deal with that.

Geoff (Boston)

How does TD change opening strategy? By game, round, opponent?

  (4:03 PM)

We normally like to just talk about where we're going to go from the beginning of the game during our practices and we go with it from there. We normally tweak things from our practices going into an event. We might tweak one small thing to get an advantage.

Kyle (Toronto, ON)

Congradulations on your victory! What do you do as the team captain do to keep the momentum/confidence in your team after losing a game? (For example, going into Game 11 after a heart-breaking Game 10 defeat.)

  (4:04 PM)

Really, I don't have to do much as a captain for my team. These guys have grown so much in the last couple of events that they know how to handle it. We keep each other so pumped and we knew if we just kept playing our game, we could pull it off.

Joe (Chicago, IL)

Now that you have won an event without Laning is your team going to lan before Orlando ?

  (4:05 PM)

Actually, we had a small LAN, but it wasn't really the full team, it was just with some local pros. It did help, but it wasn't as useful as with full teams. We've talked about LAN'ing, but we haven't set the dates. Hopefully we'll get one against SQ and have a sharp team going into the championships.

Frank (Cali)

Also, who do you think is your rival? which player do you gun for the most?

  (4:06 PM)

Hmmmm...I would have to say Str8. Even though we're on pretty good terms with them and don't have any bad blood, we always have good games with them.

john-sephi (RL)

what happened between dallas and anaheim to create the tD bandwagon?

  (4:07 PM)

I just think it was the community in general. They saw how we were treated in Dallas and they thought we were treated unfairly going into our match with Carbon. I think more of the mature community members came out and showed their sportsmanship and really just showed what MLG was capable of being.

JB (Pitsburgh)

what is the best way to improve overall in Halo?

  (4:08 PM)

The best way to improve your overall skills in Halo is to make sure you're comfortable with the settings you play on and limit your mistakes. Make sure you get a lot of games in in your down time when you're not with your team.

Chris (Birmingham, AL)

congrats on your victory in Anaheim, do you think your team is at the same aggressive level as Str8 Rippin or higher?

  (4:09 PM)

I think we can rival Str8's aggressiveness in some of the maps, but that's our weaknesses as well in other maps that we don't. That's what we're going to work on going into Orlando.

Michael (Bear, Delware)

Whats up SK but how does it feel to win back to back championships, and are you guys confident enough that you can take orlando and without a question be the #1 team on the circuit

  (4:10 PM)

It feels great to win them back to back. But now that we knocked them off, it's no longer an issue for us or Str8. To win back to back and not win Orlando would be devastating. That's what we want more than anything.

Ryan (Cape Coral, Florida)

Congrats on winning Anaheim dude! What would you say your role is on Triggers Down?

  (4:12 PM)

I would say my role would be to fill in whatever needs to be done. I might not do it better than some of my teammates, but I'm capable of doing it. That's what makes our team so great, that we have guys that can do any role at any time, but there are some roles they excell at and are more comfortable with.

Bill (KC)

Do most of your friends/family know you're a successful professional gamer? If so, what do they think?

  (4:14 PM)

Yeah, all of them know pretty much at what level I compete at, what I go through. I receive all of their support, so it feels nice to have the support of everyone I care about.

John (Pitsburgh)

what is a better way to improve, custom games, or matchmaking?

  (4:15 PM)

I would say it depends on the level of practice you're trying to get in. If you're going into matchmaking and trying to work on your individual skill, that might help more because it's easier to find games. But if you're trying to work as a team, custom games might be just as helpful.

Charles C (Dallas, Tx)

First, congratulations on winning Anaheim. You had a pretty good success in Halo 2, but never won any events. In Halo 3, you have great success, recently winning back-to-back events. Is there anything in Halo 3 that is different than Halo 2 that has made you more successful or is it the fact that you have such a greatteam on your side.

  (4:16 PM)

The difference between the Halo 2 team and the Halo 3 team is that we're all confident in each other. We really put the time in and we really want the win. In Halo 2, we were really new to the top and we were OK with placing top 3 and top 4. It's really just the drive. Everyone really wants it now.

Brian (Gameclucks, WA)

Have you played any MW2 this week?

  (4:17 PM)

I haven't put it down yet.

david (downer's grove, IL)

Does a coach really make a difference?

  (4:18 PM)

If you're an up and coming gamer, I would say not to really worry about that right away. Just worry about getting your team and getting the practice in. Later on, when you have the coaching part, make sure you have a solid foundation with the team, then try to get the extras, the coaches, headphones, all that.

  (4:18 PM)

Thanks for all the support. Thanks to my team. I hope to see everyone in Orlando.