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November 16, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Drew Bennett

  (11:53 AM)

Drew is here! We'll get started in a few minutes.

Drew Bennett
  (11:56 AM)

Welcome back. Thanks for showing up and thanks for your questions.

Steve (Boston)

All right Drew, everyone else has had their opinions, so you might as well give yours....Belichick's move last or stupid?

Drew Bennett
  (11:57 AM)

I say really stupid. Just because of the message it sends his defense that he doesn't trust them with the game on the line. They had confused Peyton once in the fourth quarter and gotten the pick. I think they should have made him go 80 yards to win that game.

marcus (garland)

what do you think peyton mannings chances are of winning mvp this year

Drew Bennett
  (11:57 AM)

I don't think there are any chances. Bet the house. Probably one of the best performances since I consistently started watching football.


If you had to pick the Super Bowl matchup today, what would it be and why?

Drew Bennett
  (11:58 AM)

The two undefeated teams are the dream Super Bowl matchup now. High powered offenses and defenses that rely on the big play. I hope it come down to Saints-Colts.

Bob (Fresno, Ca.)

ARe the Bengals really that big of a surprise? They started this act at the end of last season, without Carson Palmer(who effectively missed 2 seasons as well as this pre-season). He is just now beginning to show signs of becoming his old self.

Drew Bennett
  (11:59 AM)

If you truly look at the way the defense finished last year and Carson Palmer before he was hurt, then maybe not that big of a surprise. But this is the Bengals and they've historically been a cellar team. I think they might be the most balanced team in the AFC.

Bill, (Baltimore MD)

Rank the WR corps:Giants, Ravens, Cincy, Dallas.

Drew Bennett
  (12:01 PM)

Holes in all of these groups with the exception of Cincinnati. They have very mature group of veterans. After that, I would say Dallas, if Roy Williams starts catching the ball and stops making excuses. Giants, a lot of good young talent that struggled a little bit, but I like their athleticism and then Ravens, all they have is Mason.

Mike (Ohio)

Drew, do you have any idea what in the heck Jeff Reed was trying to do on that kickoff return? That was just terrible.

Drew Bennett
  (12:01 PM)

Trying to look like he cared about making the tackle. He just didn't want to have himself on film looking like he didn't make the effort. I think this looks worse.

Will (Chicago)

The Bears seem to be getting worse...what's going on with them?

Drew Bennett
  (12:02 PM)

The Bears offensive line is the biggest weak point on that team. Definitely missing a No. 1 receiver, but Cutler has been chased around the backfield all season and they can't rely on the run like they did last year.


Which of your former teams, Tennessee or St. Louis, has the brightest future ahead?

Drew Bennett
  (12:03 PM)

Instantly, I would say the Titans, since they've realed off 3 in a row. But I think if they can rebuild the Rams around Stephen Jackson and the defensive mindset of Spagnola, they could be good again in the future.

Tom (TX)

Who's scrappier, you or Wes Welker?

Drew Bennett
  (12:04 PM)

That I could even be put in the scrappy category with Wes Welker is a compliment. Talk about two guys that don't look good in a uniform.

Thomas Rizzo (St. Louis, Missouri)

Why is it that all the sports commentators focused on whether the Patriots 4th down decision was correct, instead of the fact "did the ref make the right call. Why did the ref that was behind the play who had no view of the ball make the call that Faulk was bobbling the ball, when the ref that had a perfect direct view of the play make no call. Definetly a 1st down, another blown call by a ref that changed the outcome of a good game. It's a disgrace. S/B automatic upstairs review on calls that change the game at the 2:00 Minute mark. Don't care if the team has a challenge or not, the object is to get it right. Ref's need to stop throughing flags assuming a foul will be made. If you don't actually see it you have no rifgt to throw the flag. Becoming to common

Drew Bennett
  (12:05 PM)

I think that's a good point. I think the spot of this ball determined the game. Just because it happened before 2 minutes doesn't mean it shouldn't be corrected if wrong. A college system might be the answer, where all reviews come from the booth, making it up to the referees to get the call right.

Jayson (Boston)

LeSean McCoy or LT........ and McNabb or Palmer

Drew Bennett
  (12:06 PM)

I like the future for LeSean McCoy, but you just can't trade the experience and accomplishments of LT. Healthy Palmer, no question. I love McNabb and the way he plays, but think that Palmer is the more accurate passer and better game manager.

Brandon Keslar (Florida)

Drew, whos youre favorite rookie right now? Some of them are slipping in the stats.

Drew Bennett
  (12:08 PM)

Percy Harvin. I think this guy has all the tools and is going to become a very mature, savvy player playing with a guy like Brett Favre and having to go against that defense in practice.

Rob (MA)

Are you scrappy in all walks of life, or just football? Like when you take out the trash do you hustle just a little too much, yet get the job done stupendously.

Drew Bennett
  (12:08 PM)

No comment, but I love this post.

Andrew (Minnesota)

I'm sick of the Vikings getting NO RESPECT! Yeah they struggled with the lions in the first half but shut them down. They had nearly 500 YARDS on offense. When was the last time a vikings offense did that? Now this morning Skip and every other ESPN analyst is annointing the Packers just because they beat the Cowboys. If I remember right, the Vikings dominated them in both games and the Packers lost to the Buccaneers last week?!?! The Vikings have their weak spots yes. But i'd take them over every team in the NCF including the Saints who barely beat the lowly Rams who I rfemind you, the Vikings beat by over 20 in week 3.

Drew Bennett
  (12:09 PM)

I think the Vikings got a ton of respect early and people just accepted the fact that they were going to win the NFC North. They are another very balanced team and will get the respect when they get to the playoffs and face teams like the Saints.

Kyle (Ardmore)

Hey Drew. Do you have any experience with concussions or play with anyone who did? I feel bad about what Brian Westbrook must be going thru today. Sounds like his career may be threatened.

Drew Bennett
  (12:11 PM)

This is especially tough for a RB, because they have so much contact throughout the course of the game. I personally have never had serious issues with concussions, but have seen what it does to guys that I know who are in their mid-30's and are already struggling with memory. I think Westbrook should seriously consider hanging them up.

William (Philadelphia)

Let's say the Steelers and Bengals meet again in the playoffs, who do you see prevailing and what has changed in Cincy's Defense that was lacking extremely in recent seasons?

Drew Bennett
  (12:12 PM)

I would say that obviously Cincinnati has a formula for the Steelers, but the Steelers have way more playoffs experience and are always stronger at the end of the season than other teams. I would love to see a third matchup.

Dan (Denver)

How pathetic was the Bears performance on Thursday?

Drew Bennett
  (12:13 PM)

It was a little scary for Bears fans. It wasn't like Cutler was just missing receiver's hands and getting bad bounces. He was throwing into triple coverage, right into defenders hands. You can't be successful in the NFL with a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde QB like this.

Chad (Las Vegas)

Andrew (Minny) quit being a HOMER the Saints and Vikes are both very good teams. Saints played St. Louis on the road with 5 starters injured on D. Chill Dude.

Joey (tx)

so is anybody ever gonna give credit ti Vince Young? I mean Chris Johnson was there when Collins was starting wasnt he? Did Chris Johnson just grow legs when VY started starting?

Drew Bennett
  (12:15 PM)

Vince Young gives this team exactly what they needed, a spark and can take a broken play and turn it into something positive. This team still needs to lean on Chris Johnson and keep him healthy. But Vince can add a threat from a running standpoint that definitely wasn't there before. You look at Vince Young's history and he's always been a winner.

Chuck (Tennessee)

Do you think Chris Johnson will be the best RB in Titans/Oilers history?

Drew Bennett
  (12:16 PM)

Way too early to debate a career topic like that. But definitely one of the better talents in all of the NFL that I've seen over the last few years.

bill (cincy)

listening to espn this morning people still doubting bengals whats you r thoughts on the bengals

Drew Bennett
  (12:20 PM)

I think any naysayers were hushed by the way they handled the Steeler's offense. Let's see if they can keep it going in January.

Sarah (Texas)

Am I the only one who saw the coach jogging off the field with Belichick knock down a camera man and just keep going?

Drew Bennett
  (12:22 PM)

I didn't see that, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Belichick's path after a loss. He looks like such a curmudgeon.

Marc (Charlotte)

Would you prefer your coach be happy after a loss?

Drew Bennett
  (12:25 PM)

Very good point. But there's a difference between being disappointed and frustrated with your team and being a miserable human being.

Drew Bennett
  (12:26 PM)

Thanks for all your questions. See you guys next week.