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November 20, 3:30 PM ET
Chat with Calvin Watkins

Calvin Watkins
  (3:23 PM)

Hi guys, sorry I'm late. We had practice at Cowboys Stadium and things went a little late. So, I'm ready to go.

Chase (Dallas)

Is my boy Mike Jenkins gonna have a pick Sunday?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:24 PM)

He might. He's been playing real well this season. He leads the team with three interceptions on the year. He told me his left arm is feeling better. The swelling has gone down so he should be fine for Sunday's game.

Darin Courtney (Spring tx )

where can u find a copy of the old dallas cowboys fight song email

Calvin Watkins
  (3:25 PM)

Can someone please help this man.

glen (greeley)

do you think the cowboys will win

Calvin Watkins
  (3:26 PM)

Yes. The Cowboys should win on Sunday. You're not sure which Redskins team is going to show up. So, let's say it will be an ugly game, 14-10, Dallas.

Doug (Salisbury NC)

Do you think the BOYS will be looking to pick up a lineman due to the RGs injury.Do you think Free will be able to hold up under the pressure of starting.Thanks Doug

Calvin Watkins
  (3:30 PM)

Coach Wade Phillips said the team is not going to sign an offensive linemen. They want to stick with the players they have. So, Doug Free gets the start at right tackle and Pat McQuistian is the swing tackle. If the Cowboys go with eight linemen Montrae Holland will be the guard.

Calvin Watkins
  (3:34 PM)

Sorry, that I was away. Just found out that Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is questionable with an ankle injury. He worked on the treadmill today during practice and that was it.

JasonB (Colorado)

Do you think more heart should be placed on Garrett? I know the game dictate the plays that are called often but I didn't see very much adjustments take place by Garrett when what they were doing wasn't working well?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:36 PM)

Jason Garrett avoided the media following Sunday's loss at Green Bay, which was disappointing because there were many questions concerning that loss. Garrett's offense has been inconsistent this season and some of that has to do with the injuries to his running backs and to wide receiver Roy Williams.Now, he has another issue, dealing with Doug Free as the starting right tackle. Free is making his first career start in place of Marc Colombo. Garrett needs to find some consistency in the offense, quickly before the season gets away from him.

Mac (Ny)

I know you've been a Roy Williams supporter, in light of his dreadful choke job last week, would you start to think it's time he sits down for a week or two until he can prove that he can catch, and run routes properly?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:39 PM)

Mac, Those are some harsh words, my man. Check this out, Williams has 10 catches the last two weeks for 180 yards and one touchdown. He's on-the-field relationship with Tony Romo is getting better and the types of throws he got in Sunday's loss to the Packers were better. Yet, you expect more out of Williams considering he's getting paid on an average of $9 million a season. Earlier in the year you could say he was open but not getting the ball enough. Now, he is getting the ball and you've seen what he can do. The drop and the fumble vs. the Packers were bad, real bad.

Patrick (El Paso)

Will the Cowboys get through their tough December schedule or do you see them missing the playoffs/not winning a playoff game?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:41 PM)

A few weeks ago, I had the Cowboys missing the playoffs and looking for a new head coach. Now, I see this team making the playoffs. The final game of the regular season, vs. the Eagles, will be a winner-take-all game at Cowboys Stadium. I think the Cowboys win that game. The December schedule is tough. A visit to the Giants, home vs. the Chargers, at New Orleans at at Washington before the Eagles game. Tough tests.

ken (petersburg va)

what was the cowboys practice like this week

Calvin Watkins
  (3:42 PM)

Very good. Wednesday, according to Jerry Jones was very physical and spirited. Wade Phillips said most of the practices this week were good and Roy Williams was talking about how sore he was today after practice.

Rudy Gonzale$ (Wichita Falls,Tx)

Will Romo and THE BOYS put the past behind them and start winning when it counts?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:44 PM)

Rudy,The team is winning. The Cowboys are 6-3 in first place in the NFC East. Now, if you're talking about winning playoff games and such, well, that's another story. Romo is 0-2 in the postseason. Wade Phillips is 0-4 in the postseason. So there's a lot of proving to do with this club. How they perform in December will tell us a lot about them going forward.

matt (maryland)

do you think there will be a new head coach next yr if not new oc?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:46 PM)

If the Cowboys miss the playoffs, yes, a new head coach will be here. If the Cowboys make the postseason and win a playoff game, expect Wade Phillips to return. But I doubt if Jason Garrett would, he does have one year left on his deal but could get another job.

Herb (Atlanta, GA)

Cowboys win divsion?...true or false? playoff game...true or false?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:47 PM)

True on the division. True on the playoff win.

Alex (miami)

Will we see more of Felix Jones this Sunday?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:48 PM)

Yes. Jerry Jones said the team needs to use Felix Jones more and if that happens, and he's effective and trusts that knee of his, he should have a strong game.

joel (seattle)

any chance michael hamlin gets on the firld?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:49 PM)

If Michael Hamlin does it will be on special teams.

Roger (Fairfield, CT)

Austin or Roy --- who gets Ton'y attention this week?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:50 PM)

Roger, that's a tough one to answer. The last two weeks, Austin didn't get any catches in the first three quarters. But that doesn't mean he wasn't open. He was getting open, but Romo found Williams a little bit more. Expect the same things to happen again on Sunday.More of Williams and less of Miles, unless the Redskins do something to him.

Raj (Houston)

Stepehen Bowen should be getting more snaps - Comments?

Calvin Watkins
  (3:52 PM)

He's getting his reps on passing situations. He won't replace Jay Ratliff full-time, but Bowen is averaging a good number of snaps and doing most with them. Bowen is second on the team in QB pressures with 18 and has added two sacks and 22 total tackles to his statistics in 2009.

oliver (mcallen,tx)

the 'boys obviously have some protection issues. tony was running wild for his life. is this a communication problem between romo and the line or line simply missing assignments? aslo, can this be the reason witten/martyb not as productive. staying in to block. thanks

Calvin Watkins
  (3:56 PM)

The Cowboys have allowed 22 sacks this season, including nine the last two weeks against two very aggressive defenses in Philly and Green Bay.Romo likes to move around in the pocket, so that does help him avoid more sacks, but the team has to do a better job of protecting his blindside, especially when the corner blitzes. Doug Free will get tested this week at right tackle and he will need Leonard Davis to help him. As far as Bennett and Witten are concerned, yes, those two are blocking more, especially Witten. The Cowboys have to protect Romo with six or seven at times, just to give him time to throw the ball.

Larry (La)

Do you think if Ball steps up and has a big game in place of Ken Hamlin we could see a permanent change there?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:01 PM)

No, I doubt it. I'm not sure if Ball is big enough physically to handle the position, espeically if he has to help in run support. Now, coverage-wise, Ball will get some help in Gerald Sensabaugh so there shouldn't be any worries. Long term, Hamlin hasn't played well this season and I think the Cowboys need to look at his roster spot for 2010.

matt (maryland)

can u see the boys going after a big time tackle in the offseason or u think they will build through the draft?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:02 PM)

The team has not drafted offensive linemen well in the last few years. I think get the best tackle available in 2010, but if not, try to develop the offensive linemen you have. This is a big game for Doug Free. He gets to show the organization just where he is development wise.

Jordan (Oklahoma)

Do you think there would be better production at WR if Roy Williams went down to 3rd receiver, and Austin and Crayton were 1 and 2?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:03 PM)

No. Roy and Miles are a good 1-2 combo. Patrick is a No.3, always has been, always will be. Austin, we're still waiting to see if he's a legit No. 2. Williams isn't an elite guy, just a No. 2.

Blake (Abilene, TX)

Calvin, Maybee I have a bad eye, but it seems that Romo makes 90 percent of his passes to the right or middle of the feild. He seldom looks to the left side. Is this accurate and do defenses game plan for that?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:05 PM)

Yeah, like most right-handed throwing quarterbacks in the NFL. You can game plan for it all you want, but you have to stop it. The key for Romo is throwing those slant routes, when the receiver gets inside position of the corner as he goes toward the middle of the field.

Rick (Austin)

Didn't Roy make a Pro Bowl in Detroit? The fumble was a fluke and he lost a ball in the lights. Isn't he palying a lot better now? Agree?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:07 PM)

Yes, he is playing a lot better now. The problem everybody has is, where has this production been the previous year and half. Williams' 10 catches the past two weeks is a start. The Cowboys have to make sure he's a focal point of this offense. If not, it's not the end of the world, but with Witten blocking more and Austin still developing the Cowboys need Williams.

Wizz (Harrisburg, Pa)

D-Ware. Over/Under 2 sacks against the 'Skins

Calvin Watkins
  (4:07 PM)

DeMarcus will get two.

Jahmal Williams (Washington, DC)

Calvin, I want your job. I have been a Cowboys fan since I was old enough to know what football was ( I was 9, and now I am 26). What do you think the reason is for all of the penalties? Why hasn't it improved over the last few years

Calvin Watkins
  (4:09 PM)

Penalties drive coaches crazy, reporters too, it extends the game. Most of the penalties are mental, like late hits and lining up offsides and false start. But holding calls are judgements issues with the refs. I don't think there's a clear answer to why the team gets penalized a lot.

matt (maryland)

loking at the broncos in the first half do you think we can take aadvantage of the deep ball this sunday?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:10 PM)

Yes, that's something the Cowboys like to do. They had two deep pass completions last week to Choice and Williams, but were wiped out by a penalty to Witten and Williams' fumble. The Redskins secondary has problems with double-moves and the such.


Do we want Jason Garrett as our OC next year?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:11 PM)

I'm not sure, Nik. Tell me.

Earl (Wilkes-Barre,PA)

When will Ogletree get more playing time?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:12 PM)

You might. It just depends on if they expand Kevin's play list. He does a good job on those wide receiver screens, but for now he's behind Sam Hurd on the depth chart.

klint (iowa)

Why isn't Martellus being used more in this offense, he is a huge mismatch to defenses?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:13 PM)

He's being asked to block more often and sometimes Romo goes to other places with the ball.



Calvin Watkins
  (4:13 PM)

I'd say, Tim. But I'm the better running back.



Calvin Watkins
  (4:14 PM)

I've always like the underdog. TCU.

Earl (Wilkes-Barre,PA)

I've seen enough of Roy W. To me he's just a below-average WR. Does anyone in the Cowboys org. feel the same? You don't need to throw anyone under the bus..

Calvin Watkins
  (4:15 PM)

I think people in the organization wished they hadn't given up three picks for him, but nobody is regretting the deal. I've been told he should play better than this, however.

matt (maryland)

what do u think we should go after in the draft ?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:15 PM)

Get a tackle and a safety in the first two rounds.

Amish (charlotte)

Why don't they let Barber get 10-15 carries per game? Seems as though they start with him, then Choice, and Felix, and then just Pass. Barber gets going, then it can open up the passing attack. Is Barber more hurt than it looks? Is he in the doghouse? What's his deal? I feel if he got the carries he deserves consistently that it would help. Thoughts?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:17 PM)

He's not 100 percent, won't be until December, I guess. Choice is the third down back and he deserves more carries. Jones backs up Barber but hasn't produced.

Casey (VA)

Do you expect the Cowboys to make an extra effort to run the ball on Sunday?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:18 PM)

I'm not sure about an extra effort, but Garrett wants to run the ball, but its a trust issue. I'm not sure he totally trusts the running game right now. If that's the case, Choice is the only healthy back they have and he should get more carries. But we'll see what happens on Sunday.

Jason Garrett (Arlington, TX)

Are fans ever satisfied? Who is Ogletree going to take snaps away from? Who is getting the ball less so that Bennett gets it more? Oh, and I'm open to suggestions on how to get Barber, Choice and Felix 20 carries a piece....geez!!!

Calvin Watkins
  (4:19 PM)

It's hard to get all those carries for those people. Very hard. But the bottom line is you have to stick with the hot hand. Of all the guys you mentioned, "Jason", who has been the most consistent?

Klint (Iowa)

Does Jerry pick up the fourth year option on Wade Phillips?

Calvin Watkins
  (4:20 PM)

Nope. He has an option year for 2010 and that hasn't been picked up yet, if it will.

Calvin Watkins
  (4:20 PM)

Guys, got to go. Sorry for being late, but duty calls. Take care and talk to you soon.