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November 25, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with Jesse Rogers

Jesse Rogers
  (4:01 PM)

Hey folks. At the HP Pavilion in San Jose. Beautiful here. Hawks and Sharks just got done with practice. Marian is ready to go and so am I so lets get right to it.

Matt K (BG)

Jesse- How much Hossa will we auctully see tonight. I can't imagine he will get the full amount of minutes. Who will step in wth 88

Jesse Rogers
  (4:02 PM)

Ya know I asked about his minutes. I dont think they will be too limited. He wont play penalty kill and if they are winning late he might not see the end of the game but I think he will take his regular shift and get normal power play time.

Kevin (Downtown Chicago)

Would you declare Hossa at 100%? Since the team is doing so well, I would hate to see Marian come back simply to get reinjured; especially if we don't particularly need his prescence right now. Thanks!

Jesse Rogers
  (4:04 PM)

I dont think its 100% from what I gathered from him. Its close though. I dont think they would take a chance. At this point he probably needs to play and test it because no matter how much practice time he has it will never simulate a real game so it's time.

Debbie (Northbrook)

Missed you at Starbucks today :)My husband Dan wants to know if Hossa is healthy and good, does that make someone else on the roster a bit more expendable in a deal?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:06 PM)

I had a grande mocha courtesy of ESPN this morning here. It sure does make someone expendable, maybe not today or soon but by the off-season or when a trade needs to be made, this team is loaded..but you have to be careful..injuires arent over so u dont want to lse your depth

George Cominos (Tampa Bay Florida)

Jesse,What specific area would coach Quinnville like to see improvement?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:07 PM)

Ya know, this is one of those rare times that even for a coach, he cant find much wrong. He talked baout it a few minutes ago..just about everything is clicking AND they are getting Hossa back..I think getitng that power play consistent, like at least one per game would be the one little thing left..and of course, thats been coming

James (EG)

With Hossa coming back does this make the Hawks the team to beat in the NHL?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:08 PM)

No. Two words: Crosby. Champions

Mark (Lakowski)

What kind of numbers do u project Hossa to Put up for the remainder of the season?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:09 PM)

Good question and obviously a tough one. If he plays with Kane and Toews, huge goal 30 from all depends who e plays with. he'll have a lot of goals, less assists in my opinion

Caleb Lendy (Chicago)

Jesse, have you heard anything more about potential trades to clear salary cap space, and do the Hawks have a timetable for making the Toews, Kane, and Keith contracts official?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:11 PM)

Ok, its unknown if they HAVE to make a trade before they announce...people are speculating but nobody knows for sure..If they dont announce sometime after they get back, that means they do need to make a trade and one of two things has to happen..

Jesse Rogers
  (4:12 PM)

They go ahead and make a trade just to announce these signings OR they stick the deals in a drawer until atfer the season, then make a trade, then announce. BUT....

Jesse Rogers
  (4:13 PM)

if they try to hold off...their agents might not like that idea because what of one of them gets injured before they sign or an agent says..well if we have to wait till june, lets just wait till July and see what other offers come in..its complicated...i think they will announce after the trip..i thikn that was the plan the whole time and i think ifthey need to clear space, it's only a little bit...

johnny garcia (St. Louis)

Are you concerened that Kane is moving from right to left? When I think of Kanes magical moments they all include him racing down the right side.

Jesse Rogers
  (4:15 PM)

Good question. Ive always thought they are interchangeable positions and to an extent they are..Ive asked a bunch of peoiple in the game..coming out of the zone with the puck is the biggest difference..the thing Kane has to be careful of as a lefthander playing left wing is when he moves with the puck into the offensive zone towards the can open himslef up to hits..picture right side versus left side and you can see a little blind spot as you move to the middle...other than that, I think hes so good hell adjust

Jesse Rogers
  (4:16 PM)

the blind spot comes as you move left to right as a lefthander...hope that makes some to keep your head up

Ben (Chicago)

I've heard Sopel needs to be moved in order for the Big 3 new contracts to go through. Assuming we can find a suitor (rumor: Toronto?) does Hendry become part of the top 6 defense or do we call up a Danis-Pepin or the like from Rockford? I am not a Sopel nor Hendry fan so what are our options on the farm?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:18 PM)

Please dont believe every internet rumor. Why would a last place team take on sopel's contract. Why? Unless there was a bigger deal invloved.Now, I do know the hawks have scouted some NHL and AHL teams in toronto very recently so take that for what its worth..but a good source said any talks have "simmered down" so who knows..but toronto is in some sort of the mix

Ryan (Barrie(canada))

After watching the vancouver game with Neimi and how strong Huet has been is the Blackhawks management comfortable riding them the whole way this year? or do you think they may try to add a goalie at the deadline with playoff experience someone like Biron?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:20 PM)

The answer is simply we have to wait and see...the deadline is in march...if the goalie situation is fine then no deal, if its not then they will look...its all about waiting and seeing..and then its about, can they get a deal done

Eric (Wheeling)

With Marian Hossa returning, where do you see the blackhawks finishing their season given how well they have played without him? Still see us losing to the Penguins?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:22 PM)

Im now more convinced first in the conference is a possibility..didnt think that early on because wasnt sure about the D but one guy has changed that. who's played better than expected back there? the hammer. but injuries to any of the top 4 defenseman puts it all in some doubt..hey, the pens are young and the champs and i think still hungry so hard to go against them right now

Austin (Illinois)

Is there a better combination of 5 players on the ice than Kane Toews Hossa Keith Seabrook?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:23 PM)

The Pens might have a 5 some that can match and maybe this Sharks team but thats about it

joker (st charles)

with hossa kane and toews on the same line do you see tazer goals increasing

Jesse Rogers
  (4:23 PM)

No. His assists

Ryan (Minneapolis)

Jesse, what's up with Toews getting knocked off the top power play line? Why would you use Versteeg over Toews?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:25 PM)

Not a question I have an exact answer for. You really cant wrong with any of those games. Im just assuming Q has his reasons spreading the talent around. I mean, who's really the top power play unit..they both have tons of dont really have a great faceoff guy though with steeg, kane, and hossa...i suspect hossa takes them..

Jesse Rogers
  (4:26 PM)

I meant cant go wrong with any of those guys

Geoff (Chicago)

Will the Hawks have to sign each of the Big 3 to a 10+ year contract in order to decrease the cap hit like they did with Hossa? And if they do what are the possible consequences?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:28 PM)

Keith will cause hes the right age for it and his will help the cap the most. Toews and Kane have another big deal left so they wont be as long..

Kevin (Roselle)

With Hossa coming back, who do you see is expendable on the Hawks roster? Who or what type of player would they need to get to be one of the favorites in the NHL?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:29 PM)

I see Versteeg as expendable. Just my opinion. Nothing against him at all. Thats the point. Hes a valuable trading piece. I would say a rugged type of defenseman would be a his prime! or maybe now.

Jon B (Newfoundland)

Hey Jesse, In the game tonight do you think the key to a Chicago win will be Madden's line shutting down thorton's line? They have been red hot lately. Or do you think Chicago will just be able to run and gun and score more then that line does?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:31 PM)

I do think its a key. They do it pretty good in Chicago but thats when Q could dictatethe matchups..remember, madden went 9-9 on faceoffs. that was huge. we will see the all world 6 on the ice at the same time..ya know forom both teams. heatly, thorotn, kane, toews,etc. but Q will try the madden line as much as possible against BIg BAd Joe

Jesse Rogers
  (4:31 PM)

Man, apologize for my grammar and spelling. Trying to get in as many as possible

Kevin (Chicago)

I'm still a bit nervous about the Red Wings. We lost our head to head matchup versus them earlier this year; although I think we have a better overall team this year. Do you think it's a psychological barrier more than an issue of talent?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:32 PM)

Maybe a little..but not really. The torch will be passed soon enough. We've stolen their game. :)

Brad (Toronto Can )

Has there been anymore whispers of a trade with the buds? (leafs)

Jesse Rogers
  (4:34 PM)

As I said before I know they have scouted toronto recently so something could be up..I would be surprised if Sharp fact shocked

Ben (Chicago)

Don't get caught up in the Toronto part of my last question. Assuming Sopel goes somewhere do we promote Henry automatically or are their kids in Rockford that could help?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:35 PM)

I think it would be Hendry..Havent heard alot about the D in Rockford opening tons of eyes but I could be wrong. I know its not a position of incredible depth throughout the organization..but again ,where is sopel going?

Anders (Northside)

What is the best long term line structure for the hawks presuming (god-willing) we stay healthy? I dont see TKHo being a permanent 1st line, do you?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:36 PM)

Aother good question. If Bolland was healthy..hed be centering Hossa. For now, I think this is the right thing to do..put Hossa in a place with skilled players that will get him the puck..its not like the second line stinks..if it doesnt work then u switch

Lamar (Oak Park )

What is Jack Skille's role in this organization? He doesn't seem phsyical enough to be effective in the NHL right now. Do you see him as trade bait?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:37 PM)

Yes. Trade bait for sure. If they can barely afford who they have, adding Skille doesnt seem likely even next year..

Jay (Chicago)

Don't you think Buff is a better trade candidate? Seems like a player a lot of other teams would trade for. I would normally agree about Steeg but he is incredible on the PK. Always seems to get a chance shorthanded.

Jesse Rogers
  (4:39 PM)

With the way Brouwer has played and the size of LAdd maybe Buff is more expendable..not a bad of those two..and most people would thorw barker in there...i just love barker on the power play..if he was making the minimum, hed be a steal but at 3 mil as a specialiast, I dont know

Dave (Chicago)

TKHo thats a great name for the big 3 on that line!

Jesse Rogers
  (4:39 PM)

Better than what waddle came up with today when I was on with him.."The Kathy Line"

brian (chicago)

who do you think will be traded to clear space for hossa's return tonight? Next year's lineup promises to be different then this one with the cap in question, whose your "core" and whose expendable? thanks jesse

Jesse Rogers
  (4:42 PM)

Sort of asked and answered but just to be clear no one has to go for hossa to return..they sent bickell down...the core is pretty obvious...your top 4 defenseman...hossa, toews, kane, sharp..for me sharp is a core guy...after that, secondary status..though steeg has played better than i thought he would..

Jesse Rogers
  (4:42 PM)

and when i mean secondary..proabbly core for other teams, just not this one

Josh Martin (Freeport, IL)

Jesse I know you don't like to look at trade rumors and many realize that most rumors are false. But that being said, the hawks have "tagging room issues" with the current nightmare of a salary cap under the CBA. Assuming the hawks want to announce the deals all at the same time, what kind of deal would make the most sense and who would be moved that wouldn't effect the great team chemistry that this club has? Like I mentioned yesterday the hottest rumor has Barks being traded to Ottawa but the source was a team blog so I don't know if the rumor has any legs. I don't like to follow the rumors but just want to get the extension done and official.

Jesse Rogers
  (4:45 PM)

Again, only the Hawks know for sure about the taggin room..others are speculating..i just dont think they would have gone down this road knowing they would have to make a big trade before they can annoucne the signings...i mean, can u sign guys for NEXT year, in the middle of this one, you have to trade a piece of your championship core?? That would be the hawks have made a host of blunders with contracts so maybe this is where it evens up but I would think it would even up after the season so thats my answer..barks is definitely a candidate if a trade has to happen but i cant tell u if it will...

Mike L (My cube)

Jesse, I have heard some rumblings about Sharpie may be getting traded, any truth to that? I think that is a huge mistake.

Jesse Rogers
  (4:46 PM)

I dont think so and I will tell you this, he doesnt either..

Kevin (Mountain View)

It makes sence to me that the Hawks want to get a game or 2 under Hossa's belt before he plays in Chicago, but is San Jose the team you want to make game one? Concidering San Jose's size and speed is there a chance that Hossa may not be in condition to play at the level tonights game will be played at?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:47 PM)

I dont think it comes down to this team or that..anything can happen against any opponent. It's about his shoulder. is it ready? if so, then get out there!

JJ (Carol Stream Il)

How good are the hawks now that hossa is back are they the best team in western Conf.

Jesse Rogers
  (4:47 PM)

If huet is just as good as he has been lately then yes. as long as the top 4 D dont get hurt..

jason (frankfort)

hey jesse, first, have you thanked your lucky stars that you got the hawks beat at a time when they are so awesome??? hahaha! second, i saw colorado just waived TJ Hensick...any interest to get him

Jesse Rogers
  (4:49 PM)

Yes, I figured doing the pre and post game when they were god awful has finally paid not a bad call on hensick. i'd have to look into it a little more. i know he doesnt make much..i still think, and stan has basically said it, lets see the team with hossa for a while and them make some decisions..

Scott (Chicago)

Jesse,Is this the best Hawk team you've seen in a long time?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:52 PM)

HIt a wrong button. sorry. yes,obviously, best team in a while because of their depth on offense. sene better overall D but 1-4 pretty good and the offense is killer...

Jeff (Halifax)

you keep mentioning that your worry is a top 4 d man getting hurt. Do you think Barker's defensive game is too much of a liability to plug that role for any extended period of time?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:52 PM)

I guess in a word, yes. It's inconsistent. I do like him and it takes time for D men but they'd be a little short..rememebr when seabrook was out, it was sopel who moved up not barks

rob (Chicago)

With the big three signing, do you think the hawks will be able to keep Hjalmarsson?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:53 PM)

I do..not sure how but i think they will..hes not the type to get a huge offer sheet i dont think..offer him 3 years for 6-7 mil total. he'll take it

orchardcreek (Chicago)

Go Hawks! Go Hossa! Jesse, what is the energy there?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:55 PM)

Its there but you know, for players, its such a long season, they dont get "up" for one over another...having said that (anybody see "curb"?) they are excited to see hossa in action so there is some buzz

Steve (The Park)

The imminent signings of Toews, Kane, and Keith to long term contracts means an annual thought of a Hawks trip to the Stanley Cup. But I think some of the smaller pieces to that puzzle are just as important. It's that thing called team chemistry. So why haven't we heard a word about the signing of Seabrook. I step at a time..but given that solid duo, that all the experts around the league call potentially the best in the league,...shouldn't that be a top priority as well.

Jesse Rogers
  (4:56 PM)

With the cap issues they have it really is one thing at a this situation, any player with another year left is like having 5 more so cant get to it yet

Mike (Glenview)

With a trade necessary in order to keep the big 3, could you see the Hawks moving Byfuglien? Bickell has size, has been great in tough areas and in front of the net, plus he's far better at stickhandling.

Jesse Rogers
  (4:56 PM)

Yes. I could see it.

Paul (Longmont, CO)

Jesse, do you think the Blackhawks will make the playoffs now that they have Hossa finally in their lineup?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:57 PM)

No, 10th place in the conference

Ted (Romeoville, Il)

Will Hossa make an impact right away, or will he need a couple weeks before we see him at full potential?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:59 PM)

Ive watched many players come back from injury, heres how it will go. BIG impact right away..then he tails off..then he settles in as one of the best in the league as he has been..shaek coach todd mclellan said same thing today...remember toews return his first year..may have been best single game ive seen from this group of players..then he disappeared for a while..just how it goes..adrenaline lasts only so long

Jesse Rogers
  (5:00 PM)

Couple more...IM freezing in this place. Told this and L.A have the coldest buildings. Guess the hotter the city,colder the building...

Josh Martin (Freeport, IL)

How much would pairing Barks with a Keith or Hammer help his development? I mean the pairing of Keith and Seabs works really well and Seabs isn't a burner and is a physical d-man. Considering the upside of Barks would it be out of the question for him to aspire to playing a game that models Seabrooks with a quick shutdown d-man like Keith and Hammer's style?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:01 PM)

Its a good point. Dont have to be a genius to figure out if you play with better players better things should happen for you..just dont have the luxury to break up the pairings...ive said before, i relly like how they have it now..cause 1-4 is most important..not worrying so much about 5 and 6

Tim (DC)

I know this is not a Hawks question but since it is tough to follow the Wolves in DC, is Chelios holding his own with the Wolves? Is he a viable option if a Dman gets injured and no other team has picked him up yet?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:03 PM)

talked to him roenick night..he says he is. havent watched a lot. i do think hes viable..but hard to have sopel and chelios on this i suppose if sopel got hurt...

JJ (Carol Stream Il)

The Backhawks are not going to trade Dustin are they love his physical play and hes young. got to keep him to protect Kane

Jesse Rogers
  (5:04 PM)

IM assuming thats sarcastic. hes not that physical. sometimes he is, sometimes he's not. what? brouwer cant protect kane..only Buff? and I like Buff. brouwer leads the team in hits

Jesse Rogers
  (5:07 PM)

Thanks all. Should be great tonight. Enjoy it . Ill be tweeting or twittering or whatever throughout the weekend. @espnchihawks if you want to sign up. Thanksgiving in L.A. tomorrow. not bad. Ill be on with afternoon show on am 1000 at 5:25 chicaog time today. email me if i didnt get to your question. next week chat back to noon. so long from San Jose..