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December 2, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with ESPNBoston's Gordon Edes
  (11:58 AM)

Gordon will be with us shortly!

Zoey P (Columbia)

Gordon, the Braves kicked off their off season by signing Billy Wagner. What's next for them in terms of trading a pitcher and finding a 1B and OF?

Gordon Edes
  (12:02 PM)

Zoey, I confess my attention isn't exactly focused on the Braves at this stage. They wasted no time in signing their closer, having resigned themselves to losing both Gonzalez and Soriano. They've gotthe kid, Justin Heyward, who will be given every chance to win the right field job,andthey'll likely shop Derek Lowe.

Eric (Maine)

will Pedroia be the 2010 shortstop for red sox?

Gordon Edes
  (12:03 PM)

Eric,In a word, no. I think it was discussed very casually, but unless they come up absolutely empty in their shortstop search, Pedroia will remain at second.

Jason (NJ)

What do you believe is more important to Jason Bay: 5th year or 16-17 per year in salary?

Gordon Edes
  (12:06 PM)

Jason, purely speculative on my part, but I think a player in Bay's position usually prefers as many years as they can get. I think he'd love to walk away with five years, but that extra year can also be used as bargaining leverage. OK, I'll drop my demand for the next year, if you increase the average annual value of the salary.

Jerry (Massachusetts)

Will The Red Sox make an honest effort to aquire Adrian Gonzalez, even going so far as to giving up Bucholz AND Bard or Paplebon? Gonzalez could hit 40-50 home runs in Fenway. They need that power in their line up. Without another big bat, they may be competitive, but they won't beat teams with more power in playoffs. The adage of good pitching beating good hitting is an old wives tale, perpetituated by teams that couldn't win. The reality is that good hitting turns good pitching into bad pitching.

Gordon Edes
  (12:09 PM)

Jerry, they would love to make a deal for Adrian Gonzalez, but Papelbon would certainly not be a part of the deal (too expensive for the Pads). Jed Hoyer, the Pads' GM, knows the Sox system as well as anyone and would hold out for premium pieces--Bard, perhaps, Buchholz, Westmoreland, Kelly--but Gonzalez is under Padre control for the next two years at a very reasonable rate, and I'm not convinced that Hoyer will deal the team's most popular player in his first deal as GM.

Mike S (CT)

Gordon, which former BoSox outfielder did you consider to be better - Jim Rice or Dwight Evans? I've seen more folks favor Evans, yet it's Rice in the HOF and Dewey who barely saw multiple ballots.

Gordon Edes
  (12:11 PM)

That debate will probably never go away, will it? Rice's bat makes him a Hall of Famer; Evans was an outstanding defensive outfielder and a very good hitter, but poll AL GMs at that time, and they would all have taken Rice, I venture to say

Rob (MA)

Hey Gordon enjoy your work. My question is regarding Jonathan Papelbon and his status with the Red Sox going forward. He's got 2 years left until free agency and the Sox really have no chance at a multiyear deal. You've got to figure he'll be awarded at least 10M this year in Arbitration and probably 11 or 12 next year. Do you think they'll look to trade him or will they spend the $22M over the next 2 years and let him walk to collect the draft picks?

Gordon Edes
  (12:12 PM)

Great question, Rob. I believe Papelbon will close for the Red Sox in 2010, but depending on how much confidence the team develops in Bard's makeup and his suitability for the closer's job, the Sox may well explore a deal for Papelbon after 2010.

Condor (NB Northside)

Gordo, Please tell me that Theo is smart enough not to give up a 1st rder for Scutaro. Please! Also, does Lowell end up in Philly? Holliday in NY or Boston?Thanks and keep up the good work.

Gordon Edes
  (12:15 PM)

Condor, I can't tell you that, because while Theo is very protective of his draft picks, in this case, with the Sox picking up a first-rounder and sandwich pick for the Braves signing Billy Wagner (pending a physical), he may be more inclined to swallow hard and do it.

Jeff (NYC)

If you had to guess on where Halladay ends up....what team?

Gordon Edes
  (12:18 PM)

Jeff, I'm glad you asked for a guess, because that's what it is--a guess--but I'll say the Angels. They have major-league pitchers they can move (Weaver, Saunders) and pitchers in their system if the Jays prefer, they have a major-league catcher (Napoli), they have prospects (Brandon Wood and others), and Arte Moreno has the cash to to sign him to a long-term extension. But Boston, New York and Philadelphia will all be pushing hard.

Garrett (Connecticut)

Gordon, I want to get your opinion about the Pedroia playing shortstop scenario? I personally do not like it. In my opinion your taking a potential HOF player out of his position. Also if it had to be done do you think it could work?

Gordon Edes
  (12:20 PM)

Garrett, I'm inclined to take your side of the argument. It might be too soon to anoint Dustin for Cooperstown (remember Nomar), but he is a premium player at his position who likely would be average at best on the other side of the bag. To me, that has the potential to weaken you at two positions.

Jeff (Portland, CT)

Rumors are flying around like crazy this year. Today, I read the Sox are interested in Rich Harden. Understandably, Sox fans are concerned because of his health issues, but don't you think this is a very "affordable Risk" considering his age and ability?

Gordon Edes
  (12:24 PM)

Jeff, I believe the Red Sox will look at all the guys with injury issues--Bedard, Harden, Sheets and Escobar--and likely sign one of them as back of the rotation depth. Harden was not offered arbitration by the Cubs, making him even more attractive, and from a talent perspective he obviously has the greatest potential upside. If the Sox think Mike Reinold can work his magic with Harden that he has with other Sox pitchers, they will take a hard loojk. But Harden has had a hard time staying healthy his entire career; the Cubs ended up shutting him down in mid-September with a tired shoulder.

Michael Mahima (Rotorua, New Zealand)

Some names I would love to see with the sox in 2010. Jason Bay, Ben Sheets, Orlando Hudson and Adrian Gonzalez. Will they try to sign them? and what might it take to get Gonzalez, just throwing it out there but would a Lars Anderson, Casey Kelly and a major salary eaten Mike Lowell do the trick? Or is it just foolish to think we would see Gonzalez in a Sox uni in 2010 seeing how heavy the pursuit for Halladay looks and Hoyer at the helm in SD who might try pump up the offer on Gonzo.

Gordon Edes
  (12:31 PM)

Michael, Nice to have New Zealand checking in--middle of the night, right? I've heard Hudson floated as a possible alternative if the Sox can't get a shortstop--part of the move-Pedroia scenario--but I just don't see that happening. Sheets we've discussed, as well as Gonzalez (makes no sense for the Pads to take Lowell), and I do think Bay is a top priority.

Gary (Walpole)

Please tell me that Theo is too smart to give up a first round pick for a one year wonder like Marco Scutaro. I'd rather see Adam Everett (all glove, no bat) or Miguel Tejada (all bat, no glove), with no draft picks drifting away.

Gordon Edes
  (12:33 PM)

Gary, If the Sox sign Tejada, who was not offered arbitration by Houston, it will be as a third baseman, not a shortstop. His defense is Lugo-esque, except worse. If the Sox were willing to settle for Everett's nonexistent offense, they wouldn't have let Gonzalez slip away. I understand the reluctance to give up a draft pick, but I think the target is Scutaro.

TJ (Nampa, ID)

If the free agent market is supposed to be loaded in 2011, will that make for some bigger names being on the block at the trading deadline this year as teams try to move players before they leave?

Gordon Edes
  (12:36 PM)

TJ, That's usually the way it works, with some teams preferring to get something at the trading deadline rather than settling for draft picks when the player walks. Pitchers like Halladay, Cliff Lee and Josh Beckett are all eligible for FA next year, which makes the class of 2011 pretty impressive right there, so we could see some big moves come July.

mike (kuwait)

hey gordon, great to have you back covering the sox. Is the possibility of moving Pedroia to SS a way to get a better bat in the lineup from whats available. I heard them eyeing Brandon Phillips from Cincy, which would be a great addition to the lineup.

Gordon Edes
  (12:38 PM)

Mike, Great to see the Middle East represent. I like Brandon Phillips a lot, but again, I just wouldn't be eager to put Pedroia on the other side of the bag.

ed lessnau (allen park mi.)

Alomars best years were with the indians during the steroid era ,do you think he gets in?

Gordon Edes
  (12:39 PM)

He'd be a first-ballot pick for me, Ed

Dan (Milwaukee)

Do you see the Bosox going after Fielder come mid season? What do you think it would take to get him?

Gordon Edes
  (12:43 PM)

Dan, I think that's a real longshot. The Brewers would really have had to tank to be making Prince available at the deadline; he's still under their control, so while they may eventually decide he's too expensive to keep, I look at him as someone who would be part of an off-season deal rather than a midseason swap.

Jeff (Toronto)

The only chance for the Jays (and the O's and Rays) to compete consistently is divisional realignment, or maybe getting back to a balanced schedule. What are your thoughts?

Gordon Edes
  (12:46 PM)

Jeff, you're just not going to see baseball getting away from the current alignment unless they decide to blow up the leagues and start from scratch, and that's not going to happen. John Henry expressed some strong thoughts this week about how baseball is going to have to revamp its economic system drastically for anyone to have a real chance to compete with the Yankees year-in and year-out, with Henry lobbying for even heavier payroll taxes. This next round of collective bargaining could get real interesting.

Alan (Vassalboro, ME)

How can Omar dump 2 million into Alex Cora and throw money at Chris Coste? Are we going to see him cry foul when Matt Holliday wants an extra few million a year and we balk on it? What do you think the long term plan is for a team like this?

Gordon Edes
  (12:47 PM)

Alan, $2 million for a backup shortstop is not crazy money in MLB, and with Reyes' hamstrings a perpetual problem, he's nice insurance to have. Cora's signing will not cost the Mets their chance at Matt Holliday.

Brian (Boston)

Why don't the Red Sox go after Gonzalez or Soriano for set up men and trade Delcarmen?

Gordon Edes
  (12:50 PM)

Brian, I think the Red Sox do have significant interest in Gonzalez and Soriano and have already reviewed their medicals (if not, they've certainly begun the process). Both would be great additions to the Sox pen, though I warn you, the Yankees are likely to be big players for both as well, and they'll both be looking for three-year deals.

J.J. (CT)

Gordon, with the Sox now getting the 20th pick in the draft as well as a sandwich pick for Wagner going to the Braves, do you now see Scutaro being signed since the Sox would be giving up a 27th or 28th pick for him and a sandwich pick? So they still make out well in the draft. Or do they value both 1st round picks too much?

Gordon Edes
  (12:52 PM)

JJ, I think that's a reasonable scenario. Sutaro's agent, Peter Greenberg, told me it's not out of the question that he signs before the winter meetings.

Brendan (Dorchester)

Could you give a brief summary of aribitration? What goes into a team deciding to offer or not offer arbitration?

Gordon Edes
  (12:58 PM)

Brendan, What's confusing about the term is that you have a class of players (those with basically three years to less than six year's of service) that are referred to as arbitration eligible, meaning that if they can not come to an agreement with their team on a salary, they submit a figure to a salary arbitrator and he chooses one. That's not what we're dealing with when we're talking about free agents. When a team offers one of their free agents salary arbitration, that means the player becomes a signed player for the following season if he accepts. What goes into deciding whether you offer a player arbitration? One is their Elias ranking, which is determined by a statistical formula. A Type A free agent will bring back two draft choices as compensation if he signs with another team. A Type B will bring back one. The other factor is how much you are willing to pay a player. If you offer him arbitration, you are guaranteeing him a raise over his previous year's salary.

Chris J (Wilmington, DE)

Any truth to the rumors of Hanley Ramirez coming back to bean town or signing Miguel Tejada to place second and or shortstop?

Gordon Edes
  (12:59 PM)

Chris, That's the ultimate Red Sox fantasy, getting the Marlins to flip Ramirez back to them. Don't see that happening. And as I mentioned earlier, if you sign Tejada, you don't want him playing in the middle of your infield.

Gordon Edes
  (1:00 PM)

Thanks everyone, and keep in touch as we head toward Indianapolis and the winter meetings this Sunday.