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December 7, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:01 PM)

What's up gang? Let's get to it... as always, all subjects answered. And you can follow me on Twitter if you want... MatthewBerryTMR. Rock on.

Aaron (Elkhart, IN)

Matthew, it might be good to get the Meachem ruling out of the way now, because I'm guessing you will get plenty of complaints on it today. It's very clear in the ESPN rules index under "Scoring Settings"/"Misc" (standard) that a fumble recovery TD by a non-defensive player counts as 6 points for that player. The categories specifically differentiate between "DEF/ST" and "Misc", so it HAS to be 6 points for Meachem. You're going to hear "Yahoo did this" and "CBS did that"....blah blah....tough, this is ESPN, know the rules if you're going to play here. Correct ruling, and kudos to ESPN for getting it right.

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:06 PM)

Thanks Aaron. By the way, I believe other providers ruled the way ESPN did, but I'm not sure - I only play here. I'm a company man.Anyways, look, Elias rules it as a fumble recovery. NOT a defensive TD... just a fumble recovery for TD.If, say, Reggie Bush had fumbled on the 3 yard line... and then Colston fell on it in the end zone.. it would be a Colston TD. And not a NO D/ST TD. Same thing here - the momentary change of possesion doesn't change the players on the field....We use Elias (as does the NFL) as our official stat provided. They ruled it a fumble recovery (with no designation for offensive or defensive) so there you go.

Mike (Orlando, FL)

My biggest complaint about the Meachem scoring is that I am confident that it was scored the opposite way within the past 2 years. I remember you and Nate discussing it a fumble that was fumbled and defending why ESPN scored it as a defensive TD. Why the change in this?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:06 PM)

That's incorrect. We scored the McCardell TD the exact same way a few years back.

Jen (Fairfax, VA)

Have you gained weight?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:06 PM)

No. Have you?

paul (upstate ny)

TMR - can you say anything positive about frank gore today? please? thanks

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:08 PM)

He wasn't as big a disappointment as Mike Sims-Walker? I don't know - I always say he's a second round back every pre-season, every pre-season I get yelled at and called names on this and then, every year, he's a second round back. All that said... his sked DOES get a lot easier, he's the only game in town in a league where there are TONS of RBBC's and the emergence of Alex Smith can only help

Nasty (Indy)

Any light on Michael Turner/is Jerious Norwood worth holding onto?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:12 PM)

Yes on Norwood... ATL has a greast run sked coming up: NO, NYJ, BUF, TB... Only the Jets are any good against the run and they don't scare you without Kris Jenkins. As for Turner... depends. I would have no problem cutting him... my guess is ATL falls out of the playoff picture with another loss to NO this Sunday and then there's no reason to rush him back. So if you needed to cut him, I am okay with it. That said, unless you really needed the slot, BUF and TB in wk 16 and 17 is pretty sweet.Rather have Norwood than Snelling if Turner is out.

Amanda (Cali)

Tech question: Do league mngrs have the ability to change individual player scores? In our league, Jamal Charles was not penalized for his fumble. It's in the set league scoring rules.

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:13 PM)

In a customizable league, yes, commish's can adjust the score... but no, I do not not believe they can adjust indivd. players. Wait until all scores are final. If it is an ESPN league, call 1-888-549-ESPN and they will help you out.

Roddy (Atl.)

Please rank me 25th again. Please.

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:17 PM)

Hah. Yeah, bad call by me this week on you. I mean... look, it made sense (PHI good D, back-up QB, Asante, Roddy banged up) and he got the score on the very last play of the game on a bobble, so... it looks better in the box score than it probably should have. And ranked 25 - a flex play - isn't terrible ...but yeah, I blew it.Look, I blew other calls much worse this week but what are you gonna do? Welcome to fantasy. You'd have been smart to bench Reggie Wayne for Kenny Britt, but who would have had the guts to do that? You play the best odds and sometimes it doesn't work out.

Tony (San Jose)

Yahoo scored it a TD for the D and the fantasy guy for says that the TD counts for the D too. So lame that it's scored the same way across the board. This is why fantasy is so lame sometimes I lose in one league cause of it and win in another. So Lame!!!

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:20 PM)

Well, if that's true (haven't checked out)... I feel that's a mistake. It should score as a TD for either Meachem OR the NO D/ST. Obviously, ESPN and Elias, the official stat provider of the NFL, feel one way - it's a Meachem score. The Saints defense was never on the field during the play. Others, I guess, don't agree. Makes no sense to me but that's up to them, I suppose. My suggestion? Stop playing at all those other places and you won't have to worry about stuff like this.

Cedric (Houston)

Can't wait til the roto. Who is your pickup of the week?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:23 PM)

Honestly, no one exciting. Still too many guys like Garcon that are available in tons of leagues. No one really new tomorrow... I mean, I guess Harrison with Jamal out and KC/OAK coming up in week 15/16... but that's about it.

Chris (Bowmanville, ON)

TMR, the chat wizard is playing games again - did the same thing to Harris this morning. This is gonna be a HARD chat to follow!

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:23 PM)

Is it? Sorry. I have no control over that. I'll alert the folks that can do something. Thanks for hanging in!

Kevin (Stamwich, CT)

So do you like Ian Snell as a sleeper next year for baseball?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:25 PM)

Maybe in an AL only league, but that's it. He's shown signs before but he's also a guy that breaks your heart. Nice K's, but inconsistent.

Thomas (West Virginia)

Great call on Campbell but do you think he can do it again against Oak next week?? Thanks

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:28 PM)

Thanks. You know, I definitely missed some on Sunday (and you guys have let me hear it) but no one ever mentions the good calls and this was one I was kind of proud of. He's talking about the Campbell call I made on Fantasy Football Now on Sunday morning, where I pointed out Campbell has had double digit fant pts in every game but one since Sherm took over play calling.He was also in my TMR column last week.... and yes, I feel he will be good, not great (like 12-13 points) at OAK next week.

Mike (Eldersburg, MD)

So what's your take on Oakland? At Pittsburgh and Murphy and Gradkowski looked incredible. Expect more of the same or was this a blind squirrel finding a nut?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:29 PM)

Somewhere in the middle, but I wouldn't trust either in the fantasy playoffs.

Troy O (Iowa)

After TMR who are the best Fantasy Football writers in the business? who do you like?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:35 PM)

I edited your question because I am not a huge fan of either guy you mentioned in your question but have no interest in publicly trashing either - they are both nice guys.It sounds like homerism but I like all the guys here at ESPN. Look, when ESPN bought the TMR website, they put me in charge of everything. And I had the chance to hire whoever I wanted. So I did and you see most of them here now. I kept Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockroft because I really like them as well.So if you see them on ESPN Fantasy, know that I am a big fan. I try not to read other guys that much these days as I don't want any one else analysis to influence my work... but I know there is a lot of good fantasy football analysis out there being done by lots of passionate people.

Bob (Philly)

If you hit refresh every once in a while it fixes the transcrpit and the chat is somewhat readable

Roddy (Los Angeles)

You buying Meacham? I keep thinking he's an anomoly and he keeps on keeping on. I'm afraid of grabbing him this week which is the final week of our regular season and then missing the playoffs because he gets me 2 pts.

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:37 PM)

At some point you have to buy him, right? Yes, Brees will spread it around so I am sure a bad game is coming but yes, he's become a big red zone threat and on that offense, many folks have value. He'll be in my top 20 next week against ATL.

Bob O (Chicago)

Do you think it's finally time to bench Vincent Jackson?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:39 PM)

Bench? No. But he's no longer an automatic, no brainer start either. Really thought he would do something against Cleveland. He'll be a so-so start, but not a great one, against Dallas this sunday

J.B. (Dunmore, PA)

Meachem: 15, 12, 13, 12, 26. What's not to buy?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:39 PM)

I know. Right?

Colt McCoy (Austin)

Does Devin Thomas have value now after that game and his kickoff returns? Who would you play next week as QB: Big Ben, McNabb or A. Smith?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:42 PM)

Somewhat... you'd have to be in a fairly deep league and/or a league that counts return yardage. But yes, he's slowly been getting more and more work. Redskins have an okay sked rest of the way... like him skill set wise, not sure I trust him for fantasy just yet

Tim (Wilmington)

Hey TMR. Can you give me some insight on how you conduct your ranking process. Are the four of you brainstorming in a room, bouncing ideas off of each other, or are you intentionally avoiding input from other staff writers?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:46 PM)

If you mean our weekly ranks, nothing of the sort. I can't speak for Karabell or Harris but here's how I do mine:I have talked with our Scouts Inc people internally and have notes on every game. Match-ups that are favorable, unfavorable, plays that might happen, etc.I have pass, run and scoring ranks in front of me. I have a 6 page doc of trends for each player and game.... I look at our projections... And I then got person by person. I ask myself... If I could play anyone in the world at QB, it would be... say Brees. Then I look again. Okay, other than brees, if I could play anyone in the world at QB this week it would be...And so. Do that for over 250 players every week. I rank beyond what we publish on Takes the better part of a day for me to do.

Mike (NY)

TMR - usually it's good advice to bench your last player if you have a slim lead and he has nobody, but what if playoff seeding could change? I have Ray Rice with a 3.3 pt lead (half ppr, turnovers would be -2 pts). Enough upside and limited downside to start him?

Randy (Clearfield, PA)

Chat seems to be working at It's the link on the FF page is *horrendous*!

Jimmy (Holliston)

Jersey Shore. Discuss

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:49 PM)

Can't yet. I have it on Tivo. Very excited. Hear it's not short of spectacular from a train wreck standpoint.

David (Brooklyn)

Basketball question: Would it be crazy to drop Lamar Odom? I can't expect to get anything for him in a trade, but I'd honestly rather be rolling the dice with someone on the wire who at least may get enough playing time to put up some solid stats.

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:51 PM)

Hard to say without seeing your waiver wire. I will say that Odom is a sneaky hoops player who does a little bit of everything and contributes across the board more than you know. Nothing great or exciting but just enough that you actually miss him if he's not there. If it's a shallow league and you have unlimited moves, then sure, play the daily waiver wire. But otherwise, I'd stay put.

Brad (Miami)

Quentin Ganther or Sammy Morris more worthy of a PPR flex bench spot?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:52 PM)

Ganther's interesting against OAK next week, but I say Morris, who got almost as much work (and same yardage, basically) as LM did. Plus, he gets CAR at home this week - they're horrible against the run

Kevin (Reseda)

i'm playing with some real crap of whom actually closes his dis with a ":P" symbol. Am I allowed to kick his ass?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:52 PM)

You were until you asked for permission in a chat room.

Mo Money (Mo Problems)

Matt, what do you think about an auction draft? ive never done 1 for my league and we're just wondering how they turn out.Are auctions better then plain jane drafts?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:54 PM)

They are awesome. Try one - we have a free mock auction draft lobby. You know what they say. Once you go auction, you never go back.

Eliot (Tempe)

I would like your advice about all others for this: What's your poilicy on inactive managers making the playoffs? I need to make a decision about the 8th seed, who hasnt done anything for several weeks. The dilemma arises since I am the #1 seed entering the playoffs this weekend. Keep him there or replace him?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:55 PM)

Keep him there. He's made the playoffs "managing" this way - let him be and address in the off season.

Daryl (Springfield, NJ)

Where does Jennings rank as playoff insurance for MJD? Is he must have, or should I stick with potential flex guys like Donald Brown and Justin Forsett?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:55 PM)

Must have if you own MJD.

Bobby (WV)

For argument's sake... Which do you see as a better RB line... 140 total yards and 0 TD or 60 yards and 2 TDs?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:57 PM)

So many other variables, starting with how many touches. But if both players get the same # of tocuhes, I'd rather the 140 yard guy. TD's are a bit flukely and hard to predict. Any guy who gets 140 yards is going to get a lot more chances to score...

Joe (Portland, OR)

Matthew, are you getting enough sleep? I have been noticing some yawning on the podcast. At any rate, how are you ranking these guys till the end of year? Lynch, Forsett, Harrison, Sammy Morris, Norwood

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (3:59 PM)

Haha. Yeah, the podcast is the first thing I do every day and both Nate and Pod are morning people who leave work much earlier than I (they also get to work earlier)... I am a night person. So... yeah.If J. Jones were to get hurt - Forsett would be number one. But as of right now...Morris, Harrison, Forsett, Norwood, Lynch.

Chris (Vegas)

TMR you still have faith in Favre heading into the playoffs?

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (4:01 PM)

I do. I am not concerned.... he'll be fine.

Matthew Berry - The Talented Mr. Roto
  (4:02 PM)

Okay gang... I have to run. Thanks for stopping by and sorry for all the tech probs. We're working on it! Nex column tomorrow....