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December 21, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with Derek Fisher

  (3:59 PM)

Lakers' Derek Fisher will be here shortly to take your questions!

  (4:16 PM)

Hang in there folks. I think Derek is coming here straight from practice.

  (4:48 PM)

Derek's still in practice. The team doesn't get out until 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT.

  (5:10 PM)

We've got Derek!

Eric (Reno, Nevada)

Were you as excited to come back to LA as we were to have you?

Derek Fisher
  (5:11 PM)

Yeah...I would say so. Under the circumstances of me coming back, there were mixed emotions, because I was coming back to LA surrounding family matters. But I saw it as a huge positive, coming back to this place.

Greg (L.A)

There have been a lot of clutch players in Laker history. You, Kobe, West, and Horry. Who do you think is the most clutch player in Lakers history?

Derek Fisher
  (5:13 PM)

I don't know if you can name one guy to be honest. I don't know if I'd even throw myself into the conversation with guys like that. There have been so many great players in Laker history. My opinion would be biased, because I played with Kobe for so long and saw him make so many big plays and shots. If I were forced to vote, I'd vote for Kobe. I can't pick just one, but I wouldn't be in there, that's for sure.

Hugh (Michigan)

Merry Christmas Derek. Do you enjoy playing on Christmas Day or do you finally want a Christmas off?

Derek Fisher
  (5:14 PM)

No, I enjoy it. I think Christmas is a great time for basketball in general. It symbolizes for fans and for people that watch basketball and sports in general that football is winding down this time of the year and NBA basketball is front and center on Christmas Day. I grew up watching it, so to be playing is cool.

rosie (Los Angeles,Ca)

How do you feel when you see someone wearing your jersey?

Derek Fisher
  (5:15 PM)

It's still pretty surreal. Even though you know that people support the team and the players on the team like myself. It's still pretty surreal and humbling to see someone at a game or around the city with a jersey on with my name and number. Even though it's me, it's something that I've not quite gotten used to or expect.

Garrett (Chico Ca)

How old were you you wanted to play in the NBA?

Derek Fisher
  (5:16 PM)

It probably wasn't until I was in college. I'd always dreamed about playing college basketball. I didn't have any plans about playing in the NBA, so it wasn't until college that I grew as a player that I realized the NBA was a goal.

Rafael Cansino (New York)

What do you think has helped you and the lakers contain speedier guards this season?

Derek Fisher
  (5:17 PM)

I just think we've tried to continue to make a concerted effort to be better as a team, because that gives us the best chance to win another championship. The team is back, with the exception of losing Trevor Ariza. We feel confident in our ability to defend.

John (Florida)

Did you (Like Kobe) enjoy last years championship more then the other 3?

Derek Fisher
  (5:18 PM)

Yeah. I would agree with that. Just from the standpoint of all of these experiences and how much has happened since 2002 and the appreciation of how hard it is to do. That's what he speaks of and I speak of when we say that we enjoyed this one more.

Adam (Orange, Ca)

Hey Derek, how is the chemistry on the team with Ron Artest, seems like he is fitting in well with everyone.

Derek Fisher
  (5:19 PM)

Ron has come here to our team with a common goal with everyone else and that's to win a championship. When everyone's going for a common goal and on the same page, it makes for good chemistry. He's as good as we thought he'd be.

PK (Fountain Valley, CA)

Hey Fish! 0.4 or the big 3 against Orlando - which do you personally rank higher in your list of clutch shots?

Derek Fisher
  (5:20 PM)

I think anything you do in the Finals to impact games and help your team win ranks higher than anything else. That's the ultimate stage in pro basketball. We won that game. We've always loved hearing about 0.4 and what happened and how great it was for fans, but we lost in the Finals that year. So, I don't have the fondest memories of that season. So, the threes in Orlando.

Kev (NYC)

Derek, do any of the guys tease Lamar about becoming a reality TV star with his marriage to Khloe Kardashian?

Derek Fisher
  (5:21 PM)

Yeah, we all tease each other about all different types of stuff. It's all in good fun and lockerroom talk. We're kind of like brothers. You can imagine what 12 or 13 brothers who have to share space more days than not. I would say yes, but I wouldn't be inclined to share the jokes.

Binh (LA)

Derek - Your contract ends after this season, what is your plan? are you staying longer?

Derek Fisher
  (5:22 PM)

The plan is to get another contract at this point. I don't have any plans to retire at the end of this season. The plan is to continue to work hard, stay healthy, help the team accomplish the goal of winning the championship. Kind of let the chips fall where they may in terms of finding another job. I'll have to go through that process of contract negotiations, which is a natural part of our business.

Chad (Halsey, Or.)

D-Fish, do you and kobe hang out much outside of basketball or do you guys mostky keep to your self?

Derek Fisher
  (5:29 PM)

When we're on the road, it gives us a chance to hang out outside of work. When we're at home, with families and friends, the time committment, it's more challenging to spend time together outside of work. But when we're on the road, that's when we go out to dinners, a movie. That's our hang out time, when we're on the road.

Will (LA)

Derek, are you guys now watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"? Have you hung out with Lamar and his new bride yet?

Derek Fisher
  (5:29 PM)

I don't know anybody that makes it a plan, or schedules their commitments around watching the show. But if it's on when guys are flipping the channels, they'll watch, I guess. She comes to the games and is there to support Lamar. Everyone gets to see friends and family at our home games. But other than that, we don't hang out in that regard. We spend enough time together, so we're all very respectful of personal and private time. We travel enough so when we're in LA it's about giving guys time and respect in that regard.

Jesse (Taipei)

When you run the triangle offense, is it mostly a mental exercise, or does it become quite instinctual?

Derek Fisher
  (5:29 PM)

For myself and other guys, it's something that's instinctual. You have to think, but you're still just reacting because you've been through it so many times. Each day in practice, we practice the things we do in games. But there are guys that haven't been around as long, guys still in their first couple of years in the system. For the most part, we're improving in those areas, but still a long way to go.

Derek Fisher
  (5:29 PM)

Thanks. Thank you for all the support over the years. I feel honored to be a Laker for so many years. The support I get in LA is unbelievable. Happy Holidays. Best wishes to everyone. Keeping everyone's family and friends in the thoughts and prayers.