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February 2, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Matt Mosley

  (12:02 PM)

Hang on a second folks. Matt's having some computer issues. He'll be here shortly.

Jc (Clearwater Fl)

Hey Matt. Linebacker, DL, or Safety where should the Giants go and also will McCluster be there in round 2. I would love the Giants to have another Tiki Barber type runner who is a home run threat every time he touches the ball.

  (12:05 PM)

Jerry Reese isn't a guy who gets caught up in drafting for need. If the best player at No. 15 is an OL, that's the direction he'll go. But I do know they like Taylor Mays out of USC.

Kris (Alexandria)

Hey Matt love the blog, I wanted to ask you the trade value of some of the Redskins, we have a few holes to fix albeit some of them gaping holes (O-Line) and some depth on both sides of the ball SS, TE, D-line.So what do you think the following guys could warrant in terms of picks?Fred DavisChris CooleyLaron LandryReed DoughtyChris HortonAndre Carter

  (12:08 PM)

You're just not going to see a lot of trades -- especially with the uncertainty of the CBA. Davis and Cooley would have the most value of those guys you mentioned, but no one's going to get involved in a deal for them. And it wouldn't be wise for the Skins to deal them. And what could you possibly hope to get in return for an unproven player such as Horton or an aging guy like Carter? Thanks for reading the blog.

Garrett (Washington DC)

What do you think the return would be IF the Cowboys decided to trade one of their 2 talented backs. Marion Barber Or Tashard Choice?????

  (12:09 PM)

I think you could possibly get a second-round pick for Barber. The best you could do with Choice is a fourth-rounder. And that's a stretch. These trades are pie in the sky.

The Situation (Jersey Shore)

If 2010 will be an uncapped season, how will this affect the Giants plans regarding free-agent acquisitions? What will be the rules and will all free-agents become restricted?

  (12:10 PM)

It's not all "all" free agents, but it will significantly change the look of free agency. And it will make it a much smaller thing. The Giants will be affected just like every other team. There just aren't as many guys in the pool -- and I'm not sure they would've been big players anyway.

Anthony (Old Bridge, NJ)

If Rolando Mcclain somehow falls to the giants do you think Jerry Reese would pass on him if Antonio Pierce could come back

  (12:11 PM)

McClain was protected a lot in Saban's scheme, so be careful on this kid. But yes, he's an amazing athlete who could make a huge impact. The status of Antonio Pierce won't prevent the Giants from drafting a talented LB.

MJ (Boston)

forget the 9 picks, Asante Samuel is way over valued. There's 10 other cb's that I'd rather have. He's not a great cover guy, he's plays 10 yards off, guesses and jumps routes. Now teams are finally getting smart and double moving his @$$...agree?

  (12:12 PM)

I think he's one of the league's boom or bust guys, yes. But I'm not sure you can find 10 CBs better than him, no.

Mason (Tucson)

How do you see the Eagles addressing the FS and DE position this offseason?

  (12:14 PM)

They have to put someone next to Mikell who knows what he's doing. Macho wasn't ready and Demps is too far in Andy Reid's dog house to ever come out and play on a regular basis. If the Eagles could find a veteran (sort of like what the Cowboys did with Sensabaugh), that would be the best answer. They don't have anyone on the roster that can get it done right now. But again, I'd be just as concerned about CB as I would safety.

Corey Hobbs (Delaware)

Hi Matt, Will Portis still be a major part of the skins offense in 2010 with Shanahan. Also, is it smart to draft an OT with the #4 pick, QB, or trade down?

  (12:15 PM)

Unless someone's dying to have Bradford (and I'm talking DYING), the Skins probably stay right there and take him. Do I think it's the right move? Hard to say. That O-line is a MESS.

Mason (Tucson)

If Mcnabb isn't traded this offseason do you see him getting an extension?

  (12:15 PM)

Something has to give.

johnie moreno (sumter,sc)

What do you think it would take for the dallas cowboys to get Julius Peppers? Money and/or trade wise?

  (12:15 PM)

Not going to happen.

St8 Prop (Atlanta, Ga)

MM...been a long time fan of your blog. I know you probably seen a gazillion of my posts. Anyways, my thoughts...MM...You say that a few analyst have the Giants drafting a DE and you supposrt this with "you cant have too many"...but why wouldnt the Giants draft towards need this draft?In case you didnt notice, the Giants drafted "to need" the last 3 drafts and they havent went wrong...they needed a corner and drafted Ross...needed a safety and drafted Phillips...needed a WR and drafted Nicks.

  (12:18 PM)

Prop: Based on last year's evidence, I'm not sure how we can say they haven't gone wrong. I know those are injuries, but still, you have to take into consideration. This team simply needs to improve as much as possible. Draft as much talent as you can and then hope it works out. Things didn't work out last season for the Giants. Was that Jerry Reese's fault? Well, I'm sure he needs to bear some of the responsibility. But the coaches also came up woefully short in '09.

Dan (Kansas City)

It seems that the Giants have drafted a linebacker every year going back to the Accorsi days and have whiffed on every pick. Is this finally the year that the G-men address this glaring need early or should we suspect late-round picks and free agent re-treads again?

  (12:19 PM)

I'm not really prepared to call Clint Sintim a "whiff" at his point. And we're still learning about guys such as Goff and Kehl, who came on strong as a special teams guy last season.

rossy ross (motown, nj)

who do you see the giants releasing on D? Hopefully Pierce...

  (12:20 PM)

I think C.C. Brown, Aaron Rouse, Antonio Pierce and Danny Clark could all be gone.

Anthony Gotti (Scranton,Pa)

Matt, Im also wondering what you think about wade phillips and jason garrett as a coach, Are they the right coaching tandem in the big D?

  (12:21 PM)

I don't know it's that great of a tandem, but where else are you going to turn at this point? They had a pretty successful season -- especially based on the standards of the past 13 seasons. Tell my friends at Dunder-Mifflin hello.

Chris (Barnegat, NJ)

Mat, what will the market for David Carr be like? I see Arizona as a good fit. Solid Oline, emerging running game, and a plethera of talent at WR. Your thoughts.

  (12:22 PM)

He'd be better off re-signing with the Giants. No real market for this guy.

wade (clarksville, TN)

Without a salary cap, would Jerry Jones actually try to sign a No1 receiver like Brandon Marshall?

  (12:22 PM)

There are some parameters with the Cowboys being in the "Final Eight," but Jerry Jones isn't going to sign this guy anyway.

Chris (Barnegat, NJ)

Matt, is Osi really unhappy in NY? What could they get for him in return if they decied to trade him? A first round pick? Would Josh Cribbs be worth it? That man is a weapon.

  (12:24 PM)

You already have a Cribbs starter kit in Hixon. I wouldn't start talking about giving up every-down players for an elite special teams player. Umenyiora will come back in strong in 2010. I really believe that.

Jeffrey (Washington, D.C.)

Hey Matt! Great Chat! I know you have alot of contacts in the NFL scouting circles. What are you hearing about Sam Bradford as a prospect? What are you hearing about how he ranks with previous years prospects like Ryan and Flacco?

  (12:26 PM)

I think he would've been No. 1 overall in last year's draft. The shoulder injury worries a few teams. But he's still a top-five talent from the folks that I talk to. Now I'm talking to some scouts in the 20-30 range, so they don't have as much to risk by telling me stuff about Bradford.

MJ (Boston)

Matt - what do you think the chances are the Boys cut Barber?

  (12:27 PM)

Highly unlikely. He's owed guaranteed money. Jerry doesn't like to kiss that away.

Brookes (DC)

If the Skins draft Bradford, do you think Jason Campbell will request a trade? What would his value be and who would be interested?

  (12:28 PM)

Campbell's not the type of guy who goes around demanding trades. I think he'd hang in there and battle with the rookie in training camp. If he won the competition and had a nice season under Shanahan, then his value goes way up.

Mike (Ocala, FL)

What is the situation with Brandon Jacobs? Obviously they just gave him an extension before this past season, but he hardly performed up to snuff. Bradshaw appeared to be the more consistent and dynamic runner. Will Bradshaw be the starter?

  (12:28 PM)

Mike, I don't think Coughlin's ready to make that change yet.

Brian Shock ((Souix Falls, SD)

Do you think Ej, Henderson will be back for the viks nxt season?

  (12:29 PM)


MJ (Boston)

10 corners i'd rather have than Asante: Revis, Nnamdi, Champ, Leon Hall, Quentin Jammer, Woodson, Newman, Jenkins, Winfield, Jabari Greer (very good cover guy)

  (12:30 PM)

I'll give you Revis, Nnamdi, Champ, Woodson, Jenkins. I would take Samuel over the rest of your list.

MJ (Boston)

Is Garret in love with MArion? why was he running those pitch plays to Barber after the Boys moved the ball, did he give a reason for that?

  (12:31 PM)

Not sure we ever received an explanation for that HIGHLY curious play call.

Dan (DC)

Why do I have a bad feeling Shanahan is going Bradford in Round 1, a RB in Round 2 and OL won't be addressed till Round 4 since they don't have a 3rd round pick?

  (12:31 PM)

Call it Cerratosis...It's a condition that comes with years of watching Cerrato-Snyder drafts.

Brookes (DC)

I know you say player trades are pie in the sky, but what could you see happening if the Skins trade Jason Campbell? He was prepared to request a trade last year if we drafted a QB and after this season's beating, I'm sure he'd request a trade rather than be a lame duck punching bag.

  (12:32 PM)

The most they could get at this point is a third or fourth-round pick. Does that do it for you?

Jim (Philly)

Hey Matt - great Blog, what do you think the chances of the Eagles getting Peppers to line up opposite of cole, and then going after the defensive backfield in the draft??

  (12:33 PM)

They just paid a huge amount of money to a LT who underperformed and they have a big decision at QB. I'm not sure I see this scenario playing out. Peppers would require a LARGE investment.

Dennis (in the classroom)

How will the Giants address the DT position? It seems that they need one more good big body in there that can hold it's spot on the run and collapse the pocket (to give the edge rusher a better shot).

  (12:34 PM)

I'd get rid of Robbins and Bernard and start over.

Craig (Braintree, MA)

How do you see the Giants fall from 5-0 to not making the playoffs?

  (12:35 PM)

Easy opening stretch followed by a tough stretch that exposed some fatal flaws, namely the inability to rush the quarterback and cover wide receivers.

Bob (DC)

How many of the Redskins starting offensive lineman for 2010 are currently on their roster? And who are they?

  (12:36 PM)

Derrick Dockery, possibly Rabach and MAYBE Heyer.

Chris (Pinehurst)

Is Haslett going to fix the problems with the Skins secondary, and will they draft any CBs or address in FA?

  (12:38 PM)

I think Haslett will make a big difference, but it's going to take a little time, Chris. I think the Skins have to think about CB in the draft. Hall and Rogers are not the cornerstones of the future in this secondary.

Baylor Basketball (Waco)

Will we make the NCAA field of 65 this year?

  (12:40 PM)

My man Lunardi had us as a No. 7 seed in the East BEFORE we beat UT in Austin. I liked seeing the Longhorns get it going in Stillwater last night because it helps our RPI. The loss at home to KSU stung, but I don't see any reason why Coach Drew's band of moderate Baptist hoopers can't earn a No. 5 or No. 6 seed in the tourney.

mike (philly)

what is your take on the QB situation in phillly in 2010? who stays and who goes?

  (12:41 PM)

Vick's gone no matter what. There's a 30 percent chance that Vick's gone. There's a 5 percent chance that Kolb's gone.

Mike (Richmond, VA)

Matt, Trying to use your chat as a buffer from my cabin fever with all this snow. Help keep me engaged. Is there any rumor about possible offseason pick-ups from the offices of Shannahan & Shannahan?

  (12:43 PM)

Mike, I think they need to be on the lookout for veteran offensive lineman. Other than that, you'll be relying on the draft for immediate help. Mike, I just started Machester's first volume on Winston Churchill, "The Last Lion." It's great for cabin fever.

tim (new york)

redskins have two good tight ends both could start on other teams but do u think a two very good tight ends would work out in Shanahans offense if not cooley should be the one heading out the door

  (12:43 PM)

He'll find a way to use them both. Cooley's staying right where he is. Stop trying to get rid of the most entertaining guy on the team.

BD (Branchburg)

Shouldn't the Eagles draft needs be in this order: FS, OLB, OL and DE. Offense is pretty set and I wouldn't mind grabbing another RB in the middle rounds, but FS and OLB would be great to fill in the early rounds.

  (12:44 PM)

I know you think I'm crazy, but I would put CB at the top of the list. Did you watch that group late in the season?

Eric (Virginia)

if Favre retired this year...I heard rumors that the Vikes were going after McNabb...think that trade would happen, and if so, what would it cost the Vikes?

  (12:47 PM)

Eric, I think the Eagles will be asking for a first-round pick. Will the Vikes pay that steep price? I doubt it.

zak (virginia)

Of the four starting quarterbacks in the NFC which will have the most productive season next year

  (12:48 PM)

I assume you mean the NFC East. I'll list them in order:1. Tony Romo2. Eli Manning3. Jason Campbell4. Kevin Kolb

George (Norfolk,VA)

Are we getting close to see your first shot at a mock draft for 2010?

  (12:49 PM)

George, I'm getting closer all the time. We'll be charging $79.95 for a peek at my mock, though. George, are you still there?...

chris (nj)

With karlos dansvy on the free agent market. do you see the giants going for him or lb in the draft

  (12:50 PM)

The Redskins love the former Auburn players, Chris...

Memphis Rob (Memphis, TN)

If you dont' see the Vikes getting McNabb, and don't see him starting, where's he going?

  (12:51 PM)

He'll most likely stay in Philly. But if he doesn't go to the Cards or Vikes, I'd say that the Browns are a likely destination.

Brookes (DC)

Just to piggyback off your earlier response, wouldn't Jason have to play up to a franchise tag caliber for the Skins to get any trade value in 2011? That seems very unlikely. Anyone journeyman can be a lame duck QB for a year. Wouldn't it be in everyone's best interest for the Skins to trade Campbell this year instead of letting him walk without compensation after a lame duck year?

  (12:52 PM)

Shanahan has to decide which course of action gives him the best chance to win. Does getting a fourth-round pick make you that much better down the road?

Gary (Dallas)

Besides young talent on the O-Line what is the cowboys biggest need area following???? kinda hard to find one isnt there

  (12:53 PM)

Better get some depth at inside linebacker. We don't know what all those rookies from last year look like because they were all hurt.

Danny (New York)

How do you think Sean Mcdermott did as a D-Coordinator following the passing of the great Jim Johnson, the departure of a leader like Brian Dawkins, and injuries to the linebackers and secondary? Will he ever live up to Johnson's position? Will the return of Bradley help their defense get more stops?

  (12:55 PM)

Given the circumstances, I think McDermott hung in there and did a pretty nice job. He was understaffed down the stretch and he couldn't come up with any answers. It's not totally fair to compare him to such a great DC as Johnson at this point in his young career. But yes, I think he has some outstanding traits. And there's a chance that he's a head coach in this league in the near future. He's got a little Spagnuolo in him -- and that's a good thing.

Amari Harris (Richmond, VA)

Hey Matt,I'm seeing a considerable neglect of Cowboys' questions in this chat. Don't tell me you're getting soft on me.Do you forsee any notable free agents pick-ups for the 'Boys?

  (12:57 PM)

I don't think the Cowboys will be big players in FA nor should they be. But you might want to be on the lookout for Spears' eventual replacement. And it would help to have a better backup NT than Junior Siavii.

Brett (South Dakota)

What do you think about how the NFC East teams are set up for an uncapped year?

  (12:59 PM)

Cowboys are the most hamstrung because of the Final Eight Rule, which puts some parameters on what type of contracts they can offer. But I don't think any of the teams are looking to do anything that big in FA.

eddie (connecticut)

I dont inderstand why every mock draft has us drafting carlos dunlab we dont need defensive ends we need secondary and lbs who do you see us takin in the first two rounds of the draft

  (1:01 PM)

The early mocks simply try to get players in the correct order in terms of talent. It's not so much about matching them up with need until we get closer to the draft. That's why I like to wait. You guys have been a great audience -- as always. Let's stay in touch throughout the offseason. All my best.