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February 12, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Teresa Weatherspoon

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (1:58 PM)

I'm ready to roll!

Dschusty1 (The big Apple)

Hey Spoon, sure do miss you in the Big A!!! I'm a big Lady Vols fan. How would you turn me into a LA-Tech Fan?

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (1:59 PM)

(Laughing) I don't know if I can turn you into a LA Techsters fan. All I can say is watch our your ladies. Just watch how hard they play. Thanks for the support from New York City!

Julie (Waldport, Oregon)

What is your take on the Lady Techsters and their chances of an NCAA bid this season? Best of luck and congrats on all your success.

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:01 PM)

Thank you so much for the support. As I speak as the head coach of the Techsters, we are playing good basketball and we have goals. We would like to win the WAC and we do that by taking it game-by-game. The NCAA only takes one team out of the WAC so we have to win tour conference tournament in order to make it to the big tournament.

Rowan (Seattle)

Can you please give us your take on what kind of player Brittney Griner is? Dunks. Triple-doubles. She is amazing!

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:02 PM)

She's one player that will help change the game. She does things with such ease. She has great coaches with coach Maulkey and coach Barmore. Brittney has a soft touch, she runs the floor like a guard and she's very skilled. Above all that, she a wonderful humble kid.

Lisa (Virginia)

What is the one thing you took away from all your years as a basketball player?

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:04 PM)

That's a tough question. In the many years of playing the game, so much knowledge was gained. The coaches I played for, the players I played with, the GM and everything that goes alone with being on a team is very very special to me. Everything that I've accomplished with a team, a team who becomes your family. We worked as one for one goal. Working day in and day out to be someone who gives all that I had. Just being a positive influence and touching lives.

Michael (New Orleans)

What is the best part of being able to coach at your alma mater?

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:07 PM)

Being able to give back to a university that gave so much to me. It gives me the opportunity to give back to these players that I love dearly. I get the chance to teach them the game and help them grow not only as a player but as young women. Impacting their lives in a positive way comes first, the game comes second.

Sam (Atlanta, GA)

How does it feel knowing that you will be inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame later this year?

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:09 PM)

It's a tremendous honor to be in the mist of all these incredible players that are already in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame and the players that will eventually make it in. It's not something that I played for or something that ever crossed my mind but when I think about the people who chose me and who thought that I was good enough to be in the hall is an amazing amazing feeling. I'm deeply honored.

Sophie (Dublin, California)

In honor of Black History Month, can you talk about some of the people -- both men and women -- who have inspired you most? Who inspired you as a player? As a coach? Just as a person?

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:12 PM)

Mom and Dad. It starts very early in my household. The person that I am, its mom and dad. The person I am, its mom and dad. The coach I am, its mom and dad. It started with seeing them working hard to get where they wanted to be. I also take a look back at all our ancestors and ask myself could I go through what they went through? And all I can say to them is thank you. I'm truly grateful to all my ancestors who went through what they went through in order for me to be able to do what I do today.

Bill (Chicago)

Coach - Great start of the season! Since this is your first full year, how important is it that you have assembled a great staff? Can you speak about Coach Park and what he has brought to your program, with all his experience from Maryland. Thanks and Good Luck!

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:16 PM)

You're as good as the staff you assembled. They must do what they do with suggestions but our philosophy has to be the same. Coach Park has a ton of experience coaching this game and it's been a joy to have him apart of this staff. He put's in a lot hours to make sure that we get what we need. It's great to have him here because of the mind that he has. Sarah Carter and Ebony Felder are my young go-getters. To be a part of what I do, you have to be hungry and if you're not, you can't be part of what I do.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

Does Karl Malone still have game?

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:18 PM)

Yes, Big Man still has game! It's a joy to be back and in the presence of my big brother. He does a lot to help build the university. He puts in his time and effort because he cares. He loves Louisiana Tech. I LOVE YOU FOR THAT BIG BOY!

Daley (CT)

Thanks for chatting Teresa! You & Sheryl Swoopes are WNBA legends. Any predictions for who is in the next group of women's hoop legends? Do you think a woman will ever play in the NBA?

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:20 PM)

We as women as very happy to have our own. We want young ladies to be able to look at us and want to be like as us and see that all things are possible. We are happy to have our own so that we can be role models for these young ladies. The men have there's and we have ours. There are some incredible women athletes out there but I think we are doing just fine in the WNBA.

Teresa Weatherspoon
  (2:23 PM)

It's always good to be able to chat with people to just say thank you. Thank you for all the support over the years. I appreciate everybody taking the time to send in questions. I wish you an in creditable 2010 and Happy Valentines Day!!!