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February 18, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Inside Lacrosse

Sean Burns
  (2:01 PM)

Good afternoon everybody,Ned is just getting settled, so we'll start up with questions momentarily.

Chris (New Jersey)

Hey Ned,I'm a future Tarheel. Can you share with us some interesting stories about the Duke - UNC rivalry for any sports? What really goes on?Good luck this year (except when playing UNC)!Chris

Ned Crotty
  (2:08 PM)

Hey Chris, first off congrats on becoming a tarheel, it is a great school. The Duke UNC rivalry is an unbelievable experience, and something that is definitely taken seriously down here. Although as serious as the rivalry is, from my experience, it is a respectful rivalry, unlike some of the other rivalries we have. I can only speak for lacrosse, but I know we have a lot of respect for those guys.

Francis (Princeton, NJ)

What would you rather have: Stephen Coyle's outside shot or Kevin Young's looks?

Ned Crotty
  (2:11 PM)

Hey Francis, that is a very difficult question, stephen coyle, better known as McLovin, has an unstoppable outside shot, his form and technique are unmatched. But Kevin Young's looks have garnered him the nickname "cutie". Soon enough lacrosse will be over for McLovin but Cutie will always have those looks, im gonna have to go with Kevins looks

Tad Romper (Huntington, NY)

Ned, first off huge fan. How do you stay so fit? Do you work out with a personal trainer or do Hot Yoga in the offseason? Thanks Ned, Go Dukies!

Ned Crotty
  (2:17 PM)

Hey there Max, I mean tad, hope everything is going well. I think it has become pretty well known that my game is all about strength and power, so I workout a lot. I have tried working out with personal trainers but they usually can not keep up with me, until I found our current strength coach here at Duke, Coach Carl, he has all sorts of crazy workouts. And I have never gotten into hot yoga, my friend dan cocoziello used to do it and was a big fan, so i have thought about getting into it.

school boy (facing east)

So I read in your recent interview with teammate Quax Minzani on IL that compared you two to great dynamic duos such as peanut butter and jelly, Harry and Lloyd, and Kobe and Shaq. I'm a more of a classic Lakers fan so I was wondering which one of you is James Worthy and which one of you is AC Green?

Ned Crotty
  (2:26 PM)

Hey School boy, that is a great question, I too am a classic lakers fan. Although I dont think one of us is one or the other, I would have to say that Max and I are both James Worthy's, and Howell is AC Green.

Bandanna (Parker House)

Will you play in the MLL this summer or hold out to settle some unfinished business with Hatteras?

Ned Crotty
  (2:30 PM)

Hey bandana, that is a question that I have lost a lot of sleep over. For years now Hatteras and myself have been trying to take home the coveted war at the shore trophy, but unfortunately have been unsuccessful. I would really like one last chance at it, and I dont want to let down charlie, tommy or billy. HAT LAX!

Paul (Fl)

Do you string your own stick? How do you string it? What stick are you using? What kind of mesh do you like?

Ned Crotty
  (2:38 PM)

Hey Paul, right now I am using the voyce X6, it is one of the new heads that follows the 2010 NCAA specs. I really havent noticed to much difference between the heads we used last year and the ones we now have to use. I have always strung my own stick and used mesh. For some reason I have always used kind of a higher pocket, and since I have been using it for so long I have just stuck with it. I use a decent amount of hold for a little more ball security and a good amount of whip to help out my shot. right not I am using hard mesh because I have found that it does not bag out as easily and lasts longer, which i like so I dont have to constantly be restringing my stick.

Sean Burns
  (2:39 PM)

Alright folks, unfortunately Ned has to take off - he's got a Team Meeting that starts in two minutes, so he doesn't want to get on the bad side of coach Danowski.The Blue Devils take on Notre Dame this week at home, one of several key early games that start with Friday afternoon's ESPNU-televised tilt between Johns Hopkins and Manhattan. Be sure to follow that game live on ESPNU and check and for all the highlights and updates.