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March 4, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Inside Lacrosse

Sean Burns
  (1:53 PM)

Good afternoon lax fans, we're about to go live with Notre Dame's Grant Krebs, with Princeton's Scott MacKenzie following that between 1:20-1:30, depending on when he arrives.

Peter Bruce (eastport,md)

To grant krebs; What is it like dedicating so much time to a sport that students at your own school do not even know exists? and When Will Yeatman left Notre Dame to join the Terps, many people likened it to Babe Ruth leaving the Red Sox to join the yankees, do you think Notre Dame will have the curse of the Yeatbino and not win a championship?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:05 PM)

Hey Peter...Obviously Notre Dame is a football school and a lot of students don't know what lacrosse is. I've played lacrosse my whole life, so it doesn't matter where I play, I just love to play. Its awesome going to a huge football school, because of the big time athletic scene that goes on here. The marketing department does a good job with our events and we play at huge venues across the country, so national recognition is a little easier. Yeatman was a great player and a great friend. I do not think we will have the course of the great Yeatbino, one because you have to win a National Championship to have the curse and the talent of our team this year could lead to some great things.

stephen donmoyer (mechanicsburg)

how's it feel to be able to repersent the gold and blue day in and day out?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:06 PM)

Stephen..It is an amazing feeling to represent Notre Dame because of all that goes with it. This university has a great tradition in athletics and putting on the uniform every day is quite a feeling. It comes with hard work though. It doesn't come easy, balancing academics and athletics, but at the end of the day its pays off to be a part of such a great program with your best friends and a coaching staff that loves the game as much as the players do.

Flowtastic (South Bend, IN)

I hear you are roommates with Scotty Rodgers. What is that like? What is your favorite aspect of being roommates with such a Big East Beast?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:07 PM)

Living with Scotty is an experience. He is an awesome kid, who loves to eat, sleep, and lift. There is never a dull moment with him. His sleeping schedule is pretty entertaining because he takes a nap at 11 o'clock at night and wakes up to play video games at 2 in the morning.

Sweet Dude (The Village)

ND Lax is known for its Call of Duty AKA Call of Sweet Dudes prowess. What's your favorite level, and are you as good at sniping in COD as you are in the step-down position in lax?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:09 PM)

Call of Sweet Dudes was a Hoff and Swezey term. We usually play as a team, everywhere between 6-8 of us. We can't be beat. Bobby Smith carries the team on every level, constanting getting the nuke. Favorite weapon..Silencer UMP..Favorite level..Terminal...My sniping skills are not the best...I spray bullets...Let's just say I'm a lot more accurate with my step down.

mike m (grayslake, IL)

for grant, what type of pregame rituals do you go through leading up to the first whistle?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:12 PM)

I am pretty superstitious. I listen to the same playlist before every game. A lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers and others. I shower in the lockerroom for 20 minutes to stretch and get warm. I never go out for the shoot around. I always stay in and stretch. During the warm-up, nothing to dramatic, I go through the warm-up like everyone else. Before we take it into the lockerroom right before the whistle I always take 4 shots on goal. Two righty and two lefty.

Ridg, d-train, beetlejuice (South dining hall)

Just wondering what your pregame rituals are? I heard you eat a whole stick of butter and lip sync Britney spears songs, is this true?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:16 PM)

Actually..we eat at North Dining Hall before games. But you can find Dave Earl listening to Sarah McLaughlin at his table. He singles himself out before games and always sits by himself.

Sean Burns
  (2:17 PM)

Hey everybody, Scott MacKenzie is in the house (via IM at least), so I'll start piping in some of his answers as well, but Grant will be here through 2:30 so feel free to continue throwing your questions his way as well...

Domer (Turtle Creek)

Grant is it tough being a great middie while also being the smallest player on your team. How tall are you like 5'6?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:18 PM)

I'm 5'8 and have about 3 inches on Andrew Irving. It is tough being short, but its not that bad. The only problem about being short is tall defenders going over my head. But I have learned that defenders always try to go over my head, so its not that bad.

Hoffdaddy (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

Hey Krebsy, You've got a lot of interesting nicknames: Gremlin, Smeagol, The Lobster, etc....? What's your Favorite? And on a serious note, how does it feel to head back to the hometown and play on a big venue in front of friends and family?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:20 PM)

HoffSauce, none are my favorites. But I would say that Smeagol has stuck the most with the team. I now respond to Schmee, Smeagol, and others. Lobster, not a good one. I think we can thank Davey Melera for that one. Heading back to Baltimore this weekend is going to be awesome. I have a lot of family and friends going to the game and we have a great opportunity to play at a national venue against a good Loyola team. I have played in Raven's Stadium once before and it really is one of the best places to play. It is going to be a lot of fun and will allow the lacrosse community to have a chance to see us play in person.

Bob (America)

Our daughter Sarah goes to Princeton and says your a stand-up, nice guy. Good to hear to that the lacrosse players at Princeton are so kind. What is the general feeling on the team about this saturday?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:20 PM)

Hey Bob, I think the guys are really fired up about this Saturday. Last year we came out flying and we plan to do that again. The FOC is a great event and I am excited to play in it.

Mikes Barber Shop (Princeton NJ)

I love the newfound "flow" this year with the departure of Coach T. Rate your flow on a scale of 1-10. Who has the best flow on the team?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:21 PM)

Right now I wouldn't rate my flow that high because I just had to get it cut for a job interview. However, Long Ellis is really repping for the Hotchkiss Bearcats right now...I'd give him a 9

Joe (New York, NY)

Grant, what's your weapon of choice?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:23 PM)

weapon of choice.. are we talking COD or stick. COD always the Silencer lacrosse in use a Voyce dyed dark green, with a magnum TI shaft.

laMichael (oregon)

has scotty rodgers recent play made you say joey kemp who

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:24 PM)

No, he hasn't yet. But I constantly remind him of Tyler Fiorito, so he gets a little upset. Anyway, he is the best goalie in lacrosse right now. I have played with Joey and Scotty and its a tough call as to who is better.

Jbro (Greenwich, CT)

I read that you live with Jeremy Hirsch, Nikhil Ashra and Jimmy P. Davis. Which of your roommates is the most annoying, who has the weirdest habit and who gets the most girls?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:25 PM)

Jeremy, or bean as we call him, has a tendency to steal my coffee mug and Nikhil's winter goves, also bean sleeps on the ground every night for his back which I think is pretty weird, but I have to say that Jimmy P. Davis has been Spellman's Don Juan this year.

Alex Berg (Glen Ridge)

Hi Scott -Do you think having the freedom to grow your hair and try to grow facial stub has helped your team get out of its dry-streak and score more often?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:26 PM)

hey Alex, I think being able to grow out some flow has given our team a little swagger that it needs

Swez Lax (Los Angeles)

Grant, first of all good luck this weekend. Second of all what do you think it's going to feel like playing in such a large crowd in your hometown. Third of all, which attackman do you miss most from last year? Goooo Irish

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:27 PM)

Swez...It is going to be awesome playing in front of all my friends and family and in front of the large crowd. We have played in front of large crowds before, especially last year at The Shoe. I definitely miss Swezey the most, we can do without Hoff...Im just kidding... Both of you are missed...I do miss your over the top pass for a step down

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:28 PM)

I played hockey my whole life and miss playing a lot. USA effort was pretty sweet, event hough they couldn't pull through. Making it to medal game was an accomplishment and Miller was awesome all Olympics. Too bad Sid the Kid pulled through for the Canucks.

HAF (Austin, TX)

Nick Hermandorfer (Herm) was a dominant presence in the lockerroom when you were a an underclassman. How does it feel to be a member of the elite organization of Herm and Friends? How has his leadership and the leadership of other upperclassmen aided in your development as a player?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:30 PM)

Nick (Herm) is best remembered for having the greatest halftime speech of all led to an instant classic against Essex CC, I am not sure HAF has much say anymore

WarriorLax (Wilton, CT)

Scotty Mac, what was it like growing up and learning the game of lacrosse in Montana?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:31 PM)

Warriorlax, I actually learned to play the game in the great town of wilton, ct. We actually won the state championship in 6th 7th and 8th grade before I left for Hotchkiss

gumby and train (the 263)

Grant- Ive heard that your girlfriend's mom buys you clothes because she doesnt like the way you dress. is this true?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:32 PM)

I was wearing a lot of Dave Earl's clothes before and lets just say his style is a little out of date, so her mom bought me some clothes.

Duke of Gloucester (Naptown Maryland)

Grant, with the NFL combine transpiring over this past weekend, what type of 40' time and bench reps can we expect to see from you in your forthcoming MLL combine?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:33 PM)

40' time. I just going to speculate around a 4.4..I usually beat Dave Earl, who is considered the fastest kid on the team. Bench reps...I would say 225 for about 12 times....

Chris Bino (Ct.)

Scott, Who is your favorite Fairfield Lacrosse player and what do you like about his game?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:34 PM)

I gotta say this Trombino character. My favorite part about his game is persistence...the kid never gives up

Kevin K. (Spelman, NJ)

Scottie, tell me about the loss of Rich Sgalardi and Mark Kovler. I hear they really brought you along this season and made you a better man, tell me about what its like without those two characters around???

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:35 PM)

hey kevin, richie and mark were great guys and absolutely made me a better man. I miss the consecutives...

Tom (TV Room (Cottage, NJ))

Hey Scottie,I am sitting next to you right now and you smell great. What do you think is your greatest attribute outside of your lacrosse skills?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:36 PM)

Tom, I appreciate that, I do my best to look and smell good everyday. As for my greatest attribute, thats tough, but I would say my basketball ball skills...some call me lebron

Lacrosse Mom (Baltimore, MD)

What kind of tunes are we listening to in the Princeton locker room this year?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:39 PM)

We are listening to all sorts of great stuff in the locker room, Whoop There It Is has been the favorite so far though

Burchie (Lakevill)

Hey Scott would you consider your self the best Bearcat IN Division one Lacrosse. Or would u consider Long Ellis or how bout ND's Andrew Irving, or Brown's Matt Greenburg, or Denver's Emerson Eichler or Brenden Deblion? Any Comments

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:41 PM)

Hey Burchie, I never like to set a riff between fellow bearcats so I can't tell you who the best is. I can tell you that once a bearcat, always a winner

Will Martin Thanheiser (Washington DC- Tenley Inn)

This one is for Scotty MacKenzie- Scott, do you ever get approached by the Prinecton Football coaches? I have to believe at 6'4, you'd be a perfect fit for Prinecton's program that has been struggling recently.

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:44 PM)

Hey Will, great to hear from you...I have thought about showcasing my 4th string jv quarterback skills, but I have yet to be approached

Tyler (Bmore)

Grant, Loyola's 3-0 with a win over Navy, you guys are undefeated too with a win over Duke... How big is Saturday for you guys to stay perfect in front of a big crowd and on tv?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:45 PM)

It's going a be a tough match between us. Every year we play Loyola the margin is always 1 or 2 goals. They are ranked 10th, I believe, so they are going to be a tough matchup. We have been preparing all week. We are not letting the big venue get in our heads..Its just another game and hopefully we come out on top.

Bob (The Burgh)

Do you think lacrosse can ever become a top-4 sport in the US?

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:46 PM)

Bob.. Probably not anytime soon. We would be competing with Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey. I do think it should be a top-4 sports, especially with all the athletes that play. However, without a sustaining professional league and limited tv coverage, it will be tough.

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:49 PM)

Absolutely Bob, I think lacrosse is an unbelievable sport to watch. It allows players to showcase their athleticism and as the sport grows more people will start watching.

Lacrosse Mom (Baltimore, MD)

Coach Bates is changing the face of offense at Princeton this has your role changed, and how many extra shots have you been taking every week so the Mackenzie-machine comes out scoring on Saturday?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:52 PM)

Coach Bates has done a great job with our offense this year. I think I need to develop more as an offball player. I try to shoot 4 times a week, roughly shooting 50 balls each time

hoganlax (weems walen)

no way you run a 4.4 krebs...who is the best backyard/street laxer you have every played with? ive heard of some short kid named peter loose who is a play ground legend in your hometown.

Grant Krebs (Notre Dame)
  (2:53 PM)

The best backyard laxer in my hometown is Christian Pastirik. Not Peter Bruce. Christian usually gets grounded and his dad makes him shoot 100 shot with each hand under the light in Sherwood Forest. He is the best backyard shooter I've ever seen.

Passmatter (Tenley Inn)

Smackenz, if lip size is directly correlated to deft passing ability and powerful right-handed crack shots, who do you think will have a Scalardi-esque breakout season? Engelke? Also, how is Moni progressing in filling the void of sweet sweet story-teller/middie left by Josh Lesko? Finally, what are the over/unders on Barnes' face-off percentage and Long Ellis' groundballs-per-joke about his name?

tommy davis (levittown)

scott,has my brother jimmy p davis taught you any interview tips lately after his spot last week on the princeton website? thanks!

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (2:58 PM)

Jimmy has certainly showed me a thing or two and I just hope he keeps it up...Boom goes the Dynamite

tyler (b)

Scott, you guys took it to Hop in last year's game... Any worry that they're going to be hungry on Saturday to get back at you?

Scott MacKenzie (Princeton University)
  (3:01 PM)

I would be shocked if they didn't come out looking for revenge. When we played them last year we were certainly looking to come out flying and redeem ourselves for my sophomore year

Sean Burns
  (3:02 PM)

Alright folks, that wraps it up for Scott and Grant, so thanks to both of them for joining us. Remember, you can keep up with all the action Saturday starting at 11 from Baltimore, with ESPNU broadcasting Duke-Maryland at 11 and Princeton-Hopkins at about 1:30. The Duke-Loyola game isn't on TV but we'll have all the coverage you need from all three tilts over at