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March 8, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Chris Sheridan

Chris Sheridan
  (3:02 PM)

Good afternoon from sunny, warm New York. The mercury has reached 60 for the first time since November, and it feels like early spring with the first shoots of green coming out of the ground. Speaking of which, I'll be up close to Mike Woodson at Hawks-Knicks game tonight and will try to provide some sort of a report on his eyebrow growth. Watching the Hawks over the weekend, TV seemed to show quite a bit of re-growth. But I need to see up close. Questions?

Frank (Indiana)

Is there any chance that john wall wont be the #1 pick next year?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:03 PM)

Only if a team with no point guard needs, like Sacramento, wins the lottery. I could then see them trading down to No. 2. But Wall has been projected as a consensus No. 1 pick for more than a year now, and with good reason.

chris (minnesota)

Hi im a celtics fan but Shouldnt have KG's screen on allen's winning 3 last night been called a foul for a moving screen?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:05 PM)

That would have been a tough call for the refs to make. I'll ask you this, Chris, and other Celtics fans: Why, of why, didn;t doc have Boston foul when they were up 3 with 5 seconds left and Washington had to go the length of the court. There were at least two opportunities to foul and sent the Wiz to the line to shoot 2 when they were trailing by 3. Instead, Al Thornton got a terridic look from about 29 feet and just missed. The Green really dodged a bullet last night.

dc (dc)

Yes it would appear that KG got into Andray Blatche's head last night, but are we witnessing the birth of a monster in Dray? That guy DOMINATED KG last night. Dom. In. Ated.

Chris Sheridan
  (3:07 PM)

Here's what I liked: The way Dre stuck up for himself afterward, saying if KG gets up in his face to wuch a degree that he can feel his whiskers, he should expect some backtalk. Blatche playing so well since the trades, he is moving into contention for Most Improved consideration.

zack (Atlanta)

As a hawks fan, is it bad I want to be the 4 seed? I think we match up better against the cavs.. and if we do play them, think the series will even be close? lasty, what happens if JJ leaves us this summer?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:13 PM)

That is somewhat reasonable, Zach, but be careful what you wish for when you are wishing for a postseason matchup against that guy. This is a year in which one of the 5-8 seeds could very well advance, depending on the matchups, so Atl-cle in the second round is no sure thing. Lastly, its rebuilding time all over again to a certain dregree of JJ leaves, but Jamal Crawford could easily slide into that starting slot and produce -- just not as well from an all-around standpoint the way JJ does. They'd have to replacee Jamal's bench production, then take out the dynamite in summer of '11.

Beth (Lake Forest, IL)

Is Andrew Bogut the 2nd best center in the Eastern Conference?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:14 PM)

Since the All-Star break, there is no question. He has been automatic inside of 4 feet, a dominant 7-footer who can score with either hand and who can step outside and beat you from there if forced to, plus a great passer out of double-teams. Watch out for tose Bucks. The Salmons trade really gave them a boost.

barry (florida)

It took the Celtics losing a TON of games for people to finally jump off their band wagon. How many more games do the Lakers have to lose before the media stops saying they cant be beaten in a 7 game series? They are doing the same thing the Cavs did last season. They are beating the weaker teams while losing to the best teams.

Chris Sheridan
  (3:20 PM)

Your point is a pretty good one, Barry, although the thing with the Cavs last year was that there was one team everyone should have seen matched up with them perfectly (Orlando), and that was the team hat knocked them out soundly. In the West, is there anyone you can say matches up perfectly with the Lakers (like Houston did last year)? The bes case can be make for Denver, but I would not pick them to beat L.A. on the road in a Game 7. same for Utah and Dallas. There tends to be a lot of bandwagon jumping when the dog days of March arrive, and they are upon us. (And to directly answer your question more directly, if they lose their next two, against Toronto and at Phoenix, then this particular media member might be willing to change his tune. I can't speak for others.)

Rich (Orange COUNTY)

Can we have a chat that doesn't mention LeBron? What's the over under on how many questions we get to until LeBron is mentioned. I say 2..

Chris Sheridan
  (3:21 PM)

I am ignoring you, Rich. :)

Justin (Minnesota)

Does it make any sense to you that Kevin Love comes off the bench for the Wolves? I realize they are a 14 win team so it doesn't really matter, but it is infuriating for a wolves fan for our without question best player to not start the game

Chris Sheridan
  (3:23 PM)

I though K.Love's bench streak would end when Al J. was suspended, but I was wrong. I can see where it would be infuriating for you, but I also think you have to give Rambis and Kahn a free year to do things their way unquestioned, then see where it leads them this offseason.

Sean (Long Beach)

Are the Lakers simply lackadaisical and have no hunger or is it simply that the other teams in this league have gotten better?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:27 PM)

Well, for one thing they always get the opponent's A game every single night. In charlotte there was a buzz in the whole city because it was just days after MJ bought the team, so there was a positive vibe wave thing going on in the Queen City that hadn't been seen for 15 some years. In Miami, that was a TNT game for a national audience, and the Heat elevated their game because of it. As for yesterday's game, I didn't watch it. Why, you ask?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:29 PM)

Because I get my cable via Cablevision, and Cablevision pulled ABC off the air most of yesterday in a payment dispute. They settled about 17 minutes into the Oscars and put ABC back on the air, but that was of little solace to a certain NBA writer who was denied the opportunity to watch a rematch of the NBA Finals. I assure you that Cablevision will be losing at least one customer over this episode.

Joe (CT)

Kenyon Martin is Hurt, Kobe is Hurt, Parker is Hurt in the West. Garnet is Hurt, Lebron is Hurt in the East. It looks like Dallas may have a great shot at the finals if they can stay healthy throughout the rest of the year, what are your thoughts.

Chris Sheridan
  (3:31 PM)

Well, I would add the name Jason Terry to that list, and I'll have to see if Rodrigue Beaubois can sustain what he's brought offensively the past two games. If Terry has to play with protective goggles in the postseason, that could really hamper his game. Some guys just can't play with those things.

Braylon (Albany,NY)

Hey Chris,If the Knicks could chose between signing Rudy Gay and David Lee for approximately the same price this summer as a sidekick to a max FA, who would you go with?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:33 PM)

If the max f.a. was Bosh, I think they'd go for Gay. If they got a certain somebody from Cleveland, their preference would be to keep Lee and add a center or point guard with their remaining f.a. money.

Blue and Orange (NYC)

The New York Bricks shot 0-18 from three against the Nets? Is that on D'antoni or the players?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:37 PM)

All credit goes to the game-planning of Tom Barrise and Jim Sann, Kiki's assistants. Barrise, by the way, may go down as the decade's least-remembered interim coach. Kevin Pritchard merits consideration, too, but he had a 27-game body of work (5-22). chris Jent, Tony Barone and Johnny Davis merit consideration, too.

Chad (Oregon)

Hi Chris! Is there a chance, that if the Lakers don't win it all, they make a move this summer or blow the whole thing up. I'm worried with the way they're playing. Your thoughts? Thank you!

Chris Sheridan
  (3:38 PM)

when that happens the same weekend Marcus Camby sprains his ankle, tears are appropriate.

MP20 (Orlando)

Can you explain to me why I was called for offensive interference on an inbounds pass in yestardays game against the Lakers?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:39 PM)

Didn't see it. See Cablevision rant above.

mike (san diego)

chris - why would bosh/wade/lebron take $30million less money elsewhere? it doesnt make sense. thats money they can never recoup and the uncertain CBA makes it even tougher to assume that money could be recouped.

Chris Sheridan
  (3:42 PM)

They would each be eligible for $30 million more if they signed six-year deals and played all six years, but these guys seem more inclined to sign deals that give themselves three- or four-year windown to reassess. If LeBron takes a five-year deal from NY with an opt out after Year 4, he becomes unrestricted again at 29. And as for what the new CBA will look like, it is premature to anyone to say. That baby will go down to the 11th hour (I wrote a column on it three weeks back), and I don't foresee the NBA going through with a lengthy lockout if the league is continuing to be on a broad uptick popularity-wise. For more on that subject, check my archive on the NBA home page and check out that column.

C (Charlotte)

About the Lakers - 82 regular season games are a lot. For a team that has championship aspirations, the regular season can probably get a little boring since the real games don't start until the playoffs. As long as they keep the 1 seed, they can relax a bit now.

Chris Sheridan
  (3:43 PM)

Same with the Cavs, hence LBJ's surprise DNP vs. MLW the other night.

Brian (NYC)

An answer to previous question @ Blue and Orange: D'antoni doesn't shoot three pointers. He doesn't play. Get over it, we have terrible players.

Chris Sheridan
  (3:44 PM)

That one speaks for itself.

Serkan (Turkey)

I really can't understand people when they say Dallas is not good. 11 W streak (including LA, ORL, ATL, PHO, CHA.. etc) still not enough to gain some credit? Well you can say they might not go all the way but they even have a shot at the 1st seed in the West.. To sum up the Mavs, what would you say?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:49 PM)

To sum up the Mavs, I would say they had the best trade deadline, in terms of the short term, of any NBA team by getting Butler and Haywood -- the latter at the same time Dampier had to shut it down. as far as long-term, I blv Rockets did best).They'd have to finish ahead of LAL for No. 1 seed since they slip the season series and LAL has the better conference record, and I see that as a long shot but not an impossibility.

Zane (Utah)

This is a response to Serkan's question.... Dallas is good, I will admit, but Utah went on a 11 game win streak right before the All-Star Break including big wins over the Mavs, Cavs, Nuggets etc... they got no credit either!

Chris Sheridan
  (3:49 PM)

And then you have what Zane said.

Jane (Los Angeles, CA)

A big moment from the ORL/LA game you missed yesterday was Kobe's ridiculous ability to completely ignore the antics of Barnes "fake" inbounds pass at his face. The man didn't even flinch. He's a cyborg. I still say come playoff time...that's the kind of man teams need to worry about.

Chris Sheridan
  (3:51 PM)

Mere words can not describe how mad I am about missing that game. Saw that highlight, though. And you are right -- that was awesome on Kobe's part. He is a stone cold killer.

Tom (Cleveland)

Remember after game 1 of the 2006 ECF when you criticized LeBron for passing on the last shot to Donyell Marshall? Seems "The Price of Anarchy" has vindicated LeBron's "trusting teammates" style of play. And judging by Gasol's comments against the Kobe-centric offense (and their lack of quality wins when Kobe jacks up 30+ shots) it seems the statistical community (and LeBron) know something everyone else wants to ignore.

Chris Sheridan
  (3:53 PM)

I did not criticize that certain player from cleveland on that particular play. I actually argued that he made the correct basketball play. the closest defender to Donyell on that play was in Lansing.

Jim (OH)

It certainly is premature to guess on what the new CBA will contain. However, all reports thus far indicate owners are fed up with the out of control salaries. I think one can reasonably assume the days of Jerome James getting 30+ million, or Eddy Curry getting close to a max deal are about to end. Financially, wouldn't it make sense for the Wade's and Lebron's of the world to get their $ now, rather than take a chance of losing significant amounts of money once the new CBA is in effect?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:55 PM)

If they do 4- 5- or six-year deals with opt outs, they can make that decision in the future when they know what the new CBA looks like. And if it would cause them to lose money by opting out, they could choose not to opt out.

Evan (Portland, OR)

Seeing as how the Blazers backup center Joel Przybilla reinjured his knee over the weekend, would you sign Marcus Camby to an extension ASAP? And if so, is it possible to waive Przybilla or at least keep him from opting in to his final year?

Chris Sheridan
  (3:58 PM)

Przybilla has an ETO (basically a player option) that he will not exercise, which means he will likely be a $7.4 million cap burden on the Blazers next year. If his injury is career-ending, the contrac will be paid by insurance and will be a valuable trade chip next February.

Bill (DET)

I predict Lebron signs a Max deal with the CAVS, with player options for years 5 and 6, thoughts?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:01 PM)

I am not making LeBron predictions. But I will offer this: If he chooses NOT to opt out (which would only happen if the CBA is extended by June 30) and becomes an unrestricted f.a. in 2011, he can get a no-trade clause from the Cavs. The only way he gets that clause is by staying in Cleveland, and you have to spend 8 years in the league with the same team, and become a UFA, to qualify for one. That's a hole card in the Cavs' hand that people don't speak of much.

Johann (South Africa)

Is there any chance anyone at ESPN starts to believe in the Magic? On another note how did I see the game 6000 miles away and you couldn't get it?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:04 PM)

Jim Dolan's dad, Charles, the man who runs Cablevision (the Knicks' corporate owner) is a very, very powerful man and can make things like that happen. But strange things happen in American TV land. Two years ago, J.A. Adande told me the Spain-US gold medal game from Beijing was not televised live on the West Coast despite the fact that it began at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night, California-time.

Chris Sheridan
  (4:05 PM)

That is a wrap for today, folks. Couldn't resist the LeBron questions despite my best efforts. Enjoy the week, everyone.