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March 19, 7:00 PM ET
Chat with Brian Long

  (4:11 PM)

Brian is a new comer to our SportsNation chat sessions, be sure to welcome him with open arms!

  (7:02 PM)

Can the Lakers keep this winning streak going?

  (7:04 PM)

A Martinez is here, however packing his bags for Spring Training in AZ. You can send him thoughts or questions.

  (7:06 PM)

I would not. I dont want to take anything away from Ariza but I still think Artest was brought here for what he can do for this team over the next few months. Would you?

Tinny (Hollywood)

Would you trade Ron Artest for Trevor Ariza, today?

  (7:09 PM)

Artest is a better on D. I think he will still make Mitch look very smart over the next couple months.

Deeba Sultani (OC)

Do u honestly think the Lakers can repeat again? They're worrying me with all of their sloppy play!

  (7:10 PM)

Deeba- I do! What team out there do you think can beat them 4 times?

Tinny (Hollywood)

I think the Lakers a lot less athletic with Artest. More plodding, less fun.

  (7:12 PM)

That's true! Ariza is far more athletic but Artest is grity. Just think back to the Christmas day game with CLEVLAND. That game got real chippy, and I think it is just small look into whats to come in the playoffs.

  (7:16 PM)

To everybody who is nervous about this team being able to repeat, what about them makes you have doubt?

Deeba Sultani (OC)

I don't like Lebron at all, but the Cavs are really playing well right now. I still think the Lakers are the best team out there, IF they use all of their weapons effectively.

  (7:21 PM)

I agree, but the Cavs have sent a message this year beating the Lakers twice.

Tom (Burbank)

I think Kobe needs to share the ball more. He tends to be a hog.

  (7:27 PM)

I think Kobe has tried to involve his teammates alot as of late. He is always going to take a lot of shots but he is the best player on the team.

Matt (Seattle)

WE DON'T HAVE A TEAM! Heck with it...I am more excited that I got MUSE tickets for April 2nd?How is your bracket looking? I had Ohio State cutting down the 11-1. Feel even better with this chaos!

  (7:32 PM)

My bracket is bleeding! The tourney is great this year.

Chuck (Long Beach)

Who do you have winning the NCAA? I have Duke.

  (7:42 PM)

KU. I really like them this year with the talented guard and post play. How many of you prefer the NCAA to the NBA?

Timmy (Kansas City)

Rock Chalk Jayhawk. They are the best team in the country. I am scared with UK.

  (7:48 PM)

Timmy, you should be they are for real! I am more afraid of the bracket that KU must make it through.

  (7:51 PM)

Denver, if they have Kenyon Martin. They are a rugged team which is why Artest will prove to be a smart move yet. Who scaes you?

Matt (Seattle)

B-Dizzle.....yes, the NCAA tourney is better than the NBA playoffs. Honestly, how freakin cool would it be for the NBA to let, say, half the teams in every year? Oh wait, they already do that, and the predictable nature of their sport with big teams makes it boring. I was ELECTRIFIED by the Cornell game today....No Sonics.....about them Muse tickets. Should I feel bad that I want to use OKC (Durant/Green/Westbrook) in the new NBA JAM? I do. I need to hide.

  (7:53 PM)

HA! The NCAA is a blast. You have teams from schools you have never heard of or will never hear from again.

Jay (Burbank)

How many more championships do you think the current Laker squad can win. Kobe is getting older and the young guys like Lebron, Carmelo, Dwight Howard will no doubt dominate this next decade

  (7:55 PM)

Great question. Depends on how Kobe heals and what moves are made to find the next D-fish. It will be interesting to see what they do with the guard position.

  (7:59 PM)

Hey, great chatting with you all! Listen to Lakers Line after every Lakers game on 710 ESPN.