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April 13, 10:00 AM ET
Chat on First Take

  (10:11 AM)

Morning Nation. How but Jay, showing he's a gamer. He might be standing but understand, a toddler could take him out right now. Meanwhile, there are clouds in the sky, but they'll burn off and the temps are mid-60's... it's all good.

  (10:13 AM)

I so wish you guys could see the behind the scenes stuff... Jay hopping to the 1st & 10 set from the where he just wrapped up his Trail Blazers interview.

  (10:14 AM)

Hello Stacy.

J.B. (Dunmore, PA)

Still wishing Jay all the best, Reischea. That's tough. He's the Willis Reed of First Take!

Cory (Lake Jackson, TX)

Portland has no chance for a title now!!!!!

  (10:14 AM)

It really is a tough break Cory. Even if he tries to tough it out and play through it, how effective can he be? It's too bad.

stacy (georgetown)

hey reischea.....what um what is your take on big ben not getting charged....oh hey what about omg?

  (10:17 AM)

Stacy, my take on Roethlisberger not being charged is, it is what it is. He may still have civil action to face we shall see. Sure did sound to me like the DA wanted to prosecute but it would have been shaky at best. At the end of the day, we simply don't know what happened, and I dare not speculate.

G (Long Beach, CA)

Where is the public and media outrage regarding " BIg Ben" not willing to answer questions. Tiger Woods was raked thru the coals for infidelity, but this guy is accused of rape, says nothing, and it is ok?

  (10:19 AM)

G, remember, legal ramifications, he can't say anything, whether favorable or not. And when it comes to public outrage about Tiger (which honestly ticked me off) that's people wanting the dirty details (for the most part). People want the between the sheets stuff because it is NOT legal situation, its just sex.

tomwit nj [via mobile]

Outside of the Pittsburgh area, Big Ben is no where near the worldwide superstar that Tiger is. There just is not the same interest. No comparison.

Ryan (Maine)

Someone, Jay, Reischea, Skip....... tell me what Big Ben has done wrong! Why should he be suspended?? For goin out and doin what single guys do??!! What did he do wrong?! Please enlighten me.

Umor (Detroit)

I'll be suprise if the steelers do suspend Big Ben a couple of games without the commish input.

J.B. (Dunmore, PA)

Look the main reason Ben got out of it is because the girl was too drunk to really remember. He should get at least two games for his behavior and should thank his lucky stars that it is the only punishment he gets.

Renee (Boston)

Legally, Ben was cleared. It's now a moral issue. Unfortunately, that's the territory that comes with being a pro athlete.

Cory (Lake Jackson,TX)

Personally i don't think Big Ben should be suspended for any amount of time. He may not put hisself in the best of situations, but there's a chance he's really innocent.

Jonathan (ATL)

Roger G has to suspend Ben for at least one game. If not, he'll be on a hotter seat then Ben.

MJ (Chicago)

Reischea... So in other words, If one of the trollops Tiger was hanging out with would have filed charges (unfounded) then there would not have been as much hoopla? Pleaseeeeeee!

  (10:35 AM)

No, not saying that MJ. But saying that did have some play. Legality is a safety net good or bad. When you are being investigated, you have to keep your mouth shut and that is understood. If there are no legal implications people get frustrated with my personal life is my business. Even though Tiger's personal is EXACTLY that, his personal life.

  (10:36 AM)

morning folks.

Manny R. (LA)

How does Santonio get 4 games , Ben only a discussion.

tomwit nj [via mobile]

Legal schmegal. LITTLE Ben is guilty in my view. Guilty of being a drunken manhandler and abuser of helpless women at the very least. People like him dont change either. Thats why they build prisons for sex offenders. Mark my words,this will happen again.

Jim ((Lexington)KY)

Big Ben has almost shaved sides, long on the top, and a MULLET. Wow... I've been a Steelers fan my whole life, but what he's been accused of is not good. Innocent until proven guilty is the law, but having two similar accusations is clearly not good. There are horrible women out there, and horrible men. I hope the Rooneys take some sort of action. Forget the commissioner, not his responsibility. He doesn't pay his salary. He should talk with the owners and come to terms of corrective action, not Ben.

George (Jacksonville, FL)

Ryan, Ben did not do anything that any single guy can not do. What he did is put a black eye on the reputation of the Steelers and has done so since the motorcycle accident in '06. Don't get me wrong, I am a Steelers fan from the day I was born in Pittsburgh, but Ben needs to act responsible and be a single ADULT male by staying out of trouble.

Chad (Las Vegas)

I don't think Ben should be suspended. YES he has put himself in questionable situations but if you suspend him you set a precedent that all you have to do is accuse a star NFL player of something and he is suspended. The crazies will come out of the woodwork to accuse players on teams they hate.

  (10:40 AM)

Manny - santonio's suspensions is b/c of a violation of the substance abuse policy. it is a set suspension at 4 games.

  (10:42 AM)

tomwit - innocent till proven guilty is a legal term you can believe what you want. BUT none of us know what happened in either situation with ben. if you want to compare him to a rapist or child molestor that's in jail after being convicted, i take issue with that.

greg (penna.)

what about the bar that allowed the girl in there drinking under age ??? If they did their job,, she would not been in there,, an none of this would not have taken place..... DA needs look at this problem !!!!!!!

tomwit nj [via mobile]

Speaking of knees,the human body has five. Two knees, two kidNEYS and one hiNEY! ha ha ha

  (11:05 AM)

very cute tomwit! very cute!

G (Long Beach, CA)

Just because he was not convicted of a crime does not mean that he did not commit one. Can any of you say "OJ Simpson"? I'll bet you views are different now. How many people here that say Roethlisberger did nothing wrong believe that Simpson was guilty?

Shannon (FL)

Being too drunk to remember means too drunk for consent. A man who respects women would not take advantage of that situation. also a 20 year old should not be drinking in the 1st place but that doesn't absolve Ben of anything.

willie (topeka basement)

wow bradshaw lol

Jeff (Houston)

Sorry guys, but we have a legal process for a reason. If the DA did not find enough evidence to charge Ben, and the accuser does not want to bring a civil suit, that means Ben is innocent and should not be compared to rapist and other hardened criminals.G- The OJ case went to trial; that's different.