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April 27, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with Chris Sheridan

Danny (Miami)

is it safe to say that the heat are going to trade beasley in the off-season and resign haslem as the back-up pf if they get one of the prime pfs

Tab (Toronto)

Hi Chris, What exactly did the Bucks GM do to earn Exec of the Year besides refuse to spend money? In fact I think the voters got it backwards as Skiles should have won COY for doing more with less not Brooks and Presti should have earned EOY for drafting and trading very wisely.

Chris Sheridan
  (4:01 PM)

Good ahfternoon from the Gahden in Boston. Is everybody ready for one of the best nights of basketball we might see all year? OK, maybe not the East matchups, but Dallas fighting to stay alive against San Antonio and the crucial Game 5 of the Thunder-Lakers series is a double-dip worthy of the thousands of out-sick calls it will generate for tomorrow. Let's roll ...

William (MN)

Chris, you mentioned the possibility of Beasley being traded in Miami. Any chance a trade between the Wolves and the Heat could happen? Kahn is looking for a young star. Beasley still have potential...

Chris Sheridan
  (4:06 PM)

There are two teams that I believe might take on Beasley in what would be a lopsided cap-clearing trade for the Heat that could be agrred to by June 30 but could not be announced until the new cap is set July 8: Minnesota and New Jersey. Both are going to have loads of cap room, and neither is a particularly attractive destination for free agents. The solution: Acquire players via trade into their cap space. Example A: Miami offers Beasley, Cook, James Jones, $3 million and a future No. 1 to Wolves for basically nothing. The Heat thereby clear all their contracts and get their payroll down to zero (besides Wade), and Minny gets the No. 2 pick of the '08 draft and a future No. 1. Example #2: Miami offers the same package to the Nets, who need to restock and won;t find many players eager for two years of purgatory in Newark.

Jordan P (Milwaukee)

Why does there seem to be so little chatter/stories about what the Bucks have done. Yeah Atlanta stinks on the road, but the Bucks are without their best player and have a rookie PG leading the way. Shouldn't this be a bigger story?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:10 PM)

It became a bigger story last night when the Bucks tied up that series. Skiles (who got my Coach of the Year vote) continues to make the right adjustments at the right times, but he'll be at the whim of his team's 3-point accuracy in Game 5. If someone -- Ersan, Ridnour, Salmons, Jennings -- gets as hot in Game 5 as Delfino did last night, they can win in Atlanta and then go for the kill on Friday night in Josh Smith's favorite town.

guy (san francisco)

Any word on the possibility of the warriors being sold?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:11 PM)

It's not when, but to whom? And then it's a question of whether they'll get at arena built next to PacBell park and become the Giants' next door neighbors in S.F.

Josh Savannah GA [via mobile]

What has surprised you the most in this years playoffs?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:15 PM)

1: Orlando's sweep despite getting little from Dwight. (Thought the Bobcats would get at least one of they limited him the way they did).2: Serge Ibaka and Krylo Fesenko headlining the All Out-of-Nowhere team.3: How badly the Thunder mauled the Lakers in Game 4.

Boski (middle of the water)

It seems by reading all the articles regarding okc/la matchup, that most of the lakers are downplaying the situation they have found themselves in evident in phrases like "there's no need for concern" by jackson, and kobe saying, "its 2-2 whats wrong with everybody"...i think there really is real reason for concern do you?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:19 PM)

The Lakers never panic as much as their fans do. They were in a similar situation last year against a team that matched up very well against them. This year, think they're facing a team that matches up better at the 1 (Westbrook>Brooks) and the 3 (Durant>'08-09Artest). Are they in serious trouble? Maybe. If they are down by 5 or more going into the 4th tonight, we'll see what they're made of.

Edward (South San Francisco)

Will Rick Carlisle be coaching the Mavs next season? His decision to not play Caron in the second half in game 3, and Marion when he had it going in game 4 were questionable and perhaps caused some dissension in the locker room. Also, you think Cuban is regretting running his mouth after game 1?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:23 PM)

To the first question, I'd say it's unlikely but not out of the question that Carlisle could be let go despite having two years left on his deal. Mark Cuban can afford it, that's for sure. On the second question, Cuban still can't bring himself to say he fully regrets letting Nash go, so I don't see him expressing any on that one. I think he was speaking from the heart, and I applaud that. Sure wish Commissioner Buzzkill hadn't muzzled all the coaches with his moving of the egregiousness bar to a new gray area when it comes to coaches speaking about the officiating.

Paul (NY)

Why is there no territorial rights issue relative the Knicks and the Nets prospective move to Brooklyn?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:27 PM)

The Nets had to pay the Knicks an indemnity fee when they joined the NBA and entered their territory in the 1976 ABA/NBA merger, and Nets owner roy Boe had to sell Dr. J to the Sixers to raise the $3 million fee. There were other minor territorial issues that have been resolved since, and the Nets have actually been free and clear to move to Brooklyn for several years. The problem has been getting the Atlantic Yards project off the ground, and that now is nearing its final chapter after Ratner settled with the final holdout tenants last week. Should clear the way for the Prokhorov sale to close by the end of May.

Jake (Boston)

How do a team of NBA veterans condone Rasheed Wallace's consistent lack of effort? I've never seen worse help defense, and the team falls apart almost immediately when he checks into the game. In game 2 Perkins was a +41 and Rasheed was a -12!

Chris Sheridan
  (4:32 PM)

Notice how Rasheed doesn't play much anymore. Tony Allen and Glen Davis have been much bigger factors in this series. Will be interesting to see whether that carries into a second-round series against Cleveland, because they're going to need Sheed to defend Jamison. Also, let's not ignore the fact that the refs are targeting Sheed the same way they targeted Rodman 13-14 years ago. Not quite as blatant (There was a stretch where Rodman would get a technical foul in the first quarter of nearly every single game in 97-98), but Sheed is clearly on double-secret probation again.

mendel (fl)

Whats the point for the Heat to clear EVEN more cap space? Wouldnt their main agenda be, say if it was Minny they trade beasely to, to get rubios rights? Rubio would instantly find away to get to FL, and Wade will have his desired PG?!!!

Chris Sheridan
  (4:34 PM)

They are about $24 million under the cap. If they move beasley, Cook and Jones, all they have on their cap is Wade, Chalmers (team option) and Joel Anthony. They could then go get two max guys and have $6 million still left over. In other words, they'd have more money to play with than the Knicks have, plus they'd be starting one lap ahead because they already have Wade.

D Harp (Detroit MI)

Hey Chris, with Boston playing as focus as they are do you think they could run the table in the east? Or will Orlando/Cleveland take them down in 7?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:35 PM)

Cleveland will take down Boston with relative ease. Cavs in 5.

mendel (fl)

Rubio does not want to play for Minny, and adding salt to the wound they already have a glut at PG. Do you see anyways possible that Riley can get Rubio? Say involving a trade for Beez you just mentioned?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:36 PM)

If Kahn does Riley that big of a favor my taking all his long money, I imagine he tries to hold onto Rubio's rights unless Pat want to throw in another future No. 1.

Chris Sheridan
  (4:36 PM)

It should be noted, though, that Rubio CANNOT come to the NBA until 2011. His current contract with Barcelona does not contain a buyout for this summer.

Ian (Akron)

Who have been the best post season pgs in your opinion?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:40 PM)

Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Jameer Nelson, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and George Hill, in that order. On the flip side, Raymond Felton probably cost himself $10 million this postseason. He'll be unrestricted this summer.

Bryan (Boston)

Wait so you can make a call on the Cavs/Celtics series but not on the Laker/OKC game????

Chris Sheridan
  (4:42 PM)

The Thunder/Lakers dynamic is fluid. That series has changed a lot since Game 1. The Celtics and the Cavs are what they are. No surprises there. Hope that explanation satisfies.

mark (cleveland)

Chris: I'm a huge CAVS fan but even I will tell you that yes some of the fouls Dwight commits are stupid on his part BUT some are just terrible call by the refs. Even the Dallas/Spurs game had some "come on was that really a tech" calls. Stern turned this leauge into a 3 pts shoot out where any hard contact is prohibited? I say bring back the old days!!!!

Chris Sheridan
  (4:45 PM)

Amen to that, Mark. Let 'em play, let 'em complain, let 'em get rough here and there. The game is too over officiated, Stern is too sensitive to criticism, and the game has become too sterile.

Trevor (Anchorage)

Will Phoenix close out Portland or do you see the series going 7 games?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:48 PM)

I thought the Suns would win that one in 5, and the Blazers have shown me a lot. A lot depends on what Roy gives them -- not just as a starter, but as a contributor over the course of the game. also, I'd imagine Paul Allen's love affair with Rudy Fernandez is now over, no?

Jay (Phoenix)

You cant be telling me Nash is not in the top 5 PGs thus far....

Geoff (Milwaukee)

No love for Jennings play this postseason. Hes been incredible and has really improved his shot selection.

Chris Sheridan
  (4:50 PM)

Jennings>Nash this postseason. Had to limit earlier list to 5, so Young Money got squeezed.

Josh (Knoxville, TN)

If Steve Nash was a baseball player he'd be suspected of using PEDs, right? Players aren't supposed to get better as they get old.

Chris Sheridan
  (4:53 PM)

I had a conversation with andrew Bogut about how Nash peaked in his late 20s and early 30s and has kept it going, and some of it has to be attributed to Steve ceasing play for his national team in 2001 after about a decade of service. Andrew, before breaking his arm, was contemplating the long-term effects of spendin every summer with the australian national team, and the Nash case was something we discussed in terms of it poutting less wear-and-tear on his body in his beteran years.

chris (cleveland)

Would you say the Bucks getting John Salmons was the most underrated trade of the season?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:54 PM)

No. I would say it is the trade (they also got the right to swap first-round picks with Chicago) that earned John Hammmond the Executive of the Year award.

Dan Findlay, OH [via mobile]

Chris, it seems every year at this time Chicago shows us a "preview" of how good they're going to be next year. And every year they end up a .500 team. What free agent could they pick up to help them turn the corner?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:55 PM)

Bosh or Wade.

Alex (Cleveland)

LeBron, LeBron, LeBron... just tell me he's the best in the league, so I can have my daily ego boost (at least for one more post season).

Chris Sheridan
  (4:56 PM)

Best in league. Should be the unanimous MVP. Probably won't be because some voter, perhaps an OKC voter, will put Durant ahead of him. An L.A. voter might do the same with Kobe. So I'll predict he gets all but 2-3 first-place votes.

Lance (Chicago)

Is disagree with Noah that Cleveland is the worst city in the world but Chicago beat the life out of Cleveland hands down as a city though. What NBA city is really worse than Cleveland, I can't come up with any.

Chris Sheridan
  (4:57 PM)

Ever been to Oakland?

Jack (Austin, Texas)

You still sticking by your prediction of Mavs winning the series against the Spurs?

Chris Sheridan
  (4:58 PM)

Hating that prediction, but am stuck with it. They looked like a beaten team the other night in much the same manner as they did against G.S. a couple years ago.

T.O. (Hungary)

Anything left in Dallas's tank or the season is over? Please, name me one tough European ballplayer because all of them soft as a tissue paper, start with Dirk...

Chris Sheridan
  (4:59 PM)

Marc Gasol is tough as nails.

Steve (SLC)

Chris: Will this be the most anticipated and exciting NBA off-season ever in the history of the league?

Chris Sheridan
  (5:03 PM)

You'd think so. But there's always the possibility that 1, 2 or 3 of the big names goes for a big-money extension, a la Kobe, and totally changes the market. remember, LBJ, wade and Bosh are all due $17.1 next season, and the most they could make in '10-11 if they opt out is $16.5. They can do extensions off the higher number they're already on the books for.

Chris Sheridan
  (5:03 PM)

That's a wrap, folks. Enjoy the next few days of hoops. Should be quite a stretch.