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May 11, 3:00 PM ET
Fantasy Injuries w/Stephania Bell

Stephania Bell
  (3:04 PM)

Happy Tuesday afternoon Sports Nation - welcome to the injury chat. Lots of Tulo wuestions I why don't we start there?

Jeff (Portland, ME)

Good afternoon Stephania, the question of the day... any new news on Tulo? Although the MRI came back clean, he has had issues with quad injuries. Are you concerned about his season going forward at all?

Stephania Bell
  (3:06 PM)

Jeff: You represent the masses with the Tulo question. Yes, MRI came back clean suggesting just a minor strain -so they will rest him a few days but it looks like he avoids the DL. Definitely some concern since he says it's in the same area - but opposite leg - as the prior injury where he completely tore the tendon from the bone. That's why they're being cautious here - better to let it really recover. But yes, have to be at least a little concerned.

Tom (MN)

Is Lidge worth owning? More elbow problems doesn't sound too promising. Time to cut bait and grab Contreras?

Stephania Bell
  (3:07 PM)

Tom: Not too worried about his latest report - just stiffness, and he is coming off a decent surgery there. I think he's still worth owning.

Roper (Texas)

Rollins heading to Clearwater, will we see him in the next few weeks or is this looking like something that is going to push into June?

Stephania Bell
  (3:09 PM)

Roper: We hope it's the next few weeks -but you guys know by now that I will always say you can't guarantee much when it comes to medicine, especially when you're talking muscle strains. The number one goal is to increase activity without overdoing it and risking a setback. The Phillies have been appropriately cautious so far, so it's been a steady progression. If cont's well, then couple more weeks - but that could still mean right around early June.

Joe (Fort Bragg, NC)

Greetings Stephania, how's Jacoby Ellsbury doing with his rib injury? Do you think this could be a lingering problem throughout the season? Thanks a bunch for the response.

Stephania Bell
  (3:11 PM)

Joe: I think the key is getting over the pain associated with the injury. Once that happens, I think it will be behind him - unless he and Beltre collide exactly the same way. Part of what will take longer for him to get back is that they want to be sure he's not having pain so that he can slide, dive for balls, etc without wondering if this is going to hurt each time - which obviously would impact his performance. So understand it's slow going now, but hopefully he's then done with it once he returns.

Stephania Bell
  (3:11 PM)

Joe: I think the key is getting over the pain associated with the injury. Once that happens, I think it will be behind him - unless he and Beltre collide exactly the same way. Part of what will take longer for him to get back is that they want to be sure he's not having pain so that he can slide, dive for balls, etc without wondering if this is going to hurt each time - which obviously would impact his performance. So understand it's slow going now, but hopefully he's then done with it once he returns.

David (New York)

Do you see NELSON CRUZ will be 100% healthy by Friday??

Stephania Bell
  (3:13 PM)

David: It appears that way. The injury was never really severe - they wanted him to take some time so that when he returned he could go full speed without concern of re-injury. Never any guarantees - but he's been running full speed without issues for a while now.

Mike (LA)

Are we even going to see Brandon Webb this season?

Stephania Bell
  (3:14 PM)

Mike: Million dollar question. Let's see if he gets on the mound this week and how he responds - that will be a huge hurdle.

Mike (New Jersey)

Carlos Beltran is back in the batting cages. How long until we see him back on the field?

Stephania Bell
  (3:15 PM)

Mike: If he tests the leg running in this next week as he says he expects to, then we'll get a better idea. If he still can't run without pain in the custom brace, then I'm going to get a lot more pessimistic about his chances of returning. All depends on how he tolerates (or doesn't) running.

Michael (Wilmington, DE)

Hi Stephania, the latest reports on Brett Anderson sound encouraging (thank goodness). Any expert insight to share?

Stephania Bell
  (3:17 PM)

Michael: I think there's still a ways to go - but yes, he is making progress. Flexor-pronator strains are not uncommon in pitchers, the key is how severe the strain actually is. The fact that he's back doing light throwing again is a good sign, but he's still several weeks away from returning.

James (Boston)

How serious was this "pop" in Jurrjens hamstring?

Stephania Bell
  (3:21 PM)

James: Put it this way - we never like to hear that a player felt/heard a "pop" - usually signals something tore, but there are varying degrees of damage that come with the feeling/sound. Clearly it's a setback and he's not going to come back Saturday when eligible. The problem is that it's his lead leg and he has to have it extended supporting all his weight on follow-through so it's working hard under tension. Probably a setback of a couple weeks at least -sounds like he's getting an MRI and we may know more afterward.

MIAMI MIKE (Coral Gables, FL)

Question from a CANE!! I have both Bedard and Anderson stashed on my DL right now. Holding strong in ERA and WHIP but falling behind in wins and strikeouts. When/what can I expect from them? Thanks you are the best!!!

Stephania Bell
  (3:24 PM)

Hey Miami Mike: Always great to hear from a fellow 'Cane...we addressed Anderson. Bedard is supposed to throw a simulated game today I believe and then you have to figure a rehab assignment is not far off. Bedard has been ahead of schedule now for a while - but I always say it's different as they face live hitters. We'll want to see how his mechanics are, his command, velocity and obviously how he feels afterward. My concerns with him are longer term. He's had a number of soft tissue injuries and once he gets back I'm wondering how the rest of him holds up...

Sam (Cleveland)

Kurt Suzuki's scheduled to come back kinda soon, but something makes me think that injuries like the one he has linger and are difficult to recover from fully. Is that right? Is he suffering from Plantar Fasciitis of the torso, or is he likely to come back tip-top?

Stephania Bell
  (3:28 PM)

Sam: Plantar fasciitis of the that! Intercostals are the small muscles between the ribs. Like the larger obliques the injuries can be painful and hard to recover from - these hurt with breathing, reaching, twisting...but Suzuki has said the tightness has been less and less and he's increased his activity significantly over the last few days. It's always a question as to how they'll hold up over a whole game, especially if he has to make a few defensive plays involving hard throws. I imagine it's a bit of a process for him to get "tip-top" but when a guy's progressing like he is, no reason to keep him off the field.

Willie (Austin, TX)

Hey Stephania. What's the deal with Jason Heyward? When can we expect him back? Thanks.

Stephania Bell
  (3:30 PM)

Willie: Looks like he'll be available to pinch hit tonight. If that goes well, he could be back in the lineup later this week.

Jeremy (Indy)

There haven't been any updates on Jorge De La Rosa since he went on the DL. What is the story?

Stephania Bell
  (3:32 PM)

Jeremy: Lots of questions about him - and you're getting at the main point. No updates. And that's because there probably isn't much to tell. These injuries are very boring in terms of progress at first - the goal is to keep the finger supported and let the torn tissue heal while doing some physical conditioning to stay in shape. Once he's able to actually do things related to baseball, we'll hear more. This is one of those injuries that can be many weeks.

Fred (New York)

Stephania, Can we get an update on one of your SF giants Freddy Sanchez ? Im in a really deep league and I could really use him to help BA.

Stephania Bell
  (3:35 PM)

Fred: Always time for a Giants update. Sanchez is expected to start a rehab assignment today...probably about 10 days beyond that before can return. And don't assume he gets all the ABs. Juan Uribe is doing well, they intend to keep using him and Sanchez may not play every day.

Jon (Boston)

Any word on What Braun's injury is?

Stephania Bell
  (3:37 PM)

Jon: He was hit by a pitch on the elbow and they're calling him day-to-day. Btw, as you might guess, this hurts a LOT. Even if he escaped major injury he could have significant swelling (don't know for sure, haven't heard) and that would certainly impair his ability to perform...we need to stay tuned, hopefully this is just a few day thing.

Ryan (NY)

Hi Stephania - can you shed some light as to what's going on with Josh Beckett?

Stephania Bell
  (3:40 PM)

Ryan: Well, it sounds like the Red SOx were concerned about some mechanical issues they saw with him pitching out of the stretch. They made a decision to move his start as a result. Apparently, completely separately, he tweaked his back while taking BP Monday and developed spasms, after the decision re: his start had already occurred. Now Beckett has had back problems in the past so there has to be some concern about keeping this from becoming a bigger issue. Day-to-day is what he appears to be at this point - and with more than just injury concerns alone.

Mike (KCMO)

Do you expect Pettitte to be ready his next time around in the rotation?

Stephania Bell
  (3:42 PM)

Hi Mike: Expect? Not feeling quite that strong about it. He is scheduled to go Saturday - but he has a session of long toss and a bullpen to get through before we can count on it a little more.

Chris (Boston)

Hi Stephania, any (good, hopefully) news on Brian Roberts? Been stashing him all season so far, and he's kind of taking up valuable, limited reserve room. I read last week that he might miss half the year. Is it worth it to keep him until June or July?

Stephania Bell
  (3:45 PM)

Chris: Lots of folks wondering the same thing - and it's really impossible to project with any accuracy b/c of the kind of problem he's dealing with. Disc problems are soooo variable and he's already tried to come back (by starting the season after dealing with spring issues) and then that got derailed - so I think they're naturally wanting some more assurances before they put him back out there - and he hasn't even begun baseball activities.I have not removed him from my fantasy roster yet...but if he's not cleared within the next few weeks for increased activity I'm making a move.

Lee (NOLA)

Do you have time to answer questions about lowly setup men? Is JP Howell ever coming back? Thanks!

Stephania Bell
  (3:46 PM)

Lee: Made me laugh...cut to a picture of JP Howell asking "Why am I lowly?" He's supposed to return sometime in the next couple weeks, last I heard - but I haven't seen much lately so....maybe he is lowly.

Mickey (NYC)

What's the craziest sports injury you've ever seen? Marty Cordova going on the 15 day DL for staying in the tanning bed too long as to be up there, right?

Stephania Bell
  (3:47 PM)

Mickey: That's just hilarious...and I don't know if it qualifies as a sports injury...or just an injury to a guy who plays sports. Ahhhhh, the stories I could tell...but can't.

Marty (San Fran)

Last try, how about discussing two obscure names in Mike Morse and Mat Gamel for us deep NL only owners? Both are rehabbing injuries?do you see either getting enough PT to help this year?

Stephania Bell
  (3:51 PM)

Marty: See? Never give up - Morse is rehabbing the calf in Syracuse and could rejoin the team later this month - so far he's looked pretty good as far as production (although I certainly haven't seen him run, but the fact that he's concsistently out there is a good sign). Don't know much about Gamel but will try to find out more before next round of chatting...

Ed (San Diego)

Do you see Chris Young possibly missing the year?

Stephania Bell
  (3:52 PM)

Ed: Wow - I hope not. Think it's way too soon to be that gloomy, just hoping he's dealing with some minor issues that will resolve shortly.

Bob (CA)

Can we expect Rafael Furcal to be at full speed when he's eligible to come off the DL?

Stephania Bell
  (3:54 PM)

Bob: Yes. He was right around 85% when they moved him to DL - they just wanted him to have a little extra insurance time.Now if he goes out and injures himself on the first sprint, I take no responsibility...

Brian Roberts (Baltimore)

Hey Stephania maybe by dropping me you will reverse the curse of Stephania Bell (dun dun dun) and I will magically be healthy again!

Stephania Bell
  (3:55 PM)

Brian: Worth a try...anything to get you off the DL spot on my roster...

Dave (NJ)

Is there any indication that Beltran's return at the end of last year did further damage to his knee?

Stephania Bell
  (3:56 PM)

Dave: Really can't speculate to anything like that, especially from a distance. I suppose theoretically it's possible - but really can't say definitively.

Bob (ATL)

Stephania - Any news on JD Drew (vertigo)?

Stephania Bell
  (3:57 PM)

Bob: Apparently he was well enough to be in today's lineup so that's a good sign...

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Will we see Curtis Granderson play centerfield when the Yankees play a round of Interleague Games at Yankee Stadium which starts June 11?

Stephania Bell
  (3:57 PM)

Chris: I think that's what folks are hoping for, but he's still too early in the post-injury phase to say for sure...

Steve (Franklin, TN)

Stephania, What do you make of Brian McCann's blurry vision?

Stephania Bell
  (3:59 PM)

Steve: Such a tough situation. It does explain why he was out of the lineup so much recently...and I initially thought they were just resting him. Sounds like it's the other eye (not the one he had trouble with last year) and gives him more trouble at night. Will be interesting to see what happens going forward.

Mickey (NYC)

What the H is vertigo?

Stephania Bell
  (4:01 PM)

Mickey: It's a hit song by U2...OK, admittedly weak response on my part. Vertigo basically is similar to dizziness and can be very severe and disabling. Many different potential causes

Stephania Bell
  (4:02 PM)

OK gang - sorry to have to run - still see a bunch of great questions. I LOVE all the fantastic questions - I will be on VACATION next week so you;ll be chatting with someone else...but there will be LOTS to talk about when I come back.Have a fantastic 2 weeks - stay healthy!!