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May 20, 3:30 PM ET
Chat with Barry Melrose

Barry Melrose
  (3:32 PM)

Interesting start to the conference finals. I'm some people are surprised at the results.

Andrew Lynch (New Jersey)

When will Alexander Ovechkin win a Stanley Cup?

Barry Melrose
  (3:32 PM)

His team is good enough to win it next season.

Gary Sysol (New Jersey)

What are the odds of the Flyers winning in 4 or 5?

Barry Melrose
  (3:33 PM)

You have to say it's pretty good but I have to say it's closer to five than four.

Jack (C-ville)

Do you see anyone taking a chance on Jagr next year?

Barry Melrose
  (3:34 PM)

Jagr just resigned in Russia so he will be playing there next season.

briscoe (auburn)

hello. new to hockey and been watching playoffs and cant figure out why the montreal canadians are nicknamed Habs? know silly question but cant get out of my mind.thanks

Barry Melrose
  (3:35 PM)

The Habs is short for Habitants which means Montreal residents.

Jim (Chicago)

Will the Sharks play another game in San Jose this season?

Barry Melrose
  (3:36 PM)

Yes, I think one. Chicago is better on the road than they are at home so I see San Jose winning one on the road.

Richard Lawson Norfolk,va [via mobile]

Hey barry, what is the most important position on the ice?

Barry Melrose
  (3:36 PM)

Goaltender. That's the most important position in sports.

Dave (Philly)

Hey Barry, how nervous are the fans up there? What's the mood like around town and what are your expectations tonight?

Barry Melrose
  (3:38 PM)

Obviously the people are nervous and maybe a little shocked. All Montreal has to do is win games at home and we have a new series. They came back against Washington and Pittsburgh and feel like they can do it again.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Who do you think will be the 2009-2010 Stanley Cup Champions?

Barry Melrose
  (3:39 PM)

I've liked Chicago from day one. I like their skill. I love their defense and their goaltending has been very good.

Dan (Midland Park, NJ)

How prominent do you think PED's are in the NHL? (if at all)

Barry Melrose
  (3:39 PM)

Not at all.

Chris (Boston)

Hi Barry. These Flyers (and Leighton) look absolutely unstoppable. If Leighton keeps this up and the Flyers go deep, or win, is the Conn Smythe all his?

Barry Melrose
  (3:41 PM)

If they win the Stanley Cup, the goaltender is always in consideration to with the Conn Smythe. But there are a couple of Flyers that could be in consideration for the Conn Smythe. You have to keep in mind too that Leighton didn't play the first two rounds.

Garrett Benoit (Greensboro, NC)

If Bobby Orr is considered the best defensemen of all time, then why is the award for best defensemen named the Norris trophy?

Barry Melrose
  (3:42 PM)

Norris is the name of a family that owned NHL teams. But you're right, the best defensemen trophy should be named the Orr Trophy.

ronny (det)

crosby or kane

Barry Melrose
  (3:43 PM)

Oh Crosby. Kane is a great player but he's no Sidney Crosby.

rob (co)

who is better towes or kane

Barry Melrose
  (3:43 PM)

Towes is better.

nick (wisconsin)

will wisconsin ever get a nhl team?

Barry Melrose
  (3:45 PM)

No, there are no cities big enough in Wisconsin. Milwaukee has a great hockey history but I don't think any Wisconsin cites are on the horizon for a hockey team. .

Harry (Philadelphia)

Barry, looking at the Philadelphia V Montreal series what does 2 back to back shut outs do to the Canadians mentality?

Barry Melrose
  (3:46 PM)

I think they are surprised at how good Philadelphia is playing but a loss is a loss no matter if you score five goals or zero goals. They just need to get their offense going.

Lou (Ann Arbor MI)

Hi Barry. Who do you think is next year's 2009-2010 Steven Stamkos?

Barry Melrose
  (3:47 PM)

Taylor Hall will be the big star coming out of the draft this year. He'll be the first or second pick overall.

Mike (Philly)

Say the Flyers win. Can they keep up with the Sharks or Blackhawks? Both teams looked really fast the other night.

Barry Melrose
  (3:48 PM)

A lot of people thought Montreal would handle Philadelphia and that hasn't happened at all.

Eric (NE)

Barry: How much of a factor do you think Carter will be if he can come back before the end of Philly-Montreal series?

Barry Melrose
  (3:50 PM)

It depends on what kind of shape he's in. He a big physical player and would be a huge addition for the Flyers in the Finals.

Steve (RI)

Barry, Sharp, Buff, and Brower have been playing great. When will Hossa turn it on?

Barry Melrose
  (3:51 PM)

Hossa is playing well but it's not turning into goals. If Chicago continues to win without Hossa's offense, that would be pretty impressive.

George (MI)

When will you think NIck Lindstrom will retire?

Barry Melrose
  (3:52 PM)

I think Nick will play one more year. It all depends on how well he plays. He's still one of the best defenseman out there. He's 40 so I think he'll take it one season at a time from here on out.

Tom Januszka (Philly)

If the Flyers make the Cup and hopefully not lose what should they improve on

Barry Melrose
  (3:54 PM)

Obviously they are a pretty good team. The goaltending sitution is working out now but that's been a sore spot for a while. The a should be a good team in the Eastern Conference for years to come.

Brian (philly)

Barry: How bout that genius barnaby picking the Devils in 5!! hahaGet a haircut Barry!!!

Barry Melrose
  (3:54 PM)

He's young, he just doesn't understand yet.

Barry Melrose
  (3:55 PM)

Very very impressed with Chicago winning two games in San Jose and Philadelphia winning both games at home.