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June 11, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Bruce Feldman

  (2:04 PM)

Thanks for dropping by. It's been a really wild time in college football. The past 48 hours were as hectic as any I can recall since I've been at ESPN and on the football beat.. so let's go.

Mike (Wildomar, CA)

Now that the PAC 10 seems to be focused solely on the Big 12, what does that mean for the Mountain West and potential BCS implications?

  (2:05 PM)

Adding Boise State helps. Lots more still to shake out though.

Nate (Indiana)

What are the odds Notre Dame joins the big 10

  (2:07 PM)

I don't know... 50-50. We know they love the uniqueness of being an independent, but can their other sports thrive if there wasn't a Big East in place for them? Of all the stuff that has been rumored and the sutff that has happened this week, I still think the part about ND joining a league would be the most surprising of all.

your name Nick Sheats (your locationNorman, Ok)

Do you think that the Big XII might extend invitations to Arkansas and TCU? If so would OU and OSU move to the North?

  (2:09 PM)

Why would Arkansas leave the SEC for less money? I thought at one point if the Big 12 tried replacing NEB with TCU and went to east and west divisions, they might have a manageable solution, but I don't see them jumping at that Plan B or Play W or whatever.

Chris (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Hey Bruce! Trying to submit this question early in hopes of it getting answered. What are reasonable expectations for Clemson fans this season without Kyle Parker at quarterback? Thanks in advance!

  (2:10 PM)

Without him, I think Clemson would almost certainly be a level behind the top layer of the ACC (VT, UNC, Miami, FSU and GT).. Parker made big strides and has some expereince that's tough to replace.

Nate (Glendale)

So this may seem like a basic question, but I have never heard it answered...What happens to the 2010 schedule? I mean does Nebraska, Colorado and then all the other school involved with re-alignment. Will they just blow up the entire 2010 schedules and start from scratch?

  (2:11 PM)

Schedules often take years in football to set up. They can't just tear it all up this soon.

Max Wild (Austin,TX)

Where do u think Texas is going?

  (2:13 PM)

The Pac-10. UT people have said often they don't like the academics of the SEC. Also think about this part of it: If you're Texas, where the Big 12 has worked out well for you, would you have a better shot at playing for national titles in the SEC or Pac-10, where the flagship school, USC, just took a huge hit from the NCAA as opposed to dealing with LSU, UF, Bama and Co???

Johnnie (Phoenix, Arizona)

Bruce: You really need to replace the ESPN photo. I saw you live on ESPNU yesterday and was amazed. Your photo here makes it look as if you just came off a 3-day drunk. On live TV, you looked much better.

  (2:15 PM)

Thanks. I think. Yeah, I need to get a new photo. I know.

Oleg (Miami)

Hi Bruce,If USC's appealed is denied could they face tougher penalties for appealing the matter or no? Thank!

  (2:15 PM)

No, but it would delay when the penalties are engaged or take affect.

Jason (Columbus, OH)

Just tell me the Big 10 will NOT give a sweetened deal to ND to join? I'd prefer their hand forced so we can maintain the 'equal revenue'

  (2:17 PM)

I can't say that for sure. People hate to hear this but ND is different in its treatment. That's why people can never say "Oh, ND isn't relevant any more".. They have a huge following.

Bob (College Station, TX)

Bruce,I'm glad you got to finally meet Texas A&M's Jerrod Johnson...the nation needs to realize how impressive this guy is, on and off the field.

  (2:18 PM)

I was too. Had spoken to him over the phone before. Really impressive guy. One of the best interviews of college guys I've spoken to in years.

Michael (Bend, OR)

Bruce, What do you think of the comments Mike Garrett made with regards to the sanctions?

  (2:19 PM)

"Mike, got a second?""No, but have a nice day!"

  (2:19 PM)

He made Paul Dee seem like Jay Leno.

Frog42 (Fort Worth)

Do you think moving to the MWC will help Boise State recruiting of hurt it?

  (2:20 PM)

I don't see how it could hurt BSU... It only heightened their stature a little more.

Jim (Indiana)

Don't you find it interesting Jim Delany has been so quiet this week. Surely he is working things besides Nebraska behind the scenes. What do you think he is doing.

  (2:21 PM)

Watching Rudy.

Steve (Blacksburg, VA)

Bruce, what games are you most looking forward to watching this upcoming season?

  (2:21 PM)

First one off the top of my head was one involving the team in your backyard vs. boise State.

Brian (CA)

Any hope for my Nittany Lions when they go to AL?

  (2:23 PM)

Reeeeealy slim. New QB at that place against Nick Saban. What is the biggest upset JoePa has pulled off in the past 25 years? I'm guessing this would top it.

Jarrett (New York)

What should the SEC do? Adding Texas A&M and/or Va Tech cannot increase their tv revenue enough to split it 14 ways. I think they should stay pat.

  (2:24 PM)

Question is by inviting other schools would it certainly lead to more take home per school? Not sure.

Chris (Los Angeles)

Most fans of USC can't stand Mike Garrett, what do you think the university should do with him?

  (2:25 PM)

I suspect he won't be the AD by 2011.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

what happens to baylor, iowa st when the big12 is no more?

  (2:26 PM)

I don't know. Would the MWC want them?

Jason (Columbus, OH)

I find it fairly amusing to see comments elsewhere stating that Delaney is getting upstaged. If we nab Neb, ND & 1-2 more ... isn't that more like Larry Scott shooting a starters pistol and Delaney firing a .357?

  (2:28 PM)

If Scott adds Texas and Co, that's heavy artillery. And you can't dismiss Oklahoma by talking about Nebraska.

David (San Francisco, CA)

Bruce, if everything plays out with Nebraska leaving for the Big 10, Texas and Oklahoma et al. going to the Pac 10, etc., how much closer does all that bring us to a playoff?

  (2:29 PM)

Sorry.. phone call.

  (2:30 PM)

David- It is debateable on the playoff issue. The one thing that does encourage in that direction is seeing the bod moves Pac-10 commish Larry Scott is making. He is agressive, much different than the guy before him Tom Hansen, who was against it.

Josh (Knoxville)

Some Tennessee fans are reportedly buying a billboard ad on the USC campus congratulating Lane Kiffin on his new job and the working conditions created by the sanctions. You heard it here first.

  (2:31 PM)

They should look to get better placement than the guys who put up the LSU billboard.

Jarrett (New York)

Is it me or did ND mess up by waiting too long? They could have been the 12th in the Big10 and stopped there. But by waiting, they will mostly likely be forced to be #14 or #16 into the Big10.

  (2:32 PM)

It's a big move and when ND folks aren't going to rush into.

mike (covinton,la)

Bruce please answer this question before I go back to work.... Who do you think will be the starting QB for the wolverines....I think Denard Robinson deserves a shot after his showing in the spring game your thoughts please

  (2:34 PM)

If Denard Robinson improved as a passer and is more than just a change of pace guy, Michigan is in good shape. They can win with Tate Forcier. He's a clutch guy... BTW, a buddy who tried to recruit Robinson for another school two years ago raved about the kid's character. He is not just a super-fast guy with a cool nickname.

Cole (Portland, OR)

Costa or Thomas?

  (2:35 PM)

My guess is Costa because of his expereince, but I think they can win with either.

Brett (King of Prussia, PA)

Do you think that Nebraska and Penn State will form a rivalry relatively quickly? I'm an '08 PSU alum and my uncle was on the '94 Rose Bowl team, I know we still have hard feelings for them, I'm sure they do towards us as well after the 40-7 beatdown in '02. Welcome to the Big Ten, Big Red!

  (2:36 PM)

That sounds pretty good to me. I like that with two traditional schools with great fan bases.


Do you see a lot of the USC juniors and seniores leaving to other universities or just a few with what has just been handed to them?

  (2:40 PM)

No, but I could see a couple. I talked to a staffer at an out of conference school about this a few hours ago. I'd heard Mustain likes it here in LA, but maybe he's tempted because he might be able to go somewhere and play right away. but for the USC players who are starters, unless they think they can go be a starter on a national title contender, I don't see it happening. Those upper classmen have played in BCS bowls, so to leave a program, especially if they're local for another place where you might end up in the Chick Fil-A Bowl or the Insight Bowl, I'm not sure how enticing that is.

  (2:41 PM)

For their players who aren't starters, maybe it's a different story. The way it sounded last winter, USC was in a bowl game in SF and it might as well have been a no-bowl year because of the BCS or bust mindset that takes hold.

bob (okc)

what happen to allabama if Ingram and Richardson go down

  (2:43 PM)

Then Lacey becomes a national name. I've heard he's a stud too.

Lou (Rockville, MD)

JoePa's biggest upset was over Miami in '86, even though Lions were #2. No one really gave them a chance.

  (2:44 PM)

Yeah, that was why I said 25 years. (I'm not great at math).. Anything close to that since for them?

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

do you see the mtn west obtaining 'bcs' status?

  (2:44 PM)

Yes. That's a good top four: BSU, TCU, BYU and Utah and AFA is coming off a strong year too.

Eamon (Evanston)

The Big Ten has it set up so that each school plays its "rivals" every year, no matter what. Does that system stay intact with the addition of Nebraska, and who would the Huskers add as their "rivals" (at least in the context of scheduling)

  (2:45 PM)

Good question. I think that'd have to be part of the plan.

James (LA)

How's Jimbo Fisher going to do in his first year leading FSU?

  (2:46 PM)

He should do well. He has a terrific QB and a good, maturing O-line. I liked the two defensive hires of Mark Stoops and Greg Hudson. But that's a lot of youth they're working with on D.

Lou (Rockville, MD)

Yeah, missed one. PSU 24 - #1 ND 21 in 1990.

  (2:47 PM)

Any idea what the spread was on that? Am guessing Bama may be a 15-point fav this year.

Stephen (Knoxville)

What are your thoughts on what the SEC should do as far as expansion goes? Is A&M really interested in the SEC?

  (2:48 PM)

I heard Gene Stallings at A&M really is, but will that be enough? Lots of politics on that one.

Vinnie (ATL)

Media (Herbstreit) have stated the Big 10 has lost Thunder with what the Pac 10 is doing. How does a Nebraska vs. Ohio St/Penn St/Michigan/Iowa/Wisconsin take a back seat to the Pac 10?

  (2:49 PM)

Texas is thunder. And they'd be taking 4-5 of the top 6 teams from the Big 12.

Jill (Denver)

Who knew you guys would be so busy in the off-season?

  (2:50 PM)

Maybe Larry Scott.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

why is everybody so down on PSU? They have some good returners, and never have a QB, I think they'll do just fine

  (2:50 PM)

I didn't say they were going to be 6-6. I think they'll have a solid season, but new QB vs. Bama was the question.

  (2:51 PM)

Thanks for the laugh Jason from SoCal...

Matt (AL)

What was your original stance back in 2004? Did you think Oklahoma or Auburn should have been playing USC in the NCG?

  (2:52 PM)

Considering I recall being surprised that USC beat OU much less dominated them I think I would've said Oklahoma. There was a lot of hype around the Sooners O-line and AD and USC really got after them.

Katy (State College, PA)

PSU upsets: Don't forget that win over Nebraska in 2002 during our "dark years."

  (2:53 PM)

Thanks Katy.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

when did CFB become about money?

  (2:54 PM)

I don't know. It's no recent development that's for sure... Maybe that's a Beano question.

George (San Antonio)

How likely is it that Utah now leaves the MWC to go to either PAC 10 or fill a spot in Big 12 if it doesn't disband?

  (2:55 PM)

I wouldn't rule it out because until things are official who knows what ripple effects are out there.

Ed (Austin)

Why do you think academics plays a part of a schools decision whether or not to join an athletic conference? Seems the SEC hasn't suffered financially because of supposed poor academic performance.

  (2:58 PM)

Texas made a big deal in the beginning of the Big 12 about no partial qualifiers, which supposedly Nebraska didn't agree with. There is a prestige factor that some schools like to see and maybe its legit and make its not. We'll see. I was told by someone at A&M last week that academically the SEC wasn't a good fit, but it sounds like things may have changed in the last 72 hours... Lots of posturing going on.

  (2:59 PM)

3 more questions..

Craig (Oklahoma)

I have an idea for the Big 12: add TCU and Tulsa to the conf. and put TCU in the south and Tulsa in the north, plus move OSU to the north. Just an idea, what do you think?

  (3:01 PM)

I don't think its crazy. TCU is a big time program with great history. IT's not like you said shove two Sun Belts teams in there.