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June 10, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Andrew Marchand

Andrew Marchand
  (11:57 AM)

I'm open for business. We can talk Jeter moving from short one day. Jeter not wanting to talk to LeBron. Yankees, Mets, LeBron or anything else you want. I'm game. So let's get going.Let's start with the Cliff Lee talk. I'll tell you where I think it stands for the Mets and Yankees as we go on. Who wants to go first?

Howard (Columbia SC)

If the Yankees are serious about trading for Cliff Lee should they move Javy Vasquez to the bullpen to replace Alfredo Aceves?

Andrew Marchand
  (11:59 AM)

Howard,Thanks for the question. The Yankees will monitor the Cliff Lee talks, but they favor waiting until the offseason and then just spending the money without the prospects.However, if they have a major injury or they think one of their main competitors (the Sox or Rays, to be specific) may get him then maybe they dive in now and give up Montero, etc.

Max (New Jersey)

What are the chances the Mets actually make a big splash in the trade market, going for a cliff lee or someone similar? Maybe they can do the whole prospect trade extension thing they did with Santana?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:02 PM)

Max:I don't see Cliff Lee to the Mets. I don't know if it even makes sense for the Mets in this regard. Would you give up Mejia? At some point, you have to think about the future; espcially with how tough the NL East is becoming.If the Mets trade young guys and then can't sign Lee this offseason, they could set the organization back a few years. What do you guys think?

Andrew (CT)

Even with the Yankees drafting of Cito you see them eventually looking towards HanRam to replace Jeter? There were rumors about this at one point and HanRam hates the Red Sox...

Andrew Marchand
  (12:05 PM)

Very good point and nice first name.The Yankees could think big with Jeter's replacement and Hanley Ramirez would qualify as that. The interesting thing for the Yankees future is in three years, do you see Jeter and A-Rod at short and third. I don't know if I do.

Mark (Haverstraw NY)

Do you have any insight as to the restrictions placed on Phil Hughes? Will it be along the line of Rick Porcello's? Also, do the Yankees send their pitchers for biomechanics analysis?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:08 PM)

Matt:Yes, I recently wrote an article about. If you go to the ESPNNewYork and search my name and Phil Hughes. You should find it.I wrote this story when I was in Minnesota with the Yanks.He has an extra day off for five of his next eight starts. If they push him back one day, then he could get 12 days off around the All-Star without really missing a start because of how the Yankees schedule works to begin the second half.I'm not sure about the bionmechanics analysis. I will try to look into it in the future so if we want to ask again, please do.

Justin (NY, NY)

Ok - I'm all for moving Jeter from SS. In fact, for about 3 years now, I've been saying he should move to CF or RF - he's definitely got the arm strength! now, however, there seems to be a bit of a log jam in the outfield, and certainly at DH. How does this all shake up? Other than short, where can he play? Would they move Cano to the outfield and have Jetes play 2nd??

Andrew Marchand
  (12:10 PM)

Justin:How does this all shake up? Very intersting. No one knows for sure. Including the Yankees.I think the biggest thing I watched from seeing Joe Torre all those years is that these things have a way of working themselves out. Be it by injury or trades. I don't know if Jeter moves to the outfield. I think if he moves from shortstop it is because his athleticism is being impacted by age so, I don't know if he would be a good fit in the outfield. The other thing will he be hitting enough at that point.

Gunz (Staten Island)

Andrew - I agree 100 percent on obtaining Lee in the off season rather than giving up prospects now. My question is, if it came down to the Yankees and the Mets would his friendship with C.C. Sabathia sway him to the Yankees or would he want to come to the Mets to face the Phillies? I am a Met fan and can admit that the Yankees are probably more desirable.

Andrew Marchand
  (12:12 PM)

Gunz:At this point, players want to go to the Yankees over the Mets. There are some exceptions, but not many. The Yankees win, pay more and they don't have the injury and chaos the Mets have these days.There is a lot of uncertainty with the Mets and players talk to each other.I don't think Cliff's friendships will have much impact on his decision.

Mitch (LA)

Everyday that passes I feel more like Lebron stays in Cleveland and Wade in Miami. Who do the Knicks end up with?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:14 PM)

We'll get back to baseball in a moment. Love talking LeBron, though.I think LeBron would be going to Brooklyn if the Nets were there now. Since they are not, I think he gives the Cavs three more years and then he is out of there at 28. Wade probably stays in Miami.Bosh and Joe Johnson's decison could be the difference makers.

Clay (Charlotte)

So did the Yankee brass enjoy watching their future ace's debut Tuesday night?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:15 PM)

Clay:Funny. I would say in six years we will be talking about the Yanks going after the young starter from D.C.

Matt (PA)

Is this going to be Andy Pettitte's last year or not? If it is then they need to replace him with another pitcher. Who will that be?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:16 PM)

Matt:This will be fascintating this offseason. The question is: Do you take Javy and Pettitte's money and use it on Cliff Lee? Maybe you just take Javy's and bring Pettitte back for one more year. I mean, Pettitte likley will slow down, but right now he is a real Cy Young candidate. It is hard not bring him back.

SportswithKels (Queens, NY)

Given the recent release of Brewers pitcher Jeff Suppan, what do you think the chances of the Yankees giving his agent a call for his services? After all he is a durable pitcher 120 innings over the last six seasons.

Andrew Marchand
  (12:17 PM)

1 percent chance

Big Lou (Florida)

Yankees need a BAT, Who is going to be available as a Corner Outfielder. Also what is the story with Nick Johnson??

Andrew Marchand
  (12:19 PM)

Big Lou:Nick Johnson likely won't be back this year, in my opinion. The Yankees think he could return, but when Nick goes down, he usualy stays down.Corner OFs? I would have to think about it a little, but if Detroit were to fade, they have a guy that could fit in with the Yankees

Cody (Michigan) [via mobile]

As a Tigers fan I am pleased with J.Damon, Are you pleased with C.Granderson so far?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:20 PM)

Granderson has come off the DL and hit the ball very well. Can he do it when it counts like Johnny did, we shall see.He is a very polite guy, but a very boring quote. Reporters, for certain, miss J. Damon.

Jeff (NYC)

Why can't the Mets win on the road?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:22 PM)

Jeff:Who knows? But that will determine if the Mets have any future this year. They need to be able to win a few games on the road. Wish I could explain. Maybe they like eating at Mama's of Corona before games at Citi.

Marc (New York)

They Yankees NEED a bat? Sure - and Bill Gates NEEDS another $billion.

Andrew Marchand
  (12:23 PM)

Ha. Good point. Of course, if Gates could add an extra billion, he would.

Jeff (NY, NY)

I feel like people give Joba a pass for his inconsistent performance and blame it on an undefined role. He has been a reliever all year and hasn't been too good - if not for a spectacular play last night you'd probably be looking at another blown game. What are your thoughts on that?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:24 PM)

Jeff:You are dead on. I wrote about this other day. If you go to my archive on, you will see the story. Joba is in a defined role, but we need to judge him on the whole seaosn. That's how it works for setup guys. You need a big sample. So give Joba a chance, but there are no built in excuses. Also, don't forget, he is still 24.

Dan (Philly)

Any updates on A-rod ad Galea? Any opinion on the whole HGH situation, and maybe who the individual players may be? Are people suspicious of A-rod?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:26 PM)

No update on that. But overall look at A-Rod and the home run numbers in baseball.It likely says something about what guys are doing or really not doing these days. Come August, it will show more because that is when PEDs really helped after guys had played 100 or so games.

Cody (Michigan) [via mobile]

Should the knicks go after A.Stadamire because of his history with the coach or keep trying for someone else

Andrew Marchand
  (12:28 PM)

Cody:He could be a fallback possibility. Plan A is LeBron Plus One. Plan B is Dwyane Wade Plus One.If they fail on those, the rest of the alphabet will be do something huge. Don't rule out a sign and trade for someone like Chris Paul.

jason007thomas (Huntsville,Al.)

how do you feel about pitching finally being out on displayed rather then sitting up waiting a whole game looking for the long ball

Andrew Marchand
  (12:29 PM)

Jason:I love it. It is much more fun to watch 3-2 games than 13-8 games. It is just better baseball, at least to me.

Joe (RI)

Wait, how do the Home Run numbers reflect lack of PED use? Weren't pitchers, especially guys in the pen, some of the biggest offenders? Should that also create weaker pitchers, who give up more HRs than they did in the PED era?

Andrew Marchand
  (12:31 PM)

Joe:Very good points. Very good. You are right on that.I still think that home run totals aren't in the 60 or 70s or even the 50s anymore because of the lack of PEDs, but that is an underrated fact that you are mentioning and you are dead-on.

Doug (NYC)

Scenario: following the season, Yanks offer Jeter 3 yrs/$60M; Jeter says he won't sign for less than 5 yrs/$100M. What does Cashman do? What would you do? Me? I'd say it's been nice knowing you.

Andrew Marchand
  (12:33 PM)

OK,This is really the last one. Doug, had such an intriguing scenario that we can go further into at my chat on Monday at noon.Wow, the business move is to say see you later, but it is Jeter and the Yanks won't do it. After I wrote my Jeter-shortstop last week, a lot of people said they think that Jeter will get $25 million. But the standoff will be over money and years.OK, thanks so much for all the questions. This was our best week yet. I will talk with you on Monday at noon. Have a good rest of your week.