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June 15, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with Andrew Feldman

Andrew Feldman
  (4:00 PM)

Good afternoon everyone! Hopefully you've all checked out this week's ESPN Inside Deal ( and are ready for another hour of WSOP info. Send in the Qs, I'll get started in a minute.

J.C. (la)

Where does Farha get his money?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:02 PM)

From winning WSOP events. Very funny question. My line on how many of these I was going to receive was 15. Off to a good start.

Carl (Columbus, OH)

Without naming names, has there ever been someone that was approached to be on Inside Deal who just simply refused, and not because of scheduling or prior commitments? Do you think FTP would allow one of their red pros to appear on the same Inside Deal broadcast as a Team Pokerstarts Pro, or vice versa?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:04 PM)

Carl - there have been players who have refused based on timing, but not based on affiliation. We've had guests from PokerStars, Full Tilt, UB, Doyles Room and Victory Poker on the show and we'll continue to do so. FTP specifically has been great offering up Howard Lederer, among others, to be part of the show.

Will G. (Vermont)

Who is right about the ladies' event, Daniel Negreanu or Annie Duke? Who would you bet on in a boxing match?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:08 PM)

Personally, I've had enough about the WSOP ladies event discussions, but the final words haven't been said. In my opinion, they should keep the ladies event as part of the WSOP schedule, but remove the bracelet and replace it with a WSOP Ring. If the whole goal is to bring women poker players into the game, this tournament will do its part. Offer them the same buy in, but with a different top prize. The bracelet shouldn't be awarded for that event. I know its part of history and I don't want to see them get rid of it, but it's time to adjust it a little bit. Thoughts?

Bob (Seattle)

It seems like most of the established stars (except John Juanda) are having a bad WSOP. Last year, it was the exact opposite. Is it just bad luck or are the bracelet bets affecting the way they play?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:14 PM)

I don't necessarily agree with that, but what you're saying is true. We've been calling it the "Year of Redemption" around here. We've seen players who have come close earn their bracelets and most of them have been notable names. Guys like Farha, Mizrachi, Matros, Buchman, etc fit that category. No, we haven't seen Ivey, Lederer, etc get their bracelets, but I think it's far clear ot say that they're having a bad year. I would say the bets weigh in on their minds pretty heavily, but they're still playing on top of their game...

Garrett (Troy, NY)

How does it work for viewing a final table at a WSOP event? If there was a final table to a non-marquee event and there were no big names at the table, would it be safe to say that I could just show up around when it starts and get a good seat close to the action? For the big events, how early can people show up to get in line for seats?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:15 PM)

You can just show up to view any final table and hopefully, not deal with a crowd. If there are a lot of big names at the final table, you may have to wait for seats to open up, but that wait usually isn't too long. The main event is a different story and if you want to watch that final table, you'll have to be in line a few hours early at the Rio.

Ryan (Milwaukee)

Little bit of a homer here, but do you think Baldwin gets the respect that his live results warrant?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:17 PM)

I think inside the industry Baldwin gets the credit he deserves. However, you aren't going to hear anything about him outside of it just based on the status of the industry.

Ralph (Delaware)

Hearing about Farha's win makes me think of the unlit cigarette he keeps in his mouth while playing, and that got me to wondering what percentage of players today would actually smoke while playing if it was allowed in the WSOP? Maybe 10%?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:18 PM)

Probably more, but I'm happy there's none allowed.

Ryan P (Milwaukee, WI)

When will the first episode air on ESPN covering this years WSOP?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:19 PM)

The $50K Players' Championship will begin on July 27, but I believe the preview show will air on July 20.

Neil (Tampa)

Take out your crystal ball for a minute - who do you think would be the first to be dropped by PokerStars, assuming no more big wins, Moneymaker, Raymer or Hachem?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:20 PM)

Not going to happen, but Moneymaker. Raymer is as active on the circuit as anyone else. Hachem is the face of Australian poker which continues to boom. Moneymaker is Moneymaker and as we know, he's not playing that much. He's still the face of poker though after all these years...

Mason (Dallas)

Is Bonomo still sweating his Panorama Towers prop bet, or has one of the residents already claimed a bracelet?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:21 PM)

David Baker (MI) won his bracelet on Saturday. Bet over, Bonomo wins.

Jobin (Quincy)

To echo Bob from Seattle's points, I think that mostly everyone that has won a bracelet is a "pro", but to the general public, it's much more interesting when you have the top-tier guys making headlines. Nothing against David Baker, James Dempsey, or whoever else, but in terms of elite "names", I really only consider Grinder and Farha to be big-name winers. You work in the industry, so you know who Matt Matros is, but not a lot of others do.

Andrew Feldman
  (4:23 PM)

Understood. So you're looking for the Ivey, Ferguson, etc to take the bracelets down. In that case, some of them are struggling this WSOP, but it's still early...

Ryan (Milwaukee)

Could you expand a little on the comment of "based on the status of the industry" Do you mean the poker world in general, UB?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:23 PM)

I meant general awareness of the game on the public spectrum.

Kenney (Des Moines)

Good job with providing us with a break down of the events as of late. Any word on big names still around in the events currently taking place? Also, Lakers or C's tonight? Thanks.

Andrew Feldman
  (4:24 PM)

Thanks Kenney. I posted a blog on the current events today here: I'm taking the Lakers tonight...although they'll have to play a lot better than they did the other night. Well, at least everyone other than Kobe.

Johnnie K. (Chandler, AZ)

With the increased numbers in the non-hold em events, can you envision a day when they will bring back A-5 Draw? I played that event a few times in the 90's and miss it dearly. (Can you ask someone if there is a chance it would ever return sometime?)

Andrew Feldman
  (4:26 PM)

I wouldn't rule it out. I'll ask around and see what the tournament directors believe is an option. There's been a comeback of the lesser-played games over the last two years, so we'll see if A-5 is on the radar.

AJ (Philly)

Was it you harassing Mr. Hellmuth yesterday or just an Andrew Feldman imposter? If it was did you it feel to tilt him?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:28 PM)

It was the other Andrew Feldman, the British poker pro...

tha one (new york)

how about the businesses sammy farha runs? how about the nosebleed stakes cash games he plays in? if you think his bankroll is determined by his WSOP tournament play you are a complete fool..

Andrew Feldman
  (4:28 PM)

It was a joke. Read the blog...

Rob (Phoenix)

Do you think that the trend of the last few years with at least one person winning two or more braclets will continue? Or is it more of an abberation and it will go back to being a rareity?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:29 PM)

It'll continue. We had three players in the final 15 of the Omaha event who were going for their second of the Series including Dempsey who was aiming for two. I think it's going to be come the norm to see double bracelet winners each year at the WSOP despite the odds of it happening.

Bryan (Springdale)

Just like you don't want an online tournament to be opened up because it would "change tradition," don't attempt to "change tradition" by getting rid of the ladies tournament. Deal?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:30 PM)

So you're for keeping a bracelet awarded to the winner? What about having the tournament, just not awarding the bracelet? It is tradition, but if men feel that they should enter because there's a bracelet on the line, it's not a tradition going in the right direction...

Chet (Lowell, MA)

What's the early word on "Ivey's Room" at the Aria hotel. What is Ivey's involvement/commitment? Is this yet another attempt to move players away from Bobby's Room that is bound to fail like the Wynn getting Negreanu to play live there a few years back?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:34 PM)

Players are really liking the atmosphere of the room. It's a publicity stunt at the heart, but even Ivey was taken back with this honor. The big game has taken place primarily in Bobby's room recently, but there has been pretty big games at Aria as well. The thing is, it's the same company. MGM owns both casinos, so why are they really trying to compete with each other on that front? As far as I know, Ivey isn't forced to play there (like Negreanu was at the Wynn), his name is on the room regardless.

David (Boston)

With the increasing popularity in heads-up PLO, will we ever see that kind of event at the WSOP?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:35 PM)

I'd love to see it. Do you start with a 10K world championship event?

JP (Indiana)

Which has been the most impressive performance in a single event thus far, in your humble opinion?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:37 PM)

How could it not be Grinder? Forget beating out the huge fields in the $1Ks and 1,500s, to beat out the best field in the world in an eight-game mix is definitely the most impressive in my mind. Add in the pressure on being at a TV table, Grinder has the edge.

Tim (Athens)

Do you agree that John Juanda is the greatest all around tourney player in the world? 7 WSOP FTs in 6 different games over the last 1 1/2 WSOPs. At least 5 cashes in every WSOP since 2002 including WSOPE main event champ. Add in the success in EPT and WPT. Dont really think theres a close second.

Andrew Feldman
  (4:41 PM)

Loaded question. You have the proof, but honestly, I'm still leaning towards Ivey. Juanda has quite the record over the last two years, but Ivey's three bracelets, in all non-hold 'em events, should be enough to quiet the argument a little bit.

JP (Indiana)

Is it still your boy Phil Gordon's day? Is he staying optimistic about winning his first bracelet?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:42 PM)

Haha, not his day today since I believe he's back in Washington with his family. He was happy with his deep run, but not happy with the way his two cashes have ended. We'll get into it on this week's Poker Edge.

Bryan (Springdale)

Any man who enters the tournament should receive a ban of 2 years from all events. They are not honoring the spirit of the event itself and our lacking integrity, something the sport of poker does not need on it's reputation. More poker pros should be speaking out against these men.

Andrew Feldman
  (4:43 PM)

Is a ban truly the best course of action when no warnings were made in advance?

Mike (Chicago)

I like the Ladies' Event Ring idea. Any chatter ate the WSOP about the UIGEA now that it is suppose to be 'in effect?'

Andrew Feldman
  (4:44 PM)

June 1st came and issues from what I've heard.

Peter (Rochester, NY)

Instead of prediction for POTY-prediction for first double bracelet winner?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:45 PM)

I said David Baker on this week's Inside Deal. I'll stick with it. If I'm giving a second answer, Praz Bansi gets that vote.

JP (Indiana)

I tried the "today is my day" before I played in a tournament the other day and was loaded with confidence ... until my KK was cracked by QJ. Maybe I did it wrong. Keep up the great work with the podcast, chats and blogs.

Andrew Feldman
  (4:46 PM)

Sam Chauhan would be happy with your play as long as you played your best. Thanks JP.

Mikey (2000 miles from the Amazon Room)

Is there a dream team event after the WSOP again?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:47 PM)

Nope. In fact, i don't think there's Dream Team anything anymore. The organization kind of fell apart late last year and I haven't heard much from them at all. I enjoyed the format event was great in that style.

Manny (Miami, FL)

Hopefully, will be in Vegas next week (Spirit strike needs to end)...Woman's event should either have no bracelet on the line or be eliminated. While I understand the logic behind the idea of a woman's event, there is no such thing as a men's event and putting a bracelet on the line is wrong. I find it odd whenever you see Jennifer Tilly she is referred to as "WSOP bracelet winner" but someone like Andy Bloch doesnt have one. I personally believe it cheapens the bracelet and gives bad publicity to an otherwise well intended event.

Andrew Feldman
  (4:48 PM)

Good points...

Will G. (Vermont)

I'm fine with the ladies event having a bracelet. It is tainted somewhat, just like the ones for casino employees and seniors. So what?Do Annie and Daniel hate each as much as it seems?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:51 PM)

I'm not sure where the animosity came from, but you can definitely feel that the two of them just don't get along right now. They both enjoy the confrontation and both have valid points. It's not going to be a situation that either is going to win from here on out...

Guy (Scranton, PA)

What would've been the pre-WSOP odds that Jerry Yang would end up with more cashes at this year's WSOP than Annette? 50-1 maybe? Higher?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:52 PM)

150-1. Maybe worse. I wonder what the line would've been for Jerry to win another bracelet before Annette....1000-1?

Will G. (Vermont)

Does anyone track how many events players enter? Helmuth may have the most cashes, but I'll bet he paid the most entries. I'd like to see a cash percentage. Does anyone calculate this?

Andrew Feldman
  (4:54 PM)

The WSOP tracks all this information and releases them every few weeks, but they didn't start keeping track of this info until last year. That said, this year, Dwan definitely has entered the most events. I'll get the info as soon as I can and write something up on it.

Zach (Des Moines, IA)

Will G -- that's a great point. You see a 500k score, but how much has the person paid into buyins for the year, or even just in the WSOP. it adds up and if you report the trust cash-on-cash return it turns down the triumph substantially.

Andrew Feldman
  (4:56 PM)

Good addition, Zach.Ok everyone, thanks for the questions today. I'll be back tomorrow for another WSOP chat! Enjoy the races towards a bracelet tonight!