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July 7, 10:00 AM ET
Chat with Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter
  (9:55 AM)

Hello, everybody. I know everyone is all over all this NBA news, but we're going to take an NFL timeout to answer some football questions for the next 30 or so minutes. Please hop on board, send along your questions, and hopefully this is fun and informative for everyone. Have a great Wednesday.--Adam

Steve (Boston)

If Wade-Bosh-James would be considered a "SuperTeam" in the NBA, what would a "SuperTeam" be in the NFL?

Adam Schefter
  (9:57 AM)

Steve: Don't know that there is one today. I think the Cowboys had the closest thing to it with Troy, Emmitt and Michael. In today's NFL word, Favre, Peterson and Sidney Rice would be one of the top Super Team offenses or trios that I could think of. And I'd take Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and any running back, be it Joseph Addai or Donald Brown. There are some great trios -- but I don't know that any compare to Wade-Bosh-James (if that even happens).

Patrick (Fair Haven)

Coming off drafting Sam Bradford #1 overall, how do you think the St. Louis Rams will improve or decline this coming season??

Adam Schefter
  (9:58 AM)

Patrick: I believe the Rams are on their way. They've done the right things. They drafted a franchise quarterback, who is going to be tremendous in this league. They went for OT Rodger Saffold in round two to protect Bradford. And they have the right coaches and management in place. It's going to take a little time there, but the Rams are on their way back.

Raul (Canada)

Hi Adam:Is there any future for TO in the NFL this season?Thnks,Raul

Adam Schefter
  (10:00 AM)

Hello, Raul. This is the one single question that NFL fans ask more than any other. And the truth is, if it's July 7, and T.O. has been out there for months and still hasn't found a home, you'd have to figure it's going to take an injury to a frontline wide receiver before a team makes a move for him. Who knows who will suffer a tough training-camp break. But when one team does, I believe that's when T.O. could get a call. But so far, it seems like the interest has been, at best, minimal.

Ben (los angeles)

Adam, two questions if I might: 1. will there be a lock at some point? 2. Jamarcus Russell, an anomoly or is he the future of risky draft picks? Thanks.

Adam Schefter
  (10:01 AM)

Hello, Ben. As for your first question, nobody wants a lockout, but the signs to this point are not encouraging. But keep in mind, this is a deadline league and deals get done at the last month -- that's where fans can take comfort. Hopefully something will get done at the last moment next winter. As for question No. 2, I think we've always seen risky picks, and always will. JaMarcus just turned out to be one of the riskiest, and maybe the biggest bust ever. Unfortunate for the Raiders, but that's the luck of the draft.

Busta compton,ca [via mobile]

Do the Raiders have a shot @ winning their division if V. Jackson sits out or gets traded?

Adam Schefter
  (10:02 AM)

Busta: I see the Raiders making clear strides. They've upgraded big time at quarterback. They drafted well. But I don't think their talent is on level with San Diego's, even if the Chargers don't have Vincent Jackson. I see Oakland being more competitive, being a tougher out, and winning maybe eight games, give or take a game or two in either direction. But they should be better.

Daniel (Orlando)

Adam, could you ever imagine a free agent in the NFL creating the kind of havoc LeBron James has?

Adam Schefter
  (10:04 AM)

Daniel: The closest the NFL ever has seen to it is Reggie White, when any team would have signed him and he wound up in Green Bay. There have been other hotly pursued free agents -- Albert Haynesworth, Julius Peppers. But none at the level of Lebron. And Reggie White was big. But Lebron is far bigger, maybe partly because of the day and age in which we live, with so much discussion and debate and scrutiny over every single thing in sports.

Dean (Livonia)

Who is currently being projected as the starting QB in Carolina?

Adam Schefter
  (10:05 AM)

Dean: Matt Moore is the quarterback to unseat in Carolina. Eventually, Jimmy Clausen will have the chance to do it, but it's hard to see that happening at the beginning of the season. The sense is that Moore will be the Panthers starter early on and, if he plays well, he will keep the job. If he doesn't, there will be more questions like this and Clausen eventually will get his chance.

T.J. (Lock Haven)

A lot of Steeler fans are concerned about what will hopefully just be the first four games with not having Big Ben, but I think they are in trouble for the whole season regardless if they can't get someone to replace Willie Colon. What are their chances of landing Logan Mankins from the Pats? Is that even a plausible scenario for them?

Adam Schefter
  (10:07 AM)

Don't see Logan Mankins as a viable alternative for Pittsburgh, T.J. For starters, New England is not going to be quick to trade him. And if it did, it's hard to imagine that it would deal him to a competitive AFC team. Plus, owners are paring back their spending, which is partly why Mankins is in this spot. The Patriots made what they believe is a fair offer, Mankins wants money similar to what Jahri Evans got from the Saints. and there's no resolution in sight. But I don't see Mankins in Pittsburgh. And yes, I agree with your assessment -- it won't be easy to win without Ben. If the Steelers can find a way to do it, they should have a strong season.

Joe (minny)

Adam, assuming Brett Favre comes back, what do you see as the Vikings biggest weakness and do you think they can overcome that to make it to the Super Bowl?

Adam Schefter
  (10:09 AM)

Joe: Is that even a question? Is there anybody that thinks Favre is NOT coming back? I mean, really? The only question is whether he will make his announcment in a one-hour prime time show like Lebron. Once he does return, the Vikings will have a roster as talented as any in the league. They will need Favre to perform near the level he did last season. If he does, then Minnesota has a real chance. But Favre has shown a penchant for playoff picks, and that's something the Vikings cannot survive -- as they proved last season.

Travis (Virginia Beach)

What are the chances thsat the Redskins get a deal done for Haynesworth before the start of training camp or the season?

Adam Schefter
  (10:10 AM)

Don't see it happening, Travis. Haynesworth is going to be forced to report to his camp due to his contract, and the Redskins are going to put him through the most challenging training camp of his NFL career. It will not be fun to be Haynesworth during two-a-days. I think everyone agrees that Haynesworth's future is not in Washington. But I don't think the Redskins will make a move until or unless they first can recoup some of the bonus money they've paid Haynesworth.

David (Ottawa)

Adam, with training camp more then a month away, can we really be sure about anything in the NFL right now, other then knowing that Oakland is still terrible?

Adam Schefter
  (10:12 AM)

Actually I don't think Oakland is terrible at all, David. There are certain teams that I wouldn't feel encouraged about. But Oakland is not one, believe it or not. And you're right about the unpredicability of the season -- it never goes the way people think. I think there have been at least five new playoff teams every season for the past 13 seasons. And it'll happen again this year, too. Watch.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

what was worse: Favre's picks, or Petersen's fumbles? I gotta go with fumbles, they took him OUT!! Top back in league? I think not.

Adam Schefter
  (10:13 AM)

Hayden: It is the one issue preventing Peterson from being the top back in the league. And over the course of the season, his fumbles were more signifcant, especially being that Favre threw so few picks. But Favre threw a costly one at a key time, which is why people remember it. But Peterson must hold on to the football this season to be considered an elite player. Otherwise, the Vikes will have some problems.

Wingo (Deptford, NJ)

Adam, what's your take on Kevin Kolb? How do you think he's going to do as the Eagles starting QB this year?

Adam Schefter
  (10:15 AM)

Wingo: I'm a big Kevin Kolb fan. And so are the Eagles. Why else do you think they traded Donovan McNabb? The biggest reason is that they had more confidence long term in Kolb than McNabb -- that's the truth. It's just like the situation that unfolded in Green Bay. The Packers believed more in Aaron Rodgers than Brett Favre. And now they look wise. Rodgers is one of the top quarterbacks in the league -- and will be a fixture in Green Bay the next 10 seasons. And I think in time, Kolb will enjoy similar success in Philadelphia. The Eagles have loved him from the moment they traded up to get him. Now we're about to see why.

Quentin (Green Bay)

How do you thing the Packers are going to do this season?

Adam Schefter
  (10:16 AM)

Quentin: Last season I picked the Packers to go to the Super Bowl, and I'm thinking of doing the very same thing again this season. The defene, under Dom Capers, is solid. And it's a quarterback league -- and I don't know that there's any young quarterback I'd rather have than A-Rod. Packers are in very good shape for a very good season.

Clay (Charlotte)

Adam, I know with the McNabb trade the expectations for Washington skyrocketed. But, as we saw last year, that offensive line is terrible and the Skins don't have nearly the weapons that Philly has. What should be the realistic expectations of Washington fans?

Adam Schefter
  (10:17 AM)

Funny you should ask that, Clay, because I just wrapped up a segment on Sportscenter in which I said the Redskins went from having one of the worst offensive lines in the league to now having perhaps the best offensive tackle tandem in the NFL. Trent Williams is going to be a star and Jammal Brown is a two-time Pro Bowl selection that is going to be superb in Washington. When a team has bookend tackles like that, it gives the offense the chance to do great things, and the team to succeed similarly.

Adam Santos (Sanford, Maine)

I am wondering where do you think the Baltimore Ravens biggest chance at this year's Super Bowl with there Offensive weapons that was added.

Adam Schefter
  (10:18 AM)

Adam: Just as I'm thinking of picking Green Bay in the NFC, I'm thinking of going with Baltimore in the AFC. Its defense is loaded, as always, though I do have some questions about the quality of cornerback play. And offensively, Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth are going to make a big difference on an offense that runs the ball well. Baltimore should be right there. Again.

Tom (NM)

Adam, what is your take on Tebow in Denver?

Adam Schefter
  (10:20 AM)

Tom: Rarely have I seen so much of a split of opinions amongst smart NFL people in the NFL. Some believe Tebow will be superb, others believe he will not be able to make it. But Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is a huge believer, and his track record with quarterbacks speaks for itself. Tebow is going to a perfect quarterback teacher. To me, he has all the intangibles any team wants, and it'll be up to McDaniels to bring out the rest in Tebow.

Rickey Henderson [via mobile]

Adam Schefter you are great, but Rickey is the greatest of all-time.

Adam Schefter
  (10:20 AM)

Never would argue with Rickey Henderson's logic. Ever.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

Adam, good to have you. two part question. Do you believe in Alex Smith? I dont. And do you grill with charcoal or gas?

Adam Schefter
  (10:21 AM)

Hayden: The 49ers have more of a belief in Alex Smith than I do. I still think they should have made a play for Donovan McNabb, but they believed Smith would be suitable. We'll see. And I'm an experienced grill master, Hayden. Can go either way -- Charcoal or gas. Actually have both.

Robbi (Clinton, Ky)

So, what is your favorite breakfast food? Are you in favor of gas or charcoal for grilling?

Adam Schefter
  (10:22 AM)

What's with all the barbequeing questions this morning, Robbi? Nothing better than grilling some grasshoppers on the open grill for breakfast. As my daughter says, Yummy-tummy.

Andrew (Boston)

Hi Adam, - I am Cowboy fan, in what area do you see as a glaring weakness in their current lineup or what void do they need to fill to take that next step towards a Superbowl?

Adam Schefter
  (10:24 AM)

The Cowboys are well positioned, Andrew. The questions I have are the same ones everyone has: How will they overcome the loss of Flozell Adams and can Doug Free be a suitable replacment? Who's going to play safety? But actually the thing that worries me most about them is their past success. They have not proven that they have been mature enough to sustain it. That's why this season will be the test.

Nick (NJ)

Hey Adam. Every Year it seems that one stuggling team becomes a playoff team last year with the Bengles 09 with Atlanta and Cardionals, Which team this year will be like those 3 teams

Adam Schefter
  (10:25 AM)

Good question, Nick. There are some non-playoff teams from last year that I think have a chance to make a real run this year: the N.Y. Giants, Washington, the 49ers, Miami, Houston, Tennessee. Those are some teams I'd watch out for this season.

Nate (Boston)

Adam, I think that the AFC East will be pretty tight this season. How do you think the division will play out? Which team will be first?

Adam Schefter
  (10:27 AM)

Nate: I compare the AFC East to the NFC East. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets or Dolphins or Patriots won it, just as I wouldn't be surprised if any team in the NFC East won it. Football is so much about confidence, momentum and injuries. And it's impossible to say on July 7 which teams will be blessed in those areas. But if I had to pick division winners today, I think I'd go with New England and Philadelphia. But I could well be wrong.

Nick (NJ)

Where do you think Lebron James will go

Adam Schefter
  (10:29 AM)

Nick: This angers people in Cleveland every time I say it - and it's truly nothing personal -- but I've never sensed he was staying. If he were, then why hasn't he just signed with Cleveland yet? Why has he put that city through all of this? When Akron honored him last month, his body language and words didn't look like a man who was staying. Most people have dismissed New York, but it would not surprise me if Lebron chooses to play on the big stage -- without ever having met him, it just seems like the type of guy he is. But I'm as curious as everyone else.

Hayden (Logan, Utah)

Have you lost respect for ocho? I sorta have. I mean, I enjoy his antics, but cmon. Isnt he on a reality show, and a cartoon? cmon

Adam Schefter
  (10:31 AM)

Nobody in the league is any more entertaining than Ocho, Hayden. Happen to really like him. He's one of my favorite friends on Twitter during the season. And if he plays the way he did earlier in his career, people will talk more about his performance than his antics. But I think Ocho is good for the game -- I'm a fan of his. And I'll be looking forward to his reality show?

Jeff (Toronto)

What do you think the Bills long term game plan is at at QB?

Adam Schefter
  (10:32 AM)

You got me, Jeff. They wanted in on Donovan McNabb, but the feeling was not mutual. I thought they would find a way to draft Tim Tebow or Jimmy Clausen and it didn't happen. Quarterbacks are not easy to find. Until a team has one, it has little chance of going far. The Bills best hope for a future quarterback is going to be the 2011 draft. And if they can come away with Washington QB Jake Locker -- who I believe will be the No. 1 overall pick -- then Buffalo will have a chance to return to glory.

rix (jc, tn)

the falcons addressed a need at LB early in the draft, but what about the pourous secondary and underperforming DL?

Adam Schefter
  (10:33 AM)

So you're not high on the Falcons, Rix? I think you're going to be wrong on them. Actually left them off the list of teams that didn't go to the playoffs last year that I think will this year. In fact, I'm picking the Falcons to win the NFC South this year (sorry New Orleans). Just think Atlanta has added some youth on defense, and it has the quarterback a team needs. I'm big on the Falcons this year. Think it's going to be a great season in Atlanta.

Nick (NJ)

Hey adam, Huge fan, Do you expect Wes Welker to play this season and if so will he make a impact

Adam Schefter
  (10:35 AM)

His recovery so far has been very impressive, Nick. He's already doing better than most people thought. Still, he's coming off a signifcant knee injury that he suffered in the last regular-season game. My guess is he starts the season on PUP, misses the first part and comes back to make a contribution down the stretch. Want to thank everyone for taking time out of your day, submitting quality questions and being a part of my first chat here at Hopefully we'll get the chance to do more. Until then, enjoy your summer.