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September 21, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Gordon Edes

Gordon Edes
  (1:00 PM)

Hey everyone, thanks for showing up, at a time the Sox are admittedly something less than topic No. 1 around here these days. I listed a few reasons why they're still worth watching, though, things like whether Lester gets to 20 wins, Beltre breaks Butch Hobson's record for HRs by a third baseman, the last acts of a number of players who won't be back, and the promise of some of the kids. So, on with the chat

Mark (Quincy)

Hey Gordon,I hear a lot of talk that the Sox aren't willing to give more than 2 years for VMart because he is not a good defensive catcher. Can't they just give him a 4 year deal (2 years to catch and 2 years to DH)? He seems like a team player and a real gamer, I wouldn't want to see him go when he could clearly just DH if his defense is that bad.

Gordon Edes
  (1:04 PM)

Mark, there are an awful lot of reasons to like Victor--the way he has killed lefty pitching, just to name on. An absolute gamer, good clubhouse guy, productive hitter--all are qualities to admire. But after Ortiz, the Sox may join the trend of having a guy around primarily to DH, and I think the Sox aren't sold on Victor being their catcher going forward, or otherwise they would have been more aggressive trying to keep him. Hey, Theo could easily prove me wrong and decide to re-up Victor, but I suspect Victor will find better offers, and more years, on the open market than he'll get from the Sox

Zack (CT)

Last week there were articles about the Rays catching the Yankees because they were in 2nd with pitching woes- will we see similar articles this week now that the Rays are in 2nd with Garza/Shields/Niemann woes?

Gordon Edes
  (1:06 PM)

Zack, don't you think you might want to wait beyond the first game of a four-game set between the Yanks and Rays before crowing too much? Garza wasn't sharp yesterday--I think going into the game, people thought the Garza-Nova matchup favored the Rays, and instead it became a bullpen game. But let's see how the rest of the series plays out.

Chris (Staten Island, NY)

How are the Red Sox planning to catch the Yankees next year after the Yankees sign Carl Crawford and either Cliff Lee or Yu Darvish???

Gordon Edes
  (1:09 PM)

Chris, you're presuming an awful lot. I do think the Yanks have the inside track on Crawford, but there will be other teams in the mix--don't rule out the Angels, for one. If the Rangers win the ALCS or World Series, are you certain that Cliff Lee will leave? Nolan Ryan can be a persuasive guy. And we don't know yet whether Yu Darvish is going to be posted, and if so, the Matsuzaka experience should prove that you can't predict whether another team will make a bigger offer than the Bombers do.

John (Melrose)

Gordon, Adrian Beltre seems like a good fit in Boston but the last time he was in a contract year he put up big numbers as he is doing this year. How do you see the Red Sox starting negotiations with Scott Boras or do they walk away and take the draft picks?

Gordon Edes
  (1:12 PM)

John, I admit there may have been a time I wondered whether this was a classic salary drive by Beltre. But then you talk to people, and realize he has always played this hard, has always hated to come out of the lineup, and you realize that his numbers truly were a reflection of playing in Safeco. I think Beltre has been such a force that the Sox should make a serious run at keeping him. At least we know in this instance that Scott Boras can't play the Yankee card in the end like he did with Teixeira. With A-Rod, the Yanks are not in the market for a 3b.

Ryan (NH)

Do u see the sox going After Jayson Werth . Or Pena And move Kevin Youkilis to 3rd

Gordon Edes
  (1:13 PM)

Ryan, I can definitely see the Sox getting in the mix on Werth. They looked into trading for him at the trading deadline. Pena has really hurt his market value this season; he's hit home runs and is still an elite fielder, but he just hasn't hit. I'd be surprised if Carlos was in the mix.

Blake (Abilene, TX)

Do you think Jon Daniels is the Rangers biggest offseason priority? Ive herd some teams might come calling for him?

Gordon Edes
  (1:14 PM)

Blake, I can't imagine that Nolan Ryan and the new ownership will let Daniels get away. He's done a terrific job

Ryan (Portsmouth)

Ken Rosenthal thinks that the Mets should do whatever they can to drum up some interest for David Wright or Jose Reyes. Do you think the Sox should get in on the David Wright sweepstakes?

Gordon Edes
  (1:15 PM)

If the Mets made Wright available, you'd be crazy not to investigate, and if there's one thing we know about the Sox, it's that they do their due diligence. I'm hardly convinced, though, that the Mets have any intention of moving Wright


As the old saying goes... A good offense is your best defense. We will never again see a Manny/Ortiz two-some because of the game becoming clean. However, with this past off season, Theo went with the Free Agency "fun prevention" route. We just dont have that late game timely hitting anymore. Is it time that Theo started looking into more TRADES and not just FREE AGENTS? We built up the farm for the last 5 or 6 years... It's time to let some go in my opinion.

Gordon Edes
  (1:18 PM)

BT, have you forgotten that for much of the season, before the rash of injuries, the Sox were actually leading the majors in runs scored? Theo hasn't been afraid to trade kids in the past. The most notable example of that recently would be the Victor Martinez deal, in which he gave up both Justin Masterson and Nick Hagadone. And if the right deal is there, he'll move kids again--I think, for example, they're showcasing Lars Anderson right now in hopes of drumming up some interest.

Peter (Atlanta, GA)

I know your a Boston guy, but I figure you could answer this anyways. Does Matt Diaz deserve some kind of special award for his actions last night?

Gordon Edes
  (1:21 PM)

For those who don't know what Peter is referring to, there was some clown in a red costume running around the field last night in Philly, eluding security people, and Diaz, who was playing LF, came up behind the guy, stuck his knee out, and sent the intruder flying. A great move, and usually they don't show that stuff on TV, but I know the Braves TV network did, just to show what Diaz did. It was great, but at the same time I think as a rule, players should keep their distance and let security do their job. You never know when one of these clowns is a true nut job bent on harming someone. My favorite, though, is still the streaker in Oakland who performed cartwheels with Derek Lowe on the mound. I don't know how the Sox were able to finish that game!

Tony (moon )

I feel that all the talk about Lars anderson being a trade chip is very wrong ...He looks like he has a great swing tailored for fenway park ,,,what do you think

Gordon Edes
  (1:23 PM)

Tony, I think the Sox are higher on Anthony Rizzo, the first baseman at Double-A who was Portland's Player of the Year. I would not be surprised if the Sox trade Lars.

Colton (North Carolina)

How frustrated are the red sox with dice k?

Gordon Edes
  (1:25 PM)

Colton, I think very. I suspect there are physical issues that have kept Daisuke from becoming the pitcher the Sox envisioned. I believe his work load in Japan has definitely played a role. He's a high maintenance guy who hasn't delivered, and it has probably reached a point where a change of scenery might do him good.

Bob (Boca)

I posted the below message earlier and meant: do you agree? what are your thought?It seems clear that we have 3 glaring off season goals: sign a young(ish) catcher who can play defense, improve the bullpen --I think Paps decline will continue and it is time to give Bard the ball. It's time the Sox stopped signing players on the decline to long term deals, see John Lackey--, and sign Carl Crawford. The Sox MUST not let the Yankees steal him in a similar fashion to Mark Teixeira. Can anyone deny that it was a monumental mistake for the Sox not to have come up with the money for Tex?

Gordon Edes
  (1:30 PM)

Bob, 1. I agree the Sox will explore other options at catcher. 2. I don't believe Papelbon is the problem with the pen. I would keep him for one more year and maximize Bard's value as an eighth inning guy, occasional closer. But clearly rebuilding the pen is a priority. 3. Only the people in the room in Texas know for sure whether the Sox blew their chance to sign Teixeira then and there. I've been told that, but I'm also persuaded that Boras would never have made a deal without going back to the Yankees. He just doesn't operate that way. I think the Sox would prefer Werth's power to what Crawford brings to the table.

michael (colorado)

Will Ellsbury play for the sox next year? I love watching him play but sounds like a marriage going sour to me

Gordon Edes
  (1:32 PM)

Michael, That's a great question. I don't think Jacoby is an untouchable, that Theo would move him in the right deal. But I also believe that Theo doesn't have issues with Jacoby like the medical staff does, and would be happy to have him back.

Josh (Chico, CA)

do you think the sox will have a chance at landing carl crawford and why havent they signed victor martinez to an extension yet? is there another catcher their interested in?

Gordon Edes
  (1:33 PM)

Josh, I think one of the catchers the Sox have interest in is Mike Napoli of the Angels; he should be available in a trade. John Buck of the Jays, who is a free agent, is another possibility.

Tim (VT)

Right now, answer with your gut feeling.The starting outfield for the Red Sox in 2011 will be this ....

Gordon Edes
  (1:39 PM)

Tim, my "gut" doesn't mean anything right now. Too many variables. I do think JD will be back in right. I'd pencil in Jacoby in CF. Cameron is your 4th/platoon OF. The question becomes whether the Sox like Kalish or Reddick enough to hold off on making a long-term commitment to Werth or Crawford.I would argue you could win with this lineup:Ellsbury, cfKalish, lfPedroia, 2bYoukilis,1bOrtiz, DHBeltre 3bDrew, rfNew player, cScutaro, ssYou would obviously be stronger in the short term with Werth or Crawford. It all depends on how much the Sox like their young OFers.

adrian beltre (don't touch my head, MA)

should i take a paycut to remain here or chase the big bucks elsewhere?

Gordon Edes
  (1:40 PM)

You took the paycut this past season. No need to give a hometown discount to stay here. Whatever you get, you've earned. No one can say you're strictly a Fenway hitter. Your numbers on the road have been just as good.

Ed (Quincy)

Do you think Ortiz will be back next year?

Gordon Edes
  (1:41 PM)

I do, yes. They'll exercise the option. The question is whether they give him another year. If I had to guess, they'll offer another option or a two-year deal with a lower base and built-in incentives.

Jon Dwenger (Indiana)

Kind of on the same lines with Tim, I think it is appropriate ... Name the 6 starting pitchers going into spring training next season ...

Gordon Edes
  (1:44 PM)

Jon,LesterBuchholzBeckettLackeyNew faceWakefieldI may be way off on Matsuzaka, but I think it would be in both parties' best interests to look at alternatives. Wakefield has a year left on his contract, though look for the Sox to sign/invite some alternatives there, as well

Jim W (Sacramento)

Gordon, I hear a lot of talk about JD's strong defense in right field but I just don't see any evidne ce to support the hype. He doesn't get to balls like he used to, his arm is erratic on a good day, and decision-making is inconsistent. What does the team and/or socuts see that I miss?

Gordon Edes
  (1:45 PM)

Jim, Sorry, but I'm among those who consider J.D. a very good defensive outfielder. His decisions are usually the right ones, he gets good jumps, runs good routes, hits the cutoff man, covers a lot of ground. I think most scouts would agree

Jeff (Cambridge)

What struggling player this year, (eg. Beckett,Lackey,papelbon, etc) do you think will turn it around next year?

Gordon Edes
  (1:46 PM)

Jeff, my crystal ball is cracked, but I'm not sure you need much of a turnaround from Papelbon. Make it four blown saves instead of seven, and we'd be talking about Paps having another outstanding season. I think Beckett will have a big bounce-back year, and Lackey will be better

colin (boston, MA)

out of martinez, ortiz, beltre, varitek, who will be back and for how long. my thought is that we have to bring back martinez and beltre just because they have killed lefties this year. i think we owe it to varitek as the captain of the team to offer a new deal and based on his production of late i'm not convinced salty is ready for the bigs. i think we will sign papi to a 2 year deal about 12-14 million. your thoughts?

Gordon Edes
  (1:49 PM)

Colin, I don't think 'Tek will be back. I think the Sox see Saltalamacchia as their No. 2 catcher. I think they get another catcher. I think Ortiz is back, Martinez is gone, and Beltre is iffy. And I want to reiterate: This is all speculative. Educated speculation--maybe--but Theo isn't inviting me into their meetings about their off-season strategy

Jeff (Sacramento)

Are there any big name pitchers the sox are looking at this offseason?

Gordon Edes
  (1:50 PM)

Jeff, I'd be surprised, after the Lackey signing and the Beckett extension, to see the Sox jump into the big-name pitcher market.

Bob (Boca)

Gordon, "Werth's power?" That is a perfect example of the Sox chasing after previous year's stats. Entering the '08 season Werth, who will be 32 years old next May, had never hit more than 16HR in a season. He then hit 24 in '08, had a career year with 36 in '09 and now back to Earth with 24HR this year, with 119K, 156K, and 143K, respectively. Crawford, who will not be 30 until next August, may only give 15HR per season, but he bats over .300 consistently, will give 40-60 SB and plays superior defense. With Crawford, Ellsbury, and Drew we cover a lot of real estate in the OF. On the contrary, by signing Werth we might as well re-hire Lou Gorman and listen to him tell us how Jack Clark's swing is tailor-made for Fenway. What say you, Gordon?

Gordon Edes
  (1:52 PM)

Bob, I like a guy who backs up his argument with facts. You make a persuasive case, but I suspect the Sox won't be prepared to give Crawford what he gets from the Yankees.

scott (ct)

Are the Sox confident that both Youk and Pedroia will be 100% healthy to start next season? Also, do you think any of our prospects can help out in the bullpen in 2011?

Gordon Edes
  (1:53 PM)

Scott, Yes, they are confident both will be fully recovered by spring training, and I can't see any reason for them to believe otherwise.

Brian Doherty (Simi Valley, CA)

Don't you think the Sox would benefit by attempting to acquire Adrian Gonzales from the Padres rather than going after Crawford? Theo has a great relationship with Hoyer and who knows the Sox minor leaguers better than Hoyer? The Padres are trying to build and I think Gonzo would be the answer to Tex....

Gordon Edes
  (1:56 PM)

Brian, Adrian Gonzalez, it is well understood, would be a perfect hit here, but Padres owner Jeff Moorad made it pretty clear that Gonzalez is not going anywhere. Now, maybe if the Pads miss the playoffs, that gives the Sox a little better chance of cracking open that window, but if I'm Jed, I'm asking for Bard, Rizzo, Iglesias, Kelly, players of that caliber, in return.

Chris (Boston)

Gordon, who do you think will win the AL Cy Young and MVP? How much of a chance to Lester and Beltre really have??

Gordon Edes
  (1:58 PM)

AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez or maybe CCAL MVP: Josh Hamilton, although him missing all of September keeps it from being a slam-dunk.Beltre finishes top 6. Buchholz and Lester top 6.

Gordon Edes
  (1:58 PM)

Hey thanks everyone for joining in. You made it an entertaining hour