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September 29, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Beano Cook

Beano Cook
  (3:04 PM)

Good afternoon, it's hard to believe that it's the first Saturday in October. We wait all year for football and it flies by.

Adam (Boise)

Beside winning #1 thing Boise State has to do to keep impressing the voters?

Beano Cook
  (3:05 PM)

Pray that Alabama or Ohio State losses. Boise State has a good chance of playing in the national championship game but they need help. They need Bama or OSU to loss.

Stephen (Oklahoma)

What is going to decide the OU/Texas game this weekend?

Beano Cook
  (3:07 PM)

I don't know, I'm not an expert on the technical expects of the game. OU has the more experienced QB. I think they will win but I don't have a strong feeling. I do think that whoever wins this game will play Nebraska for the championship.

Lou Saban (Buffalo)

Beano, how's my boy Nick going to do against Florida? I don't think it will be close.

Beano Cook
  (3:09 PM)

Alabama is playing at home so I think they win. How much they will win by, I don't know. They will play again for the championship in December.

Greg P (Staten Island,NY)

Beano, which potential matchup of undefeated teams do you find more intriguing....TCU/Utah or Boise/Nevada?

Beano Cook
  (3:10 PM)

I think Boise State and Nevada. I think Nevada is the only team that can beat Boise State though I don't think they will. TCU/Utah is a great game also, both are great teams.

Knute (South Bend)

Beano, will the Irish ever be good again? I'm spinning in my grave watching them play.

Beano Cook
  (3:11 PM)

They will be good again, there's no excuse for t hem not to be. Let me say this again, academics are NOT the problem. They are able to get kids in that school. I don't think Brian Kelly is in trouble but then again I said the same thing about Charlie Weis.

Corey ((Columbus))

Beano, how dangerous do you predict Michigan will be once they get a dominant (or at least a good) defense??

Beano Cook
  (3:12 PM)

That's hard to say. Michigan has material; they have good players so they will have a good defense in the future.

TOny (SD)

Beano, Do you believe in Nevada a little more after going into BYU and winning by 2 tds?

Beano Cook
  (3:13 PM)

Yes, I do. I believed in Nevada before that. Nevada can cause some major problems for Boise State.

Josh L (West Virginia)

With the non-success of the Big East, do you see a scenario that would strip the conference of its automatic BCS Bowl bid in the near future?Thanks!

Beano Cook
  (3:14 PM)


Doug (Charlotte)

Forget the actual conference co-eds? I say it's still Pac 10 vs. SEC leading the pack.

Beano Cook
  (3:14 PM)

I agree with you.

Ohio St. Zack (Chicago )

ND-AwfulPSU-HorribleWhat gives Beano?

Beano Cook
  (3:15 PM)

I don't think PSU is horrible or that ND is awful. I agree with you that they need to start winning some of those games. Let's see what happens Saturday with Penn State play Iowa.

Nick (Atlanta)

How hot is the seat for Mark Richt at UGA? Who could replace him?

Beano Cook
  (3:17 PM)

His seat is hot but the season isn't over yet. The pressure is going to mount on Mark. The SEC is a tough conference and the fans want to win.

Pat (Boston)

Beano - why does Kirk Herbstreet always refer to you as "Danko" Cook?

Beano Cook
  (3:17 PM)

I have no idea.

Chris (Columbus, OH)

Do you think Pryor is destined for greatness or failure this season?

Beano Cook
  (3:19 PM)

How can anybody complain about Pryor? He's been excellent so far. OSU won the Rose Bowl and he was excellent. Sometime fans are just unreasonable.

Matt (CA)

Beano! honest...yes, Oregon looks great, but who wins when they visit USC at the Coliseum? Do you think USC has shown all its tricks?

Beano Cook
  (3:20 PM)

I think USC has a shot to bear Oregon but I don't know if they will. Oregon first has to beat Stanford and play at Arizona and Oregon State. Worry about Stanford before you worry about USC.

Daniel (Pasadena)

All this talk of UCLA being an embarassing loss for Texas is a little annoying. People dont understand how much improved they are since the Stanford game. What are you thoughts?

Beano Cook
  (3:21 PM)

I thought UCLA would make the game clsoe against Stanford. I was surprised you bad they loss. That was a big win for UCLA against Texas and I'm sure they will have more big wins though tout the season.

George (Orlando)

Does TCU going to the Big East make any sense at all?

Beano Cook
  (3:22 PM)

No sense at all ...NO SENSE!

Jake (Honolulu, HI)

Which game are you looking forward to most this weekend?

Beano Cook
  (3:24 PM)

I have two. Florida/Alabma, Wisconsin/Michigan State and Stanford at Oregon.

Terelle Pryor (Columbus, OH)

The Bucks looked good the first 4 of the season. How do you think the rest of the year will pan out?

Beano Cook
  (3:25 PM)

You looked but we will just have to wait and see. You've played well but you have some tough games remaining on the schedule.

Marc (Malden, MA)

Always appreciate your insight Beano. When will the NCAA do something about the length of games. They don't end in less than 3 1/2 hours and most go to 4 hours...that's way too long.

Beano Cook
  (3:26 PM)

The NCAA has nothing to say about it. The games are just much longer. A lot has to do with television and all the commercials. I do agree with you that games are way too long and so are college basketball games.

Calvin (Orange Beach, AL)

Beano, No one is giving Florida a chance against Bama! Is there a silver lining in that for the Gators seeing as how they have the athletes to be ultra competitive but lack the experience?

Beano Cook
  (3:28 PM)

Florida has the athletes but I think Alabama has the better team right now and plus they are playing at home. Next year it's at Florida and things might be different. This is going to be a great game.

Doug (Hawaii)

Beano - thoughts on the new Hawaii 5-0? I like the original.

Beano Cook
  (3:31 PM)

The original Hawaii 5-0 is my favorite show of all time. The problem with the new show is that all the actors look like movie stars and not detectives. It's not the same Hawaii 5-0. It's an entertaining show but it's not as good as the original. I prefer to watch the original show over this one.

James (Columbia, MO)

Could Missouri win the Big XII North?

Beano Cook
  (3:34 PM)

They could but they won't. Nebraska has that on lock.

Andy (Afghanistan)

I know this game has absolutely zero luster, but who do you like btw LSU and Tenn? If they can get a QB do you see LSU making a run at Bama?

Beano Cook
  (3:35 PM)

Tenn just seems to have so many problems so I think LSU will win. But remember that this is the SEC and it's tough to win games in that conference. All these teams have athletes, some more that others.

Rich (Ann Arbor)

Do you ever see a day when the NCAA will take over officiating completely? The bias during non-conference games is appalling, especially from the Big Ten and Pac Ten Officials. The biggest joke is Michigan who plays every game with Big Ten Officials.

Beano Cook
  (3:38 PM)

I don't think the NCAA will take over however why they don't have natural officials in inter-conference games is beyond me. They have them in bowl games so why not have they in regular season play? Years ago, when teams for the mid-west travel to the west coast it was a good chance they would get the shaft. If you don't believe me ask Notre Dame after the 1964 game against USC.

Marc (Malden, MA)

Couldn't they shorten games by moving to the NFL clock rules? At least get rid of the "clock stops on a 1st down" rule.

Beano Cook
  (3:40 PM)

I forget which year they put that rule in but it allows for more plays. You have more plays in college football games than you do in NFL games. College football games used to take about 2 1/2- 3 hours and that was considered to be a long game.

Kevin (Ann ARbor)

who wins this weeks game, Michigan or Indiana?

Beano Cook
  (3:42 PM)

Michigan. Indiana got the shaft last year; the officials gave the game to Michigan. Michigan won't need them this year though.

James (Portland, OR)

Hi Beano. With so many good games this weekend, which would you like to see in person?

Beano Cook
  (3:43 PM)

I would love to see Florida at Alabama. I love the atmosphere in the SEC.

Chris (greenvill, NC)

How bout them Wolfpack! Do they beat VT this weekend?

Beano Cook
  (3:45 PM)

I'm amazed how Ivan Misel of picks NC State to pbeat Vigina Tech. I think NC State's Tom O'Brian is the coach of the month.

Ben (Pittsburgh)

How would you go about slowing Denard Robinson down if you were coaching Indiana?

Beano Cook
  (3:46 PM)

I don't know. It's so tough to win at Indiana. I can't understand why Indiana is going to play Penn State at FedEx Field. It's a shame that it's come to that.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

Does Stanford have the speed on defense to keep up with the Ducks and pull off the upset in Eugene?

Beano Cook
  (3:48 PM)

What can I say, they have shot. If a bunch of teams lose, a team for the Pac-10 can play for the national title. Every now and then we have a perfect storm.

Dan (Raleigh, NC)

What is your take on NC State this weekend and the rest of this season?

Beano Cook
  (3:50 PM)

They have a shot against VA Tech and if they win that game, it's a big win. They have been impressive so far, they went on the road and won at GA Tech but now they have a tough home game.

Sals (Berkeley)

I can't believe Cal eliminated least they win championships! What are the chances that UC pulls the plug on football?

Beano Cook
  (3:53 PM)

I don't think they eliminated Rugby but they are getting rid of baseball. That is an absolutely a disgrace. They better not get rid of football. The Cal/Stanford game is a great game. Who can forget the 1982 game? When the band ran on the field?

Alan (San Diego)

What about Clemson/Miami- who do you have in that game

Travis C. (Lake Highlands)

Beano, which would you rather watch: a baseball playoffs game between the Yankees and Twins, or an average college football game, let's say Ohio State vs. Illinois?

Beano Cook
  (3:56 PM)

An average football game. I'd rather see a poor football game. I'd rather see a high school football game. I'd rather see a pee-wee football game. Baseball has become a boring sport played by spoiled athletes, with some exceptions.

Eric (TX)

Thursday night on ESPN - Texas A&M or OK State?

Beano Cook
  (3:56 PM)

Oklahoma State. Homefield.

Beano Cook
  (3:59 PM)

It's time for my weekly pick. The record is 2-2. I see Iowa beating Penn State in a close game. Remember two years ago Penn State loss to Iowa costing them a shot at the national title. Iowa wins 22-21.

Beano Cook
  (4:01 PM)

I'm starting a blog on Friday and it won't be about sports. I hope you take a look and if you don't like it, don't come back! Check it out at Good talking to you. Next week, same time; same place.