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October 14, 11:30 AM ET
Chat with Bryan Broaddus

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:31 AM)

Greetings folks...Cowboys just made a roster move...they signed offensive tackle Jermey Parnell from the Saints practice lets get started..

Mario D. (Rowlett)

What have seen on film that has led the big plays in the passing game against our secondary?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:33 AM)

Technique has been poor at times and the safety play has been not good struggle with will give up big plays.

Andrew (Toronto)

Bryan, you can break down the stats and scout the games but the one constant is that this team does not match the mental and physical intensity of the opponent FOR 60 MINUTES. I go back to the late 60s with this team and MANY Landry teams won because they just KEPT PLAYING longer than the other team both mentally and physically. The disconnect between talent and performance is based on want to and commitment . Bad things happen in a game, this team needs to get over it and just keep playing. I believe it really comes down to that. Thank you for all you do, love the insight you provide.

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:36 AM)

Thanks for the kind words..I couldn't agree with you more...this team really struggles at times to play for the full 60 minutes...they make huge plays then give it right back...but you make a great point.

Aaron (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Is it safe to say the only reason we aren't 3-1 is because of penalties? The Redskins game would've been ours (but we had the hold), and the Titans game most likely would've been ours if not for the penalties which set up Tenn. to score (multiple times).What will it take to stop the penalties?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:38 AM)

Penalties have been huge...that Titans game was awful...Wade keeps telling us that things will change but they haven't...they don't have an answer for this.

Chris (Charlotte)

If the Cowboys continue this trend and have a losing season do you think think Jerry will make changes in the coaching staff?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:39 AM)

Love Charlotte Chris...Jerry will make the changes to the staff at the end of the season if he feels that it needs to be done...I was with him for six years and was with some bad teams but he will let the coach finish the season.

David Miller (Mansfield)

has Jesse Holley been officially promoted?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:40 AM)

Nope...the Cowboys added an offensive tackle from the Saints practice squad.

Felix Jones (Dallas)

Hey Bryan,What do you expect my role and workload to be in the offense going forward? Will I finally get my 15-20 touches?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:42 AM)

It was nice to see you carry the ball last week long as the owner makes the personnel have a chance to see more were pretty good last year on the edge versus the Vikings

PK (Denver)

Do you know the status of Bradie James? If he can't go or is limited, do you have confidence is Sean Lee or Leon Williams?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:43 AM)

I have no confidence right now in Jason Williams or Leon Williams...Sean Lee has talent but he is nowhere as good as he needs to be right now.

J Wit Dog (Houston)

Bryan, please categorize these three in order of which is most contributing to the poor pass defense: DL, LB, DB

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:45 AM)

DB, LB, DL...I will say this...I sure would like to see Spencer get his act together...he has not been near the factor that I thought he would be...maybe this week.

Chris (Charlotte)

I have always liked Wade.....but he just does'nt seem to get this team fired up. What do you think the chances are for us to get somebody like Herm Edwards or Bill Cowher?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:47 AM)

I don't see Bill Cowher coming here...he wants too much control of the player personnel and bringing his own guys in...Jerry has his scouting staff in place...

Robert (Cocoa Beach)

What do you think about Jason G. play calling ?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:49 AM)

There are times where Garrett makes sense but then there is poor execution...then other times where Garrett looks way off...but they need to execute much better at times.

Courter (Dallas)

Jason Witten finally showed up last week with 5 catches and a td. Do you see that continuing, or do you see him going back into hiding behind the cowboys receiving corps?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:51 AM)

Jason Witten is an outstanding player...I really believe that if Romo threw the ball to Witten instead of Bennett on that vertical route that ended up an INT...that ball is a catch and a big TD...

Todd(PA) [via mobile]

I watched the Titans game again n Davis is really hurting this team. Almost every drive Holland was in the Cowboys either drove the football or were in position to score.Why are they going back to Davis I played right guard in College inin my opinion Holland moves n plays better n has a better first punch am I missing something? Why is he not starting over Leonard Davis? The best player should play n even saw ur tweets sayin Davis was their weakest link.Please explain.

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:53 AM)

There are several memebers of the staff that know that Leonard is hurting the team...this is nothing new...the change was needed in the Titans game...this Vikings game will be interesting..

Aaron (Cedar Rapids, IA)

I'm not sure if you looked at this on tape, but how did Scott Chandler do on his blocking assignments against the Titans? It's nice to see an Iowa player in the game (even as the 3rd TE).

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:56 AM)

ON IOWA! Scott Chandler played okay...when you run the football you need to be stronger at the point of attack...Chandler was catch blocking too much...need to bring your feet and show some pop...he didn't but its better than Witten banging in there and getting hurt.

Ryan (Iowa)

Bryan, love reading your break downs after games. I am wondering how people can say that coaching can't make up for lack of talent. Look at what the Redskins are doing with inferior talent and superior coaching. They may not be winning pretty but they are winning. When is this team going to understand that having the right coach can make all the difference in the world?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:58 AM)

That coach in Washington has them believing they can win...he is a real head coach...the Redskins are buying in to what he is selling...

Charles (Chesapeake)

For a long time I've been hearing ALAN dont know were the BALL is makes plays so from he has been horrible and dont have any options behind him dont you think we should have picked up a veteran safety or kept one of are safeties like watkins he's not a huge upgrade but he is one what do you think

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:00 PM) make a great safety has been poor for this team for a good friend Darren Woodson and I just shake our head when we study the games...Ball is just not reacting quickly enough to the play..

Paladin (Utah)

Everyone seems worried about scoring points, but I have complete confidence in the Cowboys' offense... what worries me is the defense. What are Wade and staff doing to sure up the defense, including the silly penalties, and can they do it in time to save a slot in the playoffs for the NFC East?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:01 PM)

With the way the NFC East is right now...they need to get on a streak...if they lose to Minnesota and the Giants...1-5 is too big of a hole to get out of....these next two weeks are huge.

daniel (houston tx)

will the cowboys pick up merriman from the chargers

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:04 PM)

The Chargers have to release him off can't release a player that is hurt...I don't see the Cowboys going after him...think he ends up in Miami if I had to guess.

real deal (new jersey)

Have Davis and Columbo gotten old over night? Both look bad right now. Are replacements on the roster or should we start looking at o-line in the 2011 draft?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:06 PM)

Davis played much better in the 2nd half of the Titans game but overall he has been very poor and has been for the last two years...he needs to be replaced and yes...OL will be the top need.

Gary (Atlanta, GA)

Is Jason Williams a better fit at OLB with his speed and athleticism?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:10 PM)

When you play without the ability to know your assignments and lack awareness to find the football (kickoff return Titans) doesn't can't play...I am not alone here.

MJThrill (Biggest Cowboy fan there is...)

Can Dallas protect Romo vs Minny...other than Kosier and Free the rest of those guys scare me

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:12 PM)

Thrill...I believe you follow me on Twitter???...thanks...Kosier played well against the Titans...this game will once again...come down to Gurode, Davis and Colombo...the noise factor will be huge...

Amy (Charlotte)

Why does it seem like with any team especially with Dalls that everyone wants to talk bad about them when they are losing and then not want to give credit when they are winning, always wanting to say they were playing a team that is no good, that makes me angry

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:16 PM) are talking to a guy that grew up a Cowboys fan for 20 years then had a chance to work here...I still have friends on this job is a heck of a lot easier when they me...but when they play poorly...its our job to point that out...good or bad...we do try and be consistent at ESPN

Aaron (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Which one person on the team (player or staff) is hurting the team the most right now and why? A lot of people tend to point to either Wade, Romo, or Jason Garrett.

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:20 PM)

There are several factors in the poor play of the team...I have talked about execution, penalties, turnovers and coaching...but the bottom line of the way this team plays falls on the Head Coach...its his job to make his team play better.

Matthew (Holmes, NY)

Hey Bryan, I always read your stuff. Anyway, what do you think the Cowboys should do to make their ST better, and do you think they should cut Brewster or Barron (because they're probably gonna cut one or the other?)

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:23 PM)

I really like Joe DeCamillis...I use to work against him in this league...he has nice schemes but he also helps select these players...if those guys are not doing their jobs...schemes don't have a chance...way too many mistakes with this group.

jermaine (fort worth)

how do you think the cowboys will fare against the vikings

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:28 PM)

I have not picked against the Cowboys all season but the more I study this game, there are problems on both teams...the Cowboys struggled to protect Romo at home...the Metrodome is a whole different animal...the one advantage is the Cowboys have lived this last year...I still think its too much to ask for them to win this game, which means they will win..

kitty (highland park)

When you watch film - do you watch it naked?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:30 PM)

I watch it naked with an LSU Football hat on...thanks for asking...thats all the time for today folks...thanks for letting me come into your world...enjoy the weekend and continue to follow us on ESPN