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October 14, 12:30 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

  (12:30 PM)

Wud up! Let's get this thing cracking.

Josh (Connecticut)

With 10+ catch back to back performances, do you think we can accurately say that Hakeem Nicks has filled the void that Plaxico left a few years ago?

  (12:31 PM)

Josh... hold your horses G. Not yet. Hakeem the Dream has been terrific, without a doubt. But we are just five games into the season. Plaxico has a Super Bowl-winning catch dude. He was a deep threat and he could catch balls over any DB. Nicks is only in his second season. He will get better though. He is only scratching the surface of what he can do. He says he will bust that 60-yard catch-and-run soon.

Josh (CT)

Is it ridiculous to think that this defense will be top 3 when the season comes to an end?

  (12:32 PM)

J... nah. They are ranked #1 right now in the league and #1 vs Pass. They can easily be top-5 with their talent. But schedule gets much tougher in two weeks.

Jay (CT)

Love the work you do covering the giants! Who should I start this week Matt Schaub or Brett Farve?

  (12:33 PM)

J... thanks homey. Go with Schaub. I don't see him having two straight bad weeks. And Favre has a lot of things going on, ahem... and bad elbow.

Ricky T (NYC)

Sup Ohm. Flex spot: Steve Smith (NYG) or Ahmad Bradshaw?

  (12:34 PM)

Ricky Ricky... Ooh... Go Bradshaw. If you're in PPR, you can consider Smitty. But Bradshaw is a great flex these days.

pcastro33 (FL)

yo big ohm Hey whats up man, How would you grade the giants so far and to me its hard to tell how they are in the division when we haven't even played any of the teams. I really don't think dallas is this bad and i just can't buy into washington and philly what do you think?

  (12:36 PM)

Giants get a C+ right now if you want me to grade on overall season. The meltdown vs Titans was inexcusable. Beatdown in Indy was kind of expected. Special teams has been awful until last week. And offense hasn't clicked on all cylinders yet but is close to doing that. As far as NFC Beast... still see Dallas getting its act together. Washington has shown me something though and Philly will always be tough because of Coach Reid.

Patrick (NYC)

How concerned should the Giants be about their Kick Coverage unit? It looks like they are getting better but the Lions have one of the best returners in the league (Stephan Logan).

  (12:37 PM)

Patrick... good point. You should be concerned but last week the coverage was outstanding. They are getting better and healthier with Chase. Worry more about the return game. They can't get anything going.

Fady (Toronto)

Hey Ohm, love ur twitter updates man.....I was wondering what's the deal with Cruz in practice and whatnot? Do you think we might see him on the field in the 2nd half of the season?

  (12:38 PM)

Fady... thanks. Love Toronto man. Miss it a lot with my annual stops there with the NBA back in the day. Cruz is hurt. He injured his hammy on Monday. Doesn't sound good for him this week. But they like his potential and he works hard.

Jesse (Hartford Ct)

Hey Ohm how are you today. I was wondering if I could confide in you for some advice. I have Jahvid Best and Marshawn Lynch, in your opinion who do I use as my flex?

  (12:40 PM)

J... you can confide in me any day dude. I like Best a lot. I read that they are going to give Lynch a bigger load though. I like Best... especially with Megatron banged up. Hill may have to dump off a ton to Best. He might not get a lot of yards rushing but catches could be there.

Vinnie (Columbus, OH)

Ohm's Law!! Matt Dodge...haven't we seen enough? He had one nice punt last week but this guy hits more line drives than Derek Jeter. When will it end? I still can't believe Reese spent a draft pick on a punter.

  (12:41 PM)

Vinnie... I hear you. But the kid can punt and hit some serious bombs. He just needs to get it mentally together. Don't know what happens when the game is on but he kind of gets nervous. He has settled down though as game progresses and that is a good sign. He's your punter unless there is a serious meltdown.

  (12:41 PM)

By the way... where all my Wolverine fans? Awfully quiet this week.

Scoooop! (SDeezy)

Quick Futbol Fantasy! I traded Hillis/Knox for Greene/Brandon Marshall good trade? Gracias!

  (12:42 PM)

Scooooop.... yes. Brandon Marshall is the best player of all those guys. Hillis is going to come on as season progresses but Greene will do better than he has. Marshall is a beast. De nada.

Andrew Catalano (Ann Arbor)

Is Manningham being phased out of this offense or is he being slowed down by an injury?

  (12:44 PM)

Andrew... ahh... possible Wolverine? Sorry for the beatdown last Saturday. Manningham isn't being phased out. Eli is throwing to the open guy. I was surprised to see him with no catches. Problem is, Steve Smith and Nicks get a lot of targets and Manningham is third WR. So he is going to have to get what comes to him. And they don't always go three wide a ton. But I wouldn't worry about Mario. He will still throw in a four-catch, 64 yarder in there from time to time. Nicks is the man right now.

Malcolm (Brooklyn)

Hi Ohm,Do you see O'Hara and Kiwanuka coming back this season? And if not, what would be the deadline for when they would be put on injured reserve?Thanks.

  (12:45 PM)

Malcolm... I think O'Hara might play this Sunday. Big Shaun was on the field for second straight day. Very good sign. Kiwi says he has been told he could be back soon. Just has to play waiting game to make sure bulging disc will be OK. But if he is out for another three weeks, Giants have a decision to make in my mind.

brian (nj)

what are the chances Jacobs keeps getting touches and scoring on a weekly basis?

  (12:46 PM)

B... he has been doing well the last couple of weeks. He might get 5-10 touches though. Bradshaw is the clear-cut #1 and will get 15-plus touches. But Jacobs is the goalline dude...

Junius (NYC)

What's the biggest issue facing the Giants as they enter the NFC East portion of their schedule next week?

  (12:47 PM)

Junius... I'd like to see their offense be more consistent in both run and pass phases. The running game is coming on, they didn't need it much last week. Offensive line may be getting healthier with O'Hara. Special teams has to keep playing better. Dodge needs to improve as does return game. Defensively, I like what they have been doing.

Tom (Poughkeepsie, NY)

Of the 4 who sits this week? MJD, A. Bradshaw, Mendenhall, and J. Charles?

  (12:49 PM)

Hmmm so only one has to sit? Start three? Mendenhall must start vs CLE. Can't bench MJD, I like to always say, ride your horses when in doubt. Between Bradshaw and Charles... I think I start Bradshaw. He's probably going to get more carries than Charles... but I do like Charles... just don't like sharing with my boy T. Jones.


Wud up, Big Ohm!? Gmen look good right now!! Let's keep it rolling.... Fantasy question...start Eli over Big Ben? Both have good matchups, but I think the Gmen are going to be up big vs. the Lions more passing in the 2nd half.

  (12:50 PM)

DC... wud up? I actually go Big Ben. I believe, look this up, that Ben has a great history vs Browns. He is going to be amped, first game back. I actually think Lions game might be tougher than people think. I still got Giants winning. But I'd go Big Ben here. You are in a good situation either way.

Shai (NJ)

Ohm, I went against your advice last Sunday and started SD D over CHI D and i paid the price. I will never disobey you again!

  (12:51 PM)

Shai... hey man, I will be wrong and have been wrong before. But I try to help all you dudes because we all wanna win in fantasy and then sit back and watch some Snooks and Jersey Shore and enjoy our week right?

Dylan (Naval Station Newport RI)

With Detroit possessing near bottom defensive stats against the run (26th) and Pass (26th). Do you feel the Giants will attack with the run, the pass, or an even approach?

  (12:53 PM)

D... I LOVE NEWPORT. Too bad they shut down Christies right? Best lobster. Anyways, Giants always like to go as balanced as possible. I'd expect a good sprinkling in of both pass and run. They'll want to establish Bradshaw and then go to the air and get Nicks and Smith and maybe Boss involved.

Evan (New York)

Do you think Gilbride needs to utilize Boss more? I see these other teams with tight ends putting up huge numbers. Do you think Reese needs to look at a playmaking tight end in draft?

  (12:53 PM)

E... I do think Boss needs to be more involved. But he takes so many shots, they can't afford to lose him. You saw how they were without him earlier in the season. And yes, JReese needs to get another tight end in the draft next year.

Ken (Brooklyn)

How early do you think Mathias Kiwanuka will be able to start playing?

  (12:55 PM)

Ken... wish I could tell you. Kiwi can't even tell you. He did say that he has been told that he could be back soon. Here's the story:

Jay (NJ)

Is it me, or does Eli look like he's taken a step backward as far as natural progression goes, since he's taken that shot in offseason from the Jets? He seems scarred to take hits all over again, and will just toss the ball up for grabs.

  (12:57 PM)

Jay... Eli has made some bad throws for sure... the two picks last week were bad. And the one in the end zone vs Tenn was Favre-esque... I am not going to say he has taken a step back though. He just needs to be a bit more sound. Trust me, the Giants quarterback is not a worry. But I tried telling all you Giants fans to stop expecting Manning to be All-Pro and pass for 4,000 yards and even more TDs than last season and just air it out and not run anymore. Manning is a very good QB. Success to this team though will be a balanced offense. He can definitely air it out for sure and we know what he and Nicks can become... I am not arguing that at all. But this team needs to stay balanced.

JR (New Orleans)

Speaking of replacing Plaxico, when is Ramses Barden going to see more playing time in the red zone to catch those fade routes?

  (12:58 PM)

JR... could be a while. Barden had a back injury earlier and he was active last week and Coughlin praised his special teams play. But he needs to keep being consistent in practice to get on the field. Smith, Nicks and Manningham get the majority of the snaps for receivers.

matt (ny)

What up Ohm? I know this is kind of a vague and dumb question but do you put the chances as higher or lower than 50/50 of Plax ever a.) ever coming back to football and b.) ever coming back to the Gmen. I know Tisch is fond of him still.

  (12:58 PM)

Matt... I put it at 50% or better he plays again. As far as him coming back to Giants, below 50%.

Andrew (Miami)

Watching the first few games of the year I couldn't help but think of Gilbride as a a kid who hadn't yet learned how to play with his new toys. I know it's cliche to knock the O-Coord. but do you think that he is turning the corner as far as utilize the skills and talents that his player have (i.e. become more of a pass first team)?

  (1:00 PM)

A... I understand the temptation to pass a ton after seeing what Nicks can do. But again, Giants are better when balanced. That is Coughlin's philosphy. When this team goes pass-heavy, look at what happens to the offensive line? Remember Indy? How about last week in second half when they passed in the third quarter? Houston brought the heat and Eli threw two picks. Last week they had a great game plan from the start, attack Houston's weak secondary. But they need to run the ball.

Ken (Brooklyn)

I keep hearing rumors about the recently released Saints kicker John Carney should come back to the Giants and sit Matt Dodge. Do you think that bring back Carney is a good idea?

  (1:01 PM)

K... don't see that happening buddy. They got Tynes... and last I check... Carney a kicker... if they haven't brought in a veteran punter in by now, they aren't doing it unless Dodge really stinks it up.

Mitch (LA)

What up big Ohm! Who do you start Schaub or Big Ben I am leaning Ben...

  (1:02 PM)

Mitch... I like where your head is at...

Mike (LAnsing)

Ohm, I have Cedric Benson and I'm considering trading him for Ahmad a NYG insider do you think this is smart? I'm somewhat concerned about Bradshaw's health

  (1:03 PM)

Mike... tough trade. Are you in a PPR? If so, Bradshaw might be more helpful. But you have every right to worry about his health. He is a very tough dude but he is small. He is more explosive than Benson so if you get rewarded for big play points... then it makes sense. Otherwise, I think I stick with Benson.

Andrew (Staten Island)

Where does Bradshaw rank among #1 backs in the NFL right now?

  (1:04 PM)

A... right now outside top-10. Not yet top-10... this is only 5 games into his stint as a starter... let's see more.

Andrew Catalano (Ann Arbor)

No worries about the beat down. You guys took it to us in our house. Where do you see Greg Jones being drafted?

  (1:05 PM)

Greg is a beast... I'm hoping second-third round. But you never know with linebackers. They got to be fast - which he is - but also need to have awareness and MSU defense hasn't always been the smartest obviously. But I love the dude. Terrific closing speed.

shawn (va)

Steve smith(nyg) or mike wallace this week

  (1:06 PM)

Shawn... not sure if you are in PPR... even so... thinking Wallace with Big Ben's return. Smitty been too up and down although Eli did get him a TD last week.

L.A. Giant ((CA))

When are we going to see a change in our kick/punt returner? We have been awful in that area.

  (1:07 PM)

LA... Coughlin is sticking with Reynaud. He said he actually liked one of his returns on Sunday. Blocking has to improve. But if they get nothing out of him soon... could be a change. Coughlin also said Reynaud muffed a punt because you need to credit the punter for a really high punt.

Brian (NJ)

my fantasy team has andre johnson, miles austin, hakeem nicks, and malcom floyd at the wr positions but I need to upgrade my rb because pierre thomas and jamaal charles arent cutting it which wr would you trade to get some value in return?

  (1:08 PM)

Trade Floyd if you can get something... sell high now. Hold onto Johnson, Miles and Nicks... wow, your WR crew is crazy good. I think Charles will produce later in season for you.

matt (ny)

Ohm, how long until Bulluck comes back? Sintim has been playing well but I like Keith's verteran presence in there.

  (1:09 PM)

Matt... he's working to come back this week as I type this in... hopefully this week. I agree with you, Giants can use him for sure.

matt (ny)

Ohm, you think i should go Jacobs, Matthews, or Mike Williams in my RB/WR flex spot this week? It is a PPC league.

  (1:11 PM)

Matt... double check on Mathews this week in practice. I believe he didn't practice yesterday. I don't know which Mike Williams you got... I'm thinking Tampa right? I'd go Mathews and Williams but if Mathews is limited or it looks like Tolbert will start or get carries, go Jacobs and Williams. Jacobs could get another TD this week but I do like Mathews over Jacobs when healthy...

Sam (MA)

When will we see Shaun Andrews break into a starting role on the offensive line? He was very talented when he was in PA, for the most part, and has been pretty effective this year when he had been on the field.

  (1:12 PM)

Sam... Andrews has been working his way back. But for now Diehl and McKenzie the starters at tackle. And Andrews is a tackle these days for the Giants. I say these days because earlier he was a guard. Diehl and McKenzie's play has gotten better in recent weeks. But Andrews gets out there as tight end eligible...

Dylan (Naval Station Newport RI)

I am not yet sold on the Giants defense having a rebirth circa 2007 like they did under Spag's. Yes they have been tested by quality teams twice but I am still not sold. I believe they will have to beat both Detroit and Dallas before they are considered "For Real" What do you think?

  (1:13 PM)

Dylan... they need to show more than just two games. Not looking past Detroit, but people will truly believe if they beat Dallas in Dallas no matter how many wins or losses Cowboys have at that point. Plus it will be on MNF.


Yo Ohm...mad props to you for predicting that Hakeem was going to be a stud this year. On the flip side, do you think Smitty gets close to 100 receptions again this year? Thanks for the great work you do.

  (1:14 PM)

Thanks dude but that wasn't a hard call. Nicks showed glimpses of it last year. I still believe Smitty will get a ton of catches but 100 is going to be hard to reach with the emergence of Hakeem. Still think he will get a bunch over the middle though, especially when teams start doubling Hakeem.

Sam (Brooklyn)

Hey man, love your work, which 2 backs should I start? Jacobs, McFadden, B. Jackson, Mike Hart or C. Ivory?Thanks Man!

  (1:15 PM)

Thanks dude. I would say Jacobs and either B. Jackson or Ivory. Double check on Pierre Thomas status for the game. I think Ivory might be banged up too. Jackson is risky because he doesn't get carries but at least he's healthy and plays in a good offense. McFadden is injured and even if he comes back, he has Bush to deal with. Go Jacobs and Jackson.

Brian Dasilva (nj)

Ohm whats up great job keeping us Giants faithful updated via twitter. Follow me @bdasilva7785... who offers more fantasy value for the rest of the season Hakeem Nicks or Miles Austin? (thats my best SportsNation impression with the orrrrrrrrrr ahahaha)

  (1:16 PM)

Thanks! Miles Austin. Romo locks in on Miles. Eli throws to whoever is open and still has Steve Smith, another Pro Bowler.

Jerrell (FedEx-your QB out Field)

Who would you your #2WR S.Smith (NYG) or M.Williams (TB)

  (1:17 PM)

J... if in PPR... go Smitty.

  (1:17 PM)

Alright guys and gals... thanks for hitting me up this week. Good luck to your teams and if you have more fantasy/Giants questions, tweet me at @NotoriousOHM and I will answer them in the "My Fantasy" mailbag by Sunday morning. Thanks!!!!