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October 27, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with Tim MacMahon

Tim MacMahon
  (3:59 PM)

Warning: If you want sunshine pumping, head elsewhere. Those with a strong stomach can stick around as we discuss what a disaster these Dallas Cowboys are.

Todd (Anchorage)

Tim, does the loss of Romo hurt or help Wade's chances of returning? Thanks-

Tim MacMahon
  (4:02 PM)

It shouldn't be a factor. When asked about Wade Phillips' job security Monday night, Jerry Jones said Romo's injury doesn't impact it. I asked specifically if the poor performance by the defense impacted it. Jerry responded that he was more concerned about Romo's injury at that moment. The reality is Romo's injury didn't kill the Cowboys' season. They were an undisciplined 1-4 mess before Monday night. Wade's defense blew a 13-point lead after Romo was injured. It should be a matter of time before he's fired, but you never know with Jerry.

Matt (NYC)

Tim, I know Dallas has a lot invested in Romo but now with a legitimate shot at the number 1 pick in the draft, how could they possibly pass on a super blue chip QB like Andrew Luck?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:04 PM)

They've got much more pressing needs than a quarterback. This team needs to rebuild its offensive, restock its defensive line, get some playmaking safeties, etc. Romo still has several prime years left. No need to draft a QB in the first round. They should explore trading down if they end up with a top-five pick.

John (Waco, Texas)

Why not try Stephen Mcgee? What have the Cowboys have to lose at this point?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:06 PM)

Once the Cowboys are at eight losses, I'll agree with you. Right now, you don't want to give this team any more excuses to roll over. But, assuming the playoffs aren't a possibility, McGee should play the last month.

Bill (NYC)

Tim, when Jerry wanted to build a stadium and got desperate to make this team a winner, he relinquished some control/power in order to persuade Bill Parcells to coach. After this season, do you think he'll be similarly desperate - especially as he and his franchise QB get older - and therefore will take a major step back in order to at least have a shot at landing Bill Cowher? (And even with a mountain of money and control, Cowher still wants to be near his home and kids, I think. But never say never!)

Tim MacMahon
  (4:08 PM)

You would hope this season would humble Jerry enough to hire the best possible coach. Not sure that will happen. He will always be the GM, but he's always listened to his coaches when it comes to personnel. The question is whether he'll be willing to take a back seat publicly and at Valley Ranch. If there's a real head coach here, players can't just feel like they can go straight to Jerry any time they feel like it.

Mike (Morgantown)

So now that the season is all but over, can we talk about our back-up o-linemen? Is there any chance Costa, Brewster, Parnell, or Sam Young will be ready to step in and play close to the level of the current starters? If not, what position along the o-line is the #1 priority in the off-season?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:10 PM)

Other than the sack allowed, they really liked what they saw out of Phil Costa the other night. It wouldn't be surprising if he ends up starting next season. They're high on Young, but they need to see him in game action before getting a strong feeling about if he's starter material. Parnell is a project. Brewster is a bust.

Bill (NYC)

Tim, I was one of the last fans holding out some optimism for this team, but losing Romo is the crushing blow. Will be hard to sit through the rest of the season knowing playoffs are out of the question, but at least I'll take some solace in knowing we'll have a good draft pick, new coaches, and besides - we have most of the personnell necessary to make the playoffs (we did last year). What else should we be telling ourselves to ease the devastation of a Super Bowl season ended prematurely?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:12 PM)

Keep reminding yourself that Dez Bryant's potential is off the charts if he ever gets the playbook down.

Barrett (Dallas)

Why are the Cowboys not playing T. Choice? He is younger, faster, and more elusive than Barber. He should be at worst the 3rd down back. This really confuses me. When Barber is in on 3rd down....its scary how slow he is!!! Do we forget what Choice did agaist the Steelers last Pitt!!! Please tell me that he will get a chance to shine now that the season is over.

Tim MacMahon
  (4:13 PM)

Wade is too busy giving Felix Jones and Marion Barber ribbons for trying hard. I don't get the love affair with Barber. He's a mediocre back at this point. His contract makes it likely that he'll be out of here next year. He should be reduced to a short-yardage guy with Choice getting the rest of his work.

Dustin (NC)

If Logan Makins is free agent next year is this somebody Jerry will over pay for knowing how important the O-line is after watching this year? Considering they will cut Columbo and Davis shouldn't be that much of a cap hit right?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:15 PM)

I'd be surprised if Jerry pays the kind of money it will take to get Logan Mankins. He doesn't want to keep paying big dollars for free-agent linemen. I think you'll see the Cowboys replace two starters on the O-line next season and two more the year after that.

Monty (Wash DC)

Do you believe the Romo era is going to be like the Danny White era? It sure is like it!!! An i am not a deadskin fan (NYG)

Tim MacMahon
  (4:17 PM)

Only if the Cowboys improve significantly. Danny White's teams played in three NFC championship games. It shouldn't be considered an insult to be compared to him. He ranks above Romo in the pantheon of Cowboys QBs right now.

Gary (Los Feliz)

Can you please give me something to look forward to by telling us your thoughts as to who would be the ideal fit as the next coach of this team?? Also, who does Jerry have on his radar as the next coach? Thanks Tim.

Tim MacMahon
  (4:19 PM)

The ideal fit is a butt-kicker with a solid 3-4 scheme. Bill Cowher would be the best guy, but I don't see that happening. The favorite is John Fox if he's fired by Carolina. When the Panthers had players, he won a lot of games, taking that team to the Super Bowl two seasons removed from a one-win year. He's also good buddies with Jerry and Stephen Jones.

Lex (Calgary, AB)

For what i am reading Jerry Jones as well as pretty much given up on the season. I understand that firing a coach mid-season is somthing he has never done but why not? Have a new coach come in and evaluate talent find out whats wrong and fix the problems for next year. Would this not give the new coach a head start on next year?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:21 PM)

NFL teams don't conduct coaching searches in midseason. No good coach would want to take over this mess in November. You can't just install your schemes in the middle of the season. That's why they have OTAs, minicamps and training camp. As far as firing Wade, there are two reasons that make some sense not to make that move: 1) No coach on staff is a good interim candidate; 2) He's the defensive coordinator, too. However, if the defense is going to play like it did Monday, Jerry might as well give Wade the boot.

Downtrodden Cowboy (NY)

Could you describe the relationship of the media with this organization? From most of the aftermath of the past few weeks, most blog posts and stories, from this site and others not to be named, have bombs aimed at each level of the team, some are certainly called for, but some are uncalled for. Is this just the culture of the relationship or is there some kind of verbal sparring occurring outside the public eye that fuels this? To me over the past few years, it looks like this happens regardless if they are winning and look great or play terrible and can't get out of their own way (like it is now).

Tim MacMahon
  (4:23 PM)

I can only speak for this site. Our relationship is that we call it like we see it, whether they like it or not. There are some players -- and a head coach -- who are sensitive to that. Others understand that the tone of our coverage is dictated by their performance.

Colin Burgess (Redding, CT)

My money is on Jon Gruden to be the next coach of the Cowboys. Histotically he is a 4-3 guy. If need be, do you think the boys could switch to a 4-3? I could see Spencer and Ware both playing DE.

Tim MacMahon
  (4:25 PM)

Jon Gruden isn't a 4-3 guy. He's an offensive coach with a rep as a QB guru. I don't think the defensive scheme would be a deal-breaker at all for him. My educated guess is that he'll be interested in this job. Not sure whether the interest will be mutual, but the Cowboys should at least do their due dilligence and interview him.

kittrell spellman (bluffton)

the season is not over; however does wade have the motivating ability to awaken the boys? or do we need a coach to finish the season and that way he can make an assestment of players now and be apart of draft day

Tim MacMahon
  (4:26 PM)

The season is over. The schedule has 10 weeks left, but no 1-5 team has made the playoffs under the current system. The Jon Kitna-led Cowboys won't be the first.

Lowell (Hawaii)

With the way the season is going, I can see the Cowboys earning early draft picks. Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara in the 1st and maybe Mike Pouncey or DeMarcus Love in the 2nd? What do you think, is it to early to talk about the draft when I want to forget what is already happening this season?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:28 PM)

You've got to go to Mel Kiper or Todd McShay for that type of in-depth draft talk in October.

Steven (Charleston, SC)

Do you see Keith Brooking remaining with the Cowboys next season?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:30 PM)

Good question. Too early to know the answer. Brooking has said he'll know when he needs to hang them up. But I think it'd be tough for him to walk away after this disappointing of a season. The next head coach might make the decision for him if he likes what he sees from Sean Lee. Brooking will definitely be missed by the media whenever he leaves. There isn't a more stand-up guy in the locker room.

Bill (NYC)

I hate Wade's excuses as much as anyone, but what do you make of his point that the defense was terrible in large part because it couldn't get a rest with all of the post-Romo offense's 3-and-outs?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:31 PM)

They rested all halftime and were terrible in the the third quarter. There is no excuse for a defense that allowed the fewest points in the NFC last season to be that awful.

Jeff (Lubbock,TX)

Tim why not try to trade for Kevin Kolb?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:32 PM)

Because you'd have to give up premium picks and the Cowboys already have a franchise quarterback. They have much bigger needs at other positions.

Chris (Arlington)

Any chance the Cows sign a QB, maybe JaMarcus Russell? Give him a shot at redemption.

Tim MacMahon
  (4:33 PM)

Adding another QB isn't in the plans right now.

Al (Coppell)

Hey Time, love your realist viewpoint. Quick question about Kitna: how do you think he will fare with Roy as his WR from Detroit??

Tim MacMahon
  (4:34 PM)

They didn't click right away Monday night, but I think Roy will continue putting up solid numbers.

Pete (NJ)

Tim- How come Anthony Spencer hasn't been the force he was supposed to be this year ?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:35 PM)

Good question. I asked Wade today why Mike Jenkins and Anthony Spencer haven't been able to build on what appeared to be breakout seasons last year. "We're where we are and I think that's all of us," Wsde said. "All of us are going to try to improve. That's our goal." Where else can you get that kind of insight?

Tim MacMahon
  (4:36 PM)

OK, gotta get back to the blog. Appreciate all the questions. Sorry I couldn't get to more. Hit me up on Twitter @espn_macmahon if there's something else that's burning you up.