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October 25, 12:30 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

  (12:30 PM)

Wud up, Wud up from Big D! Let's go!

Jc (Fort Myers, FL)

Giants lose....meh. LOL. I think Eli is the x factor. He plays well they win, he doesn't they lose. I just hope Nicks can be effective to spread the field cause the Dallas secondary has been awful this season. I know he traveled with the team but any new news to report?

  (12:31 PM)

JC... wud up? Eli is the X-factor. And he has had some really good games in Dallas. When he plays well, Giants are rolling. We won't know more on Nicks until tonight during warm-ups... but I'd be stunned if he doesn't play. Would have to take some sort of setback. Even without him, Smith and Manningham tore up the Cowboys last year with 10 catches each.

Kenny Phillips' Knee (With Kenny)

Ohm! Big game tonight against Dallas. Feeling good! My question is how would you rank the top 5 teams in the NFC?

  (12:34 PM)

KP's Knee does Dallas again? We'll see. Had a great game last year. Top five in NFC... hmm... ATL, Giants, Saints, Pack, Phi. I know what the records say for TB and Sea. But I still have those teams ahead of them. Saints just need to get a bit healthier. I refuse to believe they are as bad as they were yesterday. When Reggie comes back, that helps a lot.

Dylan (Naval Station Newport, RI)

Ohm, Whats up? I am a little concerned about the Giants LB's vs Jason Whitten. We have had problems covering the TE position this season and always have a problem matching up with Whitten. Any chance we have an answer for him tonight?

  (12:36 PM)

Dylan... I hear you on this completely. I know it was the preseason but Todd Heap shredded them. They haven't had a tight end kill them completely yet this season. Pettigrew had a decent game. Clark did have a 50-yard TD on them in Week 2. Olsen was handled but Cutler couldn't get the ball off. They get Keith Bulluck back tonight so that helps. Romo hasn't been locked in as much on Witten this season. But that could change tonight... the 3 safety look will help. Could put Phillips on Witten or Deon Grant. Boley too.

Ryan (Vegas)

What's up Ohm,Fantasy question, I have Nicks and Smith. Which one do I play, need some points to win!!!!

  (12:37 PM)

R... check before game time just to make sure Nicks is good to go. If you are in PPR, Smith may be the way to go just to becareful that Nicks doesn't have any setbacks. But otherwise, I'd say go Nicks. I think Nicks will be fine. He only played Dallas once last year and was quiet. But remember, Steve Smith and Manningham torched the Cowboys here last year for 10 catches each. Smith absolutely wrecked Dallas last season.

Matt (CP, NY)

i dont know how you think the Giants will Lose. Nobody is talking about the giants, everyone is talking about Dallas, and how talented they are to be 1-4. No mention of the giants. The giants will win. Dont pass the giants up

  (12:39 PM)

Matt.. nobody is sleeping on the Giants. They are 4-2. Dallas is clearly the more desperate team. This is their season basically. So naturally, everybody will talk about the Cowboys. The Giants will be fine if they lose this game. Can't say the same for Dallas. I'm not so sure if this is as automatic as you make it sound. I fully expect Dallas to come out playing like this is do or die.

Jeremy (Rockland)

I just have a feeling that this game is either gonna be a Dallas blow-out or Giants winning a very close game, your thoughts?

  (12:40 PM)

J... I can see that. I'm expecting close game. If Dallas loses big, the Cowboys clearly aren't playing for Wade.

Josh Herman (BARDONIA,NY)

Do you think they have the personnel on the offensive and defensive line to go far into the playoffs?

  (12:41 PM)

It all depends on how they are playing... will they get hot? How is their defense playing at that time. Remember the 07 season? The defense was playing terrific at the right time of the year. The Giants have the pass rush. But otherwise, I have a hard time seeing the Giants coming out of the NFC. I will say this... if New Orleans, Green Bay and other explosive teams like those don't make the playoffs -- which I'd be stunned if they didn't -- then the Giants' chances are much greater.

Ken (Brooklyn)

I believe that the myth is "Desperate teams wins games", but with the talent the Cowboys have, they are not really a smart team. I respect your pick with sticking with the Cowboys, but I believe this is a different Giants team than last year. The big difference are the safties. And to look at the Cowboys, their running game is atrocious. The big threat right now is Tony Romo and DeMarcus Ware. But the players to look at are the WRs for Eli. Do you think that Hakeem Nicks or Steve Smith will have a big game tonight?

  (12:44 PM)

K... you know what's funny... so when the schedule came out, I had to break down the schedule game by game and so far I have picked the first six games right. So I had to stick with my pick right? I had the Giants losing a high-scoring affair. You are right on about the Cowboys. They are a mess. But remember, the games they have lost have been by 7 or less. They just haven't executed. Giants need to make sure that doesn't happen tonight. They can eliminate Dallas from the NFC East race in the next month with two games against them. But I do think Dallas will play like this is it...

Tony (NJ)

Hey Ohm. It seems like a lot of teams have been picking on Aaron Ross when they have a nickel package in. What's going on with him, I know he had health issues in the past but wasn't he supposed to be a good cover corner when healthy?

  (12:46 PM)

T... well, I think they pick on TThomas and Ross to stay away from Webster. But I think they pick on Thomas more. The Giants keep their corners where they are at, no matter who lines up across from them. So if Andre Johnson lines up opposite Thomas, they won't move Webster onto Johnson. I don't think Ross has been horrible this season. I think he's been fine. But I do think the Giants can use one more good corner next season.

Jeremy (Rockland)

I have been a fan of Terrell Thomas since the Giants got him, but if there is a weak link on the Giants D, i think its him, he's been get beat up on this year, your thoughts?

  (12:47 PM)

J... LOL. Just answered that one... well, he has had to go up against a lot of really good receivers. Again, Giants don't move their corners around to cover certain receivers. And he has had some tough moments for sure. But it could be worse J... there are plenty of corners worse than him.

Josh (College Park, MD)

I liked the trade for Sage Rosenfels, but was Darius Renaud a key cog in that deal? I know the Giants typically do not have the best returners or special teams, but I feel like we can improve in the return area. Is there another option besides Renaud? Thanks.

  (12:49 PM)

Josh... how's College Park? I grew up in Silver Spring. How's Terp basketball looking? Reynaud was a big part of that trade. The Giants were raving about getting Reynaud. The return game hasn't been good but it got better last year. Reynaud had his best game. The blocking needs to improve. It is not all his fault. What are the other options? They practice using Ross and Manningham on punt returns. Rolle would like a shot. But I don't see that happening.

Patrick (NYC)

How will the Giants's defense "change-it-up" tonight versus Romo? It seems to me that when Romo can diagnose a defense, he can move the ball effectively; however, in my opinion he is easily confused and does not play well when opponents disguise coverage.

  (12:50 PM)

Patrick, I am sure Perry Fewell will mix it up quite a bit... lot's of movement. Lot's of subbing in defensive pass rushers, moving 3 safeties around, bring JPP in from linebacker, what have you. One thing you can count on is Fewell mixing it up. Romo has bene vulnerable in the 4th quarter in tight games. I believe his QB rating in the losses of 7 pts or less in the 4th quarter of those games was like 69.

Dylan (New York)

The game (and season) is on the line and the two quarterbacks you can choose from are Eli and Romo, who do you go with.

  (12:51 PM)

D.... good question. I actually like Romo. But I think I go with Eli. He has won the biggest game of them all. Can't dispute that. Ever. Eli will always get benefit of the doubt from me ever since that game.

Josh (Bardonia)

what part of the cowboys offense are you most concerned about tonight?

  (12:52 PM)

Definitely the passing game. Miles, Dez, Roy and Witten. Even Felix Jones out of the backfield. Giants have been terrific against the run. They need to get pressure on Romo and I think they will.

Brian (Tampa)

Quick fantasy question. Im down 11 should i start nicks or smith?

  (12:54 PM)

B... this is a tough one. Make sure to check before gametime if Nicks is good to go. Which I am sure he will be. Smith absolutely destroyed the Cowboys in two games last season. If you are in PPR... Smith will be nice. But if Nicks is healthy, it is really difficult to sit him. Even though he had that hamstring last week, if he is active, he will be fine. I think you can play Nicks and feel good about it if he is active. Gosh, I hope you win man. That is a tough one. Really really hard to bench Nicks though. But Smith did have 10 catches here last year. Sigh.

BenQuad (Rutgers University)

What up Ohm Dawg? Do you think the Giants will continue running it up the gut of that Cowboys D-line or are we going to see more Eli-Nicks/Smith/Manningham hook-ups? I know the Giants are all about the running game, but the Cowboy's front 4 are pretty nasty good.

  (12:55 PM)

BQ... wud up man. How's Rutgers? I think you will see it be mixed up. Giants know they can pass on this team. But they will never give up on run completely. Bradshaw should still get 17-18 carries and he churns them out. They want to wear the Boys down. And Jacobs has been running well in last three-four games.

Ken (Brooklyn)

Another thing Ohm, I have one concern about the O-Line against Demarcus Ware. Can a OT or a TE like Bear Poscoe can match up to stopping him? I'm pretty impressed with Poscoe's blocking.. Or do you know who's best going 1 on 1 against Ware?

  (12:57 PM)

K... Pascoe has been terrific. I think you will see a lot of the tight end helping out on DeMarcus. Maybe a little Shawn Andrews as well as TE eligible. You don't want one-on-one with Ware.

Patrick (NYC)

Which Dallas corner will Eli target tonight? He always picks on one Dallas defender every time they play (Jacque Reeves comes to mind).

  (12:59 PM)

You are right Patrick... but to me, it is more which receiver he locks in on for a while. Could be Smith, could be Nicks... even Manningham destroyed them last season. To me, it doesn't matter who the corner is. Eli gets it going pretty quick with a certain receiver at times.

Larry Craig (Idaho)

Have you been noticing anything different with Eli before the snap? For instance, he seems to have an inordinately wide stance under center. Now, typically I don't have an issue with a wide fact, I have a wide stance when using the restroom. Also, though, he seems to be doing a lot of palms-up hand-swiping during his pre-snap routine. Does he have too much going on in his head right now??

  (1:00 PM)

Nice!!!!!!! Funny. I don't ever doubt what the Mannings do at the line of scrimmage. I know Eli isn't Peyton. But Eli prepares just as hard as big brother. Eli has been doing a bunch of those palms up thing but he knows what he is doing. Bottom line, don't let Eli get flushed out of pocket. When that happens, sometimes, bad things happen.

  (1:02 PM)

Alright guys, thanks for stopping by for a quick chat. Good luck to you guys tonight.