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November 1, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Calvin Watkins

  (2:13 PM)

Hey everyone, Calvin's working on a story and should be here in a couple of minutes.

Calvin Watkins
  (2:17 PM)

Hi guys, Let's go.

Simon (New Jersey)

Isnt it time to give the young guys a shot at the middle linbacker spots?Dont you think Bradie james and Keith Brooking are done??

Calvin Watkins
  (2:19 PM)

I think they need a break. I'm not sure if Brooking is making the same amount of plays he made in the first two weeks of the season. It would be nice to see Sean Lee in the starting lineup for the Packers game. Jason Williams is not the answer nor is Brandon Williams. So, Lee most likely should get a shot over Brooking.

Chuck (Rochester NY)

Who do you think is the front runner to coach the Cowboys next year? Would Dungy take the job?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:20 PM)

I would say Dungy wouldn't take the job. He values his family too much to go back into a 18 hour a day grind of coaching. Now Dungy wasn't that type of coach, but he's out of the game for now.

dana (iowa)

Will jerrry ever hire a GM to run the show? Maybe give Cowher the GM and HC duties. His way is just not working with the puppets.

Calvin Watkins
  (2:23 PM)

Jerry Jones is not giving up the title as GM. He won't do it never will. He gives his head coaches a lot of leeway in terms picking their players. So you have to find a coach willing to work with Jerry Jones because he will spend a lot of money on players, who might be past their primes or have some off the field issues.

paul (atlanta)

Have you heard any rumors from Valley Ranch about who they want as the next HC?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:23 PM)

None. For now, Wade Phillips is the man for the job.

Adam (Los Angeles)

How much will the expiring CBA affect Jerry's decision to keep/fire Wade?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:24 PM)

Plenty. I was told last night the Jones doesn't want to pay two coaches next season, Phillips and the new coach if there is no football in 2011. So the best thing to do is to keep Phillips and then see what happens with the labor situation.

Dustin (NC)

TC needs to get Barbers spot. We all know now that Barber will not be here next year. Time to see the complete back come in, your thoughts?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:28 PM)

I agree this Barber deal of starting the game then sitting down after a few snaps is silly. Tashard Choice needs to get more carries and I believe he will in the future. If Dallas is expected to make anything of their season, then, yes, sitting Barber might be the right thing to do. Choice is a more complete back than Barber and Felix Jones.

John (Plano)

Do you see Barry Church starting over ball next game?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:30 PM)

I wouldn't mind it. We talked to Dave Campo, the secondary coach, today and he said of Ball, "He's the centerfielder. You would like to get around the ball. He is making some tackles, he hasn't gotten to the ball as much as we would like."It would be interesting to see Barry Church get more snaps in the game. At least start vs. the Packers.

jeff (north carolina)

dallas is by far the worst team in memory, including the 08 lions, when will the bleeding stop?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:32 PM)

I would say the Cowboys have more talent than the '08 Lions. The Cowboys have talent but coaching is the biggest issue.

Collin (Coppell)

Do you think theres a legit chance we get Logan Mankins next year?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:33 PM)

I would say no. I think the Cowboys should go younger at every position on the roster.

Jeff (Mckinney)

Whats up with Jenkins and Scandrick?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:38 PM)

Teams are picking on both of them. Jenkins is being targeted more this year than last year. Scandrick plays the slot so quarterbacks will take shots at him.Both players are having an average season.

Paula (Austin, TX)

Hi Calvin, Tony Romo is always knocked for not being a leader. But if you look at how quickly this team folds up and goes in the tank without him, maybe the reality is that Romo is a pretty good leader and a good QB who was actually holding this shoddy group together.

Calvin Watkins
  (2:40 PM)

I think Romo is a pretty good leader. Can he be better? Yes he can. But Romo can't do it by himself. I think Austin is getting better? I like the potential of Dez Bryant? Brooking, Bradie James, Witten and Gurode are good leaders.The Cowboys struggles this season however can be traced to plenty of things and leaadership is part of it, or lack of leadership.

Dave (Raleigh, NC)

Is it time to see what McGee can offer?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:41 PM)

Not yet. Jon Kitna should finish out the last three games. If things don't change, then start McGee at Indy on Dec. 5.

Dallas Dave (Tampa FL)

Hi have some great insights that I wasn't ready for earlier in the year but I'm listening more now. Presuming Dallas gets the top 5 pick which is pretty obvious by now, do you think they will have the opportunity to trade down and pick up more since this team needs so many parts to fix the problems? I'm guessing we should start looking at some top offensive lineman around the country if we can't trade the top 5 pick. Your thoughts?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:43 PM)

If the Cowboys get a Top Five pick, stay there and improve your team.Don't trade down, though it's a high value pick, from a financial standpoint, there might be a rookie wage scale, so paying someone that high won't be an issue. Picking a quality offensive lineman, safety, cornerback and pass rusher are the top priorities.

Grady Jones (Topeka)

Is Jason Garrett still consider a good coordinator, he has not impressed me the last two years

Calvin Watkins
  (2:44 PM)

I think Jason can be better, sometimes it's not his fault. He's not running the ball, blocking, passing and those types of things. He reacted too late to running the ball more often, and that worries me. As far as a head coach, Garrett isn't there yet. As far as an offensive coordinator, he might get another job somewhere.

McLean (Hampden, ME)

Love your stuff Calvin! Seriously, how does Jerry Jones not fire Wade Phillips after that performance? These players are clearly not playing for him!

Calvin Watkins
  (2:44 PM)

I don't know if anybody else can do any better for right now.

John (New Jersey)

Calvin - I'm not a fan of Wade nor have I ever been. But while he sits back and gets grilled, I've not heard the owner/GM be "self-critical" for his actions in hiring the staff and drafting players; only that he is embarrassed. Does Jerry take accept ANY responsibility?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:46 PM)

After the game, Jerry Jones said he took responsibility for what's gone wrong. He did the right thing. Now, Jerry Jones needs to make wholesale changes to the roster and coaching staff.

gpaq (NYC)

do you feel this team is "so talented" like everyone says? i think the talent is not as great as many think.

Calvin Watkins
  (2:46 PM)

I agree. The team is not as talented.

roderick chambers (dallas)

i hear what jerry is saying but do you think we will see a coaching change before the end of the season

Calvin Watkins
  (2:47 PM)

Coaching is bad. That's not breaking news.

Red (

The problem is the players Calvin. They had a hard nosed coach in Parcells, they quit on him. They have a player friendly coach in Wade, who never calls them out in public, they quit on him. Whose to say they won't eventually quit on the next coach. When Jerry fires Wade, 50% of this roster needs to be purged as well. Too many quitters, soft guys in that locker room.

Calvin Watkins
  (2:47 PM)

I think Parcells quit on the players more than the other way around. This group has quit on Phillips.

Luis (Monterrey,Mexico)

What do you think of Josh Brent so far?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:50 PM)

I think he's made some plays and has a bright future. The Cowboys like his strength and his ability to rush the passer. He will be here next year.

Garod (Wichita, KS)

We do we start benching people to give some young guys a chance?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:50 PM)

It would be a good start. It's like a September call up.

Reggie in Oak Cliff (

Calvin, where are the physical guys on this team? Where are the vocal leaders? Do these players realize they play for THE Dallas Cowboys? They act like they play for the Lions or something. We have a standard of excellence, but they are not even trying to live up to it.

Calvin Watkins
  (2:52 PM)

Sometimes I see the Cowboys play flag football on defense. They don't make enough hard hits or take out the quarterback or make statements with hard hits. You would like to see more of that.

Jason (CO)

Do the Cowboys have any chance to go to GB and win?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:53 PM)

No, I don't believe this team has a chance.

Brian (Miami)

Why aren't players being benched for poor play? You're 1-6 and everybody is playing well?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:54 PM)

Nobody is playing well. Several players should get benched but we'll see if the Cowboys do it.

Luke (Wisconsin)

How is it the Cowboys get their own chat? They are terrrrrrble and dont deserve anything. Get serious

Calvin Watkins
  (2:54 PM)

That's pretty funny.

Juan (Phoenix)

Does Dez know the full playbook and if not, why not?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:55 PM)

He's still learning it. He should be used more on special teams.

Bill (NYC)

Has Ed Werder given up on the Cowboys season? I never see him out in front of Valley Ranch on SportsCenter anymore! :)

Calvin Watkins
  (2:55 PM)

He's covering the Vikings. More drama in Minny than in Dallas.

Tim (San Jose, CA)

Felix Jones - overrated or blame the offensive line?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:56 PM)

A little bit of both. I would like for him to make more plays when the holes aren't there, like Jones-Drew did yesterday. In space, Jones is good, but he can't make one or two guys miss on a consistent basis. That concerns me.

Blake (Florida)

What offseason moves do you see the Cowboys making this year?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:57 PM)

They will go offensive line in the draft followed by safety, cornerback and pass rusher. Need too. In free agency I would try to find another cornerback and defensive lineman, a DT possibly.

eric (baltimore)

Does J Garrett regret turning down the Bal job?

Calvin Watkins
  (2:58 PM)

I'm sure he does, but I don't think a veteran team like that would have accepted him.

C.J (San Antonio,tx)

do you see the terrance newman era in dallas done?? I feel his play been very poor lately

Calvin Watkins
  (2:58 PM)

Newman has played pretty well this season, not great, but good. He should get credit for playing through injury on Sunday afternoon.

Calvin Watkins
  (2:59 PM)

Guys it's time for lunch. Thanks for sticking in there with me. Hang in there.