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November 3, 11:00 AM ET
Chat with AJ Mass

AJ Mass
  (10:59 AM)

What's the good word, gang? We're ready for yet another hour of fantasy chattage. As always, we've got our second cup of coffee in hand... and we're ready to call it in the air.


more fantasy points: Stafford or E. Manning?

AJ Mass
  (11:00 AM)

I like Eli, even coming off the bye - this year's Giants won't fall prey to the Coughlin Curse in that regard.

Brendan (DC)

Good morning AJ. Am I crazy for wanting to start Danny Woodhead over Cedric Benson this week at flex? Maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

AJ Mass
  (11:01 AM)

I am not going anywhere near Benson this week. The Steelers are the best team in the NFL versus the run, and Benson barely gets four YPC against average teams.

Big Mike (Baltimore, MD)

I have McNabb and Sanchez in a 16 team league. Do I need to go get a new QB?

AJ Mass
  (11:02 AM)

Certainly Sanchez is not going to get you big numbers - the Jets offense isn't geared for that. I'd be worried about the way the whole Shanahan/McNabb thing is shaping up --- you'd be wise to get ahead of the potential controversy here.

Joe (Richmond)

At what point do we have to call Steve Johnson an every-week automatic start?

AJ Mass
  (11:03 AM)

I don't think we will this season. Certainly, YOU might not have better options, but overall, he's more of a flex play at best once bye weeks are done.

Adam (Dallas)

AJ, are there any super deep sleepers at RB this week? I'm hurting for an RB2 this week due to byes and injuries.

AJ Mass
  (11:05 AM)

Assuming Blount was snatched up, Gerhart and Javarris James are the longshots who should be there for you on waivers.

Leslie Chow (Hangover)

MJD still a top 10 back? Does he end the season that way?

AJ Mass
  (11:07 AM)

Yes, he is. With Garrard healthy again, MJD will begin to put up the numbers we expect.

Michael (Atlanta)

Schefter saying Rams, Raiders, Titans the threee most likely landing spots for Randy Moss. As a Moss owner should there be any teams I should be hoping for or hoping against as a landing spot?

AJ Mass
  (11:09 AM)

I think the Rams are a great landing spot, with Bradford's arm. Moss is ultimately the one who will determine his value -- at 100 percent effort, I can see him thrive in any of those situations.

the daily show (dumpsville)

does he get another shot this week or dumpsville-- him vs f jax or d brown yuck i know

AJ Mass
  (11:10 AM)

I'd give him a try this week rather than Fred or Donald... not even sure Donald will play.

Lindsey (SC)

Just blew $18 for Tamme...he an automatic start? I was using Heath Miller after Finley went down...

AJ Mass
  (11:11 AM)

You paid that much for him, you'd better start him! Seriously, though, he's not Dallas Clark, but he's probably an 80 percent Dallas Clark. We'll call him Dalla Cla. I'd roll with him.

Yogi (Alaska)

DEF/ST question: Minnesota DEF vs Arizona, or Green Bay DEF vs Dallas?

AJ Mass
  (11:12 AM)

Minny for me. Let Fitz get his catches and stop everyone else.

John (The Mountains)

Should be be worried about Antonio Gates eventually getting double or triple covered on every play, or is he really just this good? With Witten on my bench, I wonder if I should trade Gates for a #1 WR.

AJ Mass
  (11:13 AM)

He is really just this good - and eventually the wide receivers will start to return, making it even easier for him to get open.

ray (lawrence)

Will James Starks ever be activated?

AJ Mass
  (11:15 AM)

I don't think so.


Which WR do you think will have the best game week 9? Welker, Bowe or S.Smith-nyg? Half ppr league.

AJ Mass
  (11:15 AM)

Bowe - especially with no Nnamdi.

Roper (Georgia)

Any update on Hart'sa ankle? He looked real good til his early exit.

AJ Mass
  (11:17 AM)

I haven't heard the results of the MRI yet -- Stephania will probably have more news later this afternoon. I agree he looked good, but James might well be the only healthy RB on the team come the weekend.

Eddie (Hoboken, NJ)

Someone dumped Marshawn Lynch on waivers. Should I drop Ricky williams for him?

AJ Mass
  (11:18 AM)

No, I'd rather have Ricky. He has looked much better than Brown, and Lynch had nine carries last week with 8 going for goose eggs... no thanks.

Corey (FL)

AJ! Vote out Marty or Naonka if given the chance? Lee Evans, Lance Moore, or James Jones at Flex this week?

AJ Mass
  (11:19 AM)

Lance Moore for me. Always just a question of which WR gets the TD grabs from Brees, but the looks will be there. As for Survivor, I can't wait for Negative Naonka to go.

Kim (NM)

Is Welker droppable? Welker, S. Homes or James Jones this week?

AJ Mass
  (11:21 AM)

I couldn't argue with you if you wanted to start Jones over Welker this week. It's a long way off before Welker is a guy you'd cut, but he does need a healthy Branch or for Tate to get Brady's confidence to open up the middle again.

drew (bahamas)

ummmm.. did something happen to steven jackson that we don't know about? someone just dropped him in my league

AJ Mass
  (11:23 AM)

We know about the broken finger and the pins placed in his hand... perhaps he/she read that news and missed the part where he played through the injury?

D.Woodhead (NE)

Will I remain a fixture in the NE offensive even if F.Taylor returns?

AJ Mass
  (11:23 AM)

Yes, you're Kevin Faulk. BJGE is doing the Fred Taylor impersonation.

Mike Wallace (Pitt )

I'm not getting a lot of targets, and my owners have been forced to rely on long touchdown bombs for production. Am i a sell high candidate?

AJ Mass
  (11:25 AM)

But that's what you are used for... the home run ball. You're not a possession receiver and never will be... I think you continue to get three catches a week and one of them will likely be for 40-50.

Brett (Atlanta)

DH Bey or Branch for WR2, 16 team league 1 ppr

AJ Mass
  (11:26 AM)

Because Branch is gimpy, I'd lean to DHB right now.

Jake (Toledo)

In a league with winnings, do you think the most should go to: most points on the season, best regular season record, or playoff winner?

AJ Mass
  (11:27 AM)

You play to win the game. Don't have playoffs if they don't mean the most.

brian (de)

Made the wrong decision every week... Eli or Big Ben this week?

AJ Mass
  (11:27 AM)

Both are top 10 guys this week, but I prefer the Giants and Eli.

TD (Arlington)

Do you think Ivory will do well with week with the offense opening up some? Or better to roll with Felix?

AJ Mass
  (11:28 AM)

I'm in Felix' camp more than Ivory... could even see Julius Jones stepping in for the Saints.

Joel (Michigan )

Does Sidney Rice make any inpact at all this year ?

AJ Mass
  (11:29 AM)

It all comes down to his health, which we won't know for sure until he steps on the field, but if I had to guess, I'd say now that Moss is gone, he absolutely will.

Steve (ND)

Do you also like Vick ahead of Big Ben this week? Most weeks?

AJ Mass
  (11:31 AM)

I do... with the bye week to prep and game-plan, and the Achilles heel of the Colts being the run, I think Vick does well. Most weeks, though, I like Ben.

Mike (Buffalo)

I agree with your logic on the winnings, but this is different than real-life football. I hate that you can do a great job managing your team all season, but lose in the playoffs because your elite players are NFL benched and someone beats you because they picked up the right 3rd string RB for week 16, etc.

AJ Mass
  (11:32 AM)

All part of the game. It's not the best starting lineup -- it's the best roster that should be rewarded. Certainly luck plays in, but if you have playoffs, then the winner wins.

Morgan (Baltimore)

Ray Rice has been a colossal disappointment. I'm a Ravens fan so I watch all our games ... I just don't see him putting up the numbers to justify his top 10 ranking (nor top 5 draft spot). Bleah.

AJ Mass
  (11:33 AM)

And until Joe Flacco stretches the field better with the pass, ever it shall be.

Jeremy (FL)

Ryan Mathews is available on the waiver wire. Should I drop Marshawn Lynch and pick him up?

AJ Mass
  (11:34 AM)

I would, and I wouldn't look back.

nick (chicago)

What say you about Blount? 20+ carries per game rest of the season?

AJ Mass
  (11:34 AM)

I'd think closer to 15, but certainly he's the No. 1 guy until he struggles.

Meyton Panning (IN)

Ethics Question Please!!! What are your feelings about trading a terrible team some better pieces to have them hopefully beat some of your competition since you have played them already?

AJ Mass
  (11:37 AM)

There's nothing wrong with that as long as you're actually trading rather than loaning.

Jim (New Orleans)

Does our Defense stay strong this week on the road against a horrid Carolina or should I look towards Minn instead?

AJ Mass
  (11:38 AM)

I have NO defense 1, NYG 2 and Minny 3.

Brett (Atlanta)

Jordy Nelson a good play this week with Driver saying he won't play? 16 team league

AJ Mass
  (11:39 AM)

Absolutely. I have Jennings as my top WR. Both Jordy or JJ are solid bets to have an increased output.

Jason (AR)

Blount have a better game than T. Jones this week?

AJ Mass
  (11:40 AM)

Yes, but not by a lot. I'm not drinking the LeGarrette Kool-aid just yet.

Bryan (Battle Creek)

Ethics question: A few weeks ago I tried to trade Dwayne Bowe and Torain for Colston. Another player in the league vetoed the trade saying it was unfair, which, based on recent results, quite clearly it was not. The guy who vetoed it now has a trade pending, would it be unethical for me to veto it out of spite?

AJ Mass
  (11:42 AM)

He made the initial volley in this war... I'd say it behooves you to veto it out of spite. And try to find a league next season without owner veto.

Blount (interwbz)

Drink my Kool-aid!

Travis (IA)

Am I crazy for wanting to drop Kenny Britt due to thinking his hammy will probably keep him out for a long time? Gage is available and thinking of going that direction???

AJ Mass
  (11:44 AM)

If you can't wait on Britt, you make a move. It all depends on your needs. Certainly Jeff Fisher is being coy enough to make us nervous.

Chris (DC)

In a dynasty league would you rather hold onto Chris Ivory or Mike Hart?

AJ Mass
  (11:45 AM)

Ivory. I think Hart is better, but I think Ivory will get opportunity sooner.

Marc (Toronto)

Thoughts on Percy Harvin moving forward? Are we going to see the Moss jinx like we're seeing with Welker? Also concerned about the ankle at all? Time to think about selling high (if at all possible)

AJ Mass
  (11:46 AM)

I think Moss leaving hurts him, at least until Rice returns. Unless Berrian somehow makes a miraculous return to glory, Harvin is going to suffer for a few weeks.

Chris (Holden, MA)

Please tell me if my reasoning is good/bad. Bills defense BAD against TE, Cutler can use Olsen (and RB's) as outlets which could relieve some pressure on BAD Oline, thus, Cutler/Knox/Olsen are all good plays this week, even Cutler over Matt Schaub.

AJ Mass
  (11:48 AM)

Reasoning is spot on. I have all three higher than usual, though not so high that Cutler is over Schaub.

Ryan (delaware)

Mjd/Austin for Charles/White- What side are you on?

AJ Mass
  (11:49 AM)

The right side.

Kenman (class)

Speaking of Knox, who are some surprising WRs you would bench for him this week?

AJ Mass
  (11:50 AM)

Fitzgerald, Boldin, Carolina Smith, 85.

Andy (Phoenix)

Thoughts on Percy Harvin going sideways?

AJ Mass
  (11:50 AM)

Well played, sir.

JT (Ohio)

Too premature to offer a D.Keller for J.Tamme trade?

AJ Mass
  (11:51 AM)

Yes. Keller isn't bad and making a 1-for-1 deal of TE's isn't worth it.

Randy Moss (Ohio)

Need some deep sleeper WR's this week

AJ Mass
  (11:52 AM)

MoMa, Spurlock, Seyi Ajiratutu.

Lance (Chicago)

I got to drop one of these guys, who has the least relevance for the end of the year (I pretty much have a playoff spot locked) Tim Hightower or CJ Spiller. Keep in mind I have Beanie Wells on my team, thanks!!!!!

AJ Mass
  (11:53 AM)

I'd send Spiller packing. He's been a bust, and at least the Cardinals are giving lip service to Hightower getting more touches.

Gunshy AJ (())

First Foster and now Blount. Don't come crying to us when you miss out on RB studs like these guys. Drink the Kool-Aid now or be stuck with Tang the rest of the year.

AJ Mass
  (11:55 AM)

I never said you shouldn't pick them up to have on your roster... I just won't declare an RB to be "top 10 for life" after one game.

pete (CT)

AJ, anywhere we can see your weekly rankings? I have Orton on bye, who should I start between Cutler and Freeman?

AJ Mass
  (11:55 AM)

Cutler this week for me. As for your first question, I'll tell you what I always tell people who ask this question: I don't have rankings... I have projections. Meet me at the secret wink wink.

Hammerson (Jerico)

Mike Willams West (sea)-- what happened??

AJ Mass
  (11:57 AM)

Hasselbeck spent the entire game flat on his back. Hard to catch passes when your QB is literally one-dimensional. Not sure things get better this week with NYG blitzes.

Jake (Boston)

Should I pick up Tiki Barber? He is available in my league.

AJ Mass
  (11:58 AM)

That just made me spit coffee out my nose. Need a third cup... last question...

Danny (Chicago)

Eli Manning @ SEA or M. Schaub vs SD??? I heard it is supposed to be raining in Seattle if that sways your decision

AJ Mass
  (11:59 AM)

No it doesn't. Weather only matters if it is super windy (which Eli is actually used to) or an in progress blizzard. A little rain only ever hurt Christine O'Donnell.

AJ Mass
  (12:00 PM)

That's the 12:00 whistle gang... Thanks to all who took part and remember there's always the Twitter as the kiddies say. Until the next time (Friday) Be Seeing You!