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November 18, 12:30 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

  (12:30 PM)

yo, yo, yo, wud all everybody. Let's get this thing cracking! First off... No Shawn Andrews at practice today. Back still bothering him. Also, Corey Webster was on the bike and is not practicing today with a toe injury. Kevin Boss also sat out start of practice. No O'Hara and no Diehl too.

JdubbDizzle (Hartford Ct )

Hey Ohm your the man! I have a tough decision to make this week in fantasy. Andre Johnson is making a trip to Revis Island but Dez Bryant is hosting the roar-less Lions. Who would you start?? Thank you

  (12:31 PM)

Jdubb... nah, you the man homey. Can you play both by any chance? I would hate to bench Andre Johnson. I think a lot of times, fantasy owners need to accept that some superstars are not going to have it every week but you ride or die with them. Andre Johnson is in that category. You ride or die with Andre. Dez is terrific though. I'd find a way to get him in your lineup without benching Dre.

  (12:31 PM)

But if Schaub doesn't play... well, you might be able to think about it. LOL.

Matt (Stony Brook)

Hey Ohm. Why does it seem Dustin Keller has fallen off the map? He has had some big plays the past few weeks, but it seems the consistency has dropped since S. Holmes has come back.

  (12:32 PM)

Matty... I don't watch the Jets super close, that's Cimini's job... LOL. But I will say this, as somebody who spent a good amount of time around that team last couple of years. Sanchez has a lot of weapons and he has a lot of mouths to feed. The Jets should use Keller a lot more but I think he is always going to throw to his receivers first unfortunately. What you need to hope for is Keller gets TDs in red zone.

Josh (CT)

My main man OHM hows everything going. I believe that our D Line will need to play well, but the Phillips, Rolle and Grant are going to be the key to the giants success? What do you think?

  (12:33 PM)

Wud up J? I agree. I think the three-safety look may play a big role, especially if Webster is hurt. The Giants are thin at secondary and even with healthy Webster, I like the three safety look to combat Vick and the speed of McCoy and Jackson and Maclin.

Chris (Chicago)

Ohm my man, what's happening? I hear a lot of talk about how Big Blue is going to stop Michael Vick and whether to rush the passer, put a spy on him, etc. I'm more concerned with how the Giants can contend with DeSean Jackson on the outside. We saw what explosive playmakers can do to the Giants D last week when Dez Bryant went off and right now, there's not a more explosive playmaker than Jackson in the league. What can Fewell design to limit the damage Jackson does?

  (12:36 PM)

C... I hear your concerns. And you have a very legit reason to be concerned. Jackson burned them on two monster TDs last year and a punt return as well. He's faster than anybody on the Giants team. So that is why I wouldn't mind seeing the three-safety look. But remember, Jackson only had like two catches, one of course the big one at the start of the game. Giants said they had communication issues and some things that can easily be fixed. Got to get to Vick faster so he can't have all day to hit Jackson. And worry plenty about quick strikes, bubble screens and things of that nature to offset any pass rush.

Ken (Brooklyn)

Out of what Michael Vick did to the Redskins on Monday night, should the Giants panic?? The G-Men's D don't seem intimidated by it, but according to the analysts, they should panic.. Vick is superb, but he's not impossible to stop. Again, Vick did his thing against a horrible worst Redskins secondary. How can that be compared to what he will do against the Giants?

  (12:38 PM)

Ken... Giants aren't panicking and they aren't intimidated. The odds are against Vick of doing that again. Giants defense much better than Redskins'... but with all that being said, Giants need to clean up a lot of things. They were exposed badly by Dez last game. Kitna shredded them at times and Dallas had a counter for much of what the Giants did. I expect them to be sharper. Keep an eye on Webster's injury. They need him badly. I think the Giants will play much better and have a good game. But injuries may be too much for the Giants to overcome. If they were full strength, I might pick the Giants to win. I struggled with that yesterday. Ultimately, went with Eagles because of the injuries to Giants.

Andi (still at work)

You gotta find out what's up with Webster. What is exactly wrong with his toe? Is he going this weekend?

  (12:39 PM)

Wud up man? Webster didn't practice. We will hopefully get him in the locker room in an hour. I did see him walking through the locker room yesterday and he stubbed his toe on the floor and kind of grimaced but otherwise walked with no hint of a limp or anything. But he was on bike so that is not good today.

Andi (still at work)

by the way, did you see Hanlon's head almost explode during the most recent episode of Giants OnLine? It's MUST see TV.

  (12:40 PM)

I didn't see it but I love Hanlon when he defends the Giants. I will have to check it out. Fans should love that guy. He has as much passion as any Giants fan.

Chris Martin (Maryland)

How do you think Perry Fewell will combat Micheal Vick. I know he is throwing the ball better but you still have to keep him in the pocket right? Why not run have Defensive Ends contain the outside maybe some corner blitzes so you can sort of dictate where he runs.

  (12:42 PM)

CM... wud up? Well we will talk to Fewell in about an hour. Vick is definitely better when in the pocket. I believe, according to the ESPN crack staff of Next Level statisticians, Vick is much better inside the pocket than outside. Check out these stats: Vick Inside OutsideComp pct 65.6 51.6TD-Int 10-0 1-0Passer rtg 122.2<< 86.7

  (12:43 PM)

Oops, that didn't come out the way I hoped. Vick inside the pocket: 65.6%, 10 TDs and 0 INT with passer ratting of 122.2. Outside pocket: 51.6% completion, 1TD/0INT, 86.7 passer rating.

Chris Martin (Maryland)

Or will they attempt to do what the redskins TRIED to do and use a safety to spy him? There has to be an answer in that 3 saftey look.

  (12:44 PM)

CM... I think the three-safety look will come out. As for spy... Fewell could mix it up and give him different looks. But Vick said he likes when he sees a spy because it takes somebody away from the coverage. I will write more about this on Friday.

Otto (NJ)

Whats up Ohm? Love the chat. I am looking at this NYG/Philly matchup with some potential. Now if the Eagles win, i think they are the #1 team in the NFL and if the NYG win, I think they will be the #1 team and most likely have the edge in winning the division. But realistically, how the heck is this D going to stop Vick and most importantly, Desean Jackson?

  (12:46 PM)

O... wud up man? It's a huge game. Too bad the Giants won't be at full strength for this game. Not that they can't win without their injured starters. But I would have loved to see these two teams battle healthy. I still think Giants will play much better than last week. Just a feeling. Jackson is deadly. Giants know this from last year when he scored three TDs of over 50 yards on two catches and a punt return. And McCoy... got to watch him on screens. Giants have their hands full but they tend to do a good job when dialed in on stopping a terrific offensive threat like the Carolina running game, Arian Foster in Houston, etc.

Jon (NY)

Few fantasy questions: Z. Miller (OAK) or Gresham vs. a weak Buffalo D? Need to pick one of B. Marshall, M.S.W, or Malcom Floyd. Possibly sit Run DMC vs a tough Pitt D for Green-Ellis against a weak Indy Run D?

  (12:49 PM)

Jon... tough TE dilemma. I think monitor health of Carson Palmer and Miller and see if Zach plays on Sunday. If he does and is healthy in practice this week and looks good according to reports, I'd go with Miller only because they throw to him so much. I know Marshall hasn't done much but I like Thigpen at QB for him. Thigpen is a good fantasy QB. But I do love Floyd on MNF too. I think I go with Marshall vs Bears. As for your RB situation... I don't know if I can sit Run DMC... he's almost at must-start level. And the Pats running game is up one week and then down another. Too inconsistent. I like to go with the person who is guaranteed touches.

Malik (Queens)

What should we be more concerned about on Sunday, the offense having only two receivers or the defense having to stop Vick and Jackson?

  (12:50 PM)

Malik... LOL! Yeah, lots of concerns... I think bigger concern is Vick and Jackson. Giants have four WRs right now with Nicks, Manningham, Calhoun and Hagan and Reynaud can play WR too. I think Manning will be OK with his receivers. Jackson and Vick is monster challenge.

Jeremy (Rockland)

Hey OHM, Im scared to death about what Jackson and Maclin are gonna do to T. Thomas this week... What kind of cover scheme do you think Fewell will instill?

  (12:52 PM)

J... Fewell won't tell us later today I am sure but my guess is three safeties out there. Often when they have to combat pass and run -- say like in Houston -- they could go three safeties and plug gaps while covering at same time. This appears to be a good game for Deon Grant to play in. But I would want to give the corners as much help. Getting a pass rush would help greatly.

Gary (Jerzey)

wats up ohm was just wondering wat do you think about the giants chances against the eagles this sunday night.

  (12:53 PM)

G... I like the Giants to play well. I think maybe better than some expect after the Dallas debacle. But these injuries... if Shawn Andrews can't play, then Will Beatty will probably start at LT. And their line is already banged up. And if Webster can't play or plays less than 100%, tough tough task.

Neil (West Point, NY)

Ohm, what's going on? Do you think Perry Fewell will have a spy on Vick at all times like the Redskins did w/Landry? As we saw on Monday night, it didn't work out too well for the Redskins.

  (12:54 PM)

Neil, wud up. I don't know what Fewell will do but if he does, I would not expect a spy entire game. I think he is going to mix it up. Try to make Vick commit as fast as he can. If Kiwi were still there... maybe... but I think the Giants will try to confuse Vick and give different looks.

Malcolm (Brooklyn)

Hi Ohm, Given the Giants depleted receiving core, do you see more of a role in the offense for TE Travis Beckum? Thanks.

  (12:55 PM)

Malcolm... yeah, I can see Beckum getting more involved in the passing game. Also Boss appears to be sitting out practice today. So, might be more Travis than normal. Coughlin admitted as much earlier in the week. We will get Gilbride later today.

jared (bristol,ct)

hey ohm love ur colums,whats is ur take on the eagles/giants game this sunday.who u taking and y

  (12:56 PM)

J... thanks homey. I struggled with my pick yesterday. Wanted to pick the Giants... don't know why. But when thinking about injuries to Andrews and Webster and Steve Smith being out which hurts so much, I went with Eagles 27-24. Playing there is tough and Eagles have too much speed. But I do expect Giants to play better than last week... just a gut feeling.

Ryan (Va Beach)

Ohm, What are you hearing about getting a Free Agent OL in here?

  (12:57 PM)

Ryan... sure the Giants are looking everywhere. Jerry Reese and his boys do a great job of turning over every stone. For now, this late in practice week... think you are rolling with what you got and may add somebody later for depth if Andrews is deemed out tomorrow. Beatty's return helps.

Kenny Phillips' Knee (With Kenny)

How you doing Ohm? I'm feeling good, no worries here. Ready for Sunday. My question is Knicks related: you think D'Antoni will be fired this year?

  (12:58 PM)

KP, your knee has time to watch the Knicks while doing rehab as well? Wow. LOL. I don't think D'Antoni gets fired during the season. Now, if they fail to improve win-wise with Amare, Mike should be in trouble. I know they didn't get the talent they wanted but with Amare, they got to win 5-10 more games at least in my mind.


OHM,2 part does the front 4 put pressure on Mike and can they afford to have a spy all game long?sure on that eagle Dalso do we have enough healthy WR to put pres?

  (1:00 PM)

BBA... I think the Giants will have to bring some pressure. Maybe a corner blitz or something of that nature. Philly can give tons of protection on first and second down to give Vick time, use TE and RB to chip and block and then release for a pass. Giants have to be careful of the bubble screen and short passes, hope Osi and Tuck can generate pressure. The spy thing... Vick said he likes facing spys... and we saw how the Redskins did with that.

Alexander NY [via mobile]

Jets defense or giants defense, which one will be more effective at the task ahead (eagles o and texans o)

  (1:01 PM)

Alex... I think the Giants defense will play better than most. But if Schaub is hurt and can't play or plays hurt... I like Jets defense because they can smother Foster and the running game.

Ryan (Jamaica)

Yo Ohm, Is it possible that Boss may be held out of the game if the weather turns bad?

  (1:02 PM)

Ryan, I don't think it has anything to do with weather. Boss may be held out if he can't play. He practiced yesterday. Today looks like he won't. Depends on what he does tomorrow. But I still would be a little surprised if he doesn't play. He is one tough son of a gun.

Sam (Brooklyn)

Hey man, what do you think, McFadden vs Pitt or Reggie Bush vs the awful Seahawks? Thanks Man!!

  (1:03 PM)

Sammy... make sure Bush is active on Sunday. And if he is and Pierre Thomas is out, I like Bush even more vs Seattle. If you are in PPR, I'd go with Bush.

Gerard (Norfolk )

Ohm, What are the real chances that the giants have this week some papers are already counting the game a loss

  (1:04 PM)

G... they got a chance. For sure. I think they will play well. You know how these things work... Giants coming off a horrendous loss. Vick and Eagles looking like they can beat everybody in the world with near perfect game. And watch the Giants play very well, make it very tough for Eagles and keep it close. But no Steve Smith, likely no O'Hara and Diehl and now Andrews and Webster hurt... I got to lean Eagles.

Alexander G Syracuse [via mobile]

Hey ohm, I'm new to the column but I got a question. What do you think the chances about the knicks getting carmello, a percentage wise?

  (1:05 PM)

Welcome AG in Cuse. By the way, my Spartans face the Orange in a few weeks. Can't wait. I think the Knicks got a change to get Melo... but got to wait it out. Sounds like Denver doesn't want to deal him right now. See how Nugs' season goes and maybe by trading deadline, they unload Melo. Hope that they want some of the Knicks pieces in return because I am not so sure Knicks can offer up as much as other teams like the Nets. But I do believe Melo and wife want to be in NYC and that helps.

jared (bristol)

ohm why is everyone counting the gmen out?this leauge anyone can win on any given day

  (1:06 PM)

J... absolutely. But Vick is playing like the best QB in the world right now and Jackson has destroyed Giants defense in past and Giants looked awful last week and have more injuries. But with all that being said, would not surprise me one bit if they won. I wanted to pick them this week. Kind of like last week, when I didn't have the guts to pick the Giants to lose to the Boys. I had a feeling.

Ken (Brooklyn)

Pick your poison: Which do you think the Giants D will have to do more? a) Rush the passer and force Vick to make bad throws or b) Cover DeSean Jackson and Maclin tight so Vick don't have any weapons?

  (1:07 PM)

Kenny... Pick your poison is right. Forcing Vick to make bad passes. Get him out of pocket. I rather almost have him run than pass these days. Make him get the ball out quick, that way Jackson isn't downfield. Just me putting on my defensive coordinator headset... haha.

Jonathan (Hell ( i mean work))

I thikn everyone needs to relax with Vick 2.0. he has won games against wash, jax and det. Yes indi was huge but its been 4 games. Does everyone forget how Mcnabb has OWNED the giants the last 10 years. Giants really never had problems with vick 1.0. 7 sacks the last time we faced him in 2006. They need to get physical with vick and d jack because they clearly cant run with them. Thoughts?

  (1:09 PM)

Jonathan... all good points. McNabb did own the Giants, who have lost four straight to Philly. But Andy Reid now has Vick, who can burn the Giants more than McNabb did and McNabb hurt the Giants with his feet too! LOL. The last time they did face Vick as starter, they sacked him seven times, and he fumbled four times, losing one. But he is so much better now than he was then and his receivers and running backs are so much better.

Ian (Dallas)

What's up Ohm? I have 2 fantasy football questions for you. I am in a 16 team PPR league. 1. Who would you start as a flex, N. Washington or L. Evens?2. I picked M. Moore from the Steelers, since our league is so deep. Does he have value moving forward?Thanks for your help man I appreciate it.

  (1:11 PM)

Ian... 16-team PPR... wow. I was once in a 20-team league... it was ridiculous, we were picking up FBs. LOL. I think I'd start Washington. I like the Moss effect helping him. Evans does have a good matchup though. Moore is a good pickup in a 16-team league. But he has to hope for an injury to help his cause. But in PPR, you could do worse. I assume Goodson is gone and Keiland is gone as well...

Gary (Jersey)

Ohm wats going on just wondering wat do you thing about the giants chances this sunday night..

  (1:11 PM)

G... I think they got a shot and will play very well but I see the Eagles winning at home. Giants got a lot of injuries to deal with too.

  (1:12 PM)

Alright homeys! Thanks for hitting me up today! Good luck with the fantasy teams and send me your dilemmas on @NotoriousOHM on Twitter for My Fantasy mailbag. I will answer by Sunday morning. Thanks guys!