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November 23, 12:30 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

  (12:29 PM)

Wud up, Wud up guys. Let's get it started.

Hal - Depressed Nicks owner (Edison, NJ)

Yo Ohm! Need some help! I have Nicks, and was going to use Nate Washington to replace him for the next 3 weeks. Should I pick up Hagan instead? Is it worth it? Also, Pettigrew or Boss for 3 weeks?

  (12:30 PM)

Hal... I think Nate Washington is a serviceable replacement for sure. But I'd like him a lot better with Kerry Collins at QB. Still think he will get his looks because Randy Moss draws attention and gets no catches. LOL. Hagan is worth a pick up but I rather have Washington between the two for now. I think I rather have Pettigrew than Boss for the next three weeks as well. Good luck!

Brian (NJ)

Hey Ohm, whats the latest on the injuries to Smith, Nicks, Diehl and Ohara. What do you think the Giants do with Andrews when Diehl and Ohara come back?

  (12:32 PM)

B... Nicks out at least three weeks. Smith out for likely another two weeks or more. Diehl says he might try to work this week. More will be known about O'Hara tomorrow. When Diehl does come back, provided Andrews' back holds up, I think Diehl will play LG.

Rahul Kaul (Singapore)

Hey ohm what are the chances of coach coughlin calling in lt greg golson for a little pep talk

  (12:33 PM)

Rahul... are you really joining us from Singapore. Nice! Hear that is one of the cleanest countries in the world! I think TC will have something to motivate his troops. Not sure if Lt. Golson will be there this week but the team always remembers. He has been around a bit here and there.

Matt (Hoboken, NJ)

Bring back Plax and Amani!!! Seriously tho, Amani Toomer just ran the NYC Marathon. He has to be in good shape right? Honeslty, I'd rather just go with Manningham, Hagan, and Beckum in the slot. Atleast they know the offense. If we HAD to sign somebody (other than Amani), is Kevin Curtis the guy?

  (12:35 PM)

Matty... Toomer is in shape. But not football shape. I'd be surprised if Toomer were brought back. They will bring in Michael Clayton, former TB receiver. And Curtis is an option for now but I saw a report that Curtis is working out somewhere else today. I think you will see Beckum more in the passing game.

Andi (New York)

Ohm....AB, Nicks, and Eli are having problems protecting the ball. The Turnovers are simply not going away, in fact they're persisting. What do YOU do to remedy this?

  (12:37 PM)

Wud up man? I don't know. I asked Tom point blank on Sunday night what else can he do since he harps on it every week and he said he didn't know. You can't bench Bradshaw. Could you start Jacobs? Sure but Bradshaw will still get his carries. They need him. But as you know, it is not like Bradshaw isn't trying to protect the ball. I think Eli will be better. No more diving. LOL.

Matt (NY)

What up Ohm? I thought i was having a nightmare when i woke up and read the news on Nicks. I hate to be a pessimist here but to me after seeing how poor the running game was against Philly the offense is going to be terrible without their top WRs and the Gmen wont make the playoffs. If that happens what do you think the odds are that Coughlin is let go and they bring is someone like Cowher or Gruden?

  (12:39 PM)

Matt... well, this is a good question since the circumstances are a bit different. If injuries cost them the playoffs, Coughlin might still stick around. The team certainly responds to Coughlin and they don't quit. I only think Coughlin gets fired if the team fails to respond to him. That's not the case here. I know how it will look, two seasons in a row without playoffs if that happens. But this season is much different than last season.

Andi (New York)

Last question. I thought Fewell had more success vs. PHilly when he blitzed and played man in the secondary. Will this trend continue or is it back to Cover 2? I know mixing things up is good, but IMO if Fewell didn't change game plans at the end of the 1st half the Giants don't even make it a game. An entire week of game planning went out the window after 1 1/2 quarters....I'm glad Fewell made the switch, but why not Man up / Single High more often???

  (12:41 PM)

I'm with you... loved the timely blitzing... I don't know if that wasn't a part of the game plan. I think it was an adjustment but also in the game plan. I just think they might have amped up the blitz even more. The only thing that scares me of bringing the heat like that is the one-on-one coverage and the Giants got lucky a few times there with the drops. Leaving the corners alone is risky, know what I am saying? Best ideal situation in my mind is to let that front four get heat on its own and maybe bring a corner blitz. I will say this... loved how they blitzed Rolle!

Ken (Brooklyn)

That loss against the Eagles hurt. I can't tell you how nervous I am with the G-Men right now. The next 3 weeks seem to be winnable games. But the turnover bug as well as the injury bug has bitten this team, game after game. Got my hand on the panic button, but didn't press it yet. Is there any more news on the receivers and how is Diehl and O'hara doing?

  (12:43 PM)

Kenny... take your finger off the panic button and step away from the machine... LOL. You can panic if they lose to Jacksonville at home. This will not be an easy game, even if Nicks were healthy. It's one of those games that has tough written all over it. You know, that sleepy 1 pm start, an opponent that isn't sexy but has ability to drag you down to their level of play. But with these injuries and the loss to Philly, the Giants should know that their season pretty much is riding on these games... This is a MUST-WIN game. They can't blow a home game to the Jags, who do find a way to pull out close games. The Giants have to beat the teams they can beat, point blank. And make no mistake, Sunday night was painful. That locker room looked stunned, disgusted and heartbroken.

Sam (Mount Kisco, NY)

If the Giants end up with another second-half collapse, do you see Tom Coughlin being fired at the end of the year?

  (12:44 PM)

Sam, I would say it depends on how they go down. If the Giants are decimated by injuries to stars and the team is still playing hard for him, then I think he can return. If the team quits, then I can see a change. Right now, the team is still very much under Coughlin.

Vinnie (Columbus, OH)

Ohm's Law! I've heard Bradshaw may lose carries due to ball security. Say it ain't so! (or at least say it's to Danny Ware not Jacobs - he's no longer a huge threat). What have you heard? Thanks.

  (12:45 PM)

Vinnie... Coughlin hasn't come out and really said that he will lose carries. I don't think he will, personally. Coughlin did say Bradshaw has earned the right to have his carries despite all the fumbles. He did say he could change who starts the game but he did say the carries likely wouldn't change. I still think AB will start and run as much as he has.

Shakoor (Newark,NJ)

Ohm Wassup Do you think the G-MEN will be interested in bringing in Marvin Harrison?

  (12:46 PM)

Shakoor... wud up man. Doubt it. Harrison looked done the last time we saw him. And he has too much controversy surrounding him with all the alleged off-the-field gun stuff and all that. I think the Giants are done with receivers with baggage.

JdubbDizzle (Hartford )

My Man Ohm (Truly one of the best writers ESPN has), thank you again for the Great advice that you give me time and time again. I was wondering tho, How effective will V. Jax be upon return and does he merit an instant start?

  (12:47 PM)

JDubb... thanks man. I am not always on point so be aware. If I was, I'd win thousands of dollars in those big money leagues, which I don't have the guts to play. LOL. I think Jackson will be fine. The way that offense passes, Jackson will be a great WR2 or WR1.

Nick (New Rochelle, NY)

How are the Giants going to survive without Smith & Nicks?

  (12:48 PM)

Nick... Hagan will start and should be fine. Not Nicks but serviceable. Expect Beckum to get more snaps in passing game. Boss could be used more as well. Giants said they want to establish the run more. Not sure if they can with banged up offensive line.

Dave (Philly)

Yo Ohm, especially being from Philly (and a giants fan) disappointed in Sunday nights result. To have any chance to win the division (or just make the playoffs) we're gonna need our receivers healthy.What do you think are the chances A) smith is back by the washington game, and B) Nicks is back for the next Philly game

  (12:51 PM)

Smith said he hopes to be back by Washington game but then when pressed admitted it's a long shot. He then said he will likely be limited the rest of the season... As for Nicks coming back by Philly... could be optimistic. From what I understand, the fasciotomy procedure he had basically is a cut into his skin to alleviate the swelling. That could take time to heal.

Tony (Pt Jeff,NY)

JETS- no sophomore jinx, 8-2, winng ugly... BUT I am not happy... they are playing like a 5-5 team(got lucky in multiple games) and WILL get knocked off in first round and by any good team inbetween now and then. AM I wrong?

  (12:52 PM)

You have a point Tony. Certainly reason to be concerned. But hey, sometimes teams get lucky and that happens during magical seasons. I'd be very happy with the way Sanchez is playing at the end of games. He looks great no matter how bad he looks earlier in the game. The defense concerns me. Not able to get as much pressure as Rex would like. The defense needs to play better. I think they will.

eddie (brooklyn, new york)

why cant the giants stop winning games for the other team, whether its turning the ball over, and/or the offense being not up to pare? Also can we get an actual KR/PR

  (12:53 PM)

Eddie... if the Giants stop killing themselves... they'd have two more wins at least. But this is who they are unfortunately. As for the KR/PR, Blackmon actually is doing better than Reynaud. I think he can get better. Remember, he just came back from ACL surgery last year.

Ciaran Boyle (Long Island)

Hey Ohm,I'm a huge Giants fan, but cant help but think there's gonna be another repeat of last seasons disappointment. The D is on fire, but the continuous turnovers and inconsistencies dont exactly lend themsleves to a big playoff run. Do you see this sorting itself out anytime soon???

  (12:54 PM)

Ciaran... I hear you. It certainly feels a bit like last year although this time the Giants aren't getting waxed in games. At least this team still plays hard. Last year, they quit at times. But the turnovers are maddening. I think they can right the ship but the injuries are mounting. Don't know if they can overcome the injuries. The schedule is tough but not impossible.

Malik (Queens)

What will the Giants' offense look like this Sunday without the two big playmakers on both sides? Can we still run the ball effectively with Mario as our only passing threat?

  (12:56 PM)

Malik... they are going to have to run the ball and I think they will be able to in spurts. Hopefully Diehl or O'Hara will be back. Not sure what the liklihood is of that. Mario will be the playmaker now but could see extra attention. Look for Hagan to play more of the Steve Smith role, but obviously not as well. But Hagan is solid. As the third WR... I think Boss and Beckum will try to make that up. But I would expect the Giants to try to establish the run first. Time for Eli to make everyone around him better and carry this team.

matt (new york)

Ohm, pretty scary stuff on the nicks injury. Are the Giants really confident he can be back in 3-4 weeks?

  (12:57 PM)

Matt, team says approximately three weeks. And the Giants are typically pretty upfront about that stuff. Sounds like the three weeks is best-case scenario.

Rich (Paramus, NJ)

Can the Giants survive all these injuries? Week after week, important cogs of the offense continue to go down. Thank goodness the defense has remained relatively healthy

  (12:58 PM)

Rich, it will be tough. But I think they can. Other teams have survived injuries. Look at San Diego. I know they have terrific talent on the offense but they keep losing players and win. Indy, same thing. The Giants' margin for error, though, is so small now. They can't afford the multiple turnovers.

  (12:58 PM)

In my mind, Eli needs to step up and really lead this team now.

Tony (Pt Jeff,NY)

My belief- Eli Manning is a middle tier NFL QB(not great, not horrible). YES- he is a SB MVP, in a year the defense should have won that award. BUT I can not shake the thought he just can't shoulder a team(like his brother can) and win with anybody at the skill positions- true?

  (1:00 PM)

Tony... that's my column for tomorrow. Time for Eli to do it. Nobody will fault him if he can't lift this team to the playoffs. But as you see with Peyton, when somebody goes out, he still keeps it going. Granted, he hasn't lost Reggie Wayne this season. But he has lost Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, two running backs and I think Garcon might have been banged up as well. If the Giants are going to make the playoffs, Eli has to lift this offense and carry it.

Mike (NC)

Ohmy, talk me off the ledge. Who will line up at WR for us this Sunday?

  (1:01 PM)

Mike, I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend... LOL. I think Hagan will start and Beckum and Boss see more action in the passing game. Not the end of the world... yet.

BJ (Ohio)

Ohm, Why does it seem the Gmen continue to shoot themselves in the foot? Have we overrated Eli?

  (1:03 PM)

I don't think Eli is overrated. He does have a Super Bowl ring. But I do think some people who expect him to be NFL MVP do have him overrated. He just has too many turnovers to be in that discussion. He is second in touchdowns this season to Drew Brees I believe but second to Favre in INTs. Eli can clean it up though. This is an opportunity for Eli to show how good he truly is. If he can take this team to the playoffs without his top two receivers... WOW. If he doesn't, I still wouldn't blame it all on him. But he does have a chance to step up here.

Dutch (harlem)

If youre Jerry Reese or Marc Ross, what positions are you looking for this coming draft?

  (1:04 PM)

Dutch... the draft is like so far away from now. We are in the middle of the season. Focus on trying to make the playoffs homey. LOL. I'm sure they will be looking at offensive line and more offense but you know Jerry, he loves to add to the defense. I'd like to see them add another corner as well.

Tony (Pt Jeff, NY)

JETS- last year was run game HUGE and defense dominated... am I just used to it now OR are we getting 2009-lite in both areas this year?

  (1:06 PM)

Well... run game has been disappointing to a degree. Defense... I think offenses have adjusted to knowing where Rex's pressure is coming from. It isn't the same from last year. The offensive line has to play better and I think Rex will find a way to get the Jets to play better defensively.

Jack (Washington, D.C.)

Hey Ohm. I wanted to ask if we are finally going to see some consistent usage of the tight end position now that our WR's are really banged up. We all know Boss can make a catch and Beckum has looked decent in limited time this year. Is there any chance Gilbride incorporates them into the game for the first time this season or is the line just so bad he needs them as extra blockers? Appreciate it, keep up the good work.

  (1:07 PM)

Jack... the line has needed Boss to block as an extra blocker. That is why you often see an extra offensive lineman in there. But I think Gilbride will use his tight ends more in passing, certainly Beckum. But Boss will help since when he is in on more snaps, he can disguise whether Giants are going to run or pass.

Gunny D (Seattle)

Ohm my man, wud up? Thx 4 ur updates/info on da g-men. A Rolle is doing a gr8t job 4 us thus far, however, is it me or dies he sometimes freelance in the 2ndary?

  (1:08 PM)

Gunny... I got to watch the tape of the game... didn't get to it yet because of the Nicks stuff but I need to see what happened on that fourth-and-one because I think he went straight into the pile in the middle. I know somebody, not sure who, was supposed to shadow McCoy according to Tuck and somebody thought Vick was going to fumble and started to come in.

Ken (Brooklyn)

What about Michael Clayton? I haven't seen him in action yet. Would you think he will be suitable for Steve Smith's routes? This would be a good time to but Plax outta of prison lol

  (1:09 PM)

Ken... Clayton didn't look good in Tampa after his rookie season. And I don't think he is the best slot-type receiver. But the Giants don't have a lot of options right now. Free 17! LOL.

Steve (Queens, NY)

Whats good witcha Ohm? Ish just got real for the Gmen as we all can see. I guess now we can see if we have the depth that we talked about at the beginning of the season. I think we can hold off these next two weeks until we get some guys back. What you think?

  (1:11 PM)

Stevie... wud up. Yeah, this week pretty much a must-win against Jacksonville. Lose this and they have dropped three straight and the season will feel like it's over. These next two games are winnable but they will be tough, no doubt. But after two weeks, who knows, maybe Smitty comes back and then Nicks a week or two after that. And maybe offensive line is healthy by then as well. Or the Giants could keep losing the ball and by then half the team will be on IR. LOL.

Moe (NY)

Ohm- Curtis, Clayton, Bryant...any chance the Giants sign one of these guys to be the 3rd WR Sunday? Calhoun doesn't have a clue

  (1:12 PM)

Possibly Moe. But I doubt Bryant. Homeboy sounded like he was done when he got released by Bengals. Knee sounded pretty bad. My guess is Giants do sign somebody this week.

Otto (NJ)

Ohm, whats good partner? Call me an optimist, but I think the loss of Nicks makes the GMen go back to the basics which is smash mouth football. Plus we will see more 2 TE sets and if anyone has fantasy, pick up Boss and Beckham now!! lol, but seriously if Pitt won without Big Ben for the first 4 games of the season, I think the GMen can be OK. Your thoughts?

  (1:13 PM)

Otto... Coach Coughlin likes where your head is at. Yes, Giants will try to run for sure. But can they behind a banged-up offensive line. But you are right, the Giants aren't the first team with major injuries. And they haven't lost the one piece they simply can't do without - Eli.

Tony (Pt Jeff, NY)

Do your parents have a sign in their house saying, "Ohm Sweet Ohm"? ;-) (not trying to be a jerk, just thought it was funny)

  (1:14 PM)

Actually, I think my Mom did once make a sign with that on it. She likes corny signs but I love Mom. I think he immediately hid it somewhere. Don't tell Mom.

Kenny Phillips' Knee (With Kenny)

What's up Ohm. Doing good as usual. Yo, what is up with that boy Dodge? I've been talking to his leg and he just seems nervous all the time.

  (1:15 PM)

His leg may be stronger than your knee! LOL. I think Dodge has been shaky but to me, he's still been better than at the start. He still booms some punts. Just let him get more and more comfortable as the season progresses. Bottom line, Giants have a lot more problems than the special teams. Right? Just stay healthy KP's knee.

  (1:15 PM)

Besides, Dodge is the man ever since he did his Jersey Shore fist pump!

ray (phoenix)

OOhm boogie what's good? Any word on the return of Steve Smith? Also to make the playoffs Defense has to win next 3 games.

  (1:17 PM)

Ray... Smitty said he hopes to return by Washington game but said that was being very optimistic. Also says when he returns, he will likely be limited. Defense will have to be close to lights out and they can against Jacksonville and Redskins next two games. Then it is on to play Favre. Vikes will be tougher with new coach though.

Tony (Pt Jeff, NY)

IF you were an NFL owner and could pick ANY current NFL- who would it be and why?

  (1:18 PM)

Tony... any current NFL team I guess is what you are asking... Hmm... Dallas is appealing because of that ridiculous stadium and the brand. But I'd probably want to own a team in good weather like San Diego. But I also grew up in DC and would want a team with a rabid fan base like the Redskins. No matter how bad the Redskins are, they are the only thing that matters in that area. So maybe Redskins. Also, that team generates serious money.

Travis (Jersey Shore, NJ)

Ohm, what's the deal? I know this is a stretch and he doesn't really seem like a Tom Coughlin guy but what about Dwayne Jarrett. He had a troubled career with Carolina but he's a Jersey guy and from USC, the dudes got hands. What do you think? I write at check me out.

  (1:20 PM)

Trav... hmm... don't know... Giants tend to steer clear of dudes with troubled past. They are pretty good about that. Unless the guy is a serious playmaker. And Jarrett has had his chances and didn't do much. But you never know.

Ryan (Germantown, MD)

Come on Ohm! Start the "Fire Coughlin" garbage so they can start winning again!

  (1:21 PM)

Ryan... nah... I never started that and won't. He'd have to completely lose the team in order for that to happen. And he has control over this team. Just not over injuries and stupid turnovers. LOL.

Mike (NY)

Ohm- why doesn't Danny Ware see the ball? He looked good with limited reps vs Seattle.

  (1:22 PM)

Mike... he did but that Seattle team was awful. They couldn't get off the field in the fourth quarter and pretty much gave up. They can barely get Jacobs carries. But maybe Ware will see some action since they have to run the ball now.

Eugene (NY)

Is Randy Moss an option?

  (1:23 PM)

He'd have to be released. Randy got his own problems in Tennessee with no quarterback.

Jarrod (Topeka KS)

Where do you see the Chiefs ending up after the season is ended? I think the Chargers are a huge threat but the Chiefs play more of a complete ball game.

  (1:24 PM)

Jarrod... Chiefs have played very well this season. I like how they are building, got some exciting pieces in place. But I think SD is going to win the AFC West the way they are playing. SD is really turning it on. But Chiefs future looking good!

Brian (NJ)

If the Giants use Boss anymore in the passing game he is going to get killed. I swear, every time he catches a pass the defender lays a huge hit and Boss is limping back to the huddle.

  (1:24 PM)

B... he does get blasted a lot. He is so big. But he is really tough. But you are right... dude gets blasted and it's not his fault.

brian (new jersey)

Ohm, do you think with Bradshaws' fumbling and Jacobs inconsistency that a running back will be at the top of the list of offseason concerns?

  (1:25 PM)

B... I can see the Giants looking at RB in the draft... not sure if they would draft somebody high though. Bradshaw is still one of the better backs in the league.

  (1:26 PM)

Alright guys... Schefter reporting Clayton will sign later today... got to run. Thanks guys.

  (1:26 PM)

Sorry to run out... will get to your questions next week!