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December 16, 12:30 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

  (12:32 PM)

Hey guys, wud up. Just sent a story on Steve Smith placed on IR. His rehab will be a lengthy one that will include some microcfracture surgery. The good news is the injury is to a non-weight bearing portion of the knee.

Fanfave (NYC)

Are you confident Manningham will play Sunday?

  (12:32 PM)

FF, Manningham sounded as confident as ever and he is out on the field today again. Looks like he will play.

Fanfave (NYC)

It's hard to defend alot of the Eli picks this year. Are you confident he can turn it around this week vs the birds?

  (12:34 PM)

FF, I don't know... he has been throwing picks all year. Some his fault, others his receivers' fault... bottom line, they can't have two picks early against a team like the Eagles. Can't give Vick the ball and good field position as well.

Matt (NY)

Hey Ohm, need some fantasy advice.... Brady or Vick.... Bradshaw Forte or Brown

  (12:37 PM)

Wow, you got two really good quarterbacks. Hard to bench Brady right now. I don't love the idea of benching Vick but since you have Brady, I think you can go with Brady. If it is a PPR, I'd go Forte. If not, I think I start Forte or Bradshaw.

bill (nyc)

should I start Westbrook or Michael Bush this week? Go Giants!

  (12:38 PM)

I love Bush's matchup against Denver but you just don't know if McFadden goes off whether he will get enough touches. In that case, I think I go with most touches and Westbrook to be safe.

Chris Martin (Maryland)

Mario Manningham has vowed to play on Sunday against the Eagles. How much pain is he in now? How much do you think it will hurt sunday afternoon. Will he be good to go after a shot? What have you heard?

  (12:40 PM)

CM, he doesn't look like he is in pain but hard to tell really. All we see in practice is warm-ups and some light jogging. He says he will be good to go. Tune into ESPN New York on Friday for more detail on what Coughlin says about him. But he says he is good to go.

Frankie (Atlanta)

Ohm... What happened with Sinorice Moss that the gMen wouldn't even consider him?

  (12:41 PM)

He was placed on IR and then waived and due to a complicated rule, he cannot be re-signed because he came to an injury settlement... something like that. The team explained in the most simple terms that after they waived him off IR, they cannot bring him back.

Jeremy (Rockland)

Ohm my man! Hows it going? Fantasy dilemma: Give me the 5 you would start out of Adrian Peterson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Felix Jones, Mike Tolbert, Santonio Holmes, DeSean Jackson, Louis Murphy, and Anquan Boldin, taking into account the Jets' Offensive struggles going against the Steelers D and the Vikings having a 3rd string QB start against the Bears. Thanks!

  (12:43 PM)

J, wud up. Can't bench AP. I like Jones this week vs Redskins. Go Jackson (make sure he is active first) and Boldin. You could consider Holmes over Jones too if you are in PPR. Steelers defense. Still in good shape with Bears if Favre doesn't play. But Steelers defense at home should be nice.

Ken (Brooklyn)

Just heard Steve Smith is out for the season. Got my hand just over the panic button.. I'm really concerned about the offense. Bradshaw didn't do much last meeting, but Jacobs is like the unstoppable Juggernaut the last couple of weeks. I do like how the Giants defense played against Vick... Will Bradshaw and Manningham play this Sunday?

  (12:44 PM)

Step away from the panic button homey. It's a big loss but they played four games without him so they know what life is like without him and they still got Nicks. Don't get me wrong, Smith did a lot for the team and drew a lot of attention away from Nicks. Bradshaw is playing and Manningham says he is playing as well and has been practicing, perhaps on limited basis, but still out there.

rps (connecticut)

Not sure why Boley not there so early, but bottom line for Sunday, can Giants OL do what they didn't do well first time around, and runblock all game long vs. Eagles?

  (12:46 PM)

We will find out more on Boley later when we talk to Coughlin. Giants OL has been doing a great job. Now it appears Shaun O'Hara will be back. Andrews has been practicing as well. O'Hara could start. O-line should be better but O'Hara will be rusty.

Francis (NYC)

Ohm what's up love your work. Huge GMEN fan. Who do you think is going to step up and be Eli's 3rd down go to? I think Boss needs to rise to the challenge. Nicks and Mario are speedy guys but are prone to drops. We need someone like Amani who may not be flashy but gets it done. Ahmad can step up in the passing game too. PS Let's change our name to the New York Pitbulls this week. THIS ONES FOR ALL THE DOGS! Sorry I know I'm not supposed to write that on ESPN.

  (12:47 PM)

Francis, thanks! I think it could be Boss, Hagan. Nicks actually leads the team in third-down conversions so he will always look for Nicks first. I think Hagan will step up as well. I don't know why you can write dogs on ESPN. I'm sure it is fine.

Gus (Toronto)

I have one flex spot in a PPR league for Lance Moore(@Bal), Anthony Armstrong(@Dal), or Brandon Jacobs(vs Phi). Who do I pick!

  (12:48 PM)

G, tough dilemma. I think I might go with Armstrong based on matchup. But check to see if McNabb starts. If Grossman starts, I don't know then... may go Moore or Jacobs.

Matt (DC)

Finally getting our first snow, Ohm, I been thinking about all the Giants WR injuries and wondering about Eli's role in some of the injures. Do you think Eli has put the WRs in places were they are more likely to get injured?

  (12:49 PM)

Matt... sometimes but not in these cases. Nicks got hurt in kind of a freakish way, seemed to be nothing at first. Smith was tackled from behind awkwardly. Not Eli's fault. Like when Boss got a concussion earlier in the season, that might be on Eli a bit because the pass was too high. But in these cases, no, not his fault.

Brian (NY, NY)

Do you think the cold weather played a factor in the Eagle's loss at CHI and could be a factor against them/Vick on Sunday?

  (12:51 PM)

Brian... maybe but not really. I think they were on the road playing a tough team with a good scheme. I think if it's windy, that could affect both teams on Sunday. Eagles will have a tough time on the road this week. Giants will give them everything they got. The key is, can the Giants stop from beating themselves?

Ben (Washington, DC)

Hi Ohm,What does the loss of Eagle's MLB Bradley mean to their scheme to stop the Giants' running game. Also, what is the latest on Desean Jackson and Asante Samuel?Thanks,Ben

  (12:53 PM)

I think the Eagles actually are good at plugging in guys and replacing injured ones. No doubt it always hurts losing a guy like Bradley. But I still think the Eagles will find a way to do what they got to do and still try to get pressure on Eli. Asante practiced yesterday. We will find out more later today. I saw a tweet from a Philadelphia beat writer saying Eagles expect Jackson to play. Check later today.

Adam (Bronx, NY)

Waddup OHM! Keep up the great columns homie. Your favorite dude from the BX will try to keep this short for once haha.If G-Men beat Eagles (and I have an eerily feeling that they're gonna knock out Vick as well) will you start drinking the dark house Super Bowl run Kool-aid that I'm giving Mosley. I think G-Men get the #2 seed with win. Thoughts?

  (12:54 PM)

Wud up in the BX? It would be a huge huge win for the Giants. To me, they would finally beat a legitimate NFC contender. I still think the Eagles are better than the Bears. Not ready to say Super Bowl yet. But they got the talent to make a run. Got to stop with the turnovers.

Hep (UT)

OY, does MSU have a shot vs. the tide? Let's talk fantasy here then...What do you think between Vjax/Stevie J/MW West - need one. Also as an ARod fill-in, collins/kitna/freeman/Campbell?

  (12:56 PM)

Hep... they got a shot. But, if Bama plays the way they are capable of and they are focused and aren't bummed that they are not in a BCS bowl game, they will beat MSU. MSU might stick around a bit and then Bama will beat them and could beat them by a lot and pull away. If Bama plays like it doesn't want to be there, then MSU has a chance to win. I think I like Jackson if he plays but you can go with Steve if you feel safer. BMW has been too up and down, too risky. I like Kitna and then Freeman of those guys.

Ian (Dallas)

What up Ohm? Hope you are recovering after your crazy trip(s) this weekend. I have 2 questions for you this week.1. Fantasy, 16 team ppr, RB: Rashad Jennings or Shonn Greene? WR: Brandon Gibson, David Nelson, Jacoby Jones or Steve Smith (south)?2. What's the deal with Ware? How come he never gets a playing time? Seems like a great 3rd down option. Thanks man, if we don't chat before christmas thanks for your help and happy holidays to you and your family.

  (1:00 PM)

Ian, wud up man? Thanks. Flying all around the Midwest this past weekend. Tough call. I'd like to say Greene but Jennings has done well with such limited touches. I guess you can go with the hot hand but I like to usually go with the guy who gets more touches. WR... eesh. That is what I have to pick from? 16 teams tough. Go Jones and... ugh, Gibson or Smith. Maybe this is the week Smith gets more targets because he complained about Clausen. That usually helps. They barely got enough carries to go around with Bradshaw and Jacobs. I like Ware out of the backfield on third downs but Bradshaw has been pretty good at picking up blocks as third down back. Thanks, Happy Holidays to you and yours too!

Patrick (Spring Valley ny)

do you think the giants d Can do the same job on vick like we did in the !st meeting if not better?

  (1:00 PM)

Pat... it will be tough but I think they can. Fewell has been very good this year. I certainly don't expect Vick to go nuts on them with so much on the line.

Brian (NY, NY)

Do you think the Giants will keep relying more heavily on the running game on Sun.? Any insight into why Eli's turning it over so much this season?

  (1:02 PM)

I think the Giants will try to keep the balance going. Why not? Plus O'Hara appears to be on the way back. As for why Eli is turning it over so much, no idea. He's just a bit inconsistent, forces some passes. Probably also trying to develop a rapport with receivers with so much change around him. Like on that one INT last week, Manningham could have fought better for the ball. Small things like that.

Jimmy (Jersey)

Ohm, I could be wrong but I think Steve Smiths contract is up after this year.... do you see his injury causing trouble in re-signing him? Same with Kiwi?

  (1:04 PM)

Jimmy, I think Smith's contract is in the last year. But the CBA muddles everything up. We need to see what happens after the new CBA. He could be restricted... maybe not. I think the same thing for Kiwi as well. I think the injuries help the Giants' chances of keeping them. But that is just a guess.

siddharth (PA)

Hey Ohmi.....can you suggest a fantasy start between Floyd, Torain and Tolbert...?

  (1:05 PM)

Siddharth, wud up? I'll try. Floyd is questionable. Check on his status tonight. Otherwise, I think I trust Tolbert the most out of those three. If Floyd is a full go, I guess you can go Floyd over Tolbert. Love Torain but don't trust Shanahan.

Mike D (Los Angeles)

Any news on the injury to Desean Jackson?

  (1:06 PM)

Nothing new yet. Wait till after 4 and check back but saw a tweet saying Eagles expect him to play.

Brian (NY, NY)

It looked like Vick's shoulder got sore after a hit from Ware at Dallas last week. Have you heard about any lingering effects from that?

  (1:06 PM)

Nope. But I do think he is sore. But I don't think anything will stop him from playing.

Lee (New Jersey)

Is it a good idea to start bradshaw and jacobs? other options are Choice, Dixon, Thomas Jones.

  (1:08 PM)

Lee, I probably start one. Leaning toward Bradshaw even though Jacobs has been on fire. Other options: I'd go probably Choice vs Skins and hope he gets in but I did see Dallas say something about a three RB committee. Redskins are pretty bad though. Tough one. Dixon or Jones could get more touches than Choice. You could go Dixon and hope he finds end zone.

Rossy Ross Chomik (Motown NJ)

WHo is the 4th WR on this weekends depth chart? Clayton or Thomas? And will either of them have a catch before end of year?

  (1:08 PM)

I think the fourth receiver will be Clayton. Will he have a catch? My guess is yes. A catch. LOL.


Last week the O-Line gave up 1st sack in 5 and a half games. I know they're getting people back healthy now, but if someone like O'Hara is rust, shouldn't they stick with what has been working during the injury stretch?

  (1:09 PM)

ASN, good question. But O'Hara brings the experience and sliding Seubert back to LG and having Diehl back at LT gives you most experienced and battle-tested line. I like O'Hara back in there.

Michael (Virginia)

Hey Ohm,What do you think is the G-mens plan for Vick? I think they have to first stop McCoy, then control the game by running the football. If Eli gets into third and long situations, it is going to be a long day.

  (1:10 PM)

We'll see. We talk to Fewell later today and I will write about it so check back. And yes, third and long = very bad for Giants.

Reggie (Denver)

OHM - I need your help in picking my 2 WRs to start out of: Floyd, Garcon, VJax, Maclin, Britt or Austin? I also start Tamme from the Colts at TE. Thanks!

  (1:11 PM)

Ok Reg... I'll try. Garcon. Austin.

mike (ny)

which 3 would u start Jennings VJax Sidney Rice Vernon Davis Hines Ward Randy Moss??

  (1:12 PM)

Mikey... Ward. Jennings. Davis. If you aren't comfortable with waiting to see who starts at QB for GB, I guess you can go Jackson over Jennings if Jackson is active.

James (Boston)

What time does Coughlin speak today? Do you think Andrews might be active on Sunday in a limited role?

  (1:13 PM)

Coughlin talks in like a few minutes. So I gotta run soon. Andrews could be active, could be the extra blocker. But he could be another week away.

Scott (Albany,NY)

I may be the only one with this thought but I think these injuries will help Eli. I have watched ever snap this year and I think Eli forces the ball into spots that he shouldn't. With Nicks being doubled that will leave Manningham and Hagen open one on one and he will throw it to the open guy instead of forcing it in to a bad spot. What do you think?

  (1:14 PM)

Well, Eli still tries to force the ball into Boss as well so it is not just Nicks. I do think Hagan could see more open balls.

Craig (Jersey)

Does Diehl stay at LT when Andrews is in there

  (1:15 PM)

Craig, Diehl says he has been told he will be the LT. Now, when Andrews is healthy... good question. But because of his back, Giants may want to limit how much they use him. Perhaps use him as extra OL.

Sean (ABQ )

Hey Ohm, what is your prediction of this weeks game ?

  (1:15 PM)

I think I predicted Giants 27, Eagles 24. Can't remember exact score but I had Giants pulling out a very close one.

  (1:16 PM)

Ok guys got to run. Locker room opening up. thanks and tweet me fantasy questions if you need more @NotoriousOHM