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December 30, 11:30 AM ET
Chat with Bryan Broaddus

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:31 AM)

Good morning or afternoon depending on where you are in the world today...thanks for hanging out and lets get started.

Ryan (Iowa)

A lot of traffic is being generated on the Jeff Fisher to Dallas talks. Between ESPN and NFL Network it would seem that it is at least a no brainer that Fisher leaves Tennessee. What are your thoughts on all this Jeff Fisher talk?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:38 AM)

Sorry...we are having internet problems here at Valley Ranch...

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:38 AM)

Okay...looks like we are back.

Jon (Colorado Springs)

Hey Bryan, Have you started on your Big Board yet?? I know most people have us taking a CB or DE in Round one but, Where should the Cowboys Target a Safety? Round 2/3 or the Free Agency? Thanks

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:41 AM)

I was actually talking with some Cowboys front office guys this morning...there are so many different ways that they can go. My guess early that the board will be very top heavy with defense players. Need to learn what this CBA is going to do for free agency as well.

Adam (IL)

How can the Cowboys fix their secondary, and are there any parts worth keeping for next season?

Jenn (Valley Ranch)

The whole team needs help, but do you think a FA safety or a draft Safety is the bettter way to go

Josh (PA)

Since the Cowboys signed Sam Young to the 53, do you see him being active this game? Will he get any game-time reps?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:50 AM)

I would like to see Young get a chance this week but I don't think that is going to happen. They are going to do all they can to prtoect McGee in this game. Colombo will most likely finish out the season at right tackle.

Josh (PA)

What type of game plan should we expect with McGee? Similar to the first game or two under Kitna? More limited?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:53 AM)

The good thing about this game is that the Eagles might rest some of their key defensive players because they have to play next week. Garrett in the Arizona game asked McGee to throw slants in the game and he had success. Garrett will try and run the ball first but give McGee throws that he can make quickly and without much thinking.

Daniel (VA)

A lot of traffic is being generated on the Jeff Fisher to Dallas talks. Between ESPN and NFL Network it would seem that it is at least a no brainer that Fisher leaves Tennessee. What are your thoughts on all this Jeff Fisher talk?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:54 AM)

I think that Jeff Fisher is an interesting name for the Jones Family. The one thing that he can bring is a quality staff. Outstanding offensive and defensive line coaches. The one thing you have to remember is Jerry wants to run a 3-4 and Fisher is a 4-3 guy.

Sun Devil (FE Warren AFB, WY)

Tough job for the 'Boys this offseason - they have to figure out which was the fluke: the success of 2009 or the poor play of 2010 (especially on defense). As a scout, how do you know which is the truth? In other words, do you keep the vast majority of the starters or replace them?

Bryan Broaddus
  (11:56 AM)

This team needs to take a serious look at the line on both sides of the ball. The secondary will need help in the middle at safety but maybe at corner as well if you do something with Newman. Again, the early look at the draft says top heavy at defensive players which is might be the direction they head.

gpaq (NYC)

from a pure football point of view, if your the GM, does this team need to rebuild or can it be a playoff team next season?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:01 PM)

If Jones and this scouting staff can fill the most important holes on this team first, you have enough players to bring it back quicker. It was amazing to me how bad this defense was all season. I have a feeling that is where they will start.

Steve (Austin)

"The one thing you have to remember is Jerry wants to run a 3-4 and Fisher is a 4-3 guy." I know he is hands on, but really, a coach wanting to run a 4-3 vs 3-4 would be a potential roadblock to bringing him in? Seems a little ridiculous.

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:02 PM)

Its all about fits and if your head coach doesn't fit what you believe in, there is no reason to hire him. I do know for a fact that Jon Gruden wants to run a 3-4 defense after running a 4-3 all of his coaching career.

MarionBArberthe4th (poo)

Rat still a nose?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:05 PM)

I love Josh Brent and he is going to be a fine player at nose but playing Jay Ratliff at end would be a nice option if you could get a guy say like Marcell Dareus from Alabama.

Josh (PA)

I am tired of hearing fans say we need to switch back to a 4-3 and just play Ware and Spencer as ends. Can you please put an end to that silliness?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:07 PM)

I can see Ware playing as a 4-3 but I don't know about Spencer down after down, eventhough they do it in the nickel the majority of the time. I am a big fan of the 3-4 and how you can attack offenses.

Bk (Dallas, Tx)

Broaddus, would you put your career on the line for tony romo say over an Andrew Luck or Sam Bradford? History shows the best chance to win a SuperBowl is with a qb drafted in the first round, since only 1 qb that has won a SB has been an undrafted free agent from a division 2 school.

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:08 PM)

I am a huge fan of Bradford and Luck. If you gave the chance to draft either one of those players over Romo I would stand on the draft table now.

John (Houston)

I'm a big Patrick Peterson fan. He reminds me a lot of Prime Time and can play corner or safety. Would the Cowboys consider moving up to get him?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:11 PM)

As a grad of LSU, I am a Peterson fan too. He will be the first defensive back off the board when the draft starts. Jerry doesn't want to be picking in the top 10 anyway, so I doubt that he will move up from his spot. He needs the the picks to reshape his team.

Jenn (Irving, Tx)

Is the defensive backfield or offensive line a bigger need? And are there good draftable players that could make an instant impact

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:14 PM)

There are plenty of great players. I mentioned Peterson. Amukamara from Nebraska. Nick Fairly Auburn and Marcell Dareus Alabama. Tyron Smith USC...these are all guys that will be considered here early.

MarionBArberthe4th (boobs)

They going real hard after Logan Mankins?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:16 PM)

I had a chance to watch Mankins the other day on tape and I was impressed. He is going to cost you a pretty penny but I love the way he is a mauler, brawler type of a player. Really depends on what type of scheme this team goes to.

steve (md)

Are you saying Bradford and Luck are better than Romo? Why would you want them over Romo?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:19 PM)

To answer you question, yes, I feel that Bradford and Luck are better quarterbacks than Romo. I do not view Tony as a franchise quarterback. I think he has good traits and skills but in my view, Bradford and Luck have rare traits and skills.

Mark E Mark (NY)

I believe Garrett wimped out on showing who is boss by allowing Marion Barber to get away with the dress code and helmet instances!!! For this reason alone i dont believe he should be the full time coach!!!! Agree?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:21 PM)

I have said all along, lets look at the whole body of work. There have things that Jason has done that has been impressive but when comparing him to whom you will have a chance to talk to, I leave no stone unturned.

steve (md)

WOW! Is Eli a franchise quarterback?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:23 PM)

I am no fan of Eli Manning. The reason that the Giants have struggled this season mainly is his recklessness with the football. The Giants have talented players but there are plenty of times where their quarterback lets them down.

Jay (Gig'em)

If Garret becomes head coach next year, who will be the Defensive Coordinator? What are your thoughts on the job Paul P has done this year? Happy New Years

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:27 PM)

Geaux Tigers! Happy New Year...I think Paul has done as good as he could do under the situation. He made some adjustments with this defense to at least give them a chance in games. He made some timely calls in the Arizona game but his players let him down. Its been that way since he has taken over.

steve (md)

What are the views on Romo from other scouts around the league and with the Cowboys?

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:28 PM)

There are guys are this staff that would love to have Luck or Bradford too.

Bryan Broaddus
  (12:30 PM)

Guys...thats all the time I have today...all great questions as it has been all year...Happy New Year...lets try and do this again in 2011...I am going to work on an NFL Draft now...keep following us on ESPN again!