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January 25, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Dave Telep

  (1:57 PM)

Thanks for all your questions. I am just about to get Dave on the phone.

Dave Telep
  (2:00 PM)

Thanks for all your questions. We are excited to release our new rankings and class rankings. Lets get right to them.

Lucas (Boston, MA)

Dave, I know your rankings are based on projecting collegiate success but what would your top 5 in 2011-13 look like if you were basing it off of NBA potential?

Dave Telep
  (2:01 PM)

I would probably say Anthony Davis, Austin Rivers, Quincy Miller, Michael Gilchrist and LeBryan Nash.

Lee (Lawrence, KS)

One of your tweets said that Garrett to KU was the "Green Monster of dominoes". I assume that Daniels will now come to KU, but what exactly did that mean?

Dave Telep
  (2:05 PM)

Hey Lee, it's not often that a walk-on gets announced mid-year, BUT when the walk-on's friend is DeAndre Daniels, you can kind of read between the tea leaves. As for my source for the quote, I can't divulge that information.

Lawrence (Toronto)

What are your thoughts on Toronto's own Myck Kabongo? And where do you see him ranked for the futures draft?

Dave Telep
  (2:10 PM)

Hey Lawrence,Let's not put the cart before the horse. Kabongo's speed, leadership and vision will serve him well at UT. He is going to need to keep building his resume at Texas before he enters the draft. I'd be disappointed if he wasn't a first-rounder someday though.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Which High School Basketball Players who plays in the McDonald's All American Game will go to Syracuse?

Dave Telep
  (2:12 PM)

I think Syracuse has a chance for a pair of McDonald's AA's this year. Rakeem Christmas has been up and down with his production but he's a talent and one of the top centers in the class. Michael Carter-Williams is having a great senior season. I think he's put himself in strong contention for the game. The more I see him the more he fits EXACTLY what Cuse does and his length as a perimeter player is a serious asset; he'll be a combo for Boeheim.

Kenny (Washington DC)

Sup DT!what is the hold up for UNC offering Goodwin, Drummond & Coleman, clearly they need frontcourt help

Dave Telep
  (2:14 PM)

Hey Kenny, UNC and Coach Williams does a good job of being out there evaluating guys. With Coleman, it may come down to this: do they really think they can get him away from Syracuse? If they don't think they can why waste the time? Drummond, that's a complicated one that tilted UConn's way prior to the season and you never know what happens there. UNC watched him last week. Goodwin is in my opinion, going to heat up in the spring. SEC's are all over him and I think he becomes a more national target in April.

Gregg (Lanham, MD)

What is your take on 2013 PG Aquille Carr, was he close to the Top25? He is the talk of the town in Baltimore and is putting up monster numbers against all comers. He's getting Muggsy Bogues comparisons already!

Dave Telep
  (2:15 PM)

What's up gregg, Personally, with guys like Aquille Carr I want to see them over and over again. He's small but ultra fast. I'd like to see him and monitor his progress not just as a scorer but as a creator and leader of a team. We know he's a talent but frankly, I'd like to do a better job of figuring him out before we go further with him.

Lucas (Boston, MA)

Dave, I noticed that Noah Vonleh cracked the 2013 top 25. What do you think of the sophomore small forward's game? Some people say he's still growing...

Dave Telep
  (2:16 PM)

Noah Vonleh is a guy that Adam Finkelstein really, really likes. Our hope is that we're ahead of the curve with him but we are in the infancy stages of our evaluation. All the phone calls placed were really positive with him and Adam seems to think he's way hidden in New England. We are going to spend a lot of time following him in the spring.

Matt (Philly)

Quinn Cook hasn't seen quite as explosive since hurting his knee at the end of the summer. Has he not been 100%, but able to play (kind of like Kalin Lucas with his achilles) or is this simply him not being as good as he showed last summer?

Dave Telep
  (2:19 PM)

I believe Quinn Cook is not healthy yet. I think the last time I saw him the wrap was back on his knee. There was a play in the open court where normally he would explode into the shot and didn't, which made me wonder. I'd like to see Quinn just kick back and play with that same edge and lead this Oak Hill team. Shannon Scott outplayed him at the HoopHall in a big evaluation game. Cook is going to be a nice player at Duke but the expectations for him to come in and be Kyrie Irving, well, that's not fair to him.

Chris (Lexington, KY)

Have you seen anything like what John Calipari is doing at UK? Do you think he can continue to bring in top talent year in and year out?

Dave Telep
  (2:21 PM)

Hey Chris,UK and Calipari. Wow. Three years in a row the No. 1 class. Can he keep doing that? Odds are against him to replicate that kind of success because no one has EVER done that and its not fair to mandate he go four in a row (I know you UK fans expect it though!). Cal has this in recruiting autopilot. Every year the best PG in the country looks his way; he almost has to given the success at the position. The Wildcats are a national title away from going from mega recruiting power to straight up World Recruiting Power.

Seth Furr (Anderson, SC)

Dave,What kind of affect will early entries into college (example: Andre Dawkins), and grade level reclassifications (example: Rodney Purvis) have on recruiting?

Dave Telep
  (2:24 PM)

These switches of grade level are a real issue but more for our man Brendan Nolan, the czar of ESPN's database! What i see is a trend where kids reclassed mainly for basketball reasons. Over time they want to get to college quicker and revert back to their original classes. Behind the scenes, its confusing and difficult (not impossible) to deal with on our end. We had to bump Purvis into 2012 class and Khem Birch into 2011. What's confusing is evaluating them now against their peers when we had been looking at them in a different light for quite some time. There are others out there that I know of thinking of doing the same thing so we haven't seen the last of it, especially from some high profile guys.

Gregg (Lanham, MD)

A lot of Maryland supporters said Gary Williams lack of effort on the recruiting trail was partly due to his bad relationship with AD Debbie Yow. With Yow now gone, have you noticed any change in Maryland and Williams efforts on the recruiting trail or is there more to his recruiting than a change of AD's?

Dave Telep
  (2:26 PM)

I'm not really understanding this. People are saying Gary Williams was mad at Yow so he took it out on the recruits or didn't want to recruit as much to spite his AD? That's a stretch in thinking. It's no secret, Coach Williams is one of the best cultivators of talent. He's not the most aggressive guy on the recruiting trail. I think at this point, that's no big secret in and around the program. If you go there, you get better but he's not about to start recruiting Top 25 guys to appease a fan base. Not his style.

Logan (Menomonee Falls)

I go to school with one of the top recruits in the class of 2012, J.P. Tokoto. He is putting together a pretty dominating statistical season in high school this year and I was wondering if you believe his ranking will be on the rise

Dave Telep
  (2:28 PM)

JP Tokoto is a guy I'm very interested in seeing. Remember, he's a former Top 10 player who had a rocky spring and early summer. Personally, I think it was mainly due to a mental block he had going on. He didn't score for two days at NBA Camp and that had nothing to do with his ability; he was pressing and couldn't find his game. Reggie Rankin saw him last weekend and felt he was tracking in a very positive direction and we moved him up as a result of it. JP has game, now its just up to him to go out, play loose and let it happen. In terms of schools, the list is long with Marquette, Wisky, Kentucky, Duke, UNC and UCLA all in the hunt.

Tyler (ATL)

Dave, How much of an impact do you think Kentavious Caldwell-Pope can make his freshmen year at UGA?

Dave Telep
  (2:31 PM)

I love what is going on at Georgia. Remember when people said Fox was an outsider? Well, he's not in Georgia! UGA's pledge from Kentavious Caldwell was HUGE. The Dawgs have the cred to get the next guy and they are focused on Tony Parker. Caldwell is going to get buckets and maybe just as important, helps Fox get more players.

James (St. Louis, Mo)

What are the chances of seeing the late rising Otto Porter in the McDonald's AA game this year?

Dave Telep
  (2:32 PM)

The chances of seeing Otto Porter in the McDonald's game are not good. To be that guy, you've got to go out and play summer ball to test yourself and be seen. It's not the perfect set up but it's the state of the game. We like everything about Porter and have high hopes for him but the reality is he hasn't been out there like the rest of the guys being tested. That's not a bad thing but it does preclude him from big awards like that.

Victor (Chicago)

Do you see Branden Dawson as a McD AA?

Dave Telep
  (2:33 PM)

Branden Dawson absolutely deserves to be in the McDonald's game and I've tried to trumpet his cause since the summer. I'd like to see him develop more original offense but he plays with aggression and instincts. Love him. Hope he makes it.

Mark (Eden Prairie, MN)

Any update on the recruitment of Ben McLemore aka B Filthy

Dave Telep
  (2:35 PM)

Last week I went to a shoot around with McLemore and we talked about his choices. He's not ready to decide. Here's what I believe (one man's opinion). I think McLemore wants to go to Kansas. His family is split on the choice and Missouri is keeping it alive. The longer it goes, the better for the Tigers. If it ends tomorrow, I'd pick Kansas whom I would bet feels the same way. We'll see.

Andrew (Socal)

Does Arizona get any McDonald's AA's this year?

Dave Telep
  (2:38 PM)

I think Arizona has a shot at having a pair of Burger Boys. Neither is a lock, though both are strong contenders. Nick Johnson is Darrelle Revis in sneakers. He attached himself to Michael Carter-Williams two weeks ago and that was impressive. Josiah Turner's senior year has been interesting to say the least. He's good enough to play in the game but the way the last three weeks have gone may cast some doubt in the voters minds. It's not often a player has a public spat with his high school, the coach and then switches coasts mid-year. If he doesn't make it, I would guess that has something to do with it as McDonald's is very concerned with public perception and its game.

Greg (Indy)

Do you see a drop-off in Purdue's recruits? I thought their on-court success would lead to more recruiting success, but it hasn't seemed to translate.

Dave Telep
  (2:40 PM)

We just wrote about Purdue's recruiting class of 2007 yesterday in the blog. Matt Painter is fighting a new coach in Tom Crean and in-state, the Hoosiers hold the edge. However, there are some late developing guys that will give Painter a chance to strike within the state. I am surprised they haven't backed up the mega 2007 class with another group because there is a lot for the program to sell. They've been in the mix a lot but can't get that signature guy to go all in.

Jamie (Radford,VA)

Dave-- How awesome is Dorian Finney-Smith? On a scale of 1-10 what would you rank his awesomeness?

Dave Telep
  (2:41 PM)

I have never been asked how to rank someone's awesomeness but I'll try. I'd give Dorian Finney-Smith a 9 on your awesomeness scale. I really like the kid b/c he couldn't tell you where he's ranked, he just likes to play. He's a throwback and a winner. Look at his team; he literally plays whatever role they need out of him. There's something about him that I like as a prospect and respect as a person at the same time. We all have our favorites and he's played his way into my all-time list.

Matt (Cincinnati)

Dave, What is your impression of Xavier's class next year, in particular Dez Wells? I think he is going to be an absolute star in a musketeer uniform and can't wait to see him play.

Dave Telep
  (2:43 PM)

Dezmine Wells is a jump shot away from cranking his game up another notch. I think Wells is going to play in the NFL someday. I'm serious, he could easily finish up at Xavier, go to Carolina Panthers camp and become the next Jimmy Graham/Antonio Gates. He's a wonderful athlete.

AJ (Jersey)

Who is the best player who was in high school you have ever seen?

Dave Telep
  (2:43 PM)

The best player I have ever seen in high school was LeBron James. The toughest kid I've ever seen was Donnell Harvey and my all time favorite HS player was Chris Paul.

freddy (omaha)

Did you predict that Harrison Barnes would have the second greatest impact for his college team coming out of Ames High? Doug McDermott is outplaying Mr. Barnes with Creighton this season.

Dave Telep
  (2:45 PM)

I was a big Doug McDermott fan, still am. The people who make fun of Harrison Barnes and write him off will never have to answer for their actions because its message boards and water cooler chats. Harrison Barnes, the real Harrison, will surface again one day. Unlike LeBron, he's not taking names but he's stewing internally.

MAtt (Fort Collins)

Thoughts on UNLV-commit Nigel Williams-Goss? Also, any chance AT ALL that Shabazz stays home to play for the Rebs?

Dave Telep
  (2:47 PM)

I was a little worried about Nigel Williams Goss coming out of last summer. He was trying to be a PG and frankly, decision making and ball value were an issue. Now he's settled in as a scorer and two guard and I think its his natural position. He'll be a good player for the Rebels. So far, I don't see any indication that Shabazz stays home, especially since his recruitment has been conducted on such a national platform.

tim (orlando)

telep, thoughts on rimmer from boone high school? i am checking out their game tonight v. winter park

Dave Telep
  (2:48 PM)

We talked a bit out Schyler Rimmer yesterday. i brought his name up to a few of our guys. I like his skill and long term ability. We're watching him closely.

Antoine (Mount Vernon, NY)

What are your early impressions of Jaren Sina?

Dave Telep
  (2:50 PM)

Jaren Sina is a very good player. Athletically, he's going to want to make a choice where he sees like level athletes BUT his jumper is real. If he tightens his handle more and is as comfortable handling vs high level pressure than he has a real chance. Competitive kid who loves the game!

Mike (Ohio)

Will Shannon Scott (OSU) recruit make the McDonald's All-American Game this year? If not, what about Amir Willliams (OSU)?

Dave Telep
  (2:51 PM)

Shannon Scott has put himself in contention for the McDonald's game. To me, there are two locks -- Teague and Kabongo -- from the PG slot. Scott's team and his individual play have both been impressive. I know it's been good seeing how he's handled the big stage and didn't flinch. Not a lock, but he has a chance.

chris (new york)

hey again dave is there any chance u will re evaluate nurideen lindsey? i know hes a juco player i dk how much u guys evaluate them but on an espn insider article it said some top NBA scouts say he could be a second round pick right now right now he's only a 2 star player according to u guys any chance u will re evaluate him?

Dave Telep
  (2:52 PM)

I don't think we'll have a chance to re-evaluate Lindsay. We probably need to gather more information and tighten up his evaluation with some tape or at the very least a series of calls seeking information. I've found the best way to handle situations like this is to get coaches who played against him on the phone and get their read. You're right though, we need to do more homework there. I'm slightly skeptical because every year there seems to be a juco talked about in these terms but the reality is JC ball isn't what it was 10 years ago so the level of play can be tough to gauge.

Knish (Piscataway)

We all know UK and UNC and the big boys will get theirs. How about Rutgers? How does the class look?

Dave Telep
  (2:56 PM)

Rutgers class is good; exactly what Mike Rice needed. Its positive momentum and its been immediate. Let's face it, when Myles Mack gets 28 and outscores DeMatha, Rutgers class looks better and better. Forget the rankings. It's a good class with solid, not great players. Its impact at Rutgers goes beyond the numerical digits assigned to the kids. It's what Rutgers needed at a time they had to have a big year.

Zack (Santa Clara, CA)

Do you think the Broncos will get more recruits with their wins over Gonzaga and Portland? Soon to become contenders in the WCC?

Dave Telep
  (2:56 PM)

The West has been down in recent years but seems to be making a comeback with the younger kids. Compile that with a few signature wins and you've got a chance. Momentum is big in recruiting.

BNoles (Boston)

DT- With my BC Eagles off to a somewhat surprising start in the ACC, how do you see this translating to the recruiting trail for Donahue? Thoughts on their '11 haul?

Dave Telep
  (2:59 PM)

Great question, Noles. Guess you are a BC guy and not an FSU guy? BC has a very specific set of things it wants in its recruits. Coach Steve wants skill, smarts and character. He won't compromise in any area. Are they going to get Top 25 kids? Not unless there are special circumstances (ie Murphy's dad went there). They will do a good job evaluating. This year in the ACC caught everyone off guard. Of all the new coaches in the league, they are making the biggest splash thus far.

Scott (Pittsburgh, PA)

Dave,Can you handicap the Tony Parker recruitment at this stage. Kids from Georgia often stay home, but Parker has some pretty big opportunities at power programs. Your thoughts? Thanks.

Dave Telep
  (3:00 PM)

Tony Parker's recruitment? Well, the young man likes Duke. I know that. Georgia is locking in on him. Georgetown and Florida are strong contenders. Duke hasn't had a guy like him, just a beast in the blocks since Carlos Boozer. I'm sure they want another one.

Dave Telep
  (3:01 PM)

Thanks a ton for visiting with us today. We're excited about our new rankings and our coverage from events this month. Please, help us make ESPN Recruiting the place to be for information, evaluations and just a great place to kill a few hours!