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February 10, 12:30 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

  (12:30 PM)

Hey guys, what do you all wanna talk about?

  (12:34 PM)

B... the safeties had a pretty good season until that point. But same can be said for the entire team really. Kenny misses that tackle on Celek, Grant misses a sack on Vick, Rolle blows a coverage on Jordi Nelson... but up until eight minutes to go against the Eagles, the trio was a strength of the team so I am not going to say they are a huge disappointment. I think you have to hope that Phillips returns to old form next season and that he needed one year under his belt to truly recover from knee surgery. Rolle hopefully will get better with another year under his belt in Fewell's system. And the Giants will need to draft or sign another safety because Grant's deal will be up and even if they bring him back, they need some depth there. Chad Jones has a long road to recovery and may not play next season.

  (12:36 PM)

Joe, this is hard to answer because it is hard to know who will be truly available due to the CBA. Thta's why the Giants could draft a linebacker since they don't know what could happen with the CBA. If Kiwanuka is cleared to play again, I think the Giants will try to re-sign him and you might see him move back and forth between defensive end and LB. But he won't be the answer at LB because I don't see them playing him there full-time. So they got to draft a linebacker or sign a free agent.

  (12:36 PM)

You? Sho'nuff!

  (12:38 PM)

TN... gut feeling... gun to my head? My guess is two more years although if they lose next season and miss the playoffs, that could require a change.

  (12:40 PM)

John, hard to tell without knowing what the new CBA is... but I think Bradshaw, Smith are back. I think the Giants will try to bring back Boss, Cofield and Kiwanuka back as well but it depends on how much other teams offer them. I don't think the Giants are going to break the bank and get into a bidding war. With that being said, I see Boss and Kiwanuka returning. I do think they want Cofield back but he had a great season and he may take a bigger contract elsewhere if he gets it -- just my guess.

  (12:43 PM)

I think Reynaud is probably gone. I don't think Michael Johnson will be back. As far as the big names, I just answered in the question earlier. I do think they will try to bring back Hixon, Blackburn, Pascoe, Ware, Tollefson among others.

  (12:45 PM)

Well I'll answer about the Bills... I think they played really hard this season for a team that lacked talent and was expected to be the worst in the league. I want to see more of Spiller though next season. And I think you guys need a QB even though Fitz played well. Stevie Johnson could be a player too.

Mike (Connecticut)

Ohm! Any discussion by Mike Sullivan about his relationship with Eli, and what the gameplan is going forward? Specifically lowering the pick total and continuing to focus on Eli not throwing off his back foot when he's under pressure?

  (12:47 PM)

Mike, we haven't had access to the coaches since the season ended. But Eli talked about it during Super Bowl week. I think Eli and Sullivan will work as hard as they can to fix the problem but with a lockout, that amount of time could be shortened. Eli has to stop trying to force some things and some of his throws were a bit high at times, resulting in a few going off the hands of his own receivers for INTs.

jason (brooklyn)

What position do you think the Giants will look to draft for

  (12:49 PM)

J... I think in no particular order, this is what they will look at in the draft: OL, LB, S, CB, LB, RB, DL, TE. I really would love to see them draft a speedy playmaker above all else. They need more speed and athleticism to combat teams like the Eagles.

John (Washington, DC)

Do we think that KP21 will return to his pre-injury form, or was his mediocre season the player he just is now?

  (12:52 PM)

John, only time will tell. My opinion is that he might need a year to recover. He did have microfracture surgery so it might take him time to truly trust his knee and get over the injury and recover. He wasn't awful by any stretch but he wasn't hte playmaking safety we saw two years ago in Dallas either. So hope he comes back strong next season. But let's say this, it was a huge accomplishment for him to come back from the injury and start every game. Give him major props for that.

Mitch (Dirty Jersey)

Any chance on a Plax/Eli reunion tour?

  (12:54 PM)

Mitch, there's a chance but I still think it is a slim one. I know a lot of players like Osi and Tuck would welcome him back for sure. But I still wonder if ownership and Coughlin would want to go back down that road again. They may not want to deal with everything that comes with bringing Plax back and I don't know if they want to stunt the growth of their receivers. Now if Smith is slow to recover from his complicated knee injury... who knows? I think they will definitely consider it though.

Otto (NJ)

Good afternoon Ohm. Do you think the zone philosophy of Fewell is what really hurt the GMen? In the Tampa Cover 2 scheme, you need good to great linebackers to cover the middle and the outside and the GMen dont have that. Do you think they will switch it up to more man coverages in 2011? Also, its imperative that Reese gets a playmaking LB in the draft of FA if he truly wants to run his Cover 2 scheme.

  (12:57 PM)

Well they can definitely upgrade at linebacker for sure. They used their three safeties quite a bit and one, usually Grant, would line up at linebacker. But if they beat the Eagles and make the playoffs, you probably aren't complaining as much about Fewell's scheme. And if Kiwanuka stayed healthy, I think they would have made the playoffs. Remember, Fewell had this defense ranked in the top 5 and top 3 for much of the season. I think Reese will try to find a linebacker in the draft or free agency.

Brian (NY, NY)

What about putting JPP at LB? He's athletic enough.

  (12:58 PM)

B... don't see it. I know they line up a defensive end from time to time back there to rush the QB from but I think they are better off keeping him at DE and letting him grow there. No need to add too much to his plate.

Andi (workin') is my new kick that i'm on (this week).JR trades the Giants 19th overall selection to Denver for their early 2nd and early 3rd round picks. Elway and Fox get to look like hero's while JR gets 4 picks in the top 3 rounds.Take Wilson/Foster at LB in the early 2nd .... as opposed to "reaching" for them @ 19....until someone at 19 jumps out at me....I'm TRADING DOWN!

  (1:00 PM)

Andi... I don't like giving up a first-rounder unless a team is getting back very good value back. But I will say this... I think the Giants can use a lot of players, if for nothing else, to play special teams. They need more speed and athleticism on special teams. I don't see the Broncos giving up and second and third round pick for #19 but you can dream, right? LOL!

Greg (Buffalo, NY)

What do they Jets have to change to win the big game?

  (1:02 PM)

I think the Jets need to add more to their defensive line and get a pass rusher. Another linebacker might help. They don't need much more. Just need to get over the hump. They got the QB, the receivers, a good running game and strong defense. Let's see who they can keep though. They got a lot of free agents and all the things I suggested is based on if they can bring their core group back. And that is no easy task.

greg (south jersey too close to philly)

Hey Youngmisuk thanks for taking the time to talk giants. Have you heard anything regarding our special teams coach is there any chance we change him or are we stuck with him another year.

  (1:02 PM)

G... thanks man. Coughlin said he was keeping his staff intact so don't see a change coming barring a change of heart.

Danny (Orlando)

Do you think its time to draft a Quarterback to replace eli when hes done, i mean its not any time soon, but it takes time, look at rodger/favre?

  (1:04 PM)

Danny, no. Not yet. I hear you on grooming a QB but then you waste a draft pick when you got Eli starting for hopefully the next four-five years. Brett Favre was looking at retirement every year and he was getting old. And Rodgers dropped all the way to the Packers late in the draft. Too early to start thinking about grooming another QB.

Ciaran (Long Island)

Hey Ohm, how many more years does the O-line have left? They've been a pillar for years, but time and injuries are catching up quick. Emphasis on an O-lineman in the draft?

  (1:06 PM)

C... I think they will look at OL in the draft. I think Kiper had them taking Pouncey's brother in his first mock draft. O'Hara, Seubert and Koets are all coming off surgeries now. I do think O'Hara and Seubert and Koets will all return and be fine but you just never know and have to cover yourself, especially with a lockout looming. Snee is in his prime, McKenzie had a great year but is getting up there in age. Diehl could play both guard or tackle and Andrews could be the left tackle but will his back hold up? Beatty still needs to improve some and they got Petrus there but another young guy will help. They had depth and they can use more young talent there.

Mark (CT)

Are you suprised the Giants have not made any changes to their coaching staff? Especially the ST and QB coach?

  (1:08 PM)

Mark... not really. Coughlin doesn't like to make changes to his staff that much. And considering that they won 10 games and Coughlin was adamant about how that was an accomplishment, I have a feeling he thinks a few things need to be tweaked. Sure, Sullivan and Quinn need to get more out of their players for sure. As Eli said, Sullivan needs to adjust more to viewing things from a QB perspective after coaching the WRs for six years. But Eli is the one throwing all the picks.

brandon (nj)

do you think plaxico burress is come back and play with the giants next year?

  (1:09 PM)

B, answered this earlier... Plax will come back. As for with the Giants... I see a slim chance (see below).

Joe (NJ)

Was leadership the Giants biggest problem last year? If not how can you explain the end of the eagles game and the packer game?

  (1:12 PM)

Joe... I don't think it was leadership. I think it was more talent. Vick was better than everybody else on the field. And as for the Packers game, they ran into a team that won the Super Bowl at its hottest. I don't think that had anything to do with leadership. Now, if you want to talk about coaching... Coughlin should have sent the hands team out there in the Eagles game. But I don't think Eli, Tuck and Blackburn weren't trying any less or leading any less. I think you could have had a fiery leader out there and Vick and Rodgers still would have dominated. Now, if the hands team is out there and Dodge doesn't punt it to DeSean, who knows? The Packers game? They just got steamrolled.

Jared (MD)

Hey, off topic Knicks question regarding Melo which I dont know why no one else is talking about this. When the Knicks were recruiting Lebron it was reported they hired a marketing firm which they reported show Lebron how he would make 1 billion dollars over the course of his career as a Knick. There is all this talk about Melo worried about losing the guaranteed money he has with the extension. If I am Melo I am thinking if I can get 10% of Lebron would have gotten in endorsements from playing in NYC that would more than cover the potential financial lose from not gettting that extension. Why is no one bringing this up. Sorry about the non-Giants question. thanks

  (1:16 PM)

J... those types of financial stories come up in the offseason when reporters have time to do that kind of reporting. I don't think the Knicks are going to come up with that kind of research in the middle of a season for a guy who is currently under contract with another team. The time for that is when the season is over and Melo is a free agent. The Knicks can do all the ocnvincing they want but unless the Nuggets trade him, there is nothing they can do. Bottom line, I think if Melo isn't traded, he will still strongly consider the Knicks. His wife probably wants to be here and I do think he can make up some money in endorsements. But he's not LeBron. LeBron would have commanded more endorsement money. But after seeing LeBron and Bosh make the move to Miami, I can see Melo joining forces with Amare. We just got to wait and see if the Nuggets trade him. If I am a Knicks fan, I don't mind it one bit if he doesn't get traded, that way you can get him in the offseason without giving up as much.

Jeremy (Rockland)

Let's say a new CBA is agreed to, wouldn't an ideal solution to the Giants D be to sign Nnamdi Asomugha? He, like Revis takes away half the field allowing the rest of the secondary and LB's to help in the middle and the other side, which would allow the D-Line to focus solely on the run and sacks... thoughts???

  (1:18 PM)

J... of course. No argument here. I think the Giants should make a hard push for Nnamdi and I am sure they are looking into it. But they aren't going to break the bank for him either. I am not sure if the Giants are going to be the highest bidder and give Revis-type money for Asomugha, who will command serious money. But Nnamdi would be my number one target in free agency if it is possible.

Gary Constable (Rochester, NY)

Any chance the Giants might try to sign Leon Washington or bring back Derrick ward?

  (1:19 PM)

I am not sure what Leon's contract status is... but they need a Leon-type for sure. As for D-Ward, they had a chance to bring him back last season after he got released by Tampa and chose not to.

Devon (Washington DC)

Do you think the Giants will make a splash in free agency or are they done after the past two offseason spending sprees?

  (1:20 PM)

D... good question. I'd love to see them get into the Nnamdi sweepstakes. But that will cost them a good chunk of change. After spending a ton on Rolle, I wonder how much they'd be willing to go for Nnamdi. But I would love to see it. Nnamdi and Webster and TT would be a very nice trio.

Joe (NJ)

What type of year can we expect from Manning? I know some of the picks were not his fault, but we paid him $100 million for goodness sake.

  (1:21 PM)

I think you will see Eli come close again to similar numbers as far as TDs and yards but less INTs... maybe 10 fewer INTs.

Andi (workin')

someone told me the other day in reference to Mike Sullivan that Tom Brady would not take well to having a WR coach, coach him...I thought it was funny b/c NE's QB coach used to coach the WRs....Giants fans are really smart and intelligent but sometimes can read too much into something....Sullivan should really not be coming under fire right now....

  (1:22 PM)

I'll let you preach. LOL.

beef (NJ)

Ohm, I think we have to bring Plax back because he brings so much more to the table then just catching the ball, he will make our running game better and if teams decide to not double team bc he has been out of the game a while, but if they do then Smith or Nicks will be in Man coverage at some point. I just think they have to bring him back, what are your thoughts?

  (1:23 PM)

Beef... it's my personal opinion that I think Plax will help more than hurt. But I understand why they would not do it if that were the decision. Plax wasn't always as committed during the week considering how he was fined for coming late to meetings and what not. But on game day, he played and did so through injuries as well.

Jim (W 16th street)

I think the GMEN need to improve their secondary. Even though they pay Antrel Rolle more gold than King Midas himself had, he isn't really that good. Getting beat by good tight ends like Dallas Clark and Brent Celek is one thing, but its a completely different story when he is chasing them from 5 yard back. Secondly Corey Webster could not cover anything last season. If the Giants had a shutdown corner like the Jets their defense would be frightening. Do we have enough money to sign Asomugha?

  (1:26 PM)

I answered this earlier but thought I'd give you your time to vent. LOL. I don't know about the Webster thing. He was solid. And Rolle didn't get punished by tight ends all the time. He blew the Jordi Nelson coverage. As for Clark... that 50-yd TD I believe was on Michael Johnson, if I recall correctly. Can't remember for sure without going back and looking at it. And Celek... remember, on that long TD, Tuck was back in coverage on that one and Phillips missed the tackle. But Rolle does have a huge contract to live up to. Bottom line, Nnamdi would be great. Not sure if Giants will pay up for him.

Brian (New Hyde Park)

they have such potential, but just are never consistent. and i think that falls on the LB's and CB's. Boley is their best LB and thats not good, and Thomas is showing that he is best equipped at slot CB. what are they gonna do?!?

  (1:27 PM)

B... they need to get another LB. Unless they get a Nnamdi, I don't think they will start somebody over TT. But I do think if they had Nnamdi, TT would be terrific as the third CB.

Nic (NY,NY)

Few things: 1. The balls that went off of his receivers hands were 100% on the wideouts. Take those away and Eli has a career year, possibly an MVP year. 63% completion percentage, 4k yards and 31 tds to let's say 18 picks (and that's being generous to the split ends because they were absolutely responsible for more than 7 picks). Granted, Eli did force some throws, but when all of your receivers are injured that's gonna come with the territory. People give #10 too much junk and not enough credit. 2. Imagine the ovation Plaxico would get if he came back. There are ZERO negatives here. Before he went down, we were 31-10 with a ring since he got to New York headed for a repeat. After? A terrible exit in the first round and 2 awful seasons. Bring him back, and New York explodes. Thoughts?

  (1:30 PM)

Nic... I can't say that the balls that went off the receivers hands were 100 percent their fault. I remember a few times when Eli threw a ball slightly behind them or slightly too high. Should they have still caught them? Yeah, probably. But they weren't perfectly thrown balls by any measure. So since that was the case, Eli was just as much to blame on a few of those tipped balls as the receivers. As for Plax... I said it earlier but not sure if ownership and Coughlin would want to go down that path again since Plax was a bit of a distraction at times when he was here, reportedly coming late to meetings and what not. But on the field, I think he would help more than hurt.

Andrew (Ann Arbor)


  (1:31 PM)

Panic button was pushed over a week ago after they lost to Michigan. They've got serious issues and no Korie Lucious, no Chris Allen and I can't believe I am saying it, no Raymar Morgan has hurt them. March is going to be very depressing for me if they don't get in.

  (1:32 PM)

Alright guys, I gotta run. Check the Giants blog, I will see if I can answer some of these questions I didn't get to in the blog this week or next. Cool? Thanks for joining in and sorry if I didn't get to your question. Hit me up next week on the chat! Thanks again!