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April 26, 1:00 PM ET
ESPN Mobile: NFL Draft

Josh Barbarotta
  (12:55 PM)

What's up everybody? We'll be kicking off our NFL Draft chat as part of the "Tuesday's With Mobile" series in about 5 minutes. Tons of questions streaming in. We have a lot to discuss.

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:00 PM)

...let's light this candle.

Rock hill sc [via mobile]

Where will cam newton go

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:02 PM)

One of roughly 4,762 Cam Newton related questions. Truthfully, I'd be a bit surprised to see him go to Carolina with the top overall pick. The Panthers drafted Clausen in the 2nd round last year and have huge needs along the defensive front seven. I'm no GM but it seems to make more sense to me to draft Dareus and see which QB is available later.

Harris, Ontario [via mobile]

How many QBs do you think should be taken in the 1st round?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:05 PM)

How many SHOULD be taken? I'll say 2 (Gabbert, Newton) MAYBE 3 if you can convince me that Jake Locker's senior season was a fluke and he's actually ready to take over an NFL team. All this talk of 5 or 6 QBs going in the first round is a bit overblown in my opinion.

mikie kanode princeton wv [via mobile]

who do you think oakland will draft in there first pick?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:08 PM)

The Raiders don't have a 1st round pick after trading it to the Patriots as part of the Richard Seymour deal. Barring a trade (always possible) Al Davis' first crack at the 2011 NFL Draft comes with the 16th pick in the 2nd round (48th overall). Wouldn't shock me to see them draft someone like Nevada LB Dontay Moch, a guy with speed for days who created a ton of buzz at the Combine with a 40 in the sub-4.4 range.

josh, Mississippi [via mobile]

If Mark Ingram is still on the board when New Orleans picks in the first round, do you take him or fill your needs with a pass rusher? Can you pass on that kind of talent?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:11 PM)

If Ingram is still around for the Saints at no. 24, they'll probably be doing backflips in the French Quarter. True, New Orleans has a need for a pass rusher but Ingram would fill an even greater need by strengthening a thin offensive backfield and provided some relief for Drew Brees and that downfield passing attack.

Pat NY [via mobile]

This draft is stacked with D-line talent, but that might be the deepest unit on the Ravens' D. With Ozzie's "best on the board" philosophy, where do you see them going with the first round pick?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:14 PM)

Your boy Ozzie hasn't used too many draft picks on cornerbacks in the past decade and it's been showing on the field. Ed Reed may be the best safety in the game but he can't cover everyone. Colorado CB Jimmy Smith or Texas CB Aaron Williams make a ton of sense for the Ravens in the bottom part of the 1st round.

Heather ( CT) [via mobile]

Will the Dallas Cowboys pick Mike Pouncey or Prince Amukamara?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:17 PM)

The Cowboys have huge holes to fill in both the defensive secondary and along the offensive line. 9th overall may be a bit too high to reach for Pouncey but his recent tweet suggests at least he believes he'll be lining up in Big D in 2011. I say take Amukamara and give Terence Newman a little help in what was one of the NFL's worst pass defenses last year.

Patrick Peterson, LSU [via mobile]

Why do peeps have me dropping to the 7th pick? I'm Patrick Peterson!!

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:19 PM)

Man...good question. In a draft with no clear top pick, I'd think you're at least the easy choice as the top athlete in this class. No way you should drop further than 6th to the Browns and even that would have to be considered a steal.

Marcus T. [via mobile]

Who is the 3rd best WR in this draft class after Jones/Green?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:22 PM)

Definitely a hot debate topic in recent weeks. You're looking at names like Jon Baldwin from Pitt, Maryland's Torrey Smith, Kentucky's Randall Cobb, Leonard Hankerson from The U, the list goes on. In my opinion, I'll say Baldwin with Hankerson not far behind. While not showing top-end speed at the Combine, Baldwin is a freakish athlete with good hands and great size.

Dennis wichita ks [via mobile]

What about ryan mallet to cincinnati in the second round and aj green in the first

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:23 PM)

Probably a best-case scenario for the Bengals. Definitely possible.

Anthony P. Greenwich [via mobile]

Do you see another RB being taken in the first round other than Ingram?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:26 PM)

Probably not. Thin running back class this year not to mention the recent success of lower drafted and undrafted RBs in the league. Guys like Arian Foster, Peyton Hillis, Ryan Torain and Ahmad Bradshaw. If anyone could sneak into the 1st round, its Mikel LeShoure from Illinois. But he's more likely to go in the 2nd round.

Rachel Joy, NYC [via mobile]

If you were the Patriots, who would you take with your two first-round draft picks?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:30 PM)

I fully believe Belichick will take a shot on Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers. Here's a guy who was at one time the top rated prospect in this year's class until injury concerns started to push his name further and further down the draft board. Remember, the Pats took a shot on an injured Brandon Tate 2 years ago and that seems to be working out well. With their second pick, I'll guess the Patriots take an offensive tackle to replace Matt Light and protect Tom Brady's blindside. Someone like Nate Solder, Gabe Carimi or Anthony Castonzo.

J.G (Tucson AZ) [via mobile]

Do you think the bucs would try and trade up for Kerrigan ?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:32 PM)

Really no reason why they should have to trade up to get him. If the Bucs are looking for a DE, there are plenty available and Kerrigan should probably still be around when Tampa Bay picks at no. 20.

Pep [via mobile]

If both green and jones are gone when the rams pick who should they take with the 14th pick

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:36 PM)

Great question. Perhaps no team has a greater need at any one position than the Rams at WR. With really only 2 surefire 1st-rounders, you'd think Billy Devaney would try to trade up at almost any cost. Both prospects are expected to be off the board in the first 6-8 picks so trading up that many spots may be too much to ask. If the Rams stand pat at no. 14, I'll guess they'll look to help out the defense with a guy like Aldon Smith or Corey Liuget.

Dt. (Ft Laud, FL) [via mobile]

Who do you see the NY Jets selecting in the first round?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:38 PM)

Rex's Jets need some help in the defensive front seven. At the 30th pick, a guy like Baylor's Phil Taylor is a prototypical stop gap in the middle of the DL just like Kris Jenkins used to be. If he's gone, someone like Ohio State's Cam Heyward would be an ideal addition to Gang Green.

craig richert illinois [via mobile]

Im not hearing much about Kyle Rudolph and being the top TE not sure why... great fit with Atlanta with Gonzalez in his possible final year what do you think?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:43 PM)

With respect to Lance Kendricks and DJ Williams, there's no doubt Kyle Rudolph is the top TE prospect in this year's class. At a shade over 6'6" and 260 lbs, Rudolph has a chance to be an immediate starter at the next level provided his reconstructed knee is healthy. A team like Atlanta makes a lot of sense for sure but don't be so quick to push Tony Gonzalez out the door. Dude's got 153 receptions and 12 TDs his last 2 seasons.

Zach (baton rouge) [via mobile]

Who do you think Packers will draft to help them make another run at the Super Bowl?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:47 PM)

The Packers' lack of depth in the defensive secondary and along the offensive line was exposed during their run to the Super Bowl title. GM Ted Thompson has always been known as someone who takes the best player available and with the last pick in the first round, his options will be plenty. UCLA S Rahim Moore, Baylor G Danny Watkins, Mississippi State T Derek Sherrod and Texas CB Aaron Williams should all get some consideration here.

Brandon, Detroit MI [via mobile]

Who will the Lions take in the first round?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:51 PM)

Believe it or not, I think what the Cowboys do at no. 9 will directly impact the Lions pick at no. 13. If Dallas drafts an offensive lineman (Tyron Smith, Pouncey) then the Lions could find themselves staring Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara in the face. If Dallas grabs Prince, the Lions may have their choice of offensive linemen. That being said, I'm sure Lions' fans are salivating over the prospect of Da'Quan Bowers sliding to them and creating a d-line tandem with Ndamukong Suh. That'd be pretty sick.

Jarrod, c-bus ohio [via mobile]

If AJ green is off the board for the browns, what do you think they do? Draft best possible? Trade down?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:52 PM)

Well, if Green is gone and Julio Jones is still there...the choice is pretty easy for Cleveland. If both are gone, defense or trading down become their best options.

Steve Golden, CO [via mobile]

What are the odds Marvin Austin is available for my Broncos with their early 2nd-rounder? That way they'd be able to commit to their "best available" strategy and draft Patrick Peterson 2nd and still get D-Line help. Actually, please don't post this question. It makes too much sense.

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:53 PM)

I completely agree with you. Especially with a guy like Austin who may have been a top-10 pick had he you know...played this season. Champ or no Champ, I think Denver has to take Peterson if Carolina doesn't first.

Tim (austin, texas) [via mobile]

Who do you think the redskins trade the tenth pick to in order to pick up some extra picks....and do you think theres a chance with the lockout being lifted they would be able to unload albert and donovan for some extra picks?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:56 PM)

The Redskins are always a wildcard. It wouldn't surprise me if they drafted Cam Newton, JJ Watt, Nick Fairley, Muhammad Wilkerson or anyone else on the board. While trading McNabb is a distinct possibilty, I can't imagine any team would make an offer for Haynesworth at this point.

Bob (Minneapolis, Mn) [via mobile]

Will the Vikings use their 1st round choice on a defensive player, thus confirming Joe Webb is longterm QB answer?

Josh Barbarotta
  (1:59 PM)

I don't think taking a defensive player automatically means the Vikings believe Joe Webb is their long term QB. Yes, I do think Minnesota goes defense in the first round (Watt, Quinn, Liuget, Aldon Smith, Wilkerson, etc.) and I think they can still grab a suitable QB to groom with the 11th pick in the 2nd round (43 overall). Someone like Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder, Ryan Mallett or Ricky Stanzi.

micaiah:cedar hill texas [via mobile]

who will the eagles most likely draft or will they trade out

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:00 PM)

Lots of Kevin Kolb rumors out there, maybe they trade up. If not, I think they'll closely monitor Colorado CB Jimmy Smith. If he goes before they pick, they'll probably look to trade down. Just a guess.

Von Miller (College Station) [via mobile]

Will the Bills draft me? I really don't wanna go to Buffalo. Where do you think I'll end up?

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:03 PM)

Why not? You'd be the 3rd overall pick and the Bills' first defensive star since the great Bruce Smith. Sorry Aaron Maybin.

Blake Union, South Carolina [via mobile]

With the 15th over all pick, what do the Miami Dolphins do? Continue to draft and flirt with qb's or pick up a solid runner in mark ingrim? Or take a trade and move back?

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:04 PM)

If Ingram is there, I think it makes sense for Miami to go that route. Ricky Williams isn't getting younger and Ronnie Brown really hasn't been that effective in a couple years. I believe Chad Henne is a fine young NFL QB who would benefit greatly from some real help in the running game.

Traveon Compton California [via mobile]

Do you think colin kaepernick could be a good fit for the titans

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:07 PM)

Yeah, I do. I actually love Kapernick as an NFL prospect. Dude has great size (6'5", 235 lbs), a rocket arm, outstanding mobility and has shown fantastic decision making skills while at Nevada. Is he a first or second rounder? Probably not, but he's the kind of guy a team could draft in the middle rounds and really develop into an effective NFL starter over the course of 2 or 3 years.

Adam O Cincinnati [via mobile]

Cincinnati takes aj green. Would andy dalton still be there for round two and would he be a good fit here?

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:09 PM)

I think Dalton is a 2nd round prospect but that's just my opinion. All this talk of guys like Dalton, Ponder and Mallett going in the first round is a bit ridiculous to me. These guys don't possess first round grades and teams would really be compromising the rest of their drafts in order to reach for them that early. That being said, if Dalton is there for the Bengals with the 35th overall selection, it makes sense.

GPD, New Mexico [via mobile]

Do you think Dallas should take an OT at the 9 pick?

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:11 PM)

Do I think they should take an OT at no. 9? No. No I certainly do not. I'm not a firm believer in Tyron Smith as an elite offensive tackle prospect and if you're drafting 9th overall, that better be what you're getting. The Cowboys would be better served taking Prince Amukamara, J.J. Watt or possibly trading up to get Patrick Peterson if he slips to no. 7.

dan (ct) [via mobile]

Who do the 49ers take with their first pick? Is it possible they could trade for a qb with the lockout lifted?

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:13 PM)

It's possible they could trade for a QB but we'll find out more about draft pick trading for certain at 10am ET tomorrow when the judge makes her decision. The 49ers should stay where they are for the time being and snag Patrick Peterson if he falls that far. Nick Fairley would be a great option for them there as well. They can get a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Byron (Houston,TEXAS) [via mobile]

With Wade Phillips as new DC in houston rebuildin their defense, whats the best draft pick for the Texans??

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:15 PM)

The Texans have a ton of good young defensive players already (Williams, Okoye, Cushing, Ryans, Jackson, etc.) but I expect that's the direction they'll go to in the 1st round. Someone like J.J. Watt from Wisconsin or even better Robert Quinn from North Carolina would help Wade out right away.

phillip atlanta [via mobile]

Is it a must that cleveland draft a wide out in the first round to help colt mccoy out

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:17 PM)

If Julio Jones is there when the Browns are on the clock at no. 6, then I think they have to take him. BUT, it wouldn't surprise me if they think they can snag one of those 2nd tier WRs in the 2nd or 3rd round (Hankerson, Cobb, Torrey Smith, etc.) and take a Peterson or a Fairley in the 1st round.

Chris (Puyallup, WA) [via mobile]

Jake Locker where will he land?

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:19 PM)

I've literally seen Locker going anywhere from 8th to the Titans to the 3rd or 4th round. I can't remember another player who has been projected in so many different rounds since...well, Tim Tebow last year. I'd guess lots of Seahawks fans would be upset to see their team pass on Locker with the 25th overall pick.

Paul (Tampa, FL) [via mobile]

Everyone hears about the first round talent at DE, but what abount 2nd round DEs with value?

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:23 PM)

OK, everyone knows the names Quinn, Bowers, Watt, Wilkerson, Jordan, Kerrigan, etc. But guys like Allen Bailey (Miami, FL), Sam Acho (Texas), Jabaal Sheard (Pittsburgh) and Jeremy Beal (Oklahoma) could really provide some great value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Josh Barbarotta
  (2:24 PM)

Thanks for the questions everyone, I'll be back in a bit. Here's John Pezz...

John Pez
  (2:27 PM)

Thanks Josh, let's keep it rolling.

Jose R. (Washington) [via mobile]

Who will the Houston Texans draft in the 1st round and why?

John Pez
  (2:30 PM)

Well, Jose with Wade Phillips now in as the defensive coordinator and with a secondary that gave up 33 TD passes (OUCH!) this team can't afford not to go for a cornerback or a pass-rushing end. They hope Amukamara is there with the 11th pick and would have to trade up for CB Patrick Peterson

Brad " Top Dawg" Self [via mobile]

Who do you think the Browns should draft if Peterson, Green,and Quinn are there?

John Pez
  (2:32 PM)

Top Dawg, yeh, I'm going to say since they used a first-round pick on CB Joe Haden last year to go with WR A.J. Green this time to give QB Colt McCoy a much-needed playmaker.

Jack (philly pa) [via mobile]

How far do you think marcell dareus will fall ? Any chance the eagles would or could get him at 23?

John Pez
  (2:35 PM)

I think you meant to say Da'Quan Bowers due to his knee issues instead of Dareus, because Dareus will definitely be among the top 2 or 3 picks. So if you meant Bowers, I can see him falling to where the Lions pick at 13 and maybe even all the way to the Pats at 17

Jack (philly pa) [via mobile]

Who does the eagles take with the 23rd pick ? Do they trade up or down ?

John Pez
  (2:36 PM)

Jack again, either a CB or an OL. So Jimmy Smith is a possibility as is Gabe Carimi or Nate Solder

John, Austin [via mobile]

I keep hearing that the Texans want to move up. What will they have to give up to get into the top 5-7 picks and are those teams williing to move out?

John Pez
  (2:38 PM)

John, if the Texans are determined to move up and get Patrick Peterson, then ascending to San Fran's 7th spot for a 2nd or 3rd round pick is a possibility

eric(indy) [via mobile]

If the Colts don't go OL in the 1st round, who do you see then going after?

John Pez
  (2:42 PM)

Eric, the Colts probably should have taken T-G Rodger Saffold with their first-round pick last year instead of DE Jerry Hughes. This time, I think it will definitely be an offensive linemen (Castonzo, Carimi or Solder). Team was 25th in run defense so Marvin Austin or Muhammad Wilkerson would have to be considered if they don't go for the O-linemen

Lovie smith, Chicago [via mobile]

Do you think Anthony Castonzo will fall all the way down to our first round draft pick so we could snag him? If not, where will he go ?

John Pez
  (2:44 PM)

Lovie, no, sorry I don't think it's possible. Offensive line coach Mike Tice would love Castonzo, but will probably have to settle for maybe Mississippi State T Derek Sherrod or Baylor G Danny Watkins with the 29th pick. Castonzo will probably get picked anywahere between 13 and 20.

Andrew L [via mobile]

What are the Lions going to do with their first and second?

John Pez
  (2:49 PM)

Andrew, if Da'Quan Bowers slips the temptation will be there to put him on a line with Suh. But they could go for Tyron Smith, Anthony Castonzo or Mike Pouncey to help protect Stafford. 2nd round could be for a cornerback-safety with the possibility of UCLA S Rahim Moore or Texas CB-S Aaron Williams being available.

Billy ( phoenix az ) [via mobile]

Any chance the cardnials trade for kolb if the league opens and would they have to give up the 5th pick ?

John Pez
  (2:52 PM)

Billy, a no on giving up the 5th overall pick for Kolb. That's too high. Treat this like when Matt Schaub got traded for a pair of 2nd-round picks. But do not expect any trade activity involving players before this draft.

Al from NJ [via mobile]

Do the Giants go for Pouncey in the 1st Rd or a Lb?

John Pez
  (2:55 PM)

If the Giants stay true to their Boston College-Tom Coughlin connection (past picks like Mathias Kiwanuka and Chris Snee from BC), then look for them to go with T Anthony Castonzo

keenan(daytona beach, fl [via mobile]

Who should the Vikings take with there 1st round pick

John Pez
  (2:58 PM)

Keenan, it will be interesting if Blaine Gabbert were available if the Vikings would take him. But the belief is they will sign Donovan McNabb after he is probably released by Washington. Could go for QB Andy Dalton in the 2nd round. Maybe looking at a bookend with Jared Allen, making Robert Quinn a possibility with the 12th pick.

brandyn [via mobile]

Do you think the Titans would take green if he is still available?

John Pez
  (3:00 PM)

Brandyn, I'm going to say no. I think new coach Mike Munchaf prefers an in the trenches offensive or defensive linemen with the 8th overall pick. Nick Fairley is the likely pick if available.

fredo torrance ,ca [via mobile]

Who will the chargers select in the first round ?

John Pez
  (3:05 PM)

I think they are looking for a dominant defensive linemen to play in front of linebackers Shaun Phillips, Kevin Burnett, Larry English. At 18, could have a choice between Cal's Cameron Jordan and Wisconsin's J.J. Watt.

rich(west haverstraw ny) [via mobile]

im totally thinking o line with the cowboys draft is usc's smith the best option?

John Pez
  (3:08 PM)

Rich, either cornerback or offensive tackle. Now it all depends on the team's free agent pursuit of Nnamdi Asomugha if and when free agenct starts.So then Tyron Smith or Anthony Castonzo would probably be the best pick here. Jerry Jones says team is willing to trade down, could still end up with an OL like Nate Solder, Derek Sherrod or Gabe Carimi and add a second-round pick

brett eureka wisconsin [via mobile]

Where will jj watt go.

John Pez
  (3:12 PM)

Brett, you probably loved watching J.J. Watt play in Madison. I think the Jaguars at 16, the Pats at 17 or the Chargers at 18 are Watt's possible destinations.

Bill - Indiana [via mobile]

Don't the browns take brooks reed at de in the 2nd round or at least a pass rusher?

John Pez
  (3:14 PM)

Bill, I have to believe with new coordinator Dick Jauron likely shifting to a 4-3 scheme more athletic ends are needed for a team with just 29 sacks last year. So yes, Brooks Reed or Cameron Heyward is a possibility in the 2nd round.

Bitz Monroe Michigan [via mobile]

If Peterson is not there when the Niners pick who would they take? And do you think Gabbert would fit well here?

John Pez
  (3:16 PM)

If Peterson is not there, I think the Niners go to Prince Amukamara. QB Andy Dalton in the 2nd round is a possibility.

Will (High Point, NC) [via mobile]

Everybody is saying the Panthers will take Cam Newton, what are the Panthers other options?

John Pez
  (3:19 PM)

Well the other options for new coach Ron Rivera (defensive coordinator background) is to take Marcell Dareus, Von Miller or Patrick Peterson.All three of those guys are probably future Pro Bowlers. The problem for the Panthers is they don't have a 2nd-round pick. So that eliminates the chance of drafting a Mallett, Locker or Dalton in the 2nd round.

Brandon(Spokane WA [via mobile]

If the Titans pass on Jake Locker at 8 do you think they will draft a qb later in the draft or will they rely on free agency?

John Pez
  (3:22 PM)

Brandon, I think with the 39th overall pick the Titans could take Andy Dalton or Ryan Mallett. Later in the draft, Nevada's Colin Kaepernick is another possibility.

Garrett (Cumming, GA) [via mobile]

Who do you think the Chiefs will pick? Is trading up for Julio Jones a possibility?

John Pez
  (3:26 PM)

Garrett, Scott Pioli doesn't have enough picks to trade up for a Julio Jones or A.J. Green. He will probably go for Gabe Carimi, Mike Pouncey, J.J. Watt or Ryan Kerrigan in the first round. Look for Pioli to take a wide receiver (Baldwin, Jernigan, Hankerson) in the 2nd round.

moneymont716 [via mobile]

other than miller. whats the bills best scenario?

John Pez
  (3:27 PM)

Money, it's got to be Miller, Dareus or Peterson. You can't go wrong getting one of those guys with the No. 3 overall pick.

Donnie (Florida) [via mobile]

Do the Redskins pick a QB or WR with their 1st pick?

John Pez
  (3:31 PM)

Donnie, Mike Shanahan is holding his cards close to the vest. If he loves a QB at 10, no one knowsfor sure. Blaine Gabbert at No. 10 or Andy Dalton in the 2nd round are possibilities. They should take A.J. Green or Julio Jones if either is available at No. 10, but that's not expected to be the case. OK, Josh Barbarotta, has returned to take you through the 4th quarter.

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:34 PM)

Thanks Pez

Steve Indianapolis, IN [via mobile]

Do the Patriots take Mark Ingram with the 17th pick? I think they can get OL and a pass rusher later.

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:35 PM)

If the Dolphins pass on Ingram with the 15th pick, I could certainly see the Patriots taking the opportunity to improve their ground game by taking the former Heisman winner. Certainly agree they can address OL and pass rusher later. They definitely have enough picks to do so...

AL (San Francisco, Ca) [via mobile]

Who do the 49ers have their eye on with their 1st pick? Please say a QB!!!

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:39 PM)

Sorry Al. I'd be fairly shocked if the 49ers drafted a QB in the first round. There's no reason to believe they are focused in that direction this offseason and even if they were, there are plenty of other options through trade (McNabb, Kolb), free agency or later in the draft. I'd guess the 9ers are looking to improve the defense this year after using last year's top 2 picks to address the offensive line (Mike Iupati, Anthony Davis).

Aaron (Denver) [via mobile]

With Woodson not getting any younger do you think the packers draft a cb with their 32 pick?

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:41 PM)

Yeah, sort of. It may not be a CB but I definitely think the Packers will look long and hard at improving their defensive secondary depth at the bottom of the first round. UCLA's Rahim Moore, Texas' Aaron Williams or Miami's Brandon Harris should be available.

eagles fan 10 [via mobile]

should the eagles take jimmy smith in the first round?

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:42 PM)

If he's there. Yes.

Dan, Pensacola [via mobile]

Do you see the "Draft Pick/Trade Happy" Cowboys trading up, to grap either LSU's Peterson or AJ Green?

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:44 PM)

A.J. Green? No. Not after trading up to draft Dez Bryant last year. But trading up to draft Patrick Peterson is an intriguing scenario for the Cowboys. If Jerry Jones sees Peterson falling to no. 7 or 8 in the first round, there's no telling what he'd be willing to trade to acquire the LSU speedster. He jumped at the same scenario last year that led to the drafting of Bryant.

Garrett (Cumming, GA) [via mobile]

With defensive ends being the most depth in the draft and John Abraham getting old, do the Falcons have to take a defensive end? Or should they get another receiver that can help out Roddy White?

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:47 PM)

My opinion, but I think the Falcons could use another weapon on offensive first and foremost. Ideally, that'd be someone to line up opposite Roddy White but it may be a bit of a reach with the 27th pick in the 1st round. But you're right, if it's not WR (TE Kyle Rudolph is an option as well) then maybe they look at Cam Heyward or Justin Houston off the edge.

darnell(phx, az) [via mobile]

If u were the bills... and cam newton was still on the board... would u take him wit ur first round pick or would u look to spruce up ur defense???

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:49 PM)

If I'm Buffalo, I'm not drafting Newton. The Bills have far too many needs on both sides of the ball to take a huge risk by drafting a project like Newton who will require time to adjust to the pro game. I'd be looking at filling a more immediate need like LB (Von Miller) or CB (Peterson).

J centerville texas [via mobile]

What round does demarco Murray go I think he will go round two

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:51 PM)

Murray is a very enticing prospect and is at the top of the 2nd tier or tailbacks who should begin to come off the board mid-way through the 2nd round. Other guys in that group are Kendall Hunter, Jordan Todman, Daniel Thomas and Shane Vereen.

Jwhite Akron [via mobile]

Who do you see Jacksonville taking in the first round?

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:53 PM)

Yikes...who knows with that team. Did anyone see them drafting Tyson Alualu with the 10th overall pick a year ago? I'll take a wild guess and say they continue to address their pass rush needs by drafting Alualu's former Cal teammate, Cameron Jordan, in the first round.

Joe.....Franklin MA [via mobile]

Any chance Rams trade up to snag J. Jones?

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:55 PM)

Yeah, I'd guess there's a great chance of that happening. Tons of reports have the Rams loving them some Julio and you can rest assured he will NOT be available with the 14th pick in the 1st round. Whether or not it's Jones, the Rams absolutely must come out of this draft with some more options for Bradford in the passing game.

Dt. (Ft Laud, FL) [via mobile]

Josh, what are your thoughts on Allen Bailey and where do you see him going?

Josh Barbarotta
  (3:58 PM)

The one knock on Bailey is that he's always looked the part but been unable to transfer it to the field. It's a DEEP defensive line/edge rusher draft and Bailey is not in the top 8-10 prospects at the position but he could provide good value and even better upside to a team who decides to wait on the first run of DE's. I'll guess 3rd-4th round.

jake pittsfield ma [via mobile]

Josh do you see the pats snagging either kerrigan or watt at the number 17th spot?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:01 PM)

Thanks for checking in Jake. I personally think Ryan Kerrigan would be a bit of a reach at no. 17 despite him fitting the mold of a Belichick-type player. If J.J. Watt is available that late into the 1st round, I'd say there's almost no way the Patriots pass on him. It's more likely Watt will be gone by then. I'll stand by my original guess that New England will take a shot at Da'Quan Bowers if his injury concerns are enough for teams to push him that far down the board.

Blaine Gabbert [via mobile]

I've been trying to shop for a house and I don't know if cincinnati will reach for me at 4 Arizona at 5 or falling to the 49ers at 7

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:02 PM)

My advice to you Blaine would be to wait 3 more days.

Rod (CT) [via mobile]

I haven't been following the NFL that much this offseason. Who do you think my Giants will draft?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:04 PM)

The Giants need help at LB and offensive line. It's not looking like there will be a linebacker worthy of the 19th pick (maybe Akeem Ayers or Justin Houston) but there should be plenty of O-line options. Castonzo, Carimi, Solder and Pouncey could all be in play for the G-Men.

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:07 PM)

Due to popular demand and the INSANE amount of questions you guys are sending in, we are extending the chat 15 mins.

Harbaugh (SAN FRAN) [via mobile]

What would be the ultimate scenario for my first and second round picks?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:08 PM)

Peterson and Mallett.

blaze phx arizona [via mobile]

Any chance of the cardinals taking newton at 5?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:10 PM)

I'd say no. Remember what happened with Tebow last year. Tons of buzz turned into teams trying to trade up to get him in fear that they'd miss out if they stood pat. I think the same thing will happen this year with Cam. If Carolina passes, I think you'll see someone trade up to Buffalo's spot at no. 3 to draft the former Heisman winner...or Buffalo could always just take him themselves.

Todd Wynn - Ohio [via mobile]

Will the Steelers end up with a second Pouncey on their OL?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:12 PM)

They'll need to trade up quite a bit. Unlikely to happen.

Nick cocoa Florida [via mobile]

My dolphins have the 15th pick and need a qb is there any chance they could get someone like gabbert or newton

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:13 PM)

I may be in the minority, but I don't think the need for a QB is quite as dire in Miami. Mark Ingram would be an ideal fit for the Dolphins or a rusher off the edge like Adrian Clayborn.

Tommy Boston MA [via mobile]

Any chance the Patriots will trade up for Robert Quinn?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:16 PM)

I could see that happening. With 2 picks in the first 3 rounds, the Pats are better positioned to trade up than anyone else in the draft. A player like Quinn makes a lot of sense for New England if they can get up into the 6-8 range.

John Fox [via mobile]

What do I do with my first and second round picks?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:17 PM)

If you're asking me, you have bigger problems than I thought. Good luck.

Brad McMurdie ID [via mobile]

What do you think is the best and worst case scenario where Titus Young lands in the draft?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:19 PM)

Best case for Titus is 3rd round I'd guess. He didn't have great workouts and really didn't cease the opportunity to establish himself in that 2nd tier of WRs with Baldwin, Cobb and Torrey Smith. He's a dynamite wideout who was obviously very productive in college at Boise State but I don't think he comes off the board before the 3rd round.

The Champ Bailey [via mobile]

I need a cb opposite of me. Who are options in the early second round or later?

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:21 PM)

Champ, you ain't lyin'. If your team passes on Patrick Peterson with the 2nd overall pick, here are a few names they could target in the 2nd and 3rd round: Aaron Williams from Texas, Ras_i Dowling of Virginia and North Carolina's Kendric Burney.

Josh Barbarotta
  (4:24 PM)

OK guys, we're way over our allotted time for the day. Thanks to everyone who sent questions in. I'll be joined by the one and only D'Arcy Maine LIVE on Thursday at 7pm ET to chat about all the happenings in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. See you then!