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May 4, 6:30 PM ET
Chat with Skip Bayless

skip bayless
  (6:31 PM)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Skip here, ready to take any question about any and all sports subjects. Fire away.

Mike (Miami)

D-Wade vs Kobe in the finals, who wins ? Why?

skip bayless
  (6:34 PM)

Still not burying Celts just yet, Mike. Boston does have 4 injuries that must heal quickly (Pierce, Ray, Rondo, Shaq). But Celts still know how to win must-win playoff games. Miami is playing at the highest level of any playoff team, but this ain't over.But I would take Kobe over DWade.

matt M. (NJ)

How much of your strong opinions on the show are really based off of your strong feelings and how much is just for the cameras?

skip bayless
  (6:38 PM)

I get asked this a lot, but you can ask anyone I've ever worked with: NONE OF MY OPINIONS ARE JUST FOR THE SHOW. I believe what I believe to the bottom of my toes. Never, ever have I taken a stance just for the sake of debate. When you hear us agree, it's because it was a topic that had to be addressed, but that we agreed upon. Occasionally we'll opt not to do a lesser topic because we agree, but on the ones that count, you always get it straight from my heart.

skip bayless
  (6:38 PM)

I get asked this a lot, but you can ask anyone I've ever worked with: NONE OF MY OPINIONS ARE JUST FOR THE SHOW. I believe what I believe to the bottom of my toes. Never, ever have I taken a stance just for the sake of debate. When you hear us agree, it's because it was a topic that had to be addressed, but that we agreed upon. Occasionally we'll opt not to do a lesser topic because we agree, but on the ones that count, you always get it straight from my heart.

mario (boise, id)

U work too much skip. Go home! U give espn enough. Take a break brother, or u will burn yourself out.

skip bayless
  (6:40 PM)

This is wise advice that I never listen to. I just can't help myself. I love what I do TOO much. I WILL watch the Laker game to its conclusion at maybe 1:30 Eastern. And my alarm will go off at 5.

marty (vegas)

Who are your top five nba players of all time?

skip bayless
  (6:42 PM)

Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan.

Derrick Rose (Chicago)

Who is Skip Bayless?

skip bayless
  (6:45 PM)

Derrick Rose, last summer you were just another guy on a Team USA that Kevin Durant led to the World Championship. International defenders sagged off you because you couldn't shoot. The fact that you won MVP is the most astonishing single-season development I've ever witnessed. It required a perfect storm (such as LeBron joining DWade). Congrats, kid!

Mike (Boston)

Hey Skip, you said you would get to this question, so how come you didn't take credit away from DWade's performance when Rondo was out for a long period but it it to LBJ?

skip bayless
  (6:50 PM)

I didn't answer this question when Jay asked me on air today only because the producers were telling us we were short on time and to get right to the topics. But Rondo wasn't guarding DWade. Pierce WAS guarding LeBron, HAS guarded him more effectively than anyone has, DID make him quit in the Clev-Boston series just one year ago, and Pierce DID hurt his Achilles last night so badly that TNT reported he couldn't run in the hallway. When he did try to play, he obviously couldn't push off that foot and looked slower than Tim Duncan. Big advantage, LeBron.I'll say it again: Heat will go as far as DWade carries them.

Ryan (Michigan)

Do you think the Lions will really have a quick turnaround?

skip bayless
  (6:52 PM)

Yes. They lost seven close games last season, fell into the Steal of the Century in Nick Fairley. Also love Titus and Leshoure (sp?) giving them more offensive firepower. Stafford needs to stay upright and mature, but I can see a 10-win season, wild card. No, I ain't Lion.

zack (dayton)

who is your favorite football player of all time?

skip bayless
  (6:55 PM)

Was Jim Brown till Joe Namath came along. Only poster I ever put up in my room as a kid was Namath, because he dared to wear white cleats and let his hair flip out from under the back of his helmet, which was unheard of in those days. Got to know Namath at the end of his career, he let me break his retirement story and I came very close to writing a book with him, but it didn't work out.

Ralph (South Beach)

Why does the national media (yourself included) rip LBJ for everything he does, good or bad, but give D-Rose a pass given his playoff shooting percentage, turnovers, losing game 1, etc.?

skip bayless
  (7:00 PM)

As I always say, LeBron chose to wear 23, adopted MJ's powder toss, proclaimed himself King James, won 2 MVPs, then basically announced he WAS NOT the next MJ, that he couldn't do it by himself, that he was joining a better, more clutch player in Miami. So I grade LeBron by those standards. But I also have been extremely tough on DRose's 3-pt shooting, which is abominable. He continually shoots them into holes and then often digs them out by attacking the rim, getting to the line, making FTs. His shooting has improved dramatically over last year, when he was a liability, but until late in G5 vs. Indiana, he was shooting 15% from 3 and taking way too many.

zack (ohio)

Is 1st and 10 your dream job

skip bayless
  (7:01 PM)

Yes it is, Zack. I've been blessed. But my DREAM is to write a novel and I will realize that dream.

Cameron (clemson, sc)

You're always accusing your opponents of your all-time bias...I think your love of D-Wade has made you exaggerate his clutch/alpha dog status just a little, don't you think?

skip bayless
  (7:05 PM)

I've said DWade is my favorite NBA player, and I believe he has handled LeBron as masterfully as he did Shaq, when DWade kept saying, "I'm Robin." DWade loves LeBron, has deferred to him all season to try to get him comfortable with the stage they're on, even wanted him taking last shots in hopes he'd hit one and feel better about taking them in bigger playoff games. Obviously, LeBron has proven over and over he does not have DWade's clutch gene, and in the tone-setting Game 1, DWade took over in ways he hadn't all season. So, Cameron, I think I'm just hitting the nail on the head.

Hambone (Bay City, Michigan)

Skip, enjoy you on First Take. I know you're a movie-buff... How about doing a once-a-week movie review segment on the show?

Tim (Connecticut)

What was it like debating Teddy Atlas?

Joey C. (California )

Have you ever met LeBron James in real life?

skip bayless
  (7:11 PM)

If I had to be something besides a sports commentator, I would review movies. We've discussed having a segment but haven't been able to shoe-horn it in the show yet. But I'll push for it.

skip bayless
  (7:14 PM)

Teddy is a brilliant boxing analyst and I was amazed by how many of his boxing analogies worked in other-sport debates ... such as saying the Mavs are like boxers who have learned it's easier to fight than quit. As long as I don't have to box Teddy, I love taking him on.

skip bayless
  (7:17 PM)

I haven't met LeBron, but have corresponded with him. He has often told others to tell me he gets a kick out of me and considers me the Howard Cosell to his Ali. I laugh when people say I hate LeBron - I've always said he seems like a pretty nice guy. But he's also the most talented player in the game, so I will pull no punches and grade him by high standards. If that motivates him, great. I don't want to be his friend, I just want to do my job as objectively and courageously as possible.

Nathan (Norman, OK)

If you could change one rule in any sport what would it be and why?

skip bayless
  (7:19 PM)

I would eliminate field goals in football. Way too much impact on scoreboard for a nonfootball player. Insane. Just make the offensive team keep going for it on 4th down.

Brent (Green Bay)

During the Super Bowl week you said you would rather have Ben Roethlisberger over Aaron Rodgers (and rightfully so). What would you say now? And how do these two fare in your ranking of QBs?

skip bayless
  (7:21 PM)

I gave ARodg a standing ovation the next morning on 1st&10. He had been shaky the second half in Chicago, nearly losing to a 3rd stringer. And I was disappointed in Ben's final drive in the Super Bowl, which was unBenlike. ADRodg stock goes way up - but not yet above Ben's on overall body of work, obviously.

Lorrian (miami)

Why does it seem like no matter what LeBron does right, you find something negative to say about him?

skip bayless
  (7:23 PM)

During a long stretch of the season, when we did who's your MVP so far, I said LeBron several times. That changed after the AS Break, when Kobe took off. Then he hit a late-season wall and on the final day I said OK, DRose (by default).

Mike (Boston)

Who thinks of the questions for 1st and 10? Is it you and the guests or producers?

skip bayless
  (7:25 PM)

I keep a list through the evening, which I take to the meeting at 7:30. Then everyone chips in. But mainly, if the guest debator is hot for an issue or has a strong opinion, I want them to bring it to the meeting and I'll do it. In the end, I just want the best debates.

Matt (Milford, DE)

More likely event: Heat win NBA title or Tiger wins tournament this year?

skip bayless
  (7:29 PM)

Great question. Have to say Heat. I still haven't gotten over Tiger's final 9 at Masters. Everyone else on the leaderboard was shooting 5-4-3 under, Charl birdied last 4 ... and Tiger Woods shot EVEN PAR after going 5 under on tougher front. Should've won. Still doesn't trust himself or his new swing. Love to see him win one of next 3 majors. Doubt he will.

Lebron James (Miami)

When are we having our debate??? lolllllll

skip bayless
  (7:30 PM)

Lebron, you know that twice we've had debates set up and that your people cancelled.

Billy (NYC)

Who's missed more: Gay or Butler? And who's better?

skip bayless
  (7:33 PM)

Caron would make Dallas that much tougher. I know several NBA execs who believe Memphis got better without Rudy because he can be a ball-stopper. Now, when they're clicking, their ball movement is astonishingly crisp and Zach and Gasol can really play off each other and feed others (until OKC decided to play possessed last night, esp. in the paint).

Rob (Chicago)

Do you hate on Rose so much because he might be the next Jordan in a few years?

skip bayless
  (7:36 PM)

Rob, you must not be a longtime resident of Chicago, because that's a blasphemous notion. Remember, DRose is only 6-3 and I've never loved scoring point guards. Please.

Chris (Maryland)

I know you love Kyrie Irving in college.... what do you think of him as a pro prospect? Because you've repeatedly said you don't like the score-first point guard, so I'm curious.

skip bayless
  (7:39 PM)

Good question. Maybe I haven't seen enough of Kyrie, but I got the sense he used his sensational quickness and handle to 1) set up teammates and 2) score when necessary. I did not get the sense he had the I'm-gonna-be-NBA-MVP ego. I think he'll be a true point.

skip bayless
  (7:40 PM)

OK, that's it for me, folks. See you tomorrow at 10 E on ESPN2. Tonite I have the home teams because they HAVE to win.