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May 9, 3:00 PM ET
Chat about the Miami Heat

Brian Windhorst
  (3:02 PM)

Hello from Boston, site of Heat-Celtics Game 4 tonight. Let's chat.

Jon (Lexington, KY)

Honestly speaking, do you think the heat wins todays game? What lineup changes do you expect?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:05 PM)

Rondo will be the X-factor. No one is sure what he can contribute or how effective he'll be. That probably includes the Celtics themselves. So it is hard to predict what the Celtics will look like. My sense is the Heat will be changing their starting lineup. Erik Spoelstra has been overly coy, which indicates to me he'll be making a change. Joel Anthony for Zydrunas Ilguaskas and Mario Chalmers for Mike Bibby.

Evelina (Brooklyn)

Why isn't Dwade NBA all defensive first team? He is a better defensive player then kobe...

Brian Windhorst
  (3:12 PM)

I was surprised that Wade didn't make the second team at least. This honor is selected by the league's coaches yet it still turned into a bit of a popularity contest. This was not a great season defensively for Kobe Bryant but he made the first team. The Heat were one of the league's best defensive teams and Wade certainly was deserving.


Can Haslem comeback atsome point in this series?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:17 PM)

There's a chance a Haslem could be activated tonight. But Spoelstra has hinted he might wait another game or two. I think he's been concerned a little bit about team chemistry and not disrupting Joel Anthony, who is playing the best ball of his career. But if Spo is going to change the starting lineup, now might be a good time to activate Haslem as well.

Xavier (Virginia )

Which Celtics player should Miami focus most on shutting down?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:20 PM)

I've always felt Rondo was the key to everything. Not just because the Celtics tend to go as he goes but because the Heat have trouble with quick point guards. With Rondo maybe limited now, the focus might switch to Garnett. The Celtics have clearly identified this as an advantage spot for them and they have been feeding KG relentlessly. It is hard to double team him because of the ramifications elsewhere. But if he's shooting the ball as well as he did in Game 3, that is something the Heat coaches have surely talked about.

Bob (Goergia)

Why did the Heat give Rondo so much space after he came back from the injury? Shouldn't they have played him close and forced him left thus leading to potential turnovers? I such a strategy could have been looked at through an ethical lens. However, even if a CB is injured in the NFL and comes back soon thereafter, you better expect the opposing QB to take some shots down that side of the field.

Brian Windhorst
  (3:23 PM)

I completely agree. I'm not sure who feel asleep over on the Heat bench on that one. It was still a game going into the fourth, the Celtics were up 12 but that is not insurmountable. Yet the Heat went on cruise control and just let Rondo go to his right. It was pretty obvious he couldn't use his left hand much yet the Heat did nothing to try to exploit that. Frankly, this is the playoffs and if Rondo goes to the basket tonight the Heat should be looking to hard foul him and they should heavily favor his right side to make him prove he can go left. The Celtics would if roles were reversed.

AC (Miami)

How well do you think Miami matches up against the Mavs if the two were to face off in the finals?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:27 PM)

Long way to go before that. Dallas won both meetings in the regular season, a complete whipping in Dallas that forced a player's meeting and they were the only team to beat Miami when the Heat won 21 of 22 games in December. The Heat are quite different now and the Mavs are a little, too. Caron Butler is out and Peja is in. That said, it would be interesting to see how Joel Anthony would do matched up with Dirk. No one has been able to bother Dirk at all so far but Anthony's got long arms and is quite athletic. That would be interesting. I think the Mavs are a very deep team and they have the Heat there. But just like in 2006, I'm not sure they have an answer for Wade or James. The Mavs' wings don't have great size/athleticism with Butler out. That would be a Heat advantage.

Ali (Miami)

Why did lebron stoping doing the powder before the game?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:28 PM)

He didn't give a good answer. Just said he wanted to focus more. I think it is a superstition thing, he was 0-2 vs. Boston in the playoffs throwing the powder with the Cavs the last few years.

Xavier (DMV)

What do you make of Bosh's 'nervousness' ? Cause for concern in future higher stakes games coming up?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:31 PM)

If you watched the game it was clear that Bosh was swallowed a bit by the moment. The Heat players knew this, the Celtics players knew this. It was surprising for Bosh to be so candid about it. Well, actually it wasn't. Chris is one of the most honest and genuine players I have covered. Sometimes it gets him in trouble but I think he's also very honest about himself. He knows he got wrapped up in the moment/pressure and knows it's on him to overcome it. In a high-profile series like this there is nowhere to hide when you have a bad game.

David (New York)

I honestly didn't think the play by Wade that resulted in Rondo getting hurt was dirty, your thoughts?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:34 PM)

I probably watched it 20 times yesterday in slow motion and frame-by-frame. Wade's take down was stronger than I thought it was after seeing a couple replays Saturday night. But I also noticed that Rondo committed the first foul on the play, pulling Wade back by his waist. Wade's response was to grab Rondo and pull him down. By the letter of the law, an official who saw the replay might've called a foul on Rondo believe it or not. I think it was a playoff play. I do not think it was dirty because I don't think Wade intended to hurt Rondo. Whereas, I thought Andrew Bynum tried to hurt a defenseless JJ Barea yesterday.

RoytheBoy (Cleveland)

Firstly, I've been down with you since you started with the Cavs, big fan of your work. What do you think of LA trading away Bynum for Dwight, along with Hedo and/or Gilbert? Reasonable?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:36 PM)

I think we're in for a summer of Dwight Howard trade talk. I think there are two obvious places for him and two sleepers. The key is Dwight would have to agree to a new contract as part of the trade much like Carmelo.The obvious spots are the Lakers in a package for Bynum and the Nets in a package for Brook Lopez.The other two are, come with me on this, the Clippers and Oklahoma City. The Clippers would be able to offer DeAndre Jordan in a sign-and-trade plus have some other young assets. Dwight would get LA and a chance to play with Blake Griffin. The Thunder have a hugely attractive big man in Serge Ibaka as well as Kendrick Perkins plus some other nice young players. They could present a very attractive package. This is the big long shot but it's interesting to think about.

Will (New York)

Hi,do you think that lebron have to play garder and attack more the paint??

Brian Windhorst
  (3:39 PM)

I thought LeBron was amazing in Game 2, one of his best playoff games of the last couple years. And I felt he was hugely disappointing in Game 3. First, he let Paul Pierce run over him to start the game. Then he was quite passive on offense, sometimes not getting involved at all in running the plays. It's hard to say "attack more" because the Celtics are a great team at protecting the paint. But cut better, set better screens, be more aware off the ball (he was excellent at doing this in Game 2) that is where he can show his talent.

Jay (Miami)

If Miami gets past Boston, we're easily beating Chicago, right?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:42 PM)

The Bulls seem like they are getting out of the rhythm and more dependent on Derrick Rose as the playoffs progress. Obviously, this is quite a bad sign. The Hawks are better than people give them credit for but the Bulls are not playing like they were in March and April. Whoever wins the Celtics-Heat series will have won it with grit, teamwork and probably great defense. So my guess is they'd have more momentum heading into a series with the Bulls. I would lean toward the Heat over Chicago in a series at this moment.

Jaron (UT)

What is the series outcome if the series goes back to Miami tied 2-2?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:43 PM)

Then LeBron is back in one of those pivotal/career-defining Game 5s. He's been at his best and his worst in them in his career. (Miami)

What in the world is wrong with Mike Miller? Did you ever imagine he could be such a disappointment?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:44 PM)

Well, he's hurt, so start with that. Yesterday at the Heat's practice I saw Mike go through a shooting workout (running sideline-to-sideline and then catching and shooting) and he barely missed. It was impressive. He can shoot. He can catch and shoot. He can move pretty well. He's not 100 percent by a long shot and he's wearing two braces on his thumbs. But I think he can give the Heat more than he has been.

Brian Windhorst
  (3:44 PM)

Well, he's hurt, so start with that. Yesterday at the Heat's practice I saw Mike go through a shooting workout (running sideline-to-sideline and then catching and shooting) and he barely missed. It was impressive. He can shoot. He can catch and shoot. He can move pretty well. He's not 100 percent by a long shot and he's wearing two braces on his thumbs. But I think he can give the Heat more than he has been.

Mike (Los Angeles)

Wade did a judo arm bar and leg whip on Rondo. That belongs in WWE, not basketball. Turn around being fair play, I look for Shaq to plant DW in the parquet.

Brian Windhorst
  (3:46 PM)

I asked this to Dwayne yesterday. He said "for what?" when I asked about retribution. I am expecting the Celtics to do something tonight. I can't think of a better option than Shaq because he can commit a hard foul without looking like he is, he's just that big. I will be surprised if he doesn't take a hard foul early from someone.

Chris V (Little Silver NJ)

Is there any doubt that Bosh was the one that cried during the regular season???

Brian Windhorst
  (3:47 PM)

Yes there is. I don't believe he did on that day.

Jonathan (Knoxville)

No chance that Atlanta, Dwight's hometown, would be a sleeper for a destination?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:49 PM)

It's interesting to think about. But it would be hard to think the Magic want to trade him to a divisional team. Also if I'm Dwight and I'm looking to sign a long extension, I'd like to know the owners are in it. The Hawks may get sold soon and they have not shown the willingness to spend like other spots. The again, if it comes to ownership preference, the Clippers might be out, too.

Dante (RI)

Please define "Hard Foul"? I think any "Hard Foul" on LBJ or DWade will result in a suspension this isn't the 60's or even the 80's no way Stern lets the game get out of hand

Brian Windhorst
  (3:51 PM)

Hit him as hard as you can while making a play on the ball and not hitting him in the head. That is what I would call a hard playoff foul. It doesn't have to start a fight, I think the Celtics might want to send a message that Wade can't keep taking shots at them for free like he did with Pierce in Game 1 as well.

Brian (Cleveland)

Just a random question. You've covered LeBron forever and this was your first year with Wade and Bosh, with that said which of the 3 have you enjoyed covering or i guess working with the most, past relationships aside?

Brian Windhorst
  (3:54 PM)

I have gained a new level of respect for Wade this season. Of course I saw him play live and on TV many times but seeing him for a 90+ games now I have come to appreciate just how good he is. He is one of the most talented athletes I've been around. Seeing his body control on a nightly basis gives you a whole new appreciation for him. All three of them have been professional and fair with the media this season even though at times we upset them with questions, stories and opinions.

Rondo (Boston)

Me with one arm is better than Bibby with two healthy arms. LOL AM I RIGHT???

Brian Windhorst
  (3:55 PM)

You could make the case, Rajon. We'll see tonight, I guess.

Kris (UK, Manchester)

Hi Brian, I know we are still a long way till the season ends, but surely the Heat must be already thinking about any possible summer additions and positions which would have to be addressed. What do you think is the biggest flaw of this roster? For me it's the center position. Joel is great, but a starter? And funny or not, but I think Rio could turn into an NBA player after all.

Brian Windhorst
  (4:00 PM)

It will depend hugely on the new rules from the CBA. If there is a hard salary cap as the owners want there would be no "exceptions" like the current mid-level and biannual exceptions that would give the Heat has much as $8 million to spend on free agents. A hard cap ultimately could force the Heat to examine trading Bosh if they want to improve. If they do have flexibility to sign players under the new rules, I think players will be interested in coming. Off the top of my head, I think Samuel Dalembert is an interesting target at center. There are several quality big men on the market and one of them will end up in Miami. As for the point guards, the free agent market is shallow there at them moment. They may look to draft one with the 31st pick or trade for one. Mario Chalmers and Mike Bibby are free agents and I think the Heat would like to upgrade.

Brian Windhorst
  (4:01 PM)

Thanks for stopping by with questions. I'm very much looking forward to tonight's Game 4. Really don't know what to expect and that makes it more exciting. Off to TD Garden.