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May 13, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Rich Cimini

Rich Cimini
  (3:01 PM)

Greetings. Sorry for the time change, but I'm and you're there (pardon my Steve Somers) and we're ready to go.



Rich Cimini
  (3:06 PM)

That's a big assumption, Stephen, because I don't think anybody knows what's going to happen. But if the '10 rules are in effect, including the "Final 8" rule, the Jets will be handcuffed again. They'd be back in the lose-one, sign-one routine. This year, they have more to lose, so they'd have more opps to sign players, whereas last year they lost only one UFA -- Jay Feely and replaced him with Jason Taylor. Targets? I think their No. 1 priority is to keep their own. It's a thin UFA market.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Who will be the First New York Jets Player to have his Number Retired at the New Meadowlands Stadium?

Rich Cimini
  (3:07 PM)

Interesting question, Chris. I'd say Curtis Martin, assuming he makes the HOF in 2012, which I think he will.

IRA (StatenIsland)

Rich, You know Mr T has plan A,B,C and others to move ahead once the league opens for good. Do you think have decided to use Edwards FA money to sign some other needs? If not they just won't have that much to spend on FA.

Rich Cimini
  (3:11 PM)

I think Edwards still is in the picture, Ira. The Jets realize they need a big receiver for Sanchez, who isn't the most accurate guy in the world. I think they'll pay Edwards up to a point. Obviously, I don't know what that point is, but he's gonna be hard to keep because of supply and demand at WR. Keep this in mind: If Final 8 rules apply, and they re-sign Edwards, you can forget about them signing another big-ticket free agent -- i.e. Asomugha.

Dean (New York)

Rich, the Jets obviously know and prefer certain things that we're not necessarily privy to, such as the chemistry certain guys have, practice and work ethic etc. But from what we do know, why isn't the Braylon vs. Santonio more clear cut? Braylon is a 6'3 WR speed/size while Santonio is a 5'11 WR speed/routes. Everyone knows that size WR age much more gracefully while speed WR tend to fall off rather quickly. So why is there even a debate? Not only has Braylon said and done everything right this offseason, but Santonio has been rather ambiguous in his favor of the Jets. Holmes has 2-3 years of top speed left, but Braylon's size will make allow him to be productive for another 8.

Rich Cimini
  (3:14 PM)

All very valid points, Dean, although I wouldn't describe Edwards as a "speed" receiver. But, obviously, he has a different skill set from Holmes. All I know is, I've talked to a number of personnel people the last few months and they all said they'd take Holmes over Edwards. It's based on separation ability, YAC, speed, ability to score from anywhere on the field. I'd be worried about Holmes' off-the-field stuff; we'll see how much the Jets are worried by how much they're willing to pay.

Quincy (East Harlem)

Good stuff, Rich. Regarding the o-line. Have you heard anything about what their plans are regarding Ducasse and the open spot on the line? I think they should be very worried if they want him to start especially with the lockout. Any chance they resign Woody or another vet? Vlad looked so shaky in preseason last year and wouldn't trust him at all.

Rich Cimini
  (3:17 PM)

Right now, I think Ducasse will get first crack at the RT job. You're right, the lockout is cause for concern, especially with guys in Ducasse's shoes. But the Jets have an enormous amount of faith in OL coach Bill Callahan. Yes, I think Woody is a fallback option, assuming he's healthy. If there's an abbreviated t camp, it'll really hurt because there won't be an extended window in which to evaluate Vlad. If I were the Jets, I'd re-sign Woody as insurance.

Scott (Binghamton)

Is there anything we can take out of these "Jets West" or "Jets Southeast" camps. Seems all teams are doing something. Are some doing it better than others?

Rich Cimini
  (3:19 PM)

Well, I can definitely say the food was terrific at Sanchez's Jets West camp. Who doesn't like an In-n-Out burger? But, seriously, I don't think a lot can be gained by these camps. Definitely helps chemistry, maybe helps with QB-WR chemistry, but are these camps a good substitute for OTAs? No. You can't replace coach's supervision. But you have to commend a guy like Sanchez for trying to put it together.

Mike Witt (Long Island)

What's up Rich, What do the Jets plan on doing with their secondary in the offseason. Both safety positions seemed to be a big problem all season as we got torched by 3rd wide receivers and tight ends. Is their plan to stick with what we got (resign Poole) or address the matter through free agency or trade.

Rich Cimini
  (3:22 PM)

Obviously, the Jets are confident in their ability to re-sign their DBs because they didn't draft one. Either way, they're not going to spend big on a safety. They'll go with Leonhard (assuming he's healthy) and Pool/Smith or a newcomer. Dawan Landry could be out there, maybe Sensabaugh and maybe Bigby. But like I said, I think they want to spend modestly and save the money for CBs and WRs.

Kupajo Janda (Brooklyn)

Hey Rich, When free agency (eventually) arrives, besides their own free agents, what/who do you think is going to the Jets number 1 priority?

Rich Cimini
  (3:25 PM)

The No. 1 priority, KJ, is keeping most of the secondary and receiving corps intact. If they can do that, they can start looking for an OLB, but good rush LBs don't grow on trees. Rarely does a team let a good one hit the FA market. Have you seen the list? Ben Leber? Matt Roth? It ain't a great pool of players.

Dan (NYC)

What is Rex Ryan doing trying to hire Tom Moore? The former colts coach may try to sabotage the Jets!

Rich Cimini
  (3:26 PM)

Relax, Dan, the Jets aren't trying to hire Tom Moore, although from all indications, he's no longer employed by the Colts. Actually, that's rather obvious, isn't it? There's no way he would've talked to the Jets' coaches if he still were on the Colts' payroll. He came as an independent consultant and I'm sure he was paid handsomely. The Jets are just trying to keep busy and stay fresh during the lockout.

Walter (New York)

Rich, I respectfully disagree with you concerning the Jets ability to sign Edwards and Holmes if the 2010 rules apply. One Edwards says that he wants to play for a contender. The final 8 teams will be restricted and "will not be able to just pay Edwards whatever he wants.? The other teams that made the playoffs do not need a wr, the Colts, the Chiefs, the Eagles and the Saints.... Do you see those teams spending a significant amount of money on Edwards? They likely would not pay him more than the Jets if they did want him. They all have number 1 wrs already. I guess Reggie Wayne may be a free agent, but do you really think that they would sign Edwards over Wayne even if he is? The Jets can pay Edwards whatever they want within the salary cap rules. If he really wants to play for a contender, his options will be limited. Further, if the 2010 rules apply, Holmes is a restricted free agent, no matter how much he wants to be paid, so either he plays or he signs a team friendly deal. The Jets have leverage that they can use to get a more team friendly deal. He will not be an unrestricted free agent, he will be a restricted free agent and nobody is going to touch him when they have to give up so much to sign him since the Jets tender him at the highest tender. I think that the Jets are confident that they can sign both wrs and that is why they did not draft a wr.

Rich Cimini
  (3:33 PM)

You make some good points, Walter. The Edwards thing could go either way. In an watered down UFa market, he'd probably get teams willing to overpay for him. Based on that, you'd say he's a goner. On the other hand, if Holmes is locked up to an RFA tender, the Jets might be able to use their resources mainly to re-sign Edwards. But know this: If they sign Edwards to, say, a 5 yr/35 mil deal, they'll have to pay Holmes at least that much, if not in 2011, then definitely 2012. Do they really want to commit that much to WRs?

Paul (Erie)

With no OLB taken in the draft. Does that increase the chance that Jason Taylor could return?

Rich Cimini
  (3:35 PM)

I'd be really, really surprised if JT is back. I mean, I thought it was a worthwhile plan last season, and he was halfway decent, but do you really want to go back to that? It's time to get younger at that position. There has to be a better option out there.

Steve (Flushing)

I've heard that if there is an inuction the FA rules may still be different then last years. What type of changes are being considered?

Rich Cimini
  (3:38 PM)

Honestly, Steve, I have no idea. I don't think anybody does. I think the NFL leaked some stuff about changing the FA rules just to rattle the players, although if I'm a player, I'd rather have something different than the '10 rules -- much too restrictive. Maybe they knock off a year and make it 5 yrs for UFA. Whatever they do, it'll have to hold up in court for the anti-trust lawsuit.

IRA (Staten Island)

Rich, If those tenders stick do you think somebody will give up a 2nd rd pickk for Brad Smith since they changed the KO rules?

Rich Cimini
  (3:40 PM)

Ira, not a chance that someone gives up a 2 for Smith. Now, maybe a team offers the Jets a 3 and they make a trade. There's that possibility. But if I'm the Jets, unless I'm using that 3 to make a deal that will help me in 2011, I don't trade Smith. This is a win-now team.

Anthony (NYC)

Rich other than maybe Wilkerson(whom might be replacing S.Ellis), do you feel that K.Ellismight be startin at NT or will it be Pouha?

Rich Cimini
  (3:43 PM)

There's not a snowball's chance of Ellis replacing Pouha as the starting NT in 2011. Why are people so down on Pouha? He's a good player, very under-rated. He's done a very good job the last 2 yrs when Jenkins went down. I could see a line with Pouha AND Ellis lined up at DT. The Jets always wanted to do a lot of that with Pouha and KJ, but KJ couldn't stay healthy. Ellis is a small-school kid and this is an enormous jump for him. Let's not make him a starter just yet.

Jason (MI)

What do you make of the Tom Moore consultation? Can a few days of Moore really help Schotty with the scripted 15 and the Jets atrocious 1st quarter offense as well as the red zone problems?

Rich Cimini
  (3:44 PM)

Can't hurt.

ryan (ct)

do you think shaun ellis will be back?

Rich Cimini
  (3:45 PM)

Yes, I do. I think he still has gas left in the tank, evidenced by his performance against NE in the playoffs. He'd be a good guy to have around Wilkerson and Ellis in terms of being a football mentor. I think it would be a mistake to get rid of him.

Al (Woodall, TX)

Chances that a starting OLB is not on the roster at present?

Rich Cimini
  (3:48 PM)

I think the Jets have a solid pair of starting OLBs in Pace and Thomas. What they need is someone that can come in on 3rd down and apply pressure from the edge. Unless they make a blockbuster trade for that guy (and I can't even begin to throw out a name), it'll have to be a second-tier FA or one of the young guys like a Westerman.

Griffin (CT)

Will darrelle revis have a good year(if there is one)?

Rich Cimini
  (3:52 PM)

I think Revis is the least of the Jets' concerns. Yes, he will have a good year. I'll go out on a limb and say he'll have a very good year. I thought Kyle Wilson had some interesting comments today in Newsday. He apparently thinks people are dogging him for his rookie year. I don't think he got that much criticism, frankly. He pretty much flew under the radar because of guys like Revis and Cromartie. Plenty of rookies in these parts have endured much more scrutiny than Wilson.

Kyle (Cambridge)

Rich, do you think that Rex has kind of painted himself into a corner by proclaiming yet again that the Jets will win the Super Bowl this season? If the team falls short for the third straight year, he opens himself up to huge amounts of criticism from the media. But if he doesn't guarantee a championship, the players, who seem to feed of his confidence, might look at him differently. Thoughts?

Rich Cimini
  (3:54 PM)

It's an interesting point, Kyle. Personally, I think Rex's confidence is one of the reasons why the Jets are where they are; he gave the team a swagger it never had -- a swagger that allowed them to distance themselves from the "Same Old Jets" culture. But, at the same time, if they fall short again, yes, I think he'd deserve criticism. You can talk Super Bowl for two years, and its not the end of the world if you fall just short, but three years in a row? That would be a bit much.

Jason (MI)

How large is the learning curve for a small-school NT like Kenrick Ellis? I would imagine, relatively speaking, it would nopy space and blockerst be as big as many other positions. The goal is to occupy blockers/space, right?

Rich Cimini
  (3:57 PM)

It's a big curve, Jason. Ellis was a man among boys at Hampton. Now he'll face bigger and more athletic centers. He'll also have to learn blocking schemes. Playing NT isn't just standing there and taking up space. Teams will try to exploit his inexperience with various schemes. He's not going to walk in and dominate, but from a size and athletic standpoint, he has that ability long term.

ryan (ct)

do you think plaxico burress will have anything left in the tank when he comes back and will the jets seriously consider signing him?

Rich Cimini
  (3:59 PM)

It's hard to say. I mean, it'll be two years without football. You can say, "Well, Vick did it." True, but Vick needed a year and Vick was younger when he got out of the slammer. That said, I do think the Jets will be interested, especially if they lose Edwards. They'd need a big receiver.

Craig G. (Fairfield, California)

Hey Rich, who are some Jets players with genuine personalities whom we might not expect of having? Thanks.

Rich Cimini
  (4:01 PM)

By "genuine," I assume you mean good/colorful personalities. Lots: Sione Pouha, Brandon Moore, Matt Slauson, Kellen Clemens, Calvin Pace, James Ihedigbo, Drew Coleman. I'm not mentioning any of the so-called stars because you asked for the unexpected guys. These are all good guys, guys that I enjoy talking to. And I'm sure I'm missing a few.

J-dog (New York)

Is there any chance the Jets end up with all three, Holmes, Cro and Braylon next season?

Rich Cimini
  (4:02 PM)

I'd be surprised, but wouldn't rule it out. I'd say 50 to 60 percent yes.

Sean C (Glenmont, NY)

Rich,What realistic FA do you think would be the greatest fit for the Jets right now? And have you heard that they like any particular FAs aside from their own (and the Raiders' CB whose name I can't spell)?

Rich Cimini
  (4:03 PM)

Here's a name: Chris Carr, CB, Baltimore. The Jets have liked him in the past.

Chioke Hassan (Baltimore,Md)

Dear RichCould you see Jason Taylor retireing?

Rich Cimini
  (4:04 PM)

Yes, I can definitely see that. Show biz beckons.

Justin (Staten Island)

Who do u expect to be the jets starting wide receivers week 1?

Rich Cimini
  (4:04 PM)

Wait, when is week 1 going to happen?

IRA (Staten Island)

Lefeged the safety from Rutgers is rated as the best UDFA available. I think he would be a perect guy for the jets to sign once they can. Thoughts?

Rich Cimini
  (4:05 PM)

I'd be surprised if he's not on the Jets' t camp roster. Seems like a good fit.

Derek Hamilton (Waterloo, Ontario)

Hey Rich. The NFL just doesn?t get it. The more die hards I speak to the more they are losing interest. What?s going to piss me off even more is when the deal is finally done it?s going to end up looking very similar to the 11th hour offer the owners presented to the players right before decertification. On the topic of my Jets why is Braylon always number 3 on the to get done list. He was a stud last year catching everything that came his way. He has the size/speed and could dominate in the right matchups. As much as everyone talks about tone time, BE was just as clutch. Why is he getting no love?

Rich Cimini
  (4:05 PM)

You can't keep everyone.

nate (nyc)


Rich Cimini
  (4:06 PM)

Check the web site a little later. Hint.

Eric (Omaha, Nebraska)

Rich, what are the chances LT has another season like he did this past season? do you think his stats will improve, stay the same, or worsen? Also how much of an impact will young Shone Greene have?

Rich Cimini
  (4:06 PM)

Fewer carries, same number of catches.

Theo M. (Olean, NY)

Is there a chance we see Joe Mcknight at DB this year?

Rich Cimini
  (4:07 PM)

Only in an emergency.

Mike (Ann Arbor)

What's going on Rich? Regarding your comments on Kyle Wilson, did the coaching staff lose some faith in him after his somewhat disappointing rookie campaign? Will he be on a short leash this year?

Rich Cimini
  (4:07 PM)

They still have high hopes for him. You can't bury a guy after 1 year.

John (CT)

Any updates on if the 8th Cir. Ct is going to rule on the stay? Schefter reports that the clerk keeps saying, "not today, maybe tomorrow." You get the feeling the public is getting the run around. The court should be embarrassed. Any news there?

Rich Cimini
  (4:08 PM)

I defer to Adam when it comes to the court stuff.

RTUSanpete (Bayside, NY)

Ira again? What is this, 10:07 on FAN on a Monday after a game?

Rich Cimini
  (4:09 PM)


Rich Cimini
  (4:11 PM)

Well, that's it for me, guys. Thanks for the great questions. It's 4 pm on a Friday, so you can begin your happy hour now. Have a great weekend and we'll chat next week. Rich.